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Cloud Computing Applications: High-impact Emerging Technology - What You Need to Know: Definitions, Adoptions, Impact, Benefits, Maturity, Vendors

Cloud Computing Applications: High-impact Emerging Technology - What You Need to Know: Definitions, Adoptions, Impact, Benefits, Maturity, Vendors

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Cloud application services or "Software as a Service (SaaS)" deliver software as a service over the Internet, eliminating the need to install and run the application on the customer's own computers and simplifying maintenance and support.

This book is your ultimate resource for Cloud Computing Applications. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, analysis, background and everything you need to know.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Cloud Computing Applications right away, covering: Cloud computing, 24SevenOffice, Acrobat.com, Animoto, Google Apps, BigMachines, BlackSpider Technologies Limited, Brightidea, Business Intelligence 2.0, Cacoo, Clam AntiVirus, CloudMe, Cloudsoft Monterey, ASUS WebStorage, Dropbox (service), Enprovia, Fatpaint, Fedena, Feng Office Community Edition, FonGenie, Foundation network, Freightgate, Fusemetrix, Gaikai, GetApp.com, Gigya, Google Cloud Connect, Google Docs, Google Fusion Tables, IKnowWare, Imaginatik, Intacct, IWork.com, The Knowland Group, KnowledgeTree, League Lab, LiveChat, LivePerson, LiveProcess, LotusLive, LucidChart, MashApps, Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange, MobileMe, MVaaS, My Phone, Net-results, Nivio, Office Web Apps, Office123, Online office suite, OnLive, OTOY, Pdfvue, Postini, QuickSchools.com, Really Simple Systems, RightNow Technologies, Salesforce.com, ShowDocument, SlideRocket, Smartsheet, Social BI, Nsite Software (Platform as a Service), Software as a service, Software plus services, Spigit, Syncdocs, TOA Technologies, Vindicia, Web 2.0, While You Were Out (Cloud application), Windows Phone Live, Yudu Media, Zoho Office Suite

This book explains in-depth the real drivers and workings of Cloud Computing Applications. It reduces the risk of your technology, time and resources investment decisions by enabling you to compare your understanding of Cloud Computing Applications with the objectivity of experienced professionals.
Cloud application services or "Software as a Service (SaaS)" deliver software as a service over the Internet, eliminating the need to install and run the application on the customer's own computers and simplifying maintenance and support.

This book is your ultimate resource for Cloud Computing Applications. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, analysis, background and everything you need to know.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Cloud Computing Applications right away, covering: Cloud computing, 24SevenOffice, Acrobat.com, Animoto, Google Apps, BigMachines, BlackSpider Technologies Limited, Brightidea, Business Intelligence 2.0, Cacoo, Clam AntiVirus, CloudMe, Cloudsoft Monterey, ASUS WebStorage, Dropbox (service), Enprovia, Fatpaint, Fedena, Feng Office Community Edition, FonGenie, Foundation network, Freightgate, Fusemetrix, Gaikai, GetApp.com, Gigya, Google Cloud Connect, Google Docs, Google Fusion Tables, IKnowWare, Imaginatik, Intacct, IWork.com, The Knowland Group, KnowledgeTree, League Lab, LiveChat, LivePerson, LiveProcess, LotusLive, LucidChart, MashApps, Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange, MobileMe, MVaaS, My Phone, Net-results, Nivio, Office Web Apps, Office123, Online office suite, OnLive, OTOY, Pdfvue, Postini, QuickSchools.com, Really Simple Systems, RightNow Technologies, Salesforce.com, ShowDocument, SlideRocket, Smartsheet, Social BI, Nsite Software (Platform as a Service), Software as a service, Software plus services, Spigit, Syncdocs, TOA Technologies, Vindicia, Web 2.0, While You Were Out (Cloud application), Windows Phone Live, Yudu Media, Zoho Office Suite

This book explains in-depth the real drivers and workings of Cloud Computing Applications. It reduces the risk of your technology, time and resources investment decisions by enabling you to compare your understanding of Cloud Computing Applications with the objectivity of experienced professionals.

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Cloud application services or “Software as a Service (SaaS)” deliver software as a service over the Internet, eliminating the need

to install and run the application on the customer’s own computers and simplifying maintenance and support. This book is your ultimate resource for Cloud Computing Applications. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, analysis, background and everything you need to know. In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Cloud Computing Applications right away, covering: Cloud computing, 24SevenOffice, Acrobat.com, Animoto, Google Apps, BigMachines, BlackSpider Technologies Limited, Brightidea, Business Intelligence 2.0, Cacoo, Clam AntiVirus, CloudMe, Cloudsoft Monterey, ASUS WebStorage, Dropbox (service), Enprovia, Fatpaint, Fedena, Feng Office Community Edition, FonGenie, Foundation network, Freightgate, Fusemetrix, Gaikai, GetApp.com, Gigya, Google Cloud Connect, Google Docs, Google Fusion Tables, IKnowWare, Imaginatik, Intacct, IWork.com, The Knowland Group, KnowledgeTree, League Lab, LiveChat, LivePerson, LiveProcess, LotusLive, LucidChart, MashApps, Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange, MobileMe, MVaaS, My Phone, Net-results, Nivio, Office Web Apps, Office123, Online office suite, OnLive, OTOY, Pdfvue, Postini, QuickSchools.com, Really Simple Systems, RightNow Technologies, Salesforce.com, ShowDocument, SlideRocket, Smartsheet, Social BI, Nsite Software (Platform as a Service), Software as a service, Software plus services, Spigit, Syncdocs, TOA Technologies, Vindicia, Web 2.0, While You Were Out (Cloud application), Windows Phone Live, Yudu Media, Zoho Office Suite This book explains in-depth the real drivers and workings of Cloud Computing Applications. It reduces the risk of your technology, time and resources investment decisions by enabling you to compare your understanding of Cloud Computing Applications with the objectivity of experienced professionals.

Cloud Computing Applications

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Cloud Computing Applications


High-impact Emerging Technology - What You Need to Know: Definitions, Adoptions, Impact, Benefits, Maturity, Vendors

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such as word processing. Mozilla Thunderbird or Entourage are making use of cloud email servers. The consumer's computer may contain very little software or data (perhaps a minimal operating system and web browser only). Consumer benefits are that software no longer has to be installed and is automatically updated but savings in terms of dollars is yet to be seen. a company owned email. without actually possessing the software or hardware. The development of Local Area Networks allowed for a system in which multiple CPUs and storage devices may be organized to increase the performance of the entire system. cloud computing fundamentally allows for a functional separation between the resources used and the user's computer. gas. videos. Centralized and standardized utilities freed individuals from the difficulties of generating electricity or pumping water. serving as little more than a display terminal connected to the Internet. Since the cloud is the underlying delivery mechanism. this translates to a reduced cost in software distribution to providers who still use hard mediums such as DVDs. Users or clients can submit a task. Users can store and access personal files such as music. Hence. and water. In many companies employees and company departments are bringing a flood of consumer technology into the workplace and this raises legal compliance and security concerns for the corporation. Yahoo. for example. Hotmail. Consumers now routinely use data intensive applications driven by cloud technology which were previously unavailable due to cost and deployment complexity. usually residing outside the local network. cloud based applications and services may support any type of software application or service in use today. An analogy to explain cloud computing is that of public utilities such as electricity.Cloud computing 1 Cloud computing Cloud computing refers to the provision of computational resources on demand via a computer network. such as Google. . and files. pictures. applications. The principle behind the cloud is that any computer connected to the Internet is connected to the same pool of computing power. desktop applications which connect to cloud email can also be considered cloud applications. to the service provider. in an remote datacenter. and bookmarks or play games or do word processing on a remote server rather than physically carrying around a storage medium such as a DVD or thumb drive. In an extension to that concept. Cloud Computing visual diagram In the past. Even those who use web-based email such as Gmail. With Cloud computing. or even an e-mail client program such as Outlook. All of the development and maintenance tasks involved in doing so was alleviated. A common shorthand for a provided cloud computing service (or even an aggregation of all existing cloud services) is "The Cloud". both data and software had to be stored and processed on or near the computer. Evolution. The term "software as a service" is sometimes used to describe programs offered through "The Cloud".

thus the client need not purchase expensive hardware or software to handle the task.[5] Cloud computing providers deliver applications via the internet. and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.[4] This may take the form of web-based tools or applications that users can access and use through a web browser as if they were programs installed locally on their own computers. or even a smartphone. consumption. The Cloud may appear as a single point of access for consumers' computing needs. and it typically involves provisioning of dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources[2] [3] It is a byproduct and consequence of the ease-of-access to remote computing sites provided by the Internet. Technical description The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) provides a concise and specific definition: Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient. hence the term "software as a service" (SaaS). Cloud services may be designed to work equally well with Linux. such as backing up of large amounts of data. notable examples include the iTunes Store.[6] . depending on the speed of the Internet connection. on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e. which are accessed from a Web browser. or expensive for an individual user or a small company to accomplish. and the iPhone App Store. cloud services have changed to allow access from any device connected to the Internet.Cloud computing 2 How it works Cloud computing utilizes the network as a means to connect the user to resources that are based in the 'cloud'. The 'cloud' may be accessed via the Internet or a company network. Computation and storage is divided among the remote computers in order to handle large volumes of both. word processing. and storage services that do not require end-user knowledge of the physical location and configuration of the system that delivers the services. and delivery model for IT services based on Internet protocols. Commercial offerings may be required to meet service level agreements (SLAs). In some cases. With 'cloud computing'. Parallels to this concept can be drawn with the electricity grid.. The outcome of the processing task is returned to the client over the network. in other cases entire business applications have been coded using web based technologies such as AJAX. The service provider may pool the processing power of multiple remote computers in "the cloud" to achieve the task. while the compute resources are consolidated at a remote data center location. applications. as in telecommuting. especially with limited computing resources and funds. networks. where end-users consume power without needing to understand the component devices or infrastructure required to provide the service. such as netbooks which were created with cloud computing in mind. allowing mobile workers access on-the-go. software. These tasks would normally be difficult. while the business software and data are stored on servers at a remote location.g. time consuming. or computationally intensive work. servers. with a connection to the Internet.[1] Cloud computing provides computation. or a company network. but specific terms are less often negotiated by smaller companies. Cloud computing describes a new supplement. clients only require a simple computer. data access. as opposed to actually possessing them. or both. With smartphones and tablets on the rise. and extending the reach of business services provided by outsourcing. in order to make requests to and receive data from the cloud. legacy applications (line of business applications which until now have been prevalent in thick client Windows computing) are delivered via a screen sharing technology such as Citrix XenApp. storage. Mac and Windows platforms. Most cloud computing infrastructures consist of services delivered through shared data-centers.

This resembles the Unix philosophy of having multiple programs each doing one thing well and working together over universal interfaces. in a reciprocal manner. The back end of the cloud computing architecture is the ‘cloud’ itself.[8] 3. This is in contrast to a model in which the processing takes place in one or more specific servers that are known. 7."[7] 2." 4. whereby a 'super and virtual computer' is composed of a cluster of networked. usually web services and 3-tier architecture. The front end is the part seen by the client. such as electricity. servers and data storage devices. the computer user. as a metered service similar to a traditional public utility.Cloud computing 3 Overview Comparisons Cloud computing shares characteristics with: 1. The two most significant components of cloud computing architecture are known as the front end and the back end. known or static place(s). Client–server model – client–server computing refers broadly to any distributed application that distinguishes between service providers (servers) and service requesters (clients).[9] 5. Peer-to-peer – distributed architecture without the need for central coordination. i. enterprise resource planning. This includes the client’s network (or computer) and the applications used to access the cloud via a user interface such as a web browser. Mainframe computer — powerful computers used mainly by large organizations for critical applications. Architecture Cloud architecture. typically bulk data processing such as census. Service-oriented computing – Cloud computing provides services related to computing while. Complexity is controlled and the resulting systems are more manageable than their monolithic counterparts.[11] Characteristics The key characteristic of cloud computing is that the computing is "in the cloud". Autonomic computing — "computer systems capable of self-management. service-oriented computing consists of the computing techniques that operate on software-as-a-service.[12] the [[systems architecture]] of the software systems involved in the delivery of cloud computing. Utility computing — the "packaging of computing resources. typically involves multiple cloud components communicating with each other over application programming interfaces.e. All the other concepts mentioned are supplementary or complementary to this concept. that is. and financial transaction processing. . industry and consumer statistics. the processing (and the related data) is not in a specified. such as computation and storage."[10] 6. loosely coupled computers acting in concert to perform very large tasks. with participants being at the same time both suppliers and consumers of resources (in contrast to the traditional client–server model). Grid computing — "a form of distributed computing and parallel computing. comprising various computers.

Details are abstracted from end-users. IBM and a number of universities embarked on a large-scale cloud computing research project.[18] [19] The first exposure of the term Cloud Computing to public media is by GoogleEx CEO Eric Schmidt at SES San Jose 2006. just to leave room for occasional spikes. those who use IT services and those who sell them"[25] and observed that "[o]rganisations are switching from company-owned hardware and software assets to per-use service-based models" so that the "projected shift to cloud computing . became the first open-source software for deploying private and hybrid clouds. were thoroughly explored in Douglas Parkhill's 1966 book. Quora.[24] By mid-2008. who until the 1990s primarily offered dedicated point-to-point data circuits. The cloud symbol was used to denote the demarcation point between that which was the responsibility of the provider. Amazon initiated a new product development effort to provide cloud computing to external customers.[21] In 2007. efforts were focused on providing QoS guarantees (as required by real-time interactive applications) to cloud-based infrastructures.[14] Cloud computing is a natural evolution of the widespread adoption of virtualization.[20] It was reported in 2011 that Amazon has thousands of corporate customers. In early 2008.[22] In early 2008. AWS API-compatible platform for deploying private clouds. autonomic and utility computing.[17] After the dot-com bubble. and that which was the responsibility of the user. online. when John McCarthy opined that "computation may someday be organized as a public utility.. and for the federation of clouds. in the framework of the IRMOS European Commission-funded project.[23] In the same year. government and community forms. will result in dramatic growth in IT products in some areas and significant reductions in other areas. illusion of infinite supply). The actual term "cloud" borrows from telephony in that telecommunications companies. Amazon played a key role in the development of cloud computing by modernizing their data centers."[26] . a maker of game tools for Web publishers. a site for news-sharing and BigDoor. provided as a utility. began offering Virtual Private Network (VPN) services with comparable quality of service but at a much lower cost. like most computer networks. a question-and-answer service.[16] The first scholarly use of the term “cloud computing” was in a 1997 lecture by Ramnath Chellappa. or control over. OpenNebula. a location-based social networking site. Google. Having found that the new cloud architecture resulted in significant internal efficiency improvements whereby small. and launched Amazon Web Service (AWS) on a utility computing basis in 2006. based on the cloud drawing used in the past to represent the telephone network. who no longer have need for expertise in. which. Amongst them also include many corporations that live on Amazon's web services. fast-moving "two-pizza teams" could add new features faster and more easily. were using as little as 10% of their capacity at any one time. they were able to utilize their overall network bandwidth more effectively. By switching traffic to balance utilization as they saw fit. Eucalyptus became the first open-source. The Challenge of the Computer Utility.Cloud computing 4 History The term "cloud" is used as a metaphor for the Internet.. Gartner saw an opportunity for cloud computing "to shape the relationship among consumers of IT services. the comparison to the electricity industry and the use of public. the technology infrastructure "in the cloud" that supports them. service-oriented architecture. Cloud computing extends this boundary to cover servers as well as the network infrastructure. private.[15] The underlying concept of cloud computing dates back to the 1960s. Reddit.[13] and later to depict the Internet in computer network diagrams as an abstraction of the underlying infrastructure it represents." Almost all the modern-day characteristics of cloud computing (elastic provision. including Foursquare. from large ones like Pfizer and Netflix to start-ups. enhanced in the RESERVOIR European Commission-funded project.

users can connect from anywhere.[18] • Reliability is improved if multiple redundant sites are used. user access to security audit logs may be difficult or impossible.[29] • Device and location independence[30] enable users to access systems using a web browser regardless of their location or what device they are using (e. which makes well designed cloud computing suitable for business continuity and disaster recovery. mobile phone). but concerns can persist about loss of control over certain sensitive data..[34] However.[29] • Multi-tenancy enables sharing of resources and costs across a large pool of users thus allowing for: • Centralization of infrastructure in locations with lower costs (such as real estate.[33] Security is often as good as or better than under traditional systems. and the lack of security for stored kernels.[32] increased security-focused resources.[27] • Application Programming Interface (API) accessibility to software that enables machines to interact with cloud software in the same way the user interface facilitates interaction between humans and computers. Cloud computing systems typically use REST-based APIs.[28] This ostensibly lowers barriers to entry. As infrastructure is off-site (typically provided by a third-party) and accessed via the Internet.. electricity. PC. • Maintenance of cloud computing applications is easier. without users having to engineer for peak loads. etc. They are easier to support and to improve.) • Peak-load capacity increases (users need not engineer for highest possible load-levels) • Utilization and efficiency improvements for systems that are often only 10–20% utilized. self-service basis near real-time. Private cloud installations are in part motivated by users' desire to retain control over the infrastructure and avoid losing control of information security. as infrastructure is typically provided by a third-party and does not need to be purchased for one-time or infrequent intensive computing tasks.[31] • Scalability via dynamic ("on-demand") provisioning of resources on a fine-grained. etc.g.Cloud computing 5 Key characteristics • Agility improves with users' ability to rapidly and inexpensively re-provision technological infrastructure resources. Pricing on a utility computing basis is fine-grained with usage-based options and fewer IT skills are required for implementation (in-house). • Performance is monitored. the complexity of security is greatly increased when data is distributed over a wider area or greater number of devices and in multi-tenant systems which are being shared by unrelated users.[29] • Security could improve due to centralization of data. . because they do not need to be installed on each user's computer. • Cost is claimed to be greatly reduced and in a public cloud delivery model capital expenditure is converted to operational expenditure. In addition. and consistent and loosely coupled architectures are constructed using web services as the system interface. as the changes reach the clients instantly. in part because providers are able to devote resources to solving security issues that many customers cannot afford.

phones and other devices. global DNS and DDOS protection. in either case. multi-tenant architecture) than to a one-to-one model. when in fact they are two different things. operating systems and browsers. Client A cloud client consists of computer hardware and/or computer software that relies on cloud computing for application delivery..e. is a term often used to refer to a container of a collection of virtual objects. is essentially useless without it. Cloud Desktop as a Service or Hosted Desktop. which obviates the need for downloadable patches and upgrades Platform Cloud platform services or "Platform as a Service (PaaS)" deliver a computing platform and/or solution stack as a service. configurations etc. .[45] Cloud infrastructure often takes the form of a tier 3 data center with many tier 4 attributes. Infrastructure Cloud infrastructure services. partnering.cloudXtech. residing on the cloud. data-center space or network equipment. delivers computer infrastructure – typically a platform virtualization environment – as a service. Key characteristics include:[41] • Network-based access to. software. including architecture.[42] It facilitates deployment of applications without the cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying hardware and software layers. and management characteristics • Centralized feature updating.. Suppliers typically bill such services on a utility computing basis.[43] [44] A recent non-US provider of a large Cloud Platform (over 30 worldwide nodes) is CloudX Technology Group |URL=http:www. and management of. the amount of resources consumed (and therefore the cost) will typically reflect the level of activity. or that is specifically designed for delivery of cloud services and that. often consuming cloud infrastructure and sustaining cloud applications. it is possible to share services within any one of the following layers. used by a client to interact with remote services and perform computer related tasks[40] . Rather than purchasing servers. clients instead buy those resources as a fully outsourced service.[35] [36] [37] [38] [39] . IaaS evolved from virtual private server offerings. pricing.Cloud computing 6 Layers Once an Internet Protocol connection is established among several computers. software. Application Cloud application services or "Software as a Service (SaaS)" deliver software as a service over the Internet. eliminating the need to install and run the application on the customer's own computers and simplifying maintenance and support. Examples include some computers. assembled from hundreds of virtual machines. commercially available (i. enabling customers to access applications remotely via the Web • Application delivery that typically is closer to a one-to-many model (single instance. not custom) software • Activities that are managed from central locations rather than at each customer's site. also known as "Infrastructure as a Service" (IaaS). hardware.com| who announced the provisioning of acceleration services. People tend to use the terms "SaaS" and "cloud" interchangeably.

