The food not be eaten by students 7.VOICE PASSIVE 1. The students must be stayed in the classroom 3. The book chemical has to be bought by students of conalep 5. The studentsmust be worn the uniform in the school 6. The students must not be slept in the classes 9. the students has to be spoken in English 14. The students must be studied English exam 2.In the class English. The homework must be done by the students 13. The good classes must not be taught by students 8. The piercing has to not be worn by students of conalep 10. The students can not be run in the corridor of scholl 16. The water not be drunk by students 4. The students must not be cellphone in hours of classes 11. The students must be gone to laboratory of informatics everyday 12.The teacher must be taught very good the class for students 17. 2 . The computer must not be worn by students in hours of class 15.

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