A List of Illogical Fallacious Arguments By Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., M.B.A., Phd., Coif (C)Perpetual Copyright (2011) by Anthony J.

Fejfar and Neothomism, P.C. (PA) and The American Public, as a Public Domain Copyright.

List of Illogical Fallacious Sophistry Devices prohibited by The Law of Logic, also known as Sheriff’s Law: 1. Fallacy of Shifting Ground. 2. Fallacy of Hypocrisy 3. Fallacy of Lying 4. Fallacy of Conflating an Argument 5. Fallacy of Conflating a Conclusion 6. Fallacy of Appealing to a Mob 7. Fallacy of Appealing to an Illogical Authority 8. Fallacy of Assuming the Precedent by Affirming the Consequent 9. Fallacy of asserting an Ideological Set 10. Fallacy of Labeling 11. Fallacy of asserting a Non-Sequitor 12. Fallacy of asserting a logical contradiction 13. Fallacy of appealing to an unreasonable authority 14. Fallacy of soothsaying the future 15. Fallacy of asserting a status offense 16. Fallacy of asserting an ad hominem attack on a person 17. Fallacy of name calling 18. Fallacy of using an illegal standard deviation in a statistical argument 19. Fallacy of using an indeterminate referent

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