Combined cloud Two clouds that have been joined together are more correctly called a "combined cloud". Another perspective on deploying a web application in the cloud is using Hybrid Web Hosting. In addition it can be economically attractive as the resources (storage. IBM. whereby resources are dynamically provisioned on a fine-grained. The idea was based upon direct comparison with other industries (e. via web applications/web services. from an off-site third-party provider who bills on a fine-grained utility computing basis. . security and privacy concerns that results from the mixed delivery methods of IT services.g.[35] [46] [47] [48] Deployment models Public cloud Public cloud or external cloud describes cloud computing in the traditional mainstream sense. the electricity industry) and the extensive use of hybrid supply models to balance and mitigate risks.[51] A hybrid storage cloud uses a combination of public and private storage clouds. workstations) utilized and shared in the community are already exploited and have reached their return of investment. Hybrid storage clouds are often [52] useful for archiving and backup functions. the newest catch-phrase has become “hybrid cloud computing.”[50] Hybrid cloud is also called hybrid delivery by the major vendors including HP. self-service basis over the Internet.[49] Hybrid cloud and hybrid IT delivery The main responsibility of the IT department is to deliver services to the business. Oracle and VMware who offer technology to manage the complexity in managing the performance. security and/or policy compliance.[54] By integrating multiple cloud services users may be able to ease the transition to public cloud services while avoiding issues such as PCI compliance. allowing local data to be replicated to a public cloud. cloud-specific operating systems and combined offerings. The costs are spread over fewer users than a public cloud (but more than a single tenant). where the hosting infrastructure is a mix between cloud hosting and managed dedicated servers – this is most commonly achieved as part of a web cluster in which some of the nodes are running on real physical hardware and some are running on cloud server instances.[29] Community cloud A community cloud may be established where several organizations have similar requirements and seek to share infrastructure so as to realize some of the benefits of cloud computing. including multi-core processors.[55] Private cloud Douglas Parkhill first described the concept of a "private computer utility" in his 1966 book The Challenge of the Computer Utility. With the proliferation of cloud computing (both private and public) and the fact that IT departments must also deliver services via traditional. Examples of community clouds include Google's "Gov Cloud". A combined cloud environment consisting of multiple internal and/or external providers[53] "will be typical for most enterprises". in-house methods. This option may offer a higher level of privacy.Cloud computing 7 Server The servers layer consists of computer hardware and/or computer software products that are specifically designed for the delivery of cloud services.

The Intercloud scenario aims to address such situations. interoperability. the cloud of clouds. the ability to recover from failure. Such form of pay-for-use may introduce new business opportunities among cloud providers if they manage to go beyond theoretical framework. as well as the study and applied research of the approach. legal issues.Cloud computing "Private cloud" and "internal cloud" have been described as neologisms. strategization. and maintenance of cloud computing. but are in fact an implementation of a technology subset: the basic concept of virtualized computing. virtualize the resources according to the requirements of the customer and expose them as virtual servers. and people who require their data to be hosted buy or lease storage capacity from them and use it for their storage needs.[56] [57] Enterprise IT organizations use their own private cloud(s) for mission critical and other operational systems to protect critical infrastructures. it could not be able to satisfy further requests for service allocations sent from its clients.[64] The Intercloud scenario is based on the key concept that each single cloud does not have infinite physical resources. It is a maturing and evolving discipline to facilitate the adoption. and interdisciplinary approach to the ideation. hybrid models still exist despite the formation of reasonably well-functioning markets and the ability to combine multiple providers. quantifiable. These (typically virtualization automation) products offer the ability to host applications or virtual machines in a company's own set of hosts. [58] Therefore. Even within modern utility industries. vendor's lock-ins. Hosting companies operate large data centers. disciplined. The Intercloud The Intercloud[59] is an interconnected global "cloud of clouds"[60] [61] and an extension of the Internet "network of networks" on which it is based. Some vendors have used the terms to describe offerings that emulate cloud computing on private networks. and manage them" and thus do not benefit from lower up-front capital costs and less hands-on management. operationalization. operation.[62] The term was first used in the context of cloud computing in 2007 when Kevin Kelly stated that "eventually we'll have the intercloud. "private clouds" are not an implementation of cloud computing at all. This Intercloud will have the dimensions [60] It became popular in 2009[63] of one machine comprising all servers and attendant cloudbooks on the planet. security. the Intercloud raises many more challenges than solutions concerning cloud federation. conceptualization. and the ability to scale up or down depending upon demand. and governance of cloud solutions. in the background.. generally hosted by third parties. Nevertheless. and has also been used to describe the datacenter of the future. Cloud engineering is also known as cloud service engineering.e. monitoring and billing. trust. These provide the benefits of utility computing – shared hardware costs. and in theory. but the concepts themselves pre-date the term cloud by 40 years.". The data center operators. for all intents and purposes. i. development. Cloud storage Cloud storage is a model of networked computer data storage where data is stored on multiple virtual servers. If a cloud saturates the computational and storage resources of its virtualization infrastructure. the application of engineering to cloud. Physically. commoditization. leading towards a cloud ecosystem. standardization. rather than being hosted on dedicated servers.[54] essentially "[lacking] the economic model that makes cloud computing such an intriguing concept". quality of service. . industrialization. productization. which the customers can themselves manage. 8 Cloud engineering Cloud engineering is the application of a systematic. the resource may span across multiple servers. Private clouds have attracted criticism because users "still have to buy. build. each cloud can use the computational and storage resources of the virtualization infrastructures of other clouds.

the number of trademark filings covering cloud computing brands. lawfully or unlawfully.[72] Google[73] and Microsoft[74] ). the Data Protection Directive in the EU and the credit card industry's PCI DSS. This concept has been subsequently used many times over the last 40 years and is identical to the Intercloud.[69] Customers in the EU contracting with cloud providers established outside the EU/EEA have to adhere to the EU regulations on export of personal data. calling the requirement "unduly restrictive of competition. 116 cloud computing trademarks were filed. Department of Interior. but this has been criticised on the grounds that the hand-picked set of goals and standards determined by the auditor and the auditee are often not disclosed and can vary widely.S."[66] Compliance In order to obtain compliance with regulations including FISMA.com. cloud computing trademark filings increased by 483% between 2008 and 2009. providers such as Amazon still cater to major markets (typically the United States and the European Union) by deploying local infrastructure and allowing customers to select "availability zones. On October 29. Amazon. which opened up a bid for software that required that bidders use Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Suite.[65] While there have been efforts (such as US-EU Safe Harbor) to "harmonize" the legal environment.[70] Many providers also obtain SAS 70 Type II certification (e. As companies sought to better position themselves for cloud computing branding and marketing efforts. Other legal cases may shape the use of cloud computing by the public sector. under non-disclosure agreement. The "Notice of Allowance" the company received in July 2008 was canceled in August. can monitor at will.S. and the greater powers it gives to telecommunication companies to monitor user activity. the prevalence of open standards and open source may have an impact on the way that public entities choose to select vendors. and thus. the "Challenge of the Computer Utility".[75] Providers typically make this information available on request. working with AT&T.[80] . and trademark [78] analysts predict that over 500 such marks could be filed during 2010. Instances such as the secret NSA program.[71] Salesforce.g. HIPAA and SOX in the United States."[79] Scholars have pointed out that. which recorded over 10 million phone calls between American citizens. 2010.[76] Legal In March 2007. the communication and data stored between the user and the host company. and Verizon. resulting in a formal rejection of the trademark application less than a week later. In 2009. users may have to adopt community or hybrid deployment modes which are typically more expensive and may offer restricted benefits. This is how Google is able to "manage and meet additional government policy requirements beyond FISMA"[67] [68] and Rackspace Cloud are able to claim PCI compliance. Since 2007.Cloud computing The concept of a competitive utility computing market which combined many computer utilities together was originally described by Douglas Parkhill in his 1966 book. causes uncertainty among privacy advocates. Trademark 77139082 [77]) in the United States. Dell applied to trademark the term "cloud computing" (U. Google filed a lawsuit against the U. goods and services has increased at an almost exponential rate. 9 Issues Privacy The cloud model has been criticized by privacy advocates for the greater ease in which the companies hosting the cloud services control. beginning in 2005. Google sued.

businesses are also worried about acceptable levels of availability and performance of applications hosted in the cloud. the environmental effects will be [92] Sweden and Switzerland. such as Finland.[87] Organizations have been formed in order to provide standards for a better future in cloud computing services. Sustainability and siting Although cloud computing is often assumed to be a form of "green computing".[82] Open standards Most cloud providers expose APIs which are typically well-documented (often under a Creative Commons license[83] ) but also unique to their implementation and thus not interoperable. SmartBay.[86] Issues barring the adoption of cloud computing are due in large part to the private and public sectors unease surrounding the external management of security based services. In areas where climate favors natural cooling and renewable electricity is readily available. a version of GPLv3 intended to close a perceived legal loophole associated with free software designed to be run over a network. there is as of yet no published study to substantiate this assumption. [94] . to attract cloud computing data centers.[81] In November 2007.[88] Availability and performance In addition to concerns about security. is being developed using cloud computing. marine research infrastructure of sensors and computational technology. the Free Software Foundation released the Affero General Public License.Cloud computing 10 Open source Open source software has provided the foundation for many cloud computing implementations.[93] are trying more moderate. Thus countries with favorable conditions. It is the very nature of cloud computing based services. This delivers great incentive amongst cloud computing service providers in producing a priority in building and maintaining strong management of secure services. an emerging approach to shared infrastructure in which large pools of systems are linked together to provide IT services.[89] There are also concerns about a cloud provider shutting down for financial or legal reasons. The Open Cloud Consortium (OCC)[85] is working to develop consensus on early cloud computing standards and practices. Some vendors have adopted others' APIs[84] and there are a number of open standards under development. one prominent example being the Hadoop framework. private or public. including the OGF's Open Cloud Computing Interface. Security The relative security of cloud computing services is a contentious issue which may be delaying its adoption. that promote external management of provided services.[91] Siting the servers affects the environmental effects of cloud computing. One organization in particular. the Cloud Security Alliance is a non-profit organization formed to promote the use of best practices for providing security assurance within cloud computing. which has happened in a [90] number of cases.

The aim of the facility is to lessen fears about the security of the cloud. University of Washington. HP. 2010. Purdue University. Microsoft. called Open Cirrus. England. the National Science Foundation joined the ACCI and awarded approximately million in grants to 14 academic institutions. wireless networks. Virginia Tech.[109] HP Labs Bristol is HP’s second-largest central research location and currently is responsible for researching cloud computing and security.[102] Open Cirrus partners include the NSF. Verizon. Yahoo. HP formally opened its Government Cloud Theatre. University of California. University of Minnesota. Google.university project designed to enhance students' technical knowledge to address the challenges of cloud computing.[114] . The new researchers are China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI). Yale. among others. located at the HP Labs site in Bristol. University of Wisconsin–Madison. Spain's Supercomputing Center of Galicia (CESGA by its Spanish acronym). focused on providing support for a new cloud initiative called Software-Defined Networking. North Carolina State University.[112] CLOUD 2010 was held on July 5–10. 2010 in Miami. IIT Bombay. even from low-end devices. Wayne State.[99] In April 2009.[107] In November 2010. Georgia Tech.[103] In Sept.[100] In July 2008. University of Virginia. University of Massachusetts. vendors and government organizations are investing in research around the topic of cloud computing. Indiana University. Georgia Tech's Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems (CERCS) and China Telecom.[101] designed to encourage research into all aspects of cloud computing. University of Utah.[110] The IEEE Technical Committee on Services Computing[111] in IEEE Computer Society sponsors the IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD). more researchers joined the HP/Intel/Yahoo Open Cirrus project for cloud computing research.[97] Academic institutions include University of Melbourne (Australia). HP Labs India announced a new cloud-based technology designed to simplify taking content and [106] making it mobile-enabled. the University of Illinois (UIUC). the Malaysian Institute for Microelectronic Systems(MIMOS).[113] The initiative is meant to speed innovation through simple software changes in telecommunications networks.[108] The demonstration facility highlights high-security.[95] In 2009. 2011. the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) in Korea. Deutsche Telekom and 17 other companies formed a nonprofit organization called Open Networking Foundation. HP. University of Maryland. Florida On March 23. open source test bed.[98] Joint government. MIT.Cloud computing 11 Use by Hackers Hackers posing as legitimate customers can purchase the services of cloud computing for nefarious purposes. the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore. Intel Corporation and Yahoo! announced the creation of a global.[96] Research A number of universities. These include password cracking and as a means of launching attacks. Carnegie Mellon. and the Institute for System Programming at the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISPRAS). Called SiteonMobile. highly flexible cloud computing based on intellectual property developed at HP Labs. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. the new technology is designed for emerging markets where people are more likely to access the internet via mobile phones rather than computers. service and data center management. a banking trojan used the popular Amazon service as a command and control channel that issued software updates and malicious instructions to PCs that were infected by the malware. multi-data center. academic and vendor collaborative research projects include the IBM/Google Academic Cloud Computing Initiative (ACCI). In October 2007 IBM and Google announced the multi. data centers and other networking areas.[104] [105] In July 2010.

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[79] Google.techtarget. thomashelbing. ssrn. [70] "How the New EU Rules on Data Export Affect Companies in and Outside the EU | Dr.org. php) [84] "Eucalyptus Completes Amazon Web Services Specs with Latest Release" (http:/ / ostatic. .und IT-Recht" (http:/ / www. . Sankar.com. . Informationweek.com. Gordon (2009-01-27). html). . "NSA has massive database of Americans' phone calls" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2010-08-22.com. .com. The Internet is Still Filled with Problems" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2010-08-22. [75] "Amazon gets SAS 70 Type II audit stamp.com. Diamond. technet.00. com/ ). . David. Ostatic.cnet. [72] "Trust Salesforce. com/ servlet/ story/ LAC.com. [64] Canada (2007-11-29). Redmonk. Networkworld. . readwriteweb. com/ about-aws/ whats-new/ 2009/ 11/ 11/ aws-completes-sas70-type-ii-audit/ ). Monique (2009-05-24). uspto. 2009-03-14. an Online Merchant. Retrieved 2010-08-22.com. com/ connect/ entry.blogspot.com. html).1109/ICIW.00. Retrieved 2010-08-22. and Their Relationship to Microsoft’s Market Dominance (http:/ / papers.

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the company is currently present in Scandinavia in addition to the UK. The products are module based which enables customers to select modules based on individual need. German.24SevenOffice 17 24SevenOffice 24SevenOffice Developer(s) 24SevenOffice [1] Operating system Web-based Type Website ERP/CRM 24SevenOffice. . Norwegian. Swedish and Danish.com [1] 24SevenOffice (Oslo Stock Exchange : TFSO [2]). is developing and marketing Software as a Service (SaaS) products. a Norwegian magazine. Modules The system includes modules for: • • • • • • • • • CRM Accounting Invoicing/Ordering Procurement Email Calendar Project Management Content management system E-commerce Features Language support The 24SevenOffice interface supports the following languages: English (UK). 24SevenOffice is a pioneer in the development of Internet based applications and was founded in 1996. Sweden and England. Accounting standards The accounting module has pre-configured charts of accounts and reports for accounting standards in Norway. 24SevenOffice main product is an integrated CRM and ERP system. Headquartered in Oslo. Recognition 24SevenOffice has won several awards including the 'Seal of Excellence'[3] at CeBIT and 'Product of the year 2005' by Kapital. Norway. English (US).

html).24sevenoffice.com/news/crm/119695. php) Accessed 2007-01-18 [9] http:/ / www. adding 400 customers and launching the company into the Swedish marketplace. no External links • Official homepage (http://www. Accessed 2007-01-18 [4] OSLO AXESS . References [1] http:/ / www.html) • New Internet Banking Model Launched In Norway (http://www.[7] In September 2006. the main industry group devoted to technologies and Web programming techniques known as Ajax.crm2day.zdnet. Active24. and it is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange on the Oslo Axess list. crm2day.[5] History The company was founded in 1996 in Porsgrunn. newsweb. openajax. Stockholm (Sweden) and London (UK).NEW SECURITY FROM TODAY (http:/ / www. 24SevenOffice bought the Swedish competitor Start and Run. Accessed 2007-01-18 [8] New Internet Banking Model Launched In Norway (http:/ / www. netclient. com/ news/ crm/ 119695. pressrelease. (Norway) by Stian Rustad. Accessed 2007-09-24 [6] Active 24 & 24SevenOffice teams up (http:/ / www. telenor. no/ markedsaktivitet/ stockOverview?languageID=1& newt__ticker=TFSO [3] Winners of the European Seal of Excellen in Multimedia 2004 (http:/ / www.com. osloaxess. Other web-based competitors include Salesforce. Accessed 2007-01-18 [7] Case study: Life Scandinavia (http:/ / www. The company entered partnerships with Active 24 in 2006 [6] and Norwegian telecommunications company. active24. html). Accessed 2007-07-02 [5] OpenAjax Alliance Members (http:/ / www. jsp?messageId=154813) . 24SevenOffice. accounting/invoice and payroll [8] services.com. no/ index. communication and security services.[4] One of the main competitors to 24SevenOffice is NetSuite.24SevenOffice 18 Company The company has offices in Oslo and Skien (Norway). 24SevenOffice has a comprehensive cooperation with NetClient AS [9]. seal-of-excellence. Telenor. pdf). a similar web-based suite of business applications.au/news/perspectives/ asps-climb-quietly-to-the-summit/2005/08/15/1123957995145. SugarCRM and QuickBooks Online. com [2] http:/ / www. no/ bedrift/ kundereferanser/ life/ index. As of January 2006. In February 2005. the company listed a base of 1000 customers. org/ graphics/ CurrentPM2006/ 24SevenOffice. Traditional software competitors include SAP Business One and Siebel. 24SevenOffice is part of the OpenAjax Alliance.com) Articles • ASPs climb quietly to the summit (http://www.php) • Spotlight shines on SaaS in Europe (http://blogs. org/ member/ wiki/ Members). NetClient provides 24SevenOffice with hosting. 24SevenOffice signed a partnership deal with Fokus Bank and Bluegarden combine banking. org/ winners2004.smh.com/SAAS/?p=338) .

com URL Commercial? Type of site [1] No Word processor. and Japanese[2] Content license Owner Created by Current status Proprietary Adobe Systems Adobe Systems Online Acrobat.com mobile client created by scanR for Adobe is also available for iPhone. Presentations and ConnectNow online meetings.com 19 Acrobat. unlimited downloads and unlimited PDF creation options. The website offers the following services: File Storage and Sharing. and therefore some users may already have an account to use at Acrobat. Buzzword word processor.com and at the Adobe online store. All of these services are available for free. with some limitations. hold online meetings with others. collaborate on and share documents.com Adobe Acrobat.[5] An Acrobat. spreadsheet.[3] This client. and presentations. tables. file hosting service and desktop publishing software Required Registration Available language(s) English (US and UK). is bundled with Adobe Reader 9[4] and Adobe Acrobat 9. collaborative software. This ID is identical to the one used on Adobe.[6] Services Users need to sign up for an Adobe ID in order to use these services. Subscription packages are available that offer larger meetings. and manage and collaborate in online workspaces.com. along with Adobe AIR. Workspaces. Blackberry and Android devices. A desktop-client version of Acrobat.[7] . Tables. German. upload and share a variety of files with others.com based on Adobe AIR is also available from Adobe AIR Marketplace. French. convert files to PDF online. presentation program.Acrobat.com is a suite of web applications from Adobe Systems that allows users to create.

