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Published by: Nikhil Arora on Jun 23, 2011
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1) PDCA Cycle: Kaizen: here maintenance team should 1) Plan each step, 2) Do the
necessary change, 3) Check whether successful or not, 4) Act as required to proceed
further to improve upon the system/process.

2) Increase in productivity by improving Overall Equipment efficiency (OEE), Overall
Online efficiency (OOE) and Overall Plant efficiency (OPE)

3) Decrease Costs: through controls in inventory and WIP

4) Reduction in customer complaints: reduce total downtime and ensure quick deliver to

5) Zero accidents: total safety and all actions to save money.

There are three steps that aim at quick but short term process improvements supported by
long term organizational change. These steps are:

Step 1: Quick Win Shop floor projects: this is a team based approach targeting specific
problem areas and realizing immediate benefits

Step 2: Critical analysis: analyze what else needs to be changed to make it fixed and
create action plans. Here an emphasis is on transferring knowledge and creating self
sufficient team for results.

Step 3: Implementation action plan to sustain and develop further possible
improvements. Here it is aimed at eliminating all 16 losses in the workplace.

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