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2011 Nevada Hunting Guide

2011 Nevada Hunting Guide

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Published by: NDOW on Jun 22, 2011
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Nevada Department of Wildlife

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How to Achieve a Successful Hunt

It’s also a good idea to include a trip to the shooting
range in your preparations. Time on the range is important

regardless of the type of frearm or bow you will be using.

Become familiar with your shooting abilities and your
limitations so you can be sure of making a clean, quick, kill
when the opportunity presents itself.


If you have hunted in a particular area before, keep
in mind that while the hunt unit description may not have
changed, the property owners, access routes and land use
designations may have. If at all possible, plan and conduct a
pre-season scouting trip to your area and identify a location

in the unit that fts your needs and wants. It certainly helps

to scout two or three different possible hunting locations just
in case the one you choose doesn’t meet your expectations
when the season opens.
A heavy, early season snowfall may determine your

camping area for you, so allow yourself to be fexible.

During your scouting trip, take the time to notice the habitat
around you and make note of any special equipment that

could be of beneft when you return for your hunt. Items

such as a quality pack frame, binoculars with a tripod or
a spotting scope are always recommended in wide-open

“Hunters who are able to complete even a brief
preseason scouting trip will spend more time hunting
and less time looking around when opening day arrives,”

said Doug Nielsen, Outdoor Education supervisor for the
Nevada Department of Wildlife Southern Region.


To be considered successful, a hunt doesn’t always have
to include the harvesting of an animal. However, it’s always
smart to bring along a quality ice chest or two or three, just in
case. The key to tasty table fare is keeping the meat clean,
cool and dry. And last of all; be sure to have a good time
regardless of the outcome. Spending safe, quality time with
family and friends in the great outdoors makes memories
that last a lifetime and a hunt successful.

Nevada Department of Wildlife


How to Achieve a Successful Hunt


Nevada Department of Wildlife

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