As of April 2010.zip) Rich Text Format files (.odt) Buzzword also exports to the following file formats:[2] • • • • PDF files (. Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk). or by entering in a URL to the image to be placed in to the Buzzword document.doc.com Tables is a beta release. Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal).Acrobat. Germany Reformed. demonstrating several of the formatting horizontal rulers.docx) • OpenDocument Text files (. Document revisions can be managed and changes displayed using the History bar. including Danish. lists and tables. pdf ) • Microsoft Word files (. US and Canada). Dutch. Images can also be placed. French (France and Canada). features. which correspond to the "Latin-1" Unicode character set.rtf) Plain text files (. schedules.[8] However. Finnish. English (UK. Acrobat. such task lists. spell checking. headers. and define filter views on data.[2] As of April 2010.epub) HTML .txt) Rich Text Format files (. Formulas can be used. . . sales numbers.com Tables is a web-based tool similar to popular spreadsheet applications that allows multiple users to work on shared data sets simultaneously in their browser. Data tables can be exported to XLS. review. and inserting fields such as document name and last saved date. URL links. etc. by searching for an image from Flickr or Google directly within Buzzword. Acrobat.doc. Text features include font and paragraph formatting controls.txt) Buzzword interface currently supports English (US and UK).odt) • EPUB files (. CSV and PDF formats.rtf) Microsoft Word Document files (. Buzzword currently imports: • • • [2] Plain text files (. Switzerland and Switzerland Reformed). comment on or co-author a single document collaboratively.xml) • OpenDocument Text files (. German (Germany. Buzzword only supports displaying characters used by Western European languages. . extended Latin characters can be entered using the Special Characters command. French and German.com 20 Buzzword Adobe Buzzword is an online word processor that allows users to create and collaborate on text documents on-line. Spanish and Swedish. but are column based. A screenshot of Adobe Buzzword. positioned and resized visually. Italian. The images can be uploaded from the local computer.com Tables Acrobat. contacts.[6] Multiple users can be assigned different roles by authors to read. footers and endnotes. document properties such as margin controls.docx) • Microsoft Word 2003 XML files (. page and line breaks.zipped files (. Buzzword also includes spell checking for various languages.[6] Contributors can see who is working on the table cells.

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Type Founded Headquarters Key people Services Slogan Website Type of site Available in Launched Private August 2006 New York, NY Brad Jefferson, Jason Hsiao, Stevie Clifton, Tom Clifton co-founders software applications | http:/ / animoto. com/ social networking English August 2006

Current status active

Animoto is a web application that produces videos from user-selected photos, video clips and music. Animoto analyzes the provided photos, video clips and music, using them to generate a video similar to a trailer. According to the website, the song is analyzed, producing a unique video every time. The site also claims that no two videos are ever the same.[1] [2] By November 2009, 1 million users had registered at Animoto. Their iPhone application has been installed 300,000 times and two million Facebook users have used the Animoto Facebook application.[3] One year prior, in August 2008, 250,000 users in 150 countries had been registered with Animoto.com.[4] About 10% of users who register at the site end up paying money, so the company has had cash flow since October 2008.[5] Investors of Animoto include Amazon.com, Bruce Livingstone, the founder of iStockphoto & Madrona Venture Group.[3] Some of the founders include former producers at MTV, VH1, Comedy Central & ABC. Animoto utilizes the post-production skills some of the founding team honed while working in television in order to produce online content that is on-par with content found on TV & in film.[2] [6]

Animoto was founded on August 2006, and launched as a website on August 14, 2007. Animoto is based in New York, with an office in San Francisco. While attending the SXSW Interactive Festival in March 2008, Animoto launched their own Facebook application.[7] It became a popular way for users to showcase their photos on the social network. The Animoto Facebook application experienced so much viral growth in April 2008, that it became one of Amazon Web Services's cloud computing success stories. By mid-April, Animoto's Facebook application had nearly 750,000 people sign up in three days. At the peak, almost 25,000 people tried Animoto in a single hour.[8] Amazon Web Services's ability to meet the demand of Animoto's viral Facebook application resulted in Amazon.com's eventual investment in Animoto. Jeff Bezos includes Animoto in speeches he gives regarding Amazon Web Services.[9]

Animoto Along with releasing the Animoto Facebook application in March 2008, Animoto was also a YouTube launch partner for YouTube's API. Animoto was integrated with YouTube, allowing users to export Animoto videos directly to YouTube easily.[10] As of August 2009, nearly 250,000 videos have been uploaded to YouTube. On June 2008, Animoto introduced DVD-quality upgrades for users, allowing them to watch their videos on a television. By July 2008, Animoto for Business[11] and Animoto for Education[12] were launched. Animoto for Education gives teachers and students unlimited access to its full-length video making services for free, while Animoto for Business allows for Animoto to be used commercially. Since an overwhelming number of professional photographers started to use the Animoto for Business product, Animoto for Photography [13] was launched in October 2008 at PhotoPlus in New York City. Since launching, Animoto for Photography has attended every national photography convention, including the Professional Photographers of America's Imaging Conference & WPPI. Animoto for Real Estate is another off-shoot of the commercial product, which officially launched at the Inman Connect Conference in San Francisco in July 2009. Animoto's pro-package is a White-label product. In June 2009, the Animoto iPhone app was launched,[14] allowing iPhone users to create video using pictures taken on their phone.[15] In August 2009, Animoto launched the ability to upload video clips, along with still images.[16] This has been the largest advance to the Animoto offering thus far. In April 2011 the company added functionality for Apple TV and AirPlay users. .[17]


Webby Award winner in the "Best Services & Design" category; Webby Award winner - People's Voice Award in the "Best Services & Design" category; SXSW's Interactive Award in the "Best Film/Website" category; BBC's Click "Top Websites of 2008"; PC Magazine's "Top 100 Undiscovered Websites of 2008"; TechCrunch's Crunchies Runner-Up for Best Design [18] Animoto gained considerable press around the Webby Awards, not only due to their win, but because of their speech. The Huffington Post placed the Animoto acceptance speech in their top 12 moments of the Webby Awards Ceremony.[19] Animoto's CFO, Nathan Meagher, wore a wig & disrobed to leopard skin tights in front of a surprised audience & Webby Awards host, Seth Meyers of SNL fame. Eventually screaming "Thank you, New York.... WOOOOO," (due to the 5 word maximum speech limit at the Webby Awards), Animoto grew considerable attention for the outlandish speech.

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For example. 24/7 phone support Google Video (Private company version of YouTube. and many of the standard Gmail features. the cap was changed so that all new accounts would receive only 50 users as opposed to 100. Limited to sending email to 500 external recipients per day per email account.000 users. It featured 2 GB of e-mail storage. In January 2009.[20] Google Apps launched with a default user allotment of 200 users. subscriptions must be purchased for all accounts. policy management. in addition to the ability their "request" more users. • February 2006: Google created Gmail For Your Domain with an invitation-only beta.[26] 50 USD/40 EUR/33 GBP / account / year 25 GB space for e-mail / account Text ads optional Integrated Postini "security. Existing Standard Edition users before January 2009 kept their old allocation. colleges.) [26] Limited to sending email to 2000 external recipients per day per email account. Each edition has a limit on the number of users that may be active at any given time. Email attachments cannot be larger than 25 megabytes. etc.com accounts (over 7500 MB as of September 22. and universities" • No ads for faculty. and message recovery services" Conference room/resource scheduling 99. an upgrade from a "Standard" limit of 50 users to allow up to 60 users would involve paying for 60 users. 28 Differences between editions Google Apps is available in a number of distinct editions. non-profit staff or volunteers [27] Google Apps for Business (formerly Google Apps Premiere Edition) Google Apps for Education (formerly Google Apps Education Edition) . or students • Google may serve ads to accounts not associated with enrolled students. users could request to have their user limit increased through a manual process taking (at least) 1–2 weeks for approval. Same as Google Apps for Business except for the following: • Free for "accredited not-for-profit 501(c)(3) entities with <3. whether they are used or not.[21] This was confirmed as relating to the launch of the Google Apps commercial reseller program. It is not possible to purchase upgrades for a subset of users: to increase the user limit.[22] The subscription level of a Google Apps edition is billed based on the total number of available users in the Apps account. K-12 schools. staff. and could not request more without payment. In addition. which allowed Gmail to be used with a custom domain name. which is based on their iGoogle service. which was shortly changed to 100 users. [23] Google Apps (formerly Google Apps Standard Edition)[24] (a bit less powerful restrictive than personal accounts [25]) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Free Same storage space as regular gmail.9% e-mail uptime guarantee APIs for Single Sign On. 2010) Text ads standard (can be turned off in each account) Limited to 50 Users within same domain.Google Apps all accounts. compliance. and the edition features apply to all users accounts in that subscription. though these limit requests are now commonly answered with suggestions to "upgrade your subscription".

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The Google Wave Blog. offers organizations clear path off Exchange.S. com/ apps/ intl/ en/ group/ index. Finally" (http:/ / glamizer. blogspot. Google. 2010. zdnet. blogspot. Google. ca/ news/ column/ 8088b6470a01040800f483b40707b39a/ pg1. "More Gmail storage coming for all" (http:/ / gmailblog. which opened up a bid for software that required that bidders use Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Suite. . Google sued. google. ZDNet. "Google Apps: Killer software or killer decision?" (http:/ / www. downloadsquad. . 18 May 2010. com/ enterprise/ marketplace/ ). google. really)" (http:/ / googleblog. com/ support/ a/ bin/ answer. com/ od/ toolsfortheoffice/ f/ appsteamfaq. [22] "Google Apps Blog . [10] http:/ / jkontherun. com/ Berlind/ ?p=580).Mail Sending Limits" (http:/ / www. about. [16] "Google Adds Postini's Security and Compliance Capabilities to Google Apps" (http:/ / www. . Retrieved 2008-05-29. google. 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India. 2010 AppExchange .[4] Vista Equity Partners.com[6] . 2010 JMP Hot 100 Software Companies . acquired majority ownership of BigMachines through several transactions starting January 2001. Inc.Best Business Productivity Solution[10] 2010 Sales 2.Best Privately Owned Software Companies[13] 2008.7 million USD (2009) http:/ / www. and London.0 Awards – Best Sales Enablement Program[11] 2010 AlwaysOn Top 100 OnDemand – Top 100 Software Companies[12] 2009 Illinois Technology Association . Illinois. Illinois[2] with development offices in San Mateo. Oracle[7] CRM On-Demand. 2009. a private equity firm based in San Francisco. was founded in 2000 by Godard Abel[3] and is headquartered in Deerfield. serving Asia-pacific. The company's software is designed to integrate with existing ERP (Enterprise resource planning). UK served by BigMachines AG as well as offices in Singapore and Tokyo. Vendavo[8] . California and Hyderabad.BigMachines 32 BigMachines BigMachines Type Industry Private Computer software IT Services 2000 Deerfield. Awards • • • • • • • 2010 CODiE Award Winner . CRM (Customer relationship management).[5] Partners The company has partnered with Salesforce. and other business systems. com BigMachines is a software company. 2009.CityLIGHTS Lighthouse Award Finalist 2009. Vista Equity acquired majority ownership of the company in December of 2010.[2] BigMachines. BigMachines also has European operations with offices in Frankfurt am Main. Germany. and PROS[9] to provide software applications to these CRM systems. USA Founded Headquarters Number of locations 7 Key people Products Godard Abel. bigmachines. 2010 Inc 5000 three year consecutive Award Winner[14] [15] 2008.Best Quoting Tool[6] . Co-founder & CEO • • • • • Sales Configuration Quoting Software Proposal Generation B2B eCommerce CRM Integration [1] Revenue Website 18.

php). html). Inc. Retrieved 2011-4-12.Supply & Demand Chain Executive Top 100 2003 Start Magazine . siia. cnet. html). Retrieved 2011-4-12. . Retrieved 2011-4-12. 2006[18] . "Gartner and 1to1 Customer Award Winners: Enterprise CRM Optimization" (http:/ / www. . com/ company/ bigmachines). com/ bigmachines-featured-in-inc-5000-list-of-americas-fastest-growing-companies-for-third-consecutive-year-20100825005271/ ). . Retrieved 2011-4-12. Retrieved 2011-4-12. Named to the Supply & Demand Chain Executive Top 100" (http:/ / www. [15] "BigMachines Featured in Inc. wins Start Magazine's Technology & Business Award as Technology Enabler for 2003" (http:/ / www. de . com/ pros-bigmachines-announce-partnership. [5] Melanie Austria Farmer (2001-3-19). Inc. pymnts. oracle. crunchbase.Best of the Web Winner[13] 33 External links • Homepage of BigMachines. sdcexec. . . 1to1media. com/ publication/ article. [21] • Homepage of BigMachines AG . [20] "BigMachines. 2010-5-22. com/ pr_061610. com/ partners/ bigmachines). Retrieved 2011-4-12. . Retrieved 2011-4-12. com/ BigMachines-reels-in-29-million/ 2110-1017_3-254310. . [21] http:/ / www. [9] "PROS and BigMachines Announce Partnership" (http:/ / www. com/ online/ article. com/ inc5000/ profile/ bigmachines). vendavo. Retrieved 2011-4-12. [13] "BigMachines Awards" (http:/ / www. . sdcexec. [18] "2006 Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2011-4-12. . denverpost. Retrieved 2011-4-12. bigmachines. com/ mng-denver. [14] "Inc 500" (http:/ / www. . Retrieved 2011-4-12.com. aspx?DocID=31105). [12] "The 2010 OnDemand Top 100 Private Companies" (http:/ / www. . 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies for Third Consecutive Year" (http:/ / www. "BigMachines Achieves Record Growth in First Half of 2010" (http:/ / finance. asp). html).Customer Award for Enterprise CRM Optimization[16] 2005. [11] "Inside View Customers Dominate Sales and Marketing 2. com/ awards. jsp?id=8554& pageNum=3). php). . 2010-6-16. com/ inc5000/ profile/ bigmachines) "Vista Equity Partners" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2011-4-12.Technology & Business Award[20] 2002 APICS International Conference – Best in Show 2002 Forbes. com/ View. 1to1 Media. bigmachines. bigmachines. com/ start2003. 2010-11-11. "BigMachines reels in $29 million" (http:/ / news.BigMachines • • • • • • 2008 Gartner & 1to1 . Inc. [19] "2007 Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100" (http:/ / www. [6] "SalesForce" (http:/ / appexchange. . com/ news/ home/ 20040630005618/ en/ BigMachines-Named-Supply-Demand-Chain-Executive-Top). Retrieved 2011-4-11. "Chunchbase" (http:/ / www. [17] "BigMachines. vistaequitypartners. . denverpost/ news/ read?GUID=14165850). 2011-1-11. bigmachines. Retrieved 2011-4-12.com . jsp?pubId=1& id=9672& pageNum=2).com. Retrieved 2011-4-12. [8] "Vendavo and BigMachines Announce Partnership" (http:/ / www. 2010-8-5. Denverpost. Retrieved 2011-4-12. 2007[19] Supply & Demand Chain . . com/ ?q=company/ bigmachines). Retrieved 2011-4-12. com [22] http:/ / www. .EMEA Operations [22] References [1] [2] [3] [4] Inc magazine BigMachines profile (http:/ / www. insideview. com/ 2010/ OnDemand-Top-100-Competiton). . net/ CODiEs/ 2010/ finalist_list. Vendavo. Retrieved 2011-4-12.0 Awards" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2011-4-12. inc. com/ NEWS-PRESS/ press-11112010-SalesMarketing. 2007 Manufacturing Business Technology – Top 40 Emerging Software Venders[13] 2004[17] . [7] "Oracle Partner Network" (http:/ / solutions. [10] "2010 CODiE Finalists" (http:/ / www. . bigmachines. businesswire. . php). salesforce. Pymnts. com/ listingDetail?listingId=a0330000001GDyTAAW). [16] Jeremy Nedelka (2008-9-8). CNET. 2010-8-25. aonetwork. inc.

com/ content/ HostedEmailSecurity. Products MailControl was the brand name for BlackSpider Technologies email filtering services. tornado-insider. History BlackSpider was a startup company founded in 2002 by John Cheney[1] . websense.com [6] a provider of Web Based CRM software for small businesses. businessweek. in Reading. Retrieved 22 August 2010.[2] . . Silicon. The Company provided Cloud Computing services for filtering email spam and other malware. Workbooks. UK. "BlackSpider secures €6.com. Websense. Retrieved 22 August 2010. At the point of acquition BlackSpider had £4m in revenues and an operating loss of £3. Retrieved 22 August 2010.200 customers[4] . Notes [1] "Bloomberg Business Week" (http:/ / investing. .1m and over 1. [4] Will Sturgeon (13 July 2006). "SurfControl Snaps Up Blackspider" (http:/ / www. In July 2006. Tornado Insider. silicon.6m ($6. Retrieved 22 August 2010. .6 million investment" (http:/ / www. In October 2007 Websense acquired Surfcontrol for appromixately £204m[5] . . [8] "Hosted Email Security" (http:/ / www. asp?id=13151). Berkshire.the original BlackSpider Management Team including John Cheney left to found Workbooks. workbooks. allowing the organisation to grow into the French and Germany Markets.com. In January 2004 Casenove Private Equity invested £4. com [7] "Workbooks.BlackSpider Technologies Limited 34 BlackSpider Technologies Limited BlackSpider Technologies Limited was a British software company founded in 2002 and subsequently acquired by SurfControl in July 2006. . . Following the acquisition of SurfControl by Websense . SurfControl a UK listed PLC acquired BlackSpider for £19. 3 October 2007. com/ news/ Article. asp?privcapId=8340418). aspx). Websense. Retrieved 22 August 2010. com/ Management_Team. html). . com/ technology/ security/ 2006/ 07/ 13/ surfcontrol-catches-blackspider-39160286/ ).[7] .6m) in the business. workbooks. com/ releasedetail. websense. [2] Ruth Bojer (7 January 2004). . com/ research/ stocks/ private/ snapshot. Retrieved 25 August 2010. cfm?ReleaseID=284577). These products are now sold by Websense under the brand name Hosted Email Security[8] . co.5m in cash[3] . "SurfControl Catches Blackspider" (http:/ / www. uk/ 2006/ 07/ 13/ surfcontrol_blackspider_buy/ ). [6] http:/ / www.com Management Team" (http:/ / www. The Register. [5] "Websense Completes Acquisition of Surfcontrol" (http:/ / investor. [3] John Leyden (23 July 2006). Retrieved 22 August 2010. theregister.

co.BlackSpider Technologies Limited 35 External links • Companies House (http://www. UK Company Number: 04447164 • Insider Article .16th July 2006 (http://www.com/news/Article.uk/).tornado-insider.silicon. The Register .theregister.websense.3rd October 2007 (http://investor.asp?id=13151/Tornado) • Silicon Article Surfcontrol Catches Blackspider . cfm?ReleaseID=284577) .13th July 2006 (http://www.com/releasedetail.gov.companieshouse.com/technology/ security/2006/07/13/surfcontrol-catches-blackspider-39160286) • John Layden.uk/2006/07/13/ surfcontrol_blackspider_buy) • Websense Investor Release .Jan 7th 2004 (http://www.

