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New Majority Opposes Bridge Tax

New Majority Opposes Bridge Tax

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Published by: Sabrina Demayo Lockhart on Jun 23, 2011
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For Immediate Release June 9, 2011

Contact: Ashley Giovannettone (916) 648-1222

New Majority California Opposes Tax Bridge Sacramento, CA – Today New Majority California sent the following letter to Senate Republican Leader Bob Dutton and Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway regarding a potential tax bridge compromise. Text of Letter: June 9, 2011 The Honorable Bob Dutton The Honorable Connie Conway State Capitol Sacramento, CA 95814 Dear Senator Dutton and Assemblywoman Conway: With the constitutional deadline for the Legislature to pass the budget only days away and recent discussions about a bridge on taxes, we thought it appropriate to restate New Majority’s position.

The Assembly Republican Caucus’ no-new-taxes plan showed a path to solving the budget without raising taxes or cutting vital education funds. Raising taxes at this point would be detrimental to businesses across the state, and cause further harm to Californians left without work as a result of the Great Recession. New Majority acknowledges that a no-new-taxes budget does not solve the long-term, systemic sources of California’s budget crises and we must have meaningful pension reform and a hard spending cap. A temporary bridge on taxes until a special election can be held only furthers the erosion of voter confidence in Sacramento and should therefore be opposed. Voters were told that the 2009 tax increases were temporary and the dates they were set to expire. Any change to that duration further feeds voter skepticism that elected officials can’t be trusted.

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We thank you, the Assembly and Senate Republicans, for making serious efforts to solve California’s short- and long-term spending issues and welcome any questions or feedback about our position. Sincerely,

Lawrence Higby Chairman

New Majority California CC: Republican Legislators

About the New Majority and its Members With chapters in Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles, the membership of the New Majority consists of some of the most successful business leaders from almost every industry in the state. The Republican organization was instrumental in passing Proposition 11 – redistricting reform in 2008; Proposition 20 – Congressional redistricting reform and Proposition 26 – requiring 2/3rds vote on fees in 2010. In 2012, it is focused on limiting the influence of special interests, passing a state budget-spending cap and electing a Republican President. # # #

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