DQ2 Many nations around the world has made strides in communication infrastructure, result being the scaling

up of internet/WAN and also reduction of costs. Millions of users are added to the net every day and the whole internet can be utilized and considered as a single entity. As TCP/IP is the protocol used in majority of the systems, management becomes easy. Also speed of net has rapidly gone up from kbps to mbps and even gbps. Newer levels or tiers are being invented which will enable easier configuration and better functionalities of networked-nodes. In LAN ,diskless clients are becoming popular because of easy maintenance and scalability. With the advent of Network Operating Systems(NOS) which are now a days incorporated into all Server OS, services like fileaccess, printer sharing and peripheral/resource sharing are easily available. New protocols like torrent has also gained acceptance by which users can share files and bandwidth where hosts become ‘seeds’ (systems from where files are taken) and ‘leeches’ (systems to which files are downloaded), and torrent-server take up partial control of the node-system .This is a mutual benefit thing as users can download files from other systems connected using a internet line and also in that process will become ‘seeds’ for other users. Another concept that is gaining ground is Cloud computing which also distributes the resources/task and resources across millions of computers where by the CPU clock cycles and memory-space is shared to speed up computing for larger tasks. . So, we may envision the net as a global OS in contexts where we use the appropriate protocols, common directory services and computing architectures where host-PC s become nodes and the server act as a super-OS providing all the sharing services.