Adobe. [4] Brightidea’s products include. a portal to crowdsource ideas around a business model was supported by Brightidea. [9] The CEO of Napster looked to the website for ideas on a business model around online music downloads. Brightidea currently has over 300 clients worldwide.[5] Founded in 1999.[1] Their Software-as-a-service platform supports collaboration and crowdsourced feedback for end-to-end tracking of the innovation process. Harley-Davidson. brightidea. Experian. Bristol-Myers Squibb.com. Emerson. and Pipeline. Bosch.Brightidea 36 Brightidea Brightidea Type Industry Founded Private Enterprise social software 1999 Headquarters San Francisco. California Key people Matt Greeley Vincent Carbone Innovation management Social network Crowdsourcing Prediction market Brightidea. WebStorm. [8] SaveNapster.com http:/ / www. [2] [3] Brightidea was an early pioneer in using the internet to crowdsource product improvements.[7] Brightidea also powered the first Cisco I-Prize competition in the fall of 2007. Switchboard.[6] Their clients include: Hewlett-Packard. and Honeywell. com/ Products Website Brightidea is a San Francisco-based company that provides on-demand Innovation management software. Cisco. [10] Products Innovation Suite [11] WebStorm [12] Switchboard [13] Pipeline [14] External links • Brightidea website [15] . British Telecom.

Business Intelligence 2. Also. cmswire. com/ blog/ greenfield/ three-tricks-to-innovation-management/ 641) [4] (http:/ / books. composable and adaptive middleware. highbeam.0) is a term that refers to new tools and software for business intelligence. internetnews. brightidea. open standards for exchanging data such as XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language) and various Semantic Web ontologies enable using data external to an organization. bix [14] http:/ / www. php?utm_campaign=CMSWire-Blog-Post-Public-Relations& utm_source=Pubic Relations) [2] Inc. bix [13] http:/ / www.[1] According to analytics expert Neil Raden. com/ magazine/ 20100201/ rounding-up-staff-ideas.Brightidea 37 References [1] (http:/ / www. such as benchmarking type information. beginning in the mid-2000s. although it takes elements from both Web 2. org/ 2009/ 09/ inside-ciscos-search-for-the-next-big-idea/ ar/ 1) [8] (http:/ / hbr.0. technologies like RSS and the concept of mashups). brightidea.0 also implies a move away from the standard data warehouse that business intelligence tools have used. brightidea.0 (a focus on user empowerment and community collaboration. zdnet. com/ bus-news/ article." . contingency and the need to relate [2] information quickly from many sources. dynamic querying of real-time corporate data by employees. html) [11] http:/ / www. bix) [7] Harvard Business Review (http:/ / hbr. com/ doc/ 1G1-66575000. com/ products. which "will give way to context. html) [3] ZDNet (http:/ / www. php/ 459941) [10] (http:/ / www. brightidea. com/ Business Intelligence 2.0" (semantic integration through shared ontologies to enable easier exchange of data). html) [6] Brightidea | About Us (http:/ / www.and browser-based approached to such data. org/ 2009/ 09/ inside-ciscos-search-for-the-next-big-idea/ ar/ 1) [9] (http:/ / www. com/ about-us. com/ switchboard. BI 2. among other things. com/ books?id=1gwAAAAAMBAJ& pg=PA32& lpg=PA32& dq=icebox+ innovation+ contest+ sears& source=bl& ots=O2JRE897DY& sig=ulC87Tu-Lp9m_RO7LNSvfT0om3s& hl=en& ei=zfwsTLDrNoaUnQft4vX6AQ& sa=X& oi=book_result& ct=result& resnum=1& ved=0CBoQ6AEwAA) [5] NY Times (http:/ / www. as opposed to the proprietary querying tools that had characterized previous business intelligence software. and the Semantic Web.0 (BI 2. bix [12] http:/ / www. com/ pipeline. Magazine (http:/ / www.0 Business Intelligence 2. nytimes. com/ external/ readwriteweb/ 2009/ 01/ 26/ 26readwriteweb-web_tech_help_with_innovation_management. which enables for a flexible. bix [15] http:/ / www. and a more web. that enable.0 is most likely named after Web 2. sometimes called "Web 3. com/ webstorm. brightidea. This change is partly due to the popularization of service-oriented architectures (SOA). brightidea. google. com/ cms/ enterprise-20/ brightidea-wants-to-be-salesforcecom-for-innovation-management-007568. inc.

Our ability to test a hypothesis will be integrated into our decision support systems. 6.0 has a lot to learn from social media. 8. “become a follower” of the metric. Succinct explanation of the state of the business. 2. Continuous flow of information. continuous flow of decisions. Provides environment for developers to create their own applications. Business decisions shall be monitored so that interventions and our hypotheses about business tactics will be tagged in the context of the data that measures its effect. Search commentary. data and reports will incorporate narrative context information supplied by users. the data will tell you where it is going wrong and why. Say. He lists. Platform evolves through unplanned usage/organic evolution of capabilities.0: Are we there yet? [3]. Visualizing data and complex relationships will be easier and more intuitive models of info-graphics will become mainstream. Exceptions. requests for information. Anyone . Reports or data updates could be delivered via RSS feed. comments.0 According to president and CEO Greg Nelson the future of BI will see a great change when it comes to BI 2. 5. Decisions. column. we explore it. Tags and users comments. alerts and notifications will be based on dynamic business rules that learn about your business and what you are interested in. People will be able to directly act on information. widget. point) or an abstract interpretation of the results. generate word clouds that provide a visualization of the “vibe” or sentiment of the business. Lessons and opportunities: From Facebook the following can be learned: Destination naturally forces people to login and participate. When you see something wrong. Submit note-worthy information (anything on the web you think is newsworthy) – associate it with data or objects. The future of BI 2. and design an intervention to deal with it. blogs etc. Tools will have the ability to create graphic representations of the data based on what it “sees” and displays the best visual display given what it has. We will be able to tag interventions or events that have happened and have that appear in the context of the reporting of the data so that over time our collective knowledge about the world will be captured along side the data and artifacts. we understand its root cause. 4. Post things of interest (reports. status about the business. cell. Similarly. Furthermore. lessons and opportunities that BI can learn from social media[4] . Interactions with operational systems. complex event processing. line. some aspect of the data presentation – row. From RSS the following can be learned: Commentary should be available as an RSS feed. 3.) From Twitter the following can be learned: Real-time. provide supporting information. For example. data points and graphs annotated with descriptive insight directly along side the results. Facebook. and “rate or report a problem” will reside alongside the data.Business Intelligence 2. facts and context will be developed through crowdsourcing. interpretations) to my personal page (things I have discovered. “start a discussion”. 7. such as Twitter. The ability to detect complex patterns in data through automated analytic routines or intelligent helper models will be built into analytic applications.0 In his 2010 white paper he concludes the following: 1. Finding information will be easier and search results will provide context so that we know when we have the right results.0 38 Lessons from social media According to president and CEO Greg Nelson. Data will have a more direct linkage with action. BI 2. Users will have the ability to tag specific data elements at various levels (page. for example. graphics. From blogs the following can be learned: Information can be interpreted and informally published to a group of interested parties. the tools will learn what visualizations work best for you and your environment. in the white paper Business Intelligence 2. we see something in the data.

cioinsight.com. Sanjay (2008). wallstreetandtech.com/Articles/ BI-2-Technology.com/paper_agiledance. John (2006). intelligententerprise. "Business Intelligence 2. sas.sas. Matt (2006). 0:%20Are%20we%20there%20yet? • Nelson. who will add these functions to their Business Intelligence applications and when? And do we need a paradigm shift to make it happen? References [1] Raden. Lars (2005). "Business Intelligence 2.nsf/21ef2ef086df4793c12569eb00586838/bdde6372fb162452c125709a003d9841/).pdf).com/resources/papers/ proceedings10/040-2010. • Ziesche.com. John (2006). • Haynos. Neil (2005). process and business event monitoring will allow streamlined operational processes (Business Process Engineering. "Semantics Help Wall Street Cope With Data Overload" (http://www. SAS Global Forum 2010. Soenke (2006).johnseelybrown.html?page=1).0: Are we there yet?" (http:/ / support. 9.maia-intelligence. Business Activity Monitoring. Golda (2008). de/wissensmanagement. sas. johnseelybrown. . discussions and commentary as well as a knowledge base of previously answered requests will be key to ensuring collective knowledge and collaboration.pdf). • Nelson.com. pdf).0 Technology . • Seely Brown.[[MAIA Intelligence (http://www. .competence-site. com/paper_servicegrid. jhtml?articleID=197002610). Greg (2010). xml. Technical.com. More Accessible.0: Are we there yet?" [5]. Greg (2010).w3.pdf). johnseelybrown. "Linked Data" (http://www. • Kontzer. Linkages with unstructured contents such as documents.johnseelybrown. ibm. com/data-management/showArticle. "BI 2.wallstreetandtech. w3c.jhtml?articleID=208700210&pgno=2). com/ showArticle. 10. "Service Grids: The Missing Link in Web Services" (http://www.* Nelson.com/paper_breakonthrough. "Start Making Sense: Get From Data To Semantic Integration" (http:/ / www. IBM developerWorks. jhtml?articleID=171000640).xml. www. SAS Global Forum 2010. "The Agile Dance of Architectures – Reframing IT Enabled Business Opportunity" (http://www. .0: Are we there yet?" (http://support. Neil (2007). "Business Intelligence 2. Tim (2006). "Break On Through to the Other Side: A Missing Link in Redefining the Enterprise" (http://www.0 looking at the same data will see that context when viewed. "Semantic Wikis and Disaster Relief Operations" (http://www.0: Simpler.com. SAS Global Forum 2010.com. Inevitable" (http:/ / www. Greg (2010). intelligententerprise. Related articles • Berners-Lee.Business Intelligence 2. "Perspectives on grid: Virtualization as a foundation for SOA environments" (http://www. com/ showArticle. "Business Intelligence 2. johnseelybrown. Business Rules Engineering) and learning models will be applied to organizational flow of data.org/DesignIssues/LinkedData. • Velez.pdf).com. "The Forecast for Cloud Computing" (http://www.org.johnhagel.com/developerworks/grid/library/gr-soavirt/). com/ resources/ papers/ proceedings10/ 040-2010. • Ludwig.de. 39 Challenges The question is.competence-site. [5] http:/ / support.html)] Perspective"].com. com/ resources/ papers/ proceedings10/ 040-2010.com/c/a/Trends/ The-Forecast-for-Cloud-Computing/).com. Tony (2008). "Business Intelligence und das Semantic Web (in German)" (http://www. intelligententerprise. John (2006).maia-intelligence. • Mehta. [3] http:/ / Business%20Intelligence%202. pdf • Seely Brown. www.com/pub/a/2006/ 12/13/semantic-wikis-and-disaster-relief-operations. • Seely Brown.html). [2] Raden.cioinsight. intelligententerprise. .

"Web mashups put transparency to the test" (http://fcw. "Business Intelligence 2.aspx?sc_lang=en). Ulrike (2008). People • Don Tapscott • David Weinberger . Federal Computer Week.com/resources/papers/ proceedings10/040-2010. • Nelson.whoiswho.Business Intelligence 2. Brian (2010).de. SAS Global Forum 2010.0 • Robinson. blog.whoiswho.sas.de/stories/22598/). Greg (2010). "Intrinsic Motivation Will Play a Major Role (Ulrike Reinhard spoke with John Seely Brown (JSP)" (http://blog.pdf). 40 Interviews • Reinhard.com/articles/2010/01/11/ feat-mashups-test-transparency.0: Are we there yet?" (http://support.

com (http://www. com [3] Serkan Toto (6 April 2010).co. com/ 2010/ 04/ 06/ cacoo-lets-multiple-users-create-designs-collaboratively-and-in-real-time/ ). mind maps. Japan based Nulab Inc. co. UML diagrams and others. TechCrunch. External links • cacoo.cacoo. Inc (http://nulab. Cacoo features a large stencil set that allows users to create site maps. When an update is made to the diagram. network diagrams. flowcharts.jp/) . any linked images are also updated. jp [2] http:/ / cacoo. References [1] http:/ / www.com/) • Nulab. "Cacoo Lets Multiple Users Create Designs Collaboratively And In Real-time" (http:/ / techcrunch. nulab.[3] Diagrams created using Cacoo can be linked-to directly from websites and web applications.Cacoo 41 Cacoo Cacoo Developer(s) Nulab [1] Type License Website Diagramming software Free & Paid Subscriptions Cacoo website [2] Cacoo is an Adobe Flash-based real-time collaborative diagramming application created by the Fukuoka. . wireframes.

OpenVMS. As of version 0. The application was developed for Unix and has third party versions available for AIX. BSD. 2011 2. HP-UX. cross-platform antivirus software tool-kit able to detect many types of malicious software.96.19 / January 25.97 [2] [1] / February 7. including viruses. Linux.[3] [4] Both ClamAV and its updates are made available free of charge.net www.Clam AntiVirus 42 Clam AntiVirus Clam AntiVirus Clam AV 0. Mac OS X. a maker of intrusion detection products and the owner of Snort.net] Clam AntiVirus (ClamAV) is a free. Sourcefire. OSF (Tru64) and Solaris. Developer(s) Stable release Preview release Operating system Type License Website Tomasz Kojm 0.96 ClamAV builds and runs on Microsoft Windows. announced on 17 August 2007 that it had acquired the trademarks and copyrights to ClamAV from five key developers.0.[5] . running a definition update. scanning a file and identifying a Trojan from the command-line. 2011 Cross-platform Antivirus software GNU General Public License [www.clamav.clamav. One of its main uses is on mail servers as a server-side email virus scanner.

ELF executables and Portable Executable (PE) files compressed with UPX. response time: very good. servicing requests to scan files sent from other processes. Fink and MacPorts have ported ClamAV to the platform too. These can include mail exchange programs. has an add-on called Copfilter which scans incoming packets for malicious data). It also supports many document formats. On Linux and BSD desktops ClamAV provides on-demand scanning of individual files. Gzip. In the 2008 AV-Test it rated: on-demand: very poor. Cabinet. Out of the 22 million samples tested ClamAV scored 76.[8] Platforms Linux. FSG.[3] The application also features a Milter interface for sendmail and on-demand scanning.[7] ClamAV is currently tested daily in comparative tests against other antivirus products on Shadowserver. including Microsoft Office. It has support for Zip. In 2010 Shadowserver tested over 22 million samples against ClamAV and numerous other antivirus products. most mail file formats. BinHex. Bzip2. On Linux servers ClamAV can be run in daemon mode.64% ranking 9 out of 19. NsPack.[3] In most cases it is available through the distribution's repositories for installation. BSD ClamAV is available for Linux and BSD-based operating systems. Y0da Cryptor. on-access: poor. SIS formats. Petite. Tar. running on an anti-virus engine from a shared library. Rich Text Format (RTF) and Portable Document Format (PDF). Another program which uses the ClamAV engine. RAR.[3] The ClamAV virus database is updated several times each day and as of 21 August 2010 contained 818. for example. . directories or the whole PC. rootkits: very poor. on Mac OS X.4. Working alongside the Eudora Internet Mail Server program. automatic database updater and a scalable multi-threaded daemon.106 virus signatures.Clam AntiVirus 43 Features ClamAV includes a number of utilities: a command-line scanner. a higher rating than some much more established competitors. A graphical user interface is available in the form of ClamXav. Counteragent scans emails for viruses using ClamAV and also optionally provides spam filtering through SpamAssassin. It is used within the operating system's email service. wwpack32. or packets of data passing through a proxy server (IPCop. HTML. files on Samba shares. OLE2. MEW.[3] Mac OS X Apple Mac OS X Server has included ClamAV since version 10. is Counteragent.[3] [6] Effectiveness ClamAV was included in comparative tests against other antivirus products.[9] Additionally. Upack and obfuscated with SUE. false positives: poor. CHM.

are updated regularly. clamscan utility.[10] Windows ClamAV for Windows is a joint project of ClamAV and Immunet which provides support for Windows XP. Unlike ClamWin it includes on-access scanning accomplished through cloud computing. However. • Microsoft Windows • ClamWin • CS Antivirus[17] • Graugon AntiVirus[17] . a number of third-party developers have written GUIs for the application for various platforms and uses. ClamXav can detect malware specific to Mac OS X.[16] ClamTk 4. or Windows. which reduces the use of local PC memory. and provides other unrelated functions. clamd daemon and freshclam for update. Vista.08 running on Ubuntu 9. Unix.Clam AntiVirus 44 OpenVMS ClamAV for OpenVMS is available for DEC Alpha and Itanium platforms. but malware definitions for Mac OS X are updated less often. the ClamXav application and the ClamAV engine. The build process is simple and provides basic functionality. including: library. with sometimes up to a year between updates. and 7. There is also an update and scanning scheduler through a cron job facilitated by the graphical interface.[11] Graphical interfaces Since ClamAV does not include a graphical user interface (GUI) but instead is run from the command line. project is named for the Tk libraries that were used when it began[12] [13] • KlamAV for KDE[14] • Mac OS X • wbmclamav is a webmin module to manage Clam AntiVirus[15] • ClamXav is a freeware port which includes a graphical user interfaces and has a "sentry" service which can watch for changes or new files in many cases. These include: • Linux • ClamTk using gtk2-perl.04 Jaunty Jackalope • Tiger Cache Cleaner is shareware software which installs and presents a graphic interface for using ClamAV to scan for viruses.

