What’s at Stake for Minnesota

The GOP Budget Protects the Richest 2% at a Huge Cost to Everyone Else
Special Education is at stake – The GOP budget cuts $48 million in Special Education funding, affecting every school district in Minnesota. There are 129,000 students in Minnesota who will receive special education services in the fall; the GOP would take away $370.00 per Special Education child in every school district in Minnesota. Higher Education and Higher Tuition is at stake - The GOP’s $422 million cut in higher education funding is the largest cut ever made. Tuition for University of Minnesota students will go up 12.5% over last year, under the GOP budget, resulting in a $1,300.00 tuition increase for University of Minnesota undergraduate students. Healthcare for 140,000 Minnesotans is at stake – The GOP budget eliminates healthcare funding for 140,000 Minnesotans. Hospitals across the State will lose close to a billion dollars in state and federal funding ($931 million), resulting in 14,000 job losses and forcing some
hospitals to consolidate or close critical areas of operation.

Over $1 Billion in Property Tax increases are at stake – The GOP budget raises property taxes on Minnesotans by eliminating the Homestead Credit and cutting Local Government Aid (LGA). Those cuts will result in large property tax increases for homeowners and businesses. Businesses already pay four times more in property taxes than any other tax in Minnesota. The GOP proposal also raises taxes on 310,000 renters by an average of $296 per person. Affordable Transit is at stake – The GOP budget has a general fund cut of 85% for metro transit, and 23% for Greater Minnesota Transit. This will increase fares by $250 a year for a full time rider and result in nearly 24 million fewer rides to work or school. Our Seniors are at stake – The GOP budget jeopardizes seniors ability to live independently; thousands of seniors would pay hundreds more in rent; and thousands more will be moved out of their own homes and into nursing homes. Public Safety is at stake – Minnesotans will see cuts to Public Safety under the GOP budget – including cuts to prisons, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and the State Patrol. In addition, aid cuts to county and local governments will result in cuts to police officers and firefighters, sheriff’s deputies, and other law enforcement personnel across Minnesota.

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