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Motivation and Achievement

By: Ms. Audree A. De Castro

It is any achievement toward which you direct your efforts.

Kinds of Goals
Long-term Intermediate Short-term Mini-goals

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single

ABCs of Goal Setting

- Achievable - Believable - Controllable - Definable - Explicit - For yourself - Growth-facilitating - Quantifiable

It is an internal process that compels you to act in a purposeful way. It is from a Latin root meaning movement . Motives move you to action and drive you toward a goal.

These are requirements for our survival and growth.

Everything we do in life is for the purpose of satisfying our needs.

- Abraham Maslow-

Five Basic Need Levels

Self- Actualization Needs
Accurate perception of reality; accepts self and others; relates to others spontaneously and naturally; balances need for privacy and the need to work for the common good; life is meaningful; self-mastery.

Esteem Needs
Respect from others; in the form of attention, appreciation, recognition, or status for Self-respect; Purpose: Self-esteem and self-worth

Relationship Needs
Need to receive acceptance and affection from others and to give love and affection to others; Purpose: To develop social relationship with other people

Safety Needs
Need to live in an environment that is secure, orderly, consistent, dependable, predictable, protected and free from fear and anxiety; Purpose: To obtain physical and psychological security

Physiological Needs
Need for food, water, shelter, sleep, sex, air, warmth; Purpose: to enable you to survive physically

Edwards Personal Preference Schedule (EPPS)

Achievement Deference Order Exhibition Autonomy

Affiliation Intraception Succorance Dominance Abasement

Nurturance Change Endurance Heterosexuality Aggression

Achievement Motivation
It is the performance in terms of a standard of excellence, or a desire to be successful. - David C. McClelland

People with a strong need to achieve are:

Energized individuals Learn certain tasks and solve problems faster than others Well aware of achievement opportunities Seek out challenging and moderately difficult tasks

People with a strong need to achieve are:

Want feedback in order to know how well they are doing Want control over the situations Don t like to gamble or rely solely on luck Take personal responsibility for outcomes, even failure