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The US and UK are trying to outdo one another in announcing their (respective) withdrawals from Afghanistan.

It is crystal clear both nations are fully aware that their war in Afghanistan is a failure. After ten years, their citizens are weary of seeing soldier sons or husbands coming home carried inside wooden boxes. Nobody wants to come home from a foreign land hidden inside a wooden box. But thats exactly what the US and UK leaders are doing to their young soldiers. Worse, these leaders are very keen to continue doing it. The announced withdrawals are nothing but a big humbug. Soldiers leaving Kabul are probably heading for other places like north Africa or west Asia or the Persian Gulf. Also, the US will never vacate the notorious place called Bagram. Therefore the withdrawals are meaningless to the public. Soldiers will continue to come home with missing limbs or totally hidden inside wooden boxes. It is the sad result of perennially electing dangerous or even mad warmongers to office. There is no way the US and UK can outfight their adversaries in Afghanistan. The insurgents there are the only ones with staying power. Thus, the US and UK are trying to leave with their tails between their legs and leaving the fighting to other NATO soldiers like the Germans, the Canadians and the Poles. It does not bother the US and UK at all if these people get roundly slaughtered afterwards. After leaving Kabul, the US and UK will probably be heading for Libya where the pickings on the ground are easier to grab. It is why the US and UK have sent helicopters to that country so early. The world must always be aware of the tricks now endlessly getting conjured up by the US and UK. These two countries are led by bloodthirsty warmongers who have shown not much care for their own soldiers lives, never mind the lives of the worlds innocent civilians. Beware of the tricks hatched by the US and UK ! ! !