[8] "ShadowServer Yearly Stats" (http:/ / www. dyndns. Dave (December 2008). . Retrieved 2010-11-09.mozdev. pcmag. shadowserver. libre-entreprise. net/ ). "Latest Stable Release" (http:/ / www. To provide on-access scanning (scan when a file is read or written). clamav. [20] "Download Scan" (http:/ / downloadstatusbar. clamav. [19] "ClamWin Antivirus Glue for Firefox" (https:/ / addons. "ClamTk README" (http:/ / clamtk.com" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2008-12-25. org/ 2007/ 08/ 17/ sourcefire-acquires-clamav/ ). . . . "ClamAV Packages and Ports" (http:/ / www. "ClamXAV. net/ about/ team/ ). Features include on-demand (user started) scanning. net/ README). 2005-08-19. net/ ). Retrieved 2008-02-12. Retrieved 2008-04-15. Retrieved 2008-12-26. Firefox Addons. [2] "projects / clamav-devel.clamav. "ClamTk Virus Scanner" (http:/ / clamtk. php/ Stats/ VirusYearlyStats). [17] "CS Anti-Virus description" (http:/ / www. context menu integration to Explorer. Examples are Clam Sentinel and the free software called Winpooch. org.a=commit. AV-Test GmbH. org/ en-US/ firefox/ addon/ 771). ClamAV. shadowserver. . clamav. . and an add-in for Microsoft Outlook. The free software community has responded in part by calling for a boycott against Trend Micro. com/ get/ Antivirus/ CS-Anti-Virus. "Team Members" (http:/ / www. clamav.[24] Trend Micro claims that Barracuda's utilization of ClamAV infringes on a software patent for filtering viruses on an Internet gateway. [11] ClamAV (April 2010). Plugins for Mozilla Firefox which use ClamWin to scan downloaded [18] [19] Several other extensions allow users to files are also available. mozilla.com" (http:/ / www. htm). . Retrieved 2009-01-24. net/ gitweb?p=clamav-devel.com (November 2008). [3] ClamAV (2007). mozilla. . . . Retrieved 2008-02-12. Retrieved 2008-12-25. com/ ). [7] "Anti-virus comparison test of current anti-malware products. "ClamXav. net/ ). net/ lang/ en/ about/ win32/ ). additional software must be used. sourceforge. Alexey (December 2008).com (undated). net/ about). Retrieved 2008-12-25. Softpedia. http:/ / www. 2007-09-17.[25] Barracuda Networks counter-sued with IBM obtained patents in July of 2008. . 2009-03-23. Retrieved 2008-12-30. [10] Chupahin. Retrieved 2011-02-09. softpedia. . scan scheduling. [18] "FireClam: Use ClamAV to scan Firefox downloads for viruses" (https:/ / addons. . [16] ClamXav. . & #32. Retrieved 2008-12-25. . sourceforge. 2008-01-22. Retrieved 2011-03-22. org/ wiki/ pmwiki. .[26] References [1] ClamAV (2007).[20] [21] [22] [23] ClamWin running on Windows XP Patent lawsuit Barracuda Networks is being sued by Trend Micro as of 2008 for its distribution of ClamAV as part of a security package. 2011-02-07. . . [5] "Sourcefire acquires ClamAV" (http:/ / www. labs. "About ClamAV" (http:/ / www. net/ download/ packages/ ). process downloaded files with any software and scan the files with ClamWin. org/ en-US/ firefox/ addon/ fireclam/ ). org/ downscan/ ). Retrieved 2010-11-09. Git.Main Page" (http:/ / klamav. mozdev.2011-01-01. [12] Mauroni. [4] ClamAV (2007). Retrieved 24 April 2010. . sourceforge. . . [6] ClamAV (August 2010).git / commit" (http:/ / git. Retrieved 2009-11-02. com/ ).com. [9] ClamXav. "KlamAV . "ClamAV for Windows" (http:/ / www. shtml). Retrieved 2008-12-25. Dave (October 2008).net. "Clam AntiVirus OpenVMS Project News" (http:/ / clamav. [14] KlamAV F. Downloadstatusbar. git. clamxav. Q1/2008" (http:/ / blogs. org/ clamav/ ).h=19a4d3cd13f320e3b45e5b40307a32725e7871ed).org. com/ securitywatch/ Results-2008q1. clamxav. [15] "wbmclamav project" (http:/ / wbmclamav. Firefox Addons. Retrieved 2010-08-21. clamav. The boycott has been endorsed by the Free Software Foundation. clamav. Retrieved 2008-12-31. org/ ).Clam AntiVirus 45 ClamWin ClamWin is a graphical user interface front end for ClamAV for Microsoft Windows built by ClamWin Pty Ltd. [13] Mauroni. (May 2006). clamav. automatic updates.

2008-02-11. [25] "Boycott Trend Micro" (http:/ / www.sourcefire. "About ClamWin Free Antivirus" (http:/ / www. Free Software Foundation.com. leads to boycott" (http:/ / www. . [26] http:/ / arstechnica. com/ open-source/ news/ 2008/ 07/ barracuda-bites-back-at-trend-micro-in-clamav-patent-lawsuit. Retrieved 2008-02-12.clamav. ars 46 Further reading • An interview with ClamAV founder Tomasz Kojm (http://www.net) • Sourcefire website (http://www. fsf. geckozone.Clam AntiVirus [21] Download Statusbar (https:/ / addons. . org/ en-US/ firefox/ addon/ download-statusbar/ ) [22] "Safe Download" (http:/ / extensions. [23] ClamWin Pty Ltd (2009). clamwin. Extensions.geckozone. 2008-02-11. org/ blogs/ community/ boycottTrendMicro.org. . org/ SafeDownload). Linux. [24] "Trend Micro patent claim provokes FOSS community.com/) . . Retrieved 2009-03-13. com/ content/ view/ 71/ 1/ ). linux. Retrieved 2008-02-12.com/archive/battles/ virus_aabejfhaib_ag/) External links • Official website (http://www. html). Retrieved 2010-11-09. com/ feature/ 126851). mozilla.emailbattles.

Users can also add new applications through a feature known as the "Marketplace". like an operating system running in the cloud with an AJAX-based remote web desktop. photo editor. History Xcerion was founded by Daniel Arthursson in November 2001. webmail. instant messenger and IDE. The CloudMe cloud computing service was launched in public beta in April 2009 and in December 2009 the premium version with 100 GB storage was launched. which initially was developed to be a user interface on top of an enterprise Service-oriented architecture with XML Web Services and a rapid development tool for rich SaaS applications. It is accessible from both desktop operating systems and mobile operating systems using WebDAV. file sharing. a Swedish company. Desktop. calendar software.[4] Using a SaaS model. the service is provided in a free version (3 GB storage). Today CloudMe is a consumer service. CloudMe is compatible with a variety of web browsers like Internet Explorer. The CloudMe service is powered by Xcerion XML Internet OS/3 (XIOS).CloudMe 47 CloudMe CloudMe Developer(s) Xcerion AB Stable release 3. Firefox and Google Chrome. expanding mobile access beyond WebDAV. and open server API for developers. Features CloudMe features a cloud-based storage with a desktop-like remote management interface. a model often called freemium. . media player. including an integrated office suite. CEO xcerion. The CloudMe service is owned and developed by Xcerion. Artifacts of CloudMe are. In June 2010 a mobile version for iPhone and Android web browsers was released.com [3] CloudMe (formerly icloud) is an online computer.33 Kobe Type Website Web application CloudMe website [1] [2] CloudMe social Xcerion AB Type Founded Private 2001 Headquarters Linköping. The CloudMe service includes several web-based applications. Cloud Drive. The desktop and its applications are translated by its users to 30 languages. CloudMe Social community. and a premium version without advertisements and 100 GB storage. Sweden Key people Website Daniel Arthursson.

com Storage Newsletter . cloudme.CloudMe 48 References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / www. com/ http:/ / my. com/ http:/ / xcerion.com/) . com/ news/ security/ icloud-premium-iphone) External links • CloudMe (http://www.cloudme.Swedish Start-Up Xcerion Offering 100GB Online for iPhone (http:/ / www. cloudme. storagenewsletter.

com/ [3] http:/ / twitter. com/ cloudsoft . Groovy Linux. cloudsoftcorp. com/ developers/ [2] http:/ / www. The application is written in Java using the Equinox OSGi framework with configuration DSLs written Groovy. Amazon EC2 and GoGrid as well as private clouds using the jclouds Cloud API.Cloudsoft Monterey 49 Cloudsoft Monterey Cloudsoft Monterey Intelligent Application Mobility Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Written in Operating system Platform Type License Website Cloudsoft Corp 2009 3. OS X.0 / 2 May 2011 Java. It currently supports vCloud. Windows Equinox (OSGi) Cloud computing Proprietary /developers/ [1] Cloudsoft Monterey is platform as a service (PaaS) software developed by Cloudsoft Corp to provide Intelligent Application Mobility across multiple Cloud computing environments. cloudsoftcorp.2. a management console and the Monterey management and network nodes which run the mobile application logic External links • Cloudsoft Corp Web Site [2] • Cloudsoft Monterey [3] on Twitter References [1] http:/ / www. The main components are an Eclipse based development studio tool and plugin for developers.

Eee Top. every user can gain up to 10GB free space by referring ASUS WebStorage to others. asuswebstorage. Inc. 2011.(A member of ASUS Group). Started in 2010. Eee PC. Chinese. Italian. German. By adding a dynamic security code to the original user password. Portuguese. Korean Remote backup service Closed source (Windows & Linux ) http:/ / www. It is now preloaded on ASUS NB. operated by eCareme Technologies. According to its news release. sync. Spanish. Russian. ASUS WebStorage launches ASUS WebStorage One Time Password Authentication (ASUS WebStorage OTP Authentication) to provide users with advanced online security protection.Motherboard and Eee product lines(Eee Pad. Pad. September 2008 Development status Active Operating system Available in Type License Website Cross-platform English. is a cloud application service that enables users to backup. it reaches four million users and gets ISO 27001 certification in February. ASUS WebStorage OTP Authentication provides double protection for all personal data stored in the cloud service. com/ ASUS WebStorage ASUS WebStorage. and Smartphone. and share files across PC. it offers 2GB free space of online storage. This allows ASUS WebStorage subscribers access to their account anywhere on the go without the risk of exposing their personal data to hackers. Inc. Functionality • • • • • Online backup File Sync Access files from any internet-connected device Share One Time Password(OTP)(paid) In order to enhance data protection for subscribers. For non-ASUS users. Japanese.ASUS WebStorage 50 ASUS WebStorage ASUS WebStorage Developer(s) Initial release eCareme. French. . and Eee Box).

com/ . government to protect classified information. Similar Services • • • • • • • • ADrive Dropbox Mozy SugarSync Syncplicity Ubuntu One Windows Live Mesh Windows Live SkyDrive External links • Official website [1] • ASUS WebStorage Blog [2] • ASUS WebStorage Forum [3] References [1] http:/ / www. asuswebstorage. com/ [3] http:/ / forum. asuswebstorage.S. com/ [2] http:/ / blog.ASUS WebStorage 51 Security • Data Encryption (AES) Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) was established by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and adopted by the U. asuswebstorage. ASUS WebStorage uses AES to guarantee users’ data confidentiality.

bugs. large files. or just made me think too much. There are a total of 10 clients. such as Android. Ubuntu One. and Linux (official and unofficial).[14] . iPhone.[7] Dropbox officially launched at 2008's TechCrunch50. in 2007.net.[9] as well as versions for mobile devices. Mac OS X. Windows Phone 7. Inc. each with varying options. [11] [12] major competitors include Box.Dropbox (service) 52 Dropbox (service) Dropbox Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Preview release Dropbox. SugarSync. ZumoDrive and SpiderOak. Users who refer Dropbox to others can gain up to 8 GB of free storage." He began making something for himself. GPLv2 open source (Linux nautilus) [6] Type License Website Dropbox is a Web-based file hosting service operated by Dropbox. Spanish (beta).[7] There are both free and paid services. Mozy. founder Drew Houston conceived the idea after repeatedly forgetting his USB drive while he was a student at MIT. Japanese (beta). 2011 [ +/− [1] ) [ +/− [2] ] [3] ] Development status Active Written in Operating system Available in [4] Python Cross-platform English. September 2008 (May 4.[13] Houston founded Dropbox. but then realized that it could benefit others with the same problem. an annual technology conference. Dropbox uses the freemium financial model and its free service provides [10] The service's 2 GB of free online storage. He says that existing services at the time "suffered problems with Internet latency. and shortly thereafter secured seed funding from Y Combinator. History According to Dropbox. including versions for Microsoft Windows. [5] French (beta) Online backup service Closed source (Windows & Mac clients and Linux dropbox daemon). Dropbox offers a relatively large number of user clients across a variety of desktop and mobile operating systems. that uses cloud computing to enable users to store and share files and folders with others across the Internet using file synchronization. iPad and BlackBerry. It was founded in 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi as a Y Combinator startup. and a web-based client for when no local client is installed. Inc.[8] In comparison to similar services. Inc. German (beta).

Inc. mostly created by the Dropbox community. remote application launching and system monitoring. as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales. Dropbox includes the content of shared folders when totaling the amount of space used on the account. Dropbox's official domain name was actually "getdropbox. An open source tool called Dropship provides unauthenticated access to Dropbox-hosted files by using the Dropbox API to access files by their hash. from the domain squatter its ownership was under. It supports revision history. using Dropbox to sync IM chat logs. To conserve bandwidth and time. and is funded by Sequoia Capital.[30] [31] [32] [33] [34] [35] Add-ons There are a large number of official and unofficial Dropbox addons that are available. BitTorrent management. These addons are both in the form of web services such as SendToDropbox[36] (which allows users to email files to their Dropboxes) and desktop applications such as MacDropAny[37] (which allows users to sync any folder on their computer with Dropbox). such as FTP and e-mail attachments. they began releasing new features gradually to help measure customer interest. when they acquired their current domain.[19] While Dropbox functions as a storage service. and by issuing a fake DMCA takedown notice.[20] [21] Dropbox's version control also helps users know the history of a file they may be currently working on. "dropbox.[28] It also uses SSL transfers for synchronization and stores the data via AES-256 encryption. so files deleted from the Dropbox folder may be recovered from any of the synced computers. a former Salesforce veteran. These include: sending files to a Dropbox via Gmail.[22] The version history is limited to 30 days. files uploaded via the web site are limited to a maximum of 300 MB per file. its focus is on synchronization and sharing.[15] Starting in mid-2009. password management.Dropbox (service) Due to trademark disputes between Evenflow (Dropbox's parent company) and Proxy. a Lean Startup technique.[16] 53 Functionality The Dropbox client enables users to drop any file into a designated folder that is then synced with Dropbox's Internet service and to any other of the user's computers and devices with the Dropbox client.[23] The version history is paired with the use of delta encoding technology. such as Maemo and Symbian. There is also a web services and browser extensions called cloudHQ for Dropbox[38] which allows Dropbox users to synchronize Google Docs with files in Dropbox storage and also to edit Dropbox documents in the browser.[24] Though the desktop client has no restriction on individual file size..[39] .[14] In 2009 Dropbox hired Adam Gross. and other traditional forms of file transfer. if a file in a user's Dropbox folder is changed. and as a free Web hosting service. it can be an alternative to couriering physical removable media. enabling more than one person to edit and re-post files without complications of losing its previous form. There are also a number of client applications for operating systems that Dropbox does not officially support.[7] In January 2010 Dropbox had more than 4 million users.[29] Power users have devised a number of innovative uses for and mash-ups of the technology that expand Dropbox' functionality. Accel Partners. Dropbox has attempted to squash this project by requesting its suspension where it was being hosted.[15] Dropbox is based in San Francisco.com".[18] Through these usages.[26] Dropbox uses Amazon's S3 storage system to store the files[27] and SoftLayer Technologies for its backend infrastructure.com" until October 2009. A paid option for unlimited version history called "Pack-Rat" is available.[25] To prevent free users (who get 2 GB of free storage) from creating multiple free accounts. and Amidzad.[17] Users may also upload files manually through a web browser. though Houston has stated that Dropbox may switch to a different storage provider at some point in the future. Dropbox only uploads the pieces of the file that are changed when syncing.

