April 18, 2011 B.

Candler Maxine Jones BSM169 Revised Fixing the Mistake With Young Offenders This article discuss the Campaign for Youth Justice from the NewYork Times. In 1990, the government made a tragic mistake by sentencing youths as adults. Research shows that juveniles should not be sentenced to jail with adults. Many of the youth sent to jail are charged for nonviolent offenses. The youths tried as adults should be sent to the juvenile system until age twenty one. Research shows youth in adult jails become violent and long-life criminals. A Washington advocacy group, Campaign for Youth Justice (CYJ), shows that state legislators across the country are seeing that the government was wrong in sending youth to adult jails. Ten states including Arizona, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, and Nevada have shortened the number of offenses of youth sent to adult courts. The momentum is building for a legislative bill for youths sentenced to life without parole an opportunity to petition for reduction.

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