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Waltzing With the Clouds

Waltzing With the Clouds

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Published by CJ
Will I ever see you again?
Will I ever see you again?

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Published by: CJ on Jun 22, 2011
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Waltzing with the Clouds

I keep seeing you in the shadows of strangers who move nothing like you I tend to keep my head low with my heart in tow just in case I should hear the familiar click of your shoes so I don·t have to second guess at a second·s glance just as you waltz back in to the crowd because I know I wouldn·t get a second chance and you know I·m much too proud to admit I might need one« Just to nail that one move; the one you do with your eyes when they stare straight through me Sometimes I·m sure your body is capable of the same Your heels only tap when you tell them to; your shadow only graces the ground when you·ve lost your way Tell me, what do you see when you peer through my being? A heart? A soul? Ha! Or are you searching for a dar ker shadow to make yours feel more at home? To dance in abandoned parking lots like in that one film that always made you cry only to die just as soon as the sun fades and return to waltzing with the clouds

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