French. German. . "Dropbox Acquires The Domain Everyone Thought It Had: Dropbox. dropbox." [8] "Official Dropbox Pricing Page" (https:/ / www. Retrieved 2010-04-24. Apple's iDisk. [5] Web Beta for Japanese. Dropbox has reserved the right to delete or remove any file from users' accounts if it violates the DMCA. [11] Purdy. The New York Times. Box.[41] Reception Dropbox has been praised by many publications—including The Economist. html). and The Washington Post—for its simple design and ease of use. Jon (2009-02-05). com/ topic. com/ 2010/ 01/ 20/ dropbox-4-million-user/ ). and defamatory content. Retrieved 2010-09-06. David (2009-02-05). including the Crunchie Award in 2009 for Best Internet Application. Windows Live SkyDrive. racist. "Box. "Dropbox was founded by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi in 2007. "Free Online Storage Feature-by-Feature Comparison Chart" (http:/ / lifehacker. Lifehacker. known as Dropship.and 64-bit builds. com/ 5064688/ free-online-storage-feature+ by+ feature-comparison-chart). [15] Wauters. has since been mirrored widely[56] .. .[52] and for automatically signing in.net is fundamentally similar to Dropbox.1.Spanish. French (http:/ / forums.[50] Drew Houston of Dropbox was called the best young tech entrepreneur by Business Week. ars). com/ pricing). Kevin (2008-10-17). Pui-Wing (2010-05-20).[51] Criticism Dropbox has been criticized for not supporting the ability for users to use their own AES-256 keys. Retrieved 2010-04-22. Retrieved 2010-04-25. References [1] [2] [3] [4] Stable Release . Retrieved 2011-03-03. [14] Kincaid. for the KDE desktop environment.com" (http:/ / techcrunch.8. Retrieved 2010-04-22. dropbox..x series of clients). "As a quick primer.[42] [43] [44] [45] It has also received several awards. Ars Technica. Retrieved 25. dropbox. com/ about). Retrieved 2010-04-22. and a wealth of online file storage competitors. . wikipedia." [13] Ying. dropbox. . Japanese support (http:/ / forums. Inc.net takes online file storage collaborative. dropbox. and unofficial include the open source KDropbox. "Meet the Team! (Part 1)" (http:/ / blog.One Million Files Saved Every 15 Minutes" (http:/ / highscalability.000.31 .000 user milestone. php?id=28976) [6] https:/ / www. com/ blog/ 2011/ 3/ 14/ 6-lessons-from-dropbox-one-million-files-saved-every-15-minu. Wall Street Journal. dropbox. The Dropbox Blog.1. Dropbox. Retrieved 2010-04-26. and for the 2010 Mac Design Awards by Ars Technica. [12] Chartier. TechCrunch. php?id=36538) http:/ / en. org/ wiki/ Template%3Alatest_preview_software_release%2Fdropbox?action=edit& preload=Template:LSR/ syntax "6 Lessons From Dropbox . PC Magazine.2011. [10] "How do I earn bonus space for referring friends to Dropbox?" (https:/ / www.Dropbox (service) 54 Copyright issues Dropbox has agreed to abide by the DMCA copyright guidelines and therefore it has dissuaded its users from uploading copyrighted content to Dropbox's servers. . com/ web/ news/ 2009/ 02/ boxnet-takes-online-file-storage-collaborative-social. com/ ?p=23). and received seed funding from Y Combinator. com/ help/ 54). Spanish. com/ article/ NA_WSJ_PUB:SB10001424052748704635204575242543105830072.[46] [47] [48] [49] Dropbox has been called one of the 20 best startups of Silicon Valley.[40] Dropbox also dissuades its users from uploading pornographic. . com/ topic. dropbox. being unable to sync files that are in use or locked (although this has been fixed in the 0. "Dropbox Announces 4 Million Users. com/ 2009/ 10/ 13/ dropbox-acquires-the-domain-everyone-thought-it-had-dropbox-com/ ). Inc. Jason (2009-10-13). Macworld's 2009 Editor's Choice Award. Dropbox. wikipedia. . [9] Official clients include 32. Robin (2010-01-20).[53] Dropbox was also criticized widely for their use of a fake DMCA takedown notice in an attempt to kill off an open source software project that took advantage of security flaws in their API. "File sharing and synchronization service provider Dropbox this morning announced that it has passed the 4. TechCrunch. German.[54] [55] The software. html). wsj. and it has been nominated for a 2010 Webby Award. The Dropbox Blog." [16] Tam. Retrieved 2010-04-26.03. social" (http:/ / arstechnica. Hires A VP From Salesforce" (http:/ / techcrunch. . org/ wiki/ Template%3Alatest_stable_software_release%2Fdropbox?action=edit& preload=Template:LSR/ syntax http:/ / en. . com/ [7] "About Dropbox" (https:/ / www. . "Philosophy Helps Start-Ups Move Faster" (http:/ / online. .

[47] "25th annual Editors' Choice Awards: the complete list" (http:/ / www. com/ article2/ 0. August 24 2010.. net/ dropbox). html). Dropbox FAQ. "Upon receipt of Notice as described below. . . "Congratulations Crunchies Winners! Facebook Takes Best Overall For The Hat Trick" (http:/ / techcrunch. Ars Technica. "How to Use Dropbox as the Ultimate Password Syncer" (http:/ / lifehacker. . 55 . 2009-12-10. "Throw your stuff in Dropbox" (http:/ / www.Dropbox (service) [17] Ryan Paul. Maximum PC. Inc." [26] "Will joining someone else's shared folder use my quota?" (https:/ / www. maximumpc. in its sole discretion. [32] Pash. html). badlanguage. LifeHacker. "Launch Applications Remotely with Dropbox and AutoHotkey" (http:/ / lifehacker. .3). . The Economist. economist. Inc. pcmag. [43] Eisenberg. Retrieved 2010-04-26.. Inc. Retrieved 2008-09-24. Retrieved 2009-02-13. . Dropbox FAQ. . [22] Jason Snell. Retrieved 2010-05-27. LifeHacker. Dropbox. Retrieved 2011-05-16. [33] Gordon. dropbox. com/ help/ 113). . Inc. [37] "DropboxAddons/MacDropAny . "DropBox : Review. Retrieved 2009-10-24. "15 Hacks Every Dropbox User Should Know" (http:/ / www. [19] "writing tools dropbox" (http:/ / www. including removal of the challenged content from the Site. Retrieved 2010-04-25. [23] "What is Pack-Rat?" (https:/ / www. com/ 397778/ dropbox-syncs-and-backs-up-files-between-computers-instantaneously).. [31] "15 Advanced Dropbox Hacks" (http:/ / storecrowd. Retrieved 2010-05-27. html). . net/ writing-tools-dropbox). com/ 5547714/ launch-applications-remotely-with-dropbox-and-autohotkey). washingtonpost. com/ ).2343861. dropbox. . ars/ post/ 20080914-how-dropbox-ended-my-search-for-seamless-sync-on-linux. com/ wp-dyn/ content/ article/ 2008/ 08/ 01/ AR2008080100260. com/ article/ 144949-2/ 2009/ 12/ editorschoice2009. Retrieved 9 February 2010. Retrieved 2010-05-07. a 300MB cap on files transferred via the website.2817. "Dropbox Syncs and Backs Up Files Between Computers Instantaneously" (http:/ / lifehacker. Inc. [21] Adam Pash. MakeUseOf." [28] Drager. retrieved 2011-04-27 [40] "Dropbox DMCA Policy" (http:/ / www. "Dropbox File Sync Service" (http:/ / www. com/ terms#terms). Dave (2010-03-17). dropbox. . it deems appropriate. ." [29] "Dropbox Features" (http:/ / www. There is.00. com/ blog/ dropbox-hacks/ ). [34] Ho. "Dropbox File Sync Service" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2010-01-01. "Use Dropbox to Share and Host Your Web Site" (http:/ / lifehacker. . Retrieved 2010-04-25. Retrieved 2010-10-12. macworld. Erica (2010-05-18). Retrieved 2011-05-16. Jason (2010-01-08). asp). . Retrieved 2010-04-15. [18] Scott Dunn. makeuseof." [41] "Dropbox Terms of Service" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2010-04-25. com/ features). com/ help/ 5). Macworld. Retrieved 2010-04-26. [30] Alex Castle. TechCrunch. . com/ 2010/ 01/ 08/ crunchies-winner/ ). dropbox. and 7 Questions with the Founder" (http:/ / www. [36] "Send to Dropbox" (http:/ / sendtodropbox. Retrieved 2010-05-27. . but for now this lets us focus on both the client software and the performance of the layer we’ve developed on top of s3. "Dropbox" (http:/ / www. we compare the new file to the previous version and only send the piece of the file that changed. com/ article/ features/ 15_things_you_have_know_about_dropbox?page=0.. Retrieved 2010-04-25. . PC World. . Anne (2009-01-18).Integrate Dropbox and Google Docs" (http:/ / cloudHQ. . [46] Kincaid. Dropbox FAQ. com/ tag/ dropbox-review-invites-and-7-questions-with-the-founder/ ). PC World. Inc. [20] "Can I undelete files and recover old versions of files?" (https:/ / www. Dropbox. . LifeHacker.. html). Whitson (2010-05-25). com/ DropboxAddons/ MacDropAny). Retrieved 2010-04-15. Dropbox. [45] Mendelson. dropbox. . pcworld. . macworld. nytimes. Dropbox FAQ. Retrieved 2008-09-22. com/ 5063176/ how-to-use-dropbox-as-the-ultimate-password-syncer). Retrieved 2010-04-15. and will build our own store in addition. com/ blogs/ babbage/ 2010/ 08/ dropbox). com/ article/ 149058/ dropbox_file_sync_service. getdropbox. "Files uploaded to Dropbox via the desktop application have no file size limit. Retrieved 2011-05-16. [39] Dropbox tries to kill Open Source Project (http:/ / razorfast. com/ help/ 59). com/ help/ 11). Dropbox. . "Before transferring a file. html). com/ article/ 138810/ 2009/ 02/ mwvodcast93. "We may not be on s3 forever. com/ help/ 8). [27] "Where are my files stored?" (https:/ / www. [24] "Does Dropbox always upload/download the entire file any time a change is made?" (https:/ / www. The New York Times. . dropbox. badlanguage. . Dropbox FAQ. Scott (2008-08-01). Retrieved 2010-04-15. LifeHacker. [38] "cloudHQ for Dropbox . Retrieved 2010-05-27. com/ terms#dmca)." [25] "Is there a limit or maximum to how big my files can be?" (https:/ / www. 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The Washington Post. Retrieved 2008-09-24. dropbox. Macworld.

. webbyawards. com/ webbys/ current. ars). php?season=14#webby_entry_web_services_applications). [50] "Silicon Valley Startups" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2010-04-15. theregister. techdirt.co. com/ thoughts-on-dropbox). Retrieved 2010-05-27. International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.dropbox.90" (http:/ / forums.com. [51] "Drew Houston" (http:/ / images. Retrieved 2010-04-15.0. Retrieved 2010-04-15.uk. [49] Foresman. com/ 2011/ 04/ 25/ dropbox-attempts-to-kill-open-source-project/ ). com/ hot-silicon-valley-startups-2010-3#dropbox-is-a-tool-that-helps-you-sync-your-files-across-all-the-computers-and-other-devices-2). Retrieved 2010-04-25. . retrieved 2011-04-27 [55] Dropbox DMCA takedown (http:/ / www. Ars Technica.com/) . retrieved 2011-04-27 [56] Dropbox Attempts to Kill Open Source Project (http:/ / razorfast. Paul Stamatiou. [53] "Thoughts on Dropbox" (http:/ / paulstamatiou.Dropbox (service) [48] "14th Annual Webby Awards Nominees" (http:/ / www. com/ topic. co. htm?chan=technology_special+ report+ --+ best+ young+ entrepreneurs_best+ young+ entrepreneurs). Chris (2010-05-25). "Reader's Choice poll for 2010 Ars Design Awards: Mac OS X" (http:/ / arstechnica. . [52] "(7/22) . retrieved 2011-04-27 56 External links • Official website (http://http://www. shtml) at techdirt. com/ apple/ news/ 2010/ 05/ readers-choice-poll-for-2010-ars-design-awardsmac-os-x. businessinsider. businessweek.Latest Forum Build . . [54] Moves to Squash Open Source Project (http:/ / www. com/ articles/ 20110425/ 15541514030/ dropbox-tries-to-kill-off-open-source-project-with-dmca-takedown. php?id=22425). uk/ 2011/ 04/ 26/ dropbox_moves_to_squash_open_source_dropship_project/ Dropox) at theregister. . com/ ss/ 08/ 04/ 0418_youngtech_entp/ index_01.8. dropbox. .

java. LA. RIM BlackBerry. The middleware is composed of four different layers: • • • • The Business Connectors that interface back-end applications with the Mobile Enabler The Cartridge Framework that provides additional business logic functionalities to enrich the back-end solution The Standard System Service providing services such as session management.Proprietary www. enprovia is a Slovak company with headquarters in Bratislava. The product makes use of various standards (CMIS) Content Management Interoperability Services and can run both on-site as well as an on-demand service. utilizing the companies main product. Google Android and Microsoft Phone 7[5] [6] [7] More information and a complete list of capabilities [8] are listed on the enprovia web site [1]. Alfresco. OSGi enabled Operating system Cross-platform Type License Mobile. Germany and in Kenner.Proprietary Commercial Edition . IBM Websphere Commerce and Microsoft Sharepoint and clients such as Apple iPhone. System overview The system consists of a middleware and client connection kits for most common smart phones and tablet PC's. . Content Management Systems. ECM. e.g. Slovakia.o.r. the Mobile Enabler[4] . SaaS Edition . which can be used for e. iPad.g.Enprovia 57 Enprovia enprovia Mobile Enabler overview Developer(s) Written in enprovia Software Engineering s. The company also has offices in Huefingen. USA.enprovia. providing access to existing document management systems. in the cloud computing platform from Amazon EC2. Cloud Applications. subscription and notification The Client Communication Framework that expose the enriched services from the back-end applications to a number of mobile devices The system supports business systems such as IBM FileNet.com [1] Website enprovia is a provider of mobile enterprise access software[2] [3] . Document Management System.

http:/ / mobile. apple. http:/ / www. com/ products/ mobile/ enabler/ index. p. com/ the-news/ general-news/ 576-enprovia-allows-firms-to-mobilise-multiple-document-management-systems-with-mdms.enprovia. com/ files/ catalogue_2011-02-02_17_42.html) External links • enprovia Website (http://www. http:/ / itunes. html) Some apps on iTunes using the Mobile Enabler. enprovia. com/ firmengründung Mobile World Congress B2B Catalog.com/ecm/ enp/enpindex. pdf Mobile Enabler used for mobile document access. sk/ blog/ mobilna-aplikacia-ako-alternativa-k-mobilnemu-webu-nie. UK (http://digitalassetmanagement.php) • Information about mDMS using the Mobile Enabler from MobilAgile in France (http://mobilagile.technupower. documentmanagementnews. html References • Overview of Mobile Enabler by Digital Asset Management. com Interview with CEO Bo Stahlbrandt by the Slovak e-magazine Slowakei. enprovia. ui42.com/ enprovia-mobile-enabler-middleware-architecture-to-mobile-your-business-494. slowakei.uk/2011/ 02/04/mobile-integrate-with-dms’s-ecm’s-bpm’s-crm’s-e-commerce-and-social-network-services) • Review of Mobile Enabler by Technupower (http://www.enprovia.159.com) . html?page_id=1651 http:/ / www.com (http:/ / www. enprovia. com/ us/ artist/ enprovia-software-engineering/ id347571845 Google app on Android Market using Mobile Enabler. com/ details?id=com.html) • Overview of mDMS using Mobile Enabler in CMS Critic (http://www.Enprovia 58 Notes [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] http:/ / www.org. DocumentManagementNews.com/cms/ document-management/ document-mgt-rollup-emc-upgrades-captiva-justsystems-gets-3d-imaging-for-dita-authoring-010755.com) • enprovia Wiki (http://wiki.cmswire. https:/ / market. b2bmatchmaking. android. http:/ / www. mdms Overview of supported devices in Slovak.com in German.

[3] "Free Graphic Design & Painting Software" (http:/ / www. [2] "FatPaint: Free Online Drawing.fatpaint. and DTP Software" (http:/ / www. vector drawing and custom printed products.com/) . drawing with vectors. writing rich text. with integrated tools for painting and editing bitmap images and photos. html). making page layout and displaying graphics on products from Zazzle. I Love Free Software. com/ dir/ fatpaint-advanced-image-editing/ ). 2011. Fatpaint is very light weight. November 23. Fatpaint was launched in May 2010. . ilovefreesoftware. sneakers and promotional products. 2010. html). Metro UK. Flickr. Yahoo and Bing. March 29.fatpaint.[1] [2] [3] [4] References [1] "Fatpaint: Advanced Image Editing. online (web-based) graphic design software (DTP) and photo editor. uk/ 2011/ 03/ 29/ 27. com/ free-graphic-design-painting-software-download-fatpaint-free/ ).com (http://www. The completed project can be saved on Fatpaint's server or your own computer. using dingbat vector clipart. 2010. such as iPhone cases. These products can then be bought by the user or sold on the Zazzle marketplace. com/ 23/ articles/ fatpaint-free-online-drawing-painting-dtp-software. t-shirts.Fatpaint 59 Fatpaint Fatpaint is a free. prodigitaltips. Pro Digital Tips. . [4] "www. December 20. 2010. It is the first graphics application to integrate desktop publishing features with brush painting. images can directly be added to the project by searching on Wikimedia. metro. MakeUseOf. Picasa. It is all packed in a single 900 kilobyte Flash application. Google. makeuseof. . . Vector & Paint Application" (http:/ / www. December 3. after 5 years of development by danish/brazilian software developer Mario Gomes Cavalcanti.com" (http:/ / e-edition. co. Painting. External links • Fatpaint. Furthermore.




dashboard view of fedena 2.0 Developer(s) Stable release Foradian Technologies 2.0 / 15th August 2010

Operating system Any (web based application) Platform Type License Website Ruby on Rails Student information system, ERP Apache License 2.0 www.projectfedena.org [1]

Fedena is an open source school management software developed on Ruby on Rails framework. It is a web 2.0 web application being developed by Foradian Technologies.

Developed on the Ruby on Rails frame work with MVC architecture. The application is composed of a basic module which satisfies all the necessary requirements of a simple SIS. There are lot of add on modules which can be installed easily to extend the power and usability.

Basic System Modules
The basic system of fedena contains modules related to Admission, Student Details, Manage Users, Manage News, Examination, Timetable and Attendance.



Add on Modules
Add on modules are being developed by fedena developers as well as contributors worldwide. It includes Finance, Human Resource, Hostel Management, Placement Management etc.

Value Added Services
The system also provides support to SMS services by integrating an SMS gateway. Also the fees and donations can be collected online by integrating a payment gateway.

Integration with other services
Development community is planning integration with the opensource learning management systems like moodle.

The fedena project is owned by Foradian Technologies, an internet engineering company based in India.

Name and Logo
Fedena was initially named as 'foredu', as it was the first educational software from foradian technologies. But the domain name was already taken and the development team thought of something unique and web 2.0 and they selected 'fedena'. It means the coolest thing alive, usually meaning something come from royalty or from wealth. The name fedena is also motivated from Athena, the greek goddess of wisdom. Athena appears attended by an owl. So the creative team of fedena selected owl as the symbol and derived the logo from the face of an owl. Owl is also the symbol of wisdom and knowledge in many mythologies and beliefs.

Deployment and development
Fedena started the development in June 2009. It is currently in Version 2.0 which was released on Aug15, 2010. Fedena is available as opensource at www.projectfedena.org [1]

• • • • • http://radar.oreilly.com/2009/10/four-short-links-23-october-20.html http://www.rev2.org/2009/10/21/fedena-open-source-school-management-system/ http://openeducationnews.org/2009/10/22/fedena-open-source-management-software/ http://www.ziipa.com/view/fedena-com http://blog.foradian.com/the-opensource-school-management-and-e-learni



External links
• Project Fedena - opensource project [1] • Official Website - Fedena Pro Services [2]

[1] http:/ / www. projectfedena. org [2] http:/ / www. fedena. com

Text documents and presentations can be created and edited online.[5] The application presents the information stored using different interfaces such as lists. Feng Office could also be categorized as collaborative software[3] and as personal information manager software. Zimbra. Microsoft Office Live. The application can be downloaded and installed on a server. document management. Organization of the information in Feng Office Community Edition is done using workspaces and tags.Feng Office Community Edition 63 Feng Office Community Edition Feng Office Community Edition Developer(s) Stable release Feng Office 1.7 / June 29. independent of file formats. It is a fully featured online office suite with a similar set of features as other online office suites. like Google Apps. and Zoho. dashboards and calendar views. Linux. . organized and shared. contact management.com [1] Feng Office Community Edition (formerly OpenGoo) is an open source online office suite software package developed by Feng Office[2] and the OpenGoo community. Mac OS X. Features Feng Office Community Edition main features include project management.[4] Files can be uploaded. 2010 Operating system Cross-platform. e-mail and time management. Windows Available in Type License Website Multilingual Online office suite GNU Affero General Public License version 3 fengoffice.

