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Group 3 (lpusapm). Portfolio name:gp003 and password : sapm003 Objectives: Gain maximum profit by investing in different companies. 2) To gain knowledge how to invest in stock market, what are the various strategies used in the securities. 3)How to analyze fundamental as well as technical analysis. 4)Grab the knowledge about chart techniques used in stocks.

We had invested in the following companies: Name 1. RIL 2. TCS 3. ABB 4. INFOSYS 5. RANBAXY 6. LIC HOUSING FINANCE 7. HUL 8. BHEL 9. SBI
10. Maruti Suzuki

11. SHILPA Mutual fund: 1)SBI DYNAMIC GOLd 2)Sbi debt fund series

The criteria for choose above company stock based on some fundamental analysis, as well as technical analysis which helpful for the investors for long term. In fundamental analysis, we analyses Company Industry Economy. The above companies are blue chip companies ,having large growth scope in future. In mutual fund we choose sbi ,so that these are public company having low risk in investment.

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We also see the comparison of companies with the help of secondary data like Yahoo finance.

We compare also the previous performance of the company. Technical chart:

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