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For the Love of Mike (Karen Ellinwood, 2009)

For the Love of Mike (Karen Ellinwood, 2009)

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Published by Karen Ellinwood
Short story based on the protagonist in Blood Sacrifice
Short story based on the protagonist in Blood Sacrifice

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Published by: Karen Ellinwood on Jun 23, 2011
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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© 2009 by Karen Courtenay Ellinwood

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be published, reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author. Please contact the author at karen@bloodsacrifice.net

Meta Data for Library of Congress Karen Courtenay Ellinwood, 1961 ± For the Love of Mike Year created: 2009 Fiction ± romance; drama; sisters.


He just had to up and leave. Just like that. No explanation. No argument. No nothing. What a coward. "I says to him: I don't get it. What did I do? And he says, what didn't you do? I was like, what the..." I gotta get outta here. And he walks in. Mike Clark. I haven't seen him since he dumped me. For my own good, he said.My ass. What a coward. He flicks a nod in my general direction. Didn't even have the decency to pretend not to see me. That would've been for my own good.

"Hey. Look. I'll see ya later. I got an appointment." "I thought we had a lunch date here?" "Yeah well you know me. I forgot. I'm really sorry. " Actually, I'm not.

"Yeah, well. It isn't so easy for me to take the time, ya know." It¶s all about her. "Well, maybe I¶ll see you on the weekend. We can do Sunday brunch.´ ³Fine. I¶ll be around.´ And then she hits me. ³Oh,I see your hurry." Irene¶s eyes are her most expressive - and impressive, feature. Mastered the eye cut early on. That was always dad¶s biggest complaint.Not Ted¶s, I¶m sure. "I can't deal with him right now. " "Can¶t? Or, won¶t?´ ³What¶s the difference?´ ³It¶s about time, Maggie. Don¶t you think?´


Yeah, it¶s about time alright. ³Why should I? What¶s in it for me? He¶s such a«I can¶t even think of a word for him.´ ³Say his name goddammit. Get over it already. For Pete¶s sakes.Don¶t you think we all need to get along?´ Still about her. Them. I've picked up hertalent. I¶m a good mimic.

"Don't look at me that way, Maggie Mae. You're so full of malarkey and you know it. Like, he was gonna stay with you after her. And all that. Like you coulda done it."

It¶s the all thatthat really that keeps me away. And, no, I couldn¶t have done it. You know how people say they¶ve got a home away from home? I don¶thave a home to be away from. I¶ve just got my own space now.

"You know what? I don't need this right now". Ever. ³And, especially not from you. For God¶s sakes, Irene. Do you hear yourself? You¶re the one that¶s full of malarkey.´ ³My situation is different. Ted didn¶t even give me a reason.´ True.But, everyone¶s got their reasons. Mike figured I couldn't handle it. He thought me fragile. Little Maggie Mae. As if I never dealt with shit before in my life. I mean, he knows me since I was in kindergarten. He knows my dad, for Chrissakes. And my nana, god rest her, would have caned him had she known what he did.

"You know what. This was a mistake. Just go to your appointment." I hate when does air quotes. So hoity-toity. "What?" "Just go. It's for your own good."

Do I really seem that fragile to everyone?

But then if you'd seen her, the one approaching, I mean; if you'd known just how I¶d


embarrassed myself to make him stay; if you'd been there for the months leading up to it all, then you'd know I should have left right then and there.

"Do you see her?! What nerve she's got. She knows it¶s your favorite place. " Overly expressive. "Oh so suddenly you¶ve got a heart, Irene?" "You¶re so fuckin¶ self-centered, you know that? I just can't stand to see you ruin everything. With everyone. Over one guy. Fuck him. " Did that already. "Yeah, well. That¶s why I¶m in this mess." Irene¶s dumping a packet of sweet n low in her mocha cappuccino. What¶s in that noggin of hers anyway. I wanna tear her a new one, this one, walking right up to my table. "Hey. Fancy meeting you here." Don¶t smile at me. He¶s looking out the window like there¶s something there to see. "Irene, didn't get your RSVP. You comin¶ to my shower on Sunday?" Shifting her gaze anywhere but here,Irene responds, if you please, "Oh. I just hadn't had the chance yet. " "Mike said you might be outta town. " So she might have some integrity after all.

"You know what, I gotta go. I don't have to sit here and take your shit anymore."

"What are you talkin¶ about Maggie. I¶m trying to keep it civil with you.´ ³Yeah, well, I¶m trying to keep it real, Amy.´ I can¶t help myself. ³And what the fuck is wrong with you. You¶re the oldest.´ ³I didn't want to tell you. It was for..."


"My own good? Yeah, well. Everything always is with you people." I could barely push past Amy¶s belly without risking contact. It's gonna pop anyday now. Nowhe looks up, like a dog in trouble. Why was I so scared to deal with him? "I've got an appointment." Fuck her. Stealing my line. "Yeah, well, thanks for the lunch, Irene. What a treat for me."

Irene flashes Mike the look. Like I tried. And, now, I see what's just happened here.

So I look at him. I mean, right at him. Andwhen I've got his attention, I look right through him.

"Don't be doggin¶ my man, Maggie. He's not yours anymore. I'm just tryin¶ to be nice to you. "

³Nice to me?´ She wouldn't know nice if it slammed her upside the head. Which isn't a bad notion, save the baby. "Whatthe hell do you all want from me?" "Mom says you should be there Sunday. We¶re family, after all. "

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph. That's rich, Amy. Whose idea was this? Mom's? Or yours?"

One¶s as mean as the other.

"There's a reason we don't talk anymore, Amy. Ample reason."


Now, I¶m the bad guy, hurting her feelings. This crying and crumbling, that's how Amy gets them to their feet. To her feet. She doesn¶t know the meaning of sisterhood. Mike¶s at the door. "For the love of Mike, Suzi, why won't you come?" Exactly.


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