It includes CKEditor for online document editing. html [4] http:/ / thinkofit.[6] Software Engineers Marcos Saiz and Ignacio de Soto developed the first prototype as their thesis. php [11] http:/ / sourceforge.[8] Their project aims to build an open source Web-based spreadsheet. fengoffice. Ignacio and Marcos founded the OpenGoo community and remain active members and core developers. Ignacio Vázquez and Juan Pedro del Campo. fing. htm#groupware [5] http:/ / www. net/ projects/ opengoo/ . The project was presented and championed by Software Engineer Conrado Viña. fengoffice.Feng Office Community Edition 64 Licensing Feng Office Community Edition is distributed under the GNU Affero General Public License. edu. artduszynski. uy/ inco/ cursos/ proygrado/ bosquejos2008. Several open source projects served as a basis for development. Technology used Feng Office uses PHP.1+ (InnoDB support recommended) On the client side.0+ • PHP 5. Conrado. org/ who.0+ • MySQL 4. html [10] http:/ / www. Uruguay. uy/ inco/ cursos/ proygrado/ asigestud_2008. the user is only required to use a modern Web browser. Currently there is a second project for OpenGoo at the same University being developed by students Fernando Rodríguez. edu. html#0039 [7] http:/ / laurenzo.[9] On December 2009 the OpenGoo name was changed to Feng Office Community Edition. com [3] http:/ / obsessivecollaborator. version 3. com/ webconf/ workspaces. com/ 2008/ 03/ more_updates_opengoo_eyeos. The system needs the following packages: • Apache HTTP Server 2. fing. AJAX (ExtJS) and MySQL technology. com/ [2] http:/ / www. net [8] http:/ / www. htm [9] http:/ / www. fengoffice. External links • Feng Office site [1] • Fengoffice community site [10] • Sourceforge Project site [11] References [1] http:/ / www. System requirements The server could run on any operating system. opengoo. History OpenGoo started as a degree project at the faculty of Engineering of the University of the Republic. JavaScript. com/ ?p=31 [6] http:/ / www. com/ web/ community/ community_index. ActiveCollab's last open sourced release was used as the initial code base. Professors Eduardo Fernández and Tomás Laurenzo [7] served as tutors. The thesis was approved with the highest score.

asp?privcapId=61683735". openforum.html) • Introduction to FonGenie and its benefits. "http:/ / investing. html". CEO Vincent Mudrak.fongenie. "http:/ / www. 8/13/2009. (http://www.html) • FonGenie launches to automate phone calls for small businesses. com/ ss/ essential-tools-every-home-office". inc.com main website (http://www. 3/14/2010 [4] JJ. com/ wp-dyn/ content/ article/ 2009/ 08/ 10/ AR2009081001938. washingtonpost.com/ idea-hub/topics/technology/video/top-five-home-office-gadgets) • Inc magazine's introduction to FonGenie and reference as a "more sophisticated version of Google Voice". (http:/ /www. U. CA. Inc. (http://www. James Im. 3/7/2010. Loaded with easy-to-implement features from the Web. com/ magazine/ 20091201/ switchboard-in-a-bottle. CA Mountain View. VP. Solutions FonGenie www. html". fongenie.pcworld. Magazine".FonGenie 65 FonGenie FonGenie. 12/1/2009. (http://deals. "http:/ / www. "The Washington Post". VP.com [1] Products Website FonGenie is an online Software as a Service (SaaS) company enabling retail and small business to turn telephone calls from customers into sales.[2] [3] [4] [5] [6] References [1] http:/ / www. 3/7/2010. 12/1/2009. "http:/ / www. Technical Operations K. com/ research/ stocks/ private/ snapshot. 3/15/2010 [5] Editor. inc. FonGenie allows business owners to create and monitor on-the-fly interactive daily specials and promotions for customers to hear. 3/14/2010 [3] Zack Stern. Type Industry Founded Headquarters Key people Private Telecommunications 2009 in Mountain View. "MSNBC". "Inc Magazine".com/magazine/20091201/switchboard-in-a-bottle. "Business Week".com/2009/07/31/ fongenie-automates-phone-calls-for-small-businesses/) .venturebeat.S. com [2] Mark Spoonauer. com/ idea-hub/ topics/ technology/ video/ top-five-home-office-gadgets". 3/15/2010 [6] Bloomberg.com) • MSNBC coverage on FonGenie as one of the top five home office gadgets. "Inc.FonGenie. Yang. "http:/ / www.com/businesscenter/article/169936/ Phone_Answering_Service_Pays_Back_in_Time. 3/15/2010 External links • FonGenie.inc.openforum. businessweek.

marketing and associated business operations activities. Current status Foundation Network Ltd [4] is a global independent software vendor headquartered in Oxford. England and specializing in Partner Relationship Management software. This in turn may result in increased efficiency.com [1] Foundation Network is a vendor of Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solutions. Later that year the company secured its first global customer in 3Com. effectiveness. . Such software is used by manufacturing companies with indirect sales channels-to-market to automate complex business processes and programs in order to better manage channel partner sales. In April 2008 Foundation Network announced the release of RelayWare 8[3] . Mike Morgan. the network infrastructure vendor. the next-generation of their PRM software. Simon Wallace-Jones RelayWare Partner Relationship Management www. partner loyalty and performance and thereby improved profitability and reduced cost of sale.relayware. England Key people Products Website Bob Mann.Foundation network 66 Foundation network Foundation Network Type Industry Founded Private On-demand software United Kingdom 1997 Headquarters Oxford. which it delivers to businesses over the internet using the software as a service[2] model. History Origins Foundation Network was founded in 1997 by former business consultant and technologist Simon Wallace-Jones.

com) • Website featuring the RelayWare PRM software product (http://www. Customers Foundation Network's customers [6] include Lenovo. no/ cw/ art. gaining competitive advantage. Sophos[7] and Trend Micro worldwide. syscap. cfm?eid=clients [7] Sophos using Foundation Network's RelayWare to support their partner program. RelayWare [1]. idg. offers a suite of channel sales. marketing. cfm?id=8686603F-17A4-0F78-31BA3324FFD8A9FC) IDG ComputerWorld External links • Foundation Network main website (http://www. relayware. RelayWare is marketed as a solution that can reduce the cost of channel operations whilst building partner loyalty. operations and reporting tools with an integrated partner portal. asp?ReleaseID=2126& NewsAreaID=2) [4] http:/ / www.com) . com [5] Resellers urged to embrace SaaS (http:/ / www.CRN Magazine [6] http:/ / www. relayware. com [2] No turning back the SaaS tide (http:/ / www. It is typically delivered as SaaS (Software as a Service)[5] .Foundation network 67 Products and services Partner Relationship Management The company's product. fireflycomms.Microscope magazine. foundation-network. driving incremental sales and increasing profitability. Lexmark. com/ et. (http:/ / news. Notes [1] http:/ / www. Sony. uk/ crn/ news/ 2229427/ resellers-urged-embrace-saas-4318184) . channelweb.relayware. presscentre.com) • PRM blog (http://blog. It is aimed at global enterprise companies through to smaller regional businesses. May 2008 [3] Foundation Network Ltd announces release of RelayWare 8 (http:/ / www. com/ Content/ Detail.relayware. co.foundation-network. com/ news-and-opinions/ 311-no-turning-back-the-saas-tide) .

customs brokers. transportation procurement management. NVOCCs. sales automation including customer quotation management. Freightgate Inc. Freightgate is ISO 9001:2008 certified. started as a product offering of Ediideas. and has US offices in California. exporters. Pennsylvania. RFQ and Freight Tender Management (Ocean Tender™ ). Its software solutions enables importers. Software solutions for in-depth logistics and supply chain analytics. California. online booking solutions. Software solutions to manage shipment routings and carrier schedules. cost control. and high technology companies. Freightgate’s software covers the following Logistics Management Lifecycle (LML) aspects of the supply chain environment. manufacturers. Freightgate was the first launch the logistics marketplace for logistics lifecycle management (early 2000). Transportation Tariff. • The Freightgate team has pioneered the concept of Hosted Solutions / Software as a Service within the logistics and supply chain industry back when the majority of the Internet was still modem based. and Quotation Management (Tariff-Trek!™). nationally. NVOCCs and transportation carriers of all sizes to collaborate and synchronize the movement of goods gaining enhanced visibility.Freightgate 68 Freightgate Freightgate Inc. Notable Freightgate Accomplishments: • • • • • Freightgate has been a pioneer in the development of supply chain and logistics visibility software since 1994.S. New Jersey as well as France. Freightgate was first to offer execution level carbon modeling software for logistics industry. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) tariff publishing. freight forwarders. and what-if-scenario analysis tools for cause and effect of present and future routing and pricing changes within a supply chain or logistics environment. online routing guides. carriers. Software supports multiple modes of transportation with dynamics five-leg routings for end-to-end logistics transparency and real-time collaboration with all supply chain participants locally. In 2000 it became an independent corporation. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) Tariff Publishing (FMC-Trek!™). Software solutions to manage transportation procurement and carrier contracts Software solutions to connect businesses and monitor progress. Solutions offered include on-demand SaaS software for supply chain management collaboration and visibility. • • • • • • Software solutions to manage transportation pricing and quotation. compliance management with U. interactive online air and ocean schedules. Supply Chain Collaboration and Carrier Contract Management GTM-Trek!™ ). which was founded in 1994 by Martin Hubert. The company currently has customers in a variety of industries. and globally. Solutions Freightgate develops multi modal transportation management solutions aimed to improve collaboration and visibility within the supply chain and logistics environment. including 3PLs. Freight Bill Audit and Payment . Software solutions for regularity compliance with FMC and CBP. freight bill audit and payment. Germany and China. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) importer security filing ISF 10+2 program. Freightgate was the spearheading the deployment of the US DOT endorsed Electronic Freight Management (EFM). The Freightgate Portal was first to launch as an information source dedicated to the logistics industry. Pricing. transportation rate and pricing management. and event management in real-time analytics and KPIs. Its customizable software platform cover: Supply Chain Management and Shipment Routing Visibility (I-Trek!® ). Inc. Software complies with international trade logistics and industry technical standards.. is a privately-owned supply chain software company that specializes in Transportation Management Systems (TMS) solutions for global shippers. retailers. Freightgate is headquartered in Huntington Beach. freight forwarders and third-party logistics service providers. carrier contract management.

who maintains his role as CEO of the company. In 2009.Freightgate (Pay-Trek!™ ). External links U. a provider of transportation procurement tender management. Freightgate acquired OceanTender. Accounts and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).(CRM). and What-If-Scenario Analysis tools for cause and effect of present and future routing and pricing changes within a supply chain or logistics environment (WISA ™). FMC Denied Trade Screening and CBP Importer Security Filing (Compliance-Trek!™ ). cbp.S.iata. Customs and Border Protection http:/ / www. FuseMetrix is developed in the United Kingdom and is often configured for many different and unique business applications. The core modules are Customer Relationship Management. gov International Air Transport Association http://www.org Fusemetrix FuseMetrix is a cloud (web based) business application used by companies of all sizes. Freightgate is the corporate sponsor for the Logistics Portal. gov Federal Maritime Commission http:/ / www. Logistics and Supply Chain Industry. the Official Website for the Freight. 69 History Freightgate was founded in 1994 Martin Hubert. fmc. .

[9] . or news articles that are reporting about the product (as determined by the publisher).Gaikai 70 Gaikai Gaikai ‎ Type Founded Headquarters Key people Services Website Private November 2008 Orange County. by using previously installed plug-ins such as Java or Adobe Flash. EVE Online. The Sims 3. Gaikai's technology has been launched internationally with Dead Space 2. Spore. 2011.[7] Gaikai is funded by Intel Capital.[5] Gaikai demos will be embedded on websites either related to games. or continue streaming the product.gaikai.[6] Users will not be forced to navigate to an online portal in which they have to register to be able to access the games. in part.com [1] Current status Open beta Gaikai is a cloud-based gaming service that allows users to play demos of major PC games and applications instantly from a webpage. Rustic Canyon Partners. At the end of the demo. direct-to-drive download. the company will allow them to continue on a pay-as-you-go basis. Gaikai demonstrated World of Warcraft running on the iPad using its game streaming technology.[8] On February 27. Mario Kart 64 and Adobe Photoshop all running in Adobe Flash player. California.[4] In May 2010. Limelight Networks. A demo video [3] of the service at GDC San Francisco 2010 showed Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. the specific product. World of Warcraft. USA David Perry. If users wish to continue streaming after the free trial. online store. Spore. Benchmark Capital. Andrew Gault. and TriplePoint Capital. the customer will be given the option to purchase the game or product from a local retailer. Video Game and Software Advertising/Distribution Service www. and Mass Effect 2. Gaming On Demand.[2] Service Gaikai's proprietary technology runs. Rui Pereira Game streaming technology.

[10] Caoili. com/ mac/ strategy/ spore/ news. . and allows players to watch other players play games (Arena). [6] Nelson. 2010-07-20. while Gaikai allows partners to advertise games as demos on webpages. Retrieved 2011-04-07. . . . 2011: Bigfoot Networks[13] Competitors • OnLive is a gaming-on-demand entertainment platform. gamespot. utilize 300 data centers in the US" (http:/ / www. [7] Nunnely. com/ pressroom/ capital/ pdfs/ Intel_Gaikai_release. vg247. com/ 2011/ 04/ 05/ bigfoot-networks-allies-with-gaikai-to-deliver-super-fast-game-streaming/ ).com. [13] Takahashi. Brendan (2009-07-01). The AMD Fusion Render Cloud will also allow remote real-time rendering of film and visual effects graphics. has brag clips. Retrieved 201-07-21. . php). com/ about#general).com: Gaikai is Live!" (http:/ / www. [12] "Intel Capital and Limelight Networks Make Strategic Investments Into Gaikai" (http:/ / www. announced at the Game Developers Conference in 2009. Onlive and Gaikai have different goals in mind. Onlive sells full games. joystiq. gamasutra. [9] Perry.Dean (2011-04-05). vimeo. EA Partner For Streaming PC Games" (http:/ / www. References http:/ / www. destructoid. dperry.Eric (2010-06-17). Retrieved 2011-05-11. "OnLive Subscription Service will Draw Customers to Gaikai. [5] Zimmerman. Retrieved 2010-03-29.Gaikai 71 Partnerships • • • • June 17. Retrieved 2011-05-11. Joystiq. Retrieved 2011-05-10. . com/ 2010/ 03/ 16/ onlive-subscription-service-will-draw-customers-to-gaikai-says-perry/ ). The OnLive game service is available to users in the 48 contiguous United States. [1] [2] [3] [4] . 2010: Electronic Arts[10] July 20. http:/ / www. Says Perry" (http:/ / www. com/ view/ news/ 29007/ E3_Gaikai_EA_Partner_For_Streaming_PC_Games. Randy (2010-03-11). Stephany. com/ pressroom/ capital/ pdfs/ Intel_Gaikai_release. 2010: Intel[11] July 20. "DPerry. com/ 2010/ 03/ 11/ gaikai-will-be-fee-free-utilize-300-data-centers-in-the-us/ ). intel. com/ "What is Gaikai?" (http:/ / www. . . "Gaikai will be fee-free. Retrieved 2011-05-11. com/ 5404358 Sinclair. David (2011-02-27). Retrieved 2010-03-29. org/ article/ 419-gaikai-raises-10-million-for-pc-games-in-the-browser/ ). gaikai. Conrad (2010-05-03). "Bigfoot Networks allies with Gaikai to deliver super-fast game streaming" (http:/ / venturebeat. html?sid=6212832). Retrieved 2011-05-10. "World of Warcraft running on an iPad?" (http:/ / www. pdf). com/ world-of-warcraft-running-on-an-ipad--172689. [8] "Gaikai Raises $10 Million For PC Games In The Browser" (http:/ / paidcontent. 2010: Limelight Networks[12] April 5. "E3: Gaikai. phtml). all through a microconsole. . • OTOY is another cloud computing gaming-on-demand platform. provides demos. Retrieved 2011-03-07. com/ archives/ news/ dp_blog/ gaikai_is_live/ ). 2010-05-04. gaikai. [11] "Intel Capital and Limelight Networks Make Strategic Investments Into Gaikai" (http:/ / www. . Otoy announced that they plan to bring AMD Fusion Render Cloud servers to market in the second quarter of 2010. "David Perry Demos Gaikai Game Streaming" (http:/ / www. intel. Retrieved 2011-05-11. . Even though both are cloud base gaming. 2010-07-20. pdf).

com/) Gaikai’s Facebook Page (http://www. including at NCR.com is part of Eurocloud.com/Gaikai_Inc/) Gaikai’s YouTube Channel (http://www.com offers a personalized assessment tool.com and other software search websites Unlike other software search websites.com was launched in January 2010 and is headquartered in Barcelona. Software vendors and application providers can register and list their applications on GetApp. as well as an interactive cloud computing migration ROI tool. who combine several years of experience in the technology sector. GetApp. over 1. it does not recommend specific vendors or technology platforms above others).dperry. developed in conjunction with Astadia. GetApp.com to promote their applications to entreprise buyers. operating system. Users can search for software applications or use the various recommendation tools made available by the site. It is wholly owned by Nubera e-Business SL. . and receive pre-qualified traffic and leads according to their specific target market criteria from prospective software buyers.com claims to be vendor-independent and platform-neutral (i.000 software vendors worldwide were using GetApp. business need. Management Team GetApp.Gaikai.com/pages/Gaikai/338149513015/) Gaikai’s Twitter Feed (http://www. SaaS. the Microsoft BizSpark Partner Network and the Sun Microsystems Startup Essential community. GetApp.com focuses on how applications are deployed for use within businesses. cloud.com is a business software search engine[1] which lists software applications categorized by industry.com free.com GetApp. as well as an interactive Q&A section where business users can ask questions and receive expert advice. Differences between GetApp. As of October 2010. Spain[5] . deployment method and geography[2] [3] .com/gaikai) David Perry's Website (http://www.e.com's founding managers and Christophe Primault[6] and Manuel Jaffrin[7] . GetApp. expert help with choosing the most suitable deployment method (e.g.youtube.Gaikai 72 External links • • • • • Official Site: Gaikai. interviews with software company CEOs. AT&T and Sun Microsystems. GetApp.facebook.com (http://www. on-premises). To this end.Twitter.com) GetApp. a monthly Top 20 ranking[4] of the most popular software on the platform. The site also offers peer reviews of software. a company decidated to building online distribution channels for web-based business applications.

