by Dorothy-Jean (Dody) Christian Chapman

Yesterday, one of our turkey’s was found lying on his back spread-eagle, panting, and with multiple feathers missing from his wings and fan. Our youngest Blue Heeler dog, a seven month old, must have been using him as a football. Anyway, Ray picked up the poor bird to resuscitate it, and in so doing his pants fell below his underwear down to his upper thighs. Our pup must have taken this as reason to tackle the quarterback and retrieve the ball. Ray tried to run with the turkey cradled in his arms and with the pup grabbing his pant legs with each step. The pants dropped to his knees as our pup valiantly behaved as any Australian Heeler should. Ray was able to cast the bird over the poultry fence just as his pants and feet were pulled backward and he pitched forward. He scored a pantless victory, leaving our heeler pup with a mouthful of dungaree --- panting!

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