com/ 2010/ 01/ 13/ getapp-app-store-business-applications/ ). Christophe Primault. Financial Times. pdf). com/ 12019/ the-enterprise-app-store-and-self-service-it-how-soa-saas-and-mashups-will-thrive/ ). enterpriseirregulars.com/blog/) Gigya Gigya Inc. Rooly Eliezerov. External links • Official site (http://www. Enterprise Irregulars.GetApp. the second generation of the company’s technology. Twitter. 11 October 2010.com/) • Official blog (http://www. Google. 5 February 2010.com's parent company Nubera e-Business won the White Bull 2010 Yearling Award[8] . In March 2007. informationweek. Companies using aggregated social APIs provide rich multimedia experiences for site visitors such as letting users chat live with each other across social networks during sporting events[1] or signing-in to websites using their social network logins[2] . com/ in/ primault). AOL and others. 6 August 2010. Israel. History Eyal Magen. Pathways to Exit . php). Israel. [4] Top 20 Apps for Business: Have You Heard of These Services? (http:/ / www. 25 August 2010. [5] Ultra-light online start-up keeps costs ethereal (http:/ / media. 13 January 2010. Gigya established its headquarters in Palo Alto. The Gigya technology uses open standards OpenID and OAuth to enable single sign-on and registration with an existing social or other identity. and other interactive social features.getapp. TechCrunch. In May 2008. linkedin.getapp. Windows Live. and Eran Kutner founded Gigya in October 2006 in Tel Aviv. is a privately held technology company headquartered in Palo Alto. linkedin. [7] LinkedIn (http:/ / www. ft. MySpaceID. which rewards early-stage startups for excellence. The service aggregates authentication and social APIs from the major providers including Facebook. LinkedIn.The Finale! (http:/ / whitebull. also known as Socialize. com/ latest/ white-bull-2010-pathways-exit-finale). InformationWeek. com/ news/ smb/ hardware_software/ showArticle. [8] White Bull 2010. social sharing. com/ enterprise/ 2010/ 08/ top-20. Microsoft. [2] GetApp. com/ cms/ 53bda39c-57df-11df-855b-00144feab49a. Yahoo. readwriteweb. . LinkedIn. com/ in/ mjaffrin).com 73 Awards In October 2010. GetApp. ReadWriteEnterprise. California with additional offices in Tel Aviv. Gigya offers a Saas-based technology for websites aggregating social APIs including Facebook for Websites (formerly Facebook Connect). jhtml?articleID=226900213). Google. California. MySpace and AOL. Twitter. [3] The Enterprise App Store And Self-Service IT: How SOA. Manuel Jaffrin. References [1] GetApp Provides Directory Of Business Apps (http:/ / www. 6 May 2010. Gigya launched the Gigya Social Optimization Platform. Y!OS. [6] LinkedIn (http:/ / www. And Mashups Will Thrive (http:/ / www. Saas.com Aims To Become The Premier 'App Store' For Business Software (http:/ / techcrunch.

Analyze – a reporting and analysis tool for the Social Optimization Platform that consolidates user activity across social providers for a given client. iPad. Social Sign-on – enables sites to sign-in or register users via an existing identity. Software maker Adobe Systems is also an investor[4] . 2010. [3] "VentureBeat Funding History" (http:/ / venturebeatprofiles. [2] "What Identities are we using to Sign in Around the Web. used in conjunction with live events. email or bookmarking sites. Mayfield Fund.php) • "Gigya Socialize Goes Up Against Google Friend Connect" (http://www. The Altimeter Group. Share – enables sites to offer one-click sharing functionality to social network newsfeeds.techcrunch.com) Further reading • "Gigya's Gamble: The Feed Will Surpass Search" (http://www." (http:/ / www. Products Gigya’s main product is the Gigya Social Optimization Platform that encompasses the following services and plugins: Connect – a service that provides a unified API for connecting websites to all major social sites and protocols. 2) the Activity Feed that displays site-specific user and friend activity and 3) Comments Mobile – a set of SDKs enabling direct API calls to the complete Gigya platform from a native iPhone. 2010.gigya.readwriteweb. First Round Capital and DAG Ventures[3] .VentureBeat. com/ blog/ 2009/ 07/ 12/ get-ready-as-corporate-sites-and-social-networks-start-to-connect/ ). 2008. com/ 2010/ 07/ 07/ multiple-identities-infographic/ ) Mashable. adobe.com/archives/ gigya_4_optimizing_for_the_feed. [4] "Adobe Ventures Portfolio" (http:/ / www. References [1] "Get ready as corporate sites and social networks start to connect. that enables live chat functionality between users of any major social network." (http:/ / mashable. web-strategist.com/2008/05/28/ gigya-socialize-goes-up-against-google-friend-connect/) . com/ aboutadobe/ adobeventures/ portfolio/ ) External links • Gigya official website (http://www.Gigya 74 Investors Gigya has financial backing from investors Benchmark Capital. com/ company/ profile/ gigya/ ) . or Android mobile application. Community – a suite of plugins for sites including 1) Social Live Chat.

• Free: 1GB of storage is included for free.[13] Video [14] • Publish: Documents synced to Google Docs can effectively be published by making them accessible to anyone. Documents can be secured for private access by one user. Google Cloud Sync maintains previous Microsoft Office document versions and allows multiple users to collaborate. Currently additional storage costs per year are: 20GB-$5. PowerPoint presentation. The Google Doc copy is automatically updated each time the Microsoft Office document is saved.[5] • Backup: Microsoft Office documents can be manually or automatically backed up to Google Docs each time they are saved locally. or 2010 document with Google Docs.[16] Video [17] • Notify: When one person edits a document. • Mobilize: Google Sync allows synced documents to be viewed and edited with most internet connected mobile devices. [23] .Google Cloud Connect 75 Google Cloud Connect Google Cloud Connect Developer(s) Google Website Google Cloud Connect [1] Google Cloud Connect is a free cloud computing plug-in for Windows Microsoft Office 2003.[22] • Green: Green computing allows documents to be shared without printing or sending large files. Only links need be sent.[15] • Collaborate: Multiple users can work on the same document at the same time. 2007. Microsoft Office documents can be edited offline and synchronized later when online. or Excel spreadsheet to Google Docs in Google Docs or Microsoft Office formats.[6] Video [7] • Synchronize: Changes made to an Office document on one computer can sync when the file is opened on another computer. [2] [3] [4] Features Google Cloud Connect can automatically or manually synchronize changes made to a Microsoft Office 2003.[10] • Share: Microsoft Office documents synced to Google Docs can be made accessible only to selected people. Documents can be rolled back to previous revisions.[18] Video [19] • Print: Use Google Cloud Print to print to local or remote network connected printers. others sharing the document receive an email letting them know.[11] Video [12] • Edit: A shared document can be set to only be viewed by others or edited as well.[20] Video [21] • Roll back: Users can go back to a previous version of the document. shared with specific people for collaboration. up to 16TB. • Compare: Previous version are maintained allowing users to compare to older versions. working on the same document at the same time. 2007 and 2010 that can automatically store and synchronize any Microsoft Word document. etc. or made public to anyone.[8] Video [9] • Protect: Microsoft Office documents synced to Google Docs can be made accessible to one person. 80GB-$20.

com/ support/ bin/ topic. google. google. py?topic=30338) • Google Cloud Connect Help and information for administrators (http://www. Google Cloud Connect is not available for Microsoft Office for Mac as explained by Google: "Unfortunately due to the lack of support for open APIs on Microsoft Office for Mac. com/ support/ bin/ answer.com/support/bin/topic. we are unable to make Google Cloud Connect available on Macs at this time. youtube. py?topic=1184156) . py?hl=en& answer=180199& topic=30338) [12] http:/ / www. com/ 2011/ 02/ 24/ google-cloud-connect-2/ ) [4] Lifehacker: Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office Sort of Bridges the Gap Between Office and Google Docs (http:/ / lifehacker.com/support/a/bin/topic. google. com/ watch?v=H12teRzulW0 [8] Synchronize (http:/ / docs. py?hl=en& answer=1111169& topic=30338) http:/ / www. py?hl=en& answer=180199& topic=30338) http:/ / www. google.html) • Google Cloud Connect Download (http://tools. com/ support/ bin/ answer. com/ support/ bin/ answer. com/ watch?v=IT-JvSs2424 [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] Edit (http:/ / docs.com/dlpage/cloudconnect#) • Google Cloud Connect Help and information for users (http://docs.google. py?hl=en& answer=50085& topic=30338) http:/ / www. com/ 2011/ 02/ google-cloud-connect-for-microsoft. py?hl=en& answer=1111169& topic=30338) Additional Storage (https:/ / www. youtube. py?topic=30338) [6] Backup (http:/ / tools. html) [3] Mashable: Now Anyone Can Sync Google Docs & Microsoft Office (http:/ / mashable. com/ support/ bin/ answer. youtube.blogspot. google.google. google.com/2011/02/ google-cloud-connect-for-microsoft. google. google. com/ support/ bin/ answer. py?hl=en& answer=1110965& topic=30338) http:/ / www. youtube. com/ support/ bin/ answer. com/ #!5696296/ google-cloud-connect-for-microsoft-office-sort-of-bridges-the-gap-between-office-and-google-docs) [5] Google Cloud Connect Help (http:/ / docs. com/ support/ bin/ answer. google. youtube. google." References [1] http:/ / tools. py?hl=en& answer=1110335& topic=30338) [9] http:/ / www. com/ watch?v=Bg2kqECevKc Compare (http:/ / docs. com/ watch?v=iJzWN1rrAVg Publish (http:/ / docs. com/ accounts/ b/ 0/ PurchaseStorage) External links • Google blog announcement article (http://googledocs. youtube. youtube. com/ support/ bin/ answer. com/ dlpage/ cloudconnect#) [7] http:/ / www. google. com/ dlpage/ cloudconnect# [2] Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office available to all (http:/ / googledocs. com/ watch?v=VoiXrDpGlnI Roll back (http:/ / docs.google. py?hl=en& answer=96346& topic=30338) Collaborate (http:/ / docs.Google Cloud Connect 76 Limitations At this itme. com/ support/ bin/ answer. google. blogspot. com/ watch?v=O0toq7OdEm8 Notify (http:/ / docs. py?hl=en& answer=184006& topic=30338) [11] Share (http:/ / docs. google. com/ watch?v=CJ_T-A_iTF8 [10] Protect (http:/ / docs.

Form creator docs. Presentations.com [2] Google Docs is a free. Drawing application.Google Docs 77 Google Docs Google Docs Google Docs homepage Developer(s) Writely Team (originally) Google Inc. presentation. Word processor. Data storage of any files up to 1GB each in size was introduced on January 13.google. It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real-time with other users. 2010. Operating system Web-based application Platform Internet Explorer 6+ Mozilla Firefox 2+ Google Chrome 1+ Safari 3+ Multilingual (53) [1] Available in Type Website Online spreadsheet. Web-based word processor. spreadsheet. form. An example of a document in Google Docs . and data storage service offered by Google. Google Docs combines the features of Writely and Spreadsheets with a presentation program incorporating technology designed by Tonic Systems.

spreadsheets. Upstartle had four employees. Documents are automatically saved to Google's servers to prevent data loss. 2009. Writely and Google Spreadsheets. 2010. presentations can be created with Google Docs. Apple OS X. Google developed Google Spreadsheets using the technology it had acquired from 2Web Technologies in 2005 and launched Google Labs Spreadsheets[4] [8] on June 6. Writely's original features included Writely's beta logo a collaborative text editing suite and access controls.[7] Meanwhile. 80GB-$20. Google released their presentation program product for Google Docs. an online document collaboration company. Microsoft Word). launched as Google Labs Spreadsheets on June 6. Excel.[10] On July 6. Documents.[9] In February 2007.Google Docs 78 History Google Docs originated from two separate products. Google changed the front page to include folders instead of labels. Documents can be saved to a user's local computer in a variety of formats including: (ODF. PDF. The limited test was later replaced with a beta version available to all Google Account holders. including 1GB of free space and $0.[11] On January 13. Google Docs lacks an equation . On March 9. Writely sent account invitations to everyone who had requested to be placed on a waiting list. Google announced on their official blog that Google Docs would allow any file type.[3] Spreadsheets. keyboard shortcuts. embedded images must not exceed 2MB each. Documents can be tagged and archived for organizational purposes. HTML. Google announced on their official blog that Google Docs along with other Google Apps would be taken out of beta. Safari and Chrome browsers running on Microsoft Windows. around the same time as a press release was issued. 2006. and dialog boxes are similar to what users may expect in a desktop word processor such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice. 2006.[16] A Google employee confirmed the problem saying that it "appear[ed] to be linked to the ongoing ban on YouTube. Writely was a web-based word processor created by the software company Upstartle and launched in August 2005.[14] Improvements based on DocVerse were announced and deployed in April 2010.[12] On March 5.[20] [21] In September 2009. 2010.[5] At the time of acquisition.000 cells. On September 17. first-served basis. it was reported that access to Google Docs had been blocked in Turkey.[6] Writely closed registration to its service until the move to Google servers was complete. However. Text. It was initially made available to only a limited number of users. 200. DocVerse.org Writer. etc.[5] In August 2006. was acquired by Google. [19] Individual documents may not exceed 1GB as of 13 January 2010.25/GB for additional storage."[17] Features Google Docs is Google's "software as a service" office suite.[15] In June 2010. 2006 as the first public component of what would eventually become Google Docs. and spreadsheets are limited to 256 columns. Google announced that it had acquired Upstartle. up to 16TB. Google Docs was made available to Google Apps users. The service is officially supported on recent versions of the Firefox. RTF.[18] 1GB of storage is included for free. Internet Explorer. and Linux operating systems. 2007. on a first-come. when it was integrated with Google Accounts. organized in a side bar.[13] It allows multiple user online collaboration on Microsoft Office compatible document formats such as Word. Writely continued to maintain its own user system until September 19. or sent via email. Menus. and 99 sheets. and then became publicly available on August 23. imported through the web interface. 2006. and PowerPoint. Currently additional storage costs per year are: 20GB-$5.[4] originated from the acquisition of the XL2Web product by 2Web Technologies. In June 2007. an equation editor was added which allows rendering in LaTeX format. and a revision history is automatically kept.

and create Google Docs documents. spreadsheets. 2007 and 2010 that can automatically store and synchronize any for Microsoft Word document. the Google App for iPhone and iPad allows users to view and edit Google Docs. spreadsheets. The Google Doc copy is automatically updated each time the Microsoft Office document is saved. Its popularity amongst businesses is growing due to enhanced sharing features and accessibility.Google Docs numbering feature. It was believed that 0. Documents can be shared. Most other mobile devices can also view and edit Google Docs documents and spreadsheets using a mobile browser. edit. It also includes support for proprietary formats such as .doc and . [34] 79 Data safety and privacy On March 10. The Android Google Docs app can also take a photo of a document. and presentations. Google reported that a bug in Google Docs had allowed unintended access to some private documents.[32] On December 7.[31] However. Google Docs has enjoyed a rapid rise in popularity among students and educational institutions. And he said that in the summer of 2011. in May 2010 this feature was temporarily removed. or other text and use Optical [36] . edit. [27] [28] Google Spreadsheets and Google Sites also incorporate Google Apps Script to write code within documents in a similar way to VBA in Microsoft Office. 2011. . sign. The application supports two ISO standard document formats: OpenDocument (for both opening and exporting) and Office Open XML (for opening only). 2009. (Help Browser also allows users to view. Google’s Sundar Pichai revealed that Google has internally been using offline versions of Google Docs for months now. and create Google Docs documents. Google Docs permitted offline access to and editing of documents via Google Gears.05% of documents stored via the service were affected by the bug. Google Cloud Sync maintains previous Microsoft Office document versions and allows multiple users to colaborate by working on the same document at the same time.[22] [23] Google Docs is one of many cloud computing document-sharing services.[39] Furthermore. Google Docs serves as a collaborative tool for editing amongst users and non-users in real time.[35] Mobile access The Android Google Docs app allows users to view. Overview [37])[38] The iPhone and iPad Safari Character Recognition to convert to text that can be edited. which Google claimed had been fixed. Microsoft Office documents can be edited offline and synchronized later when online. or Excel spreadsheet to Google Docs in Google Docs or Microsoft Office formats. Users can be notified of changes to any specified regions via e-mail. and edited by multiple users at the same time. 2010. in connection with the launch of the Chrome Web Store. The scripts can be activated either by user action or by a trigger in response to an event [29] [30] Beginning in April 2008.[24] The majority of document-sharing services require user fees. whereas Google Docs is free. opened. PowerPoint presentation.xls.[26] Google Cloud Connect is a plug-in for Windows Microsoft Office 2003. all users will be able to use Google Docs offline too.[33] On April 11.[40] PDF files can be viewed but not edited.[25] In addition. the Google Docs Blog announced that offline access would be returning in early 2011 with the use of HTML5. and presentations.

Retrieved 2010-06-28. com/ article. google. google. blogspot. blogspot. [17] "Has Turkey blocked docs. Mark & Mesureur. . [30] Finley. [27] Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office available to all (http:/ / googledocs. com/ 2010/ 07/ translation-and-undo-smartquotes-in.com? Is anything being done about it?" (http:/ / www. google. cooltechzone. .. . . com/ 8301-1001_3-10314002-92. And Google Docs (http:/ / techcrunch.eHub Interviews Writely (http:/ / emilychang. html) [8] Official Google Blog: Its Nice to Share (http:/ / googleblog. html) [23] List of supported file types (http:/ / docs. [18] "Getting to know Google Docs: System requirements" (https:/ / docs. [34] MG Siegler. Product Management. . html).com (http:/ / www. . theregister. com/ Emily Chang . google. . [19] Additional Storage (https:/ / www. . py?answer=37603& topic=15119). py?answer=50092& hl=en) [24] PC World: Should you move your business to the cloud? (http:/ / www. " Coming This Summer: Fully Offline Gmail. com/ news/ url?sa=t& ct2=us/ 0_0_s_8_0_t& ct3=MAA4AEgIUABqAnVz& usg=AFQjCNH3ZRUIkozHaqMdmCdhV8yzvYMhlw& sig2=-FGJPJLout5zEHGrTQCAcQ& cid=17593721976882& ei=JqmjS_DOH4LWlQe7ityVAw& rt=SEARCH& vm=STANDARD& url=http:/ / phandroid. com/ support/ forum/ p/ Google+ Docs/ thread?tid=23d6143a842bb5ea& hl=en). 2011. html). "Our feature presentation" (http:/ / googleblog. Retrieved 2008-10-18. "Google Apps is out of beta (yes. com/ 2011/ 05/ 11/ offline-gmail/ ?utm_source=feedburner& utm_medium=feed& utm_campaign=Feed:+ Techcrunch+ (TechCrunch)). Google Docs. [32] "Google Docs Help: Phased out support for Google Docs offline" (http:/ / docs. html). 2011. Official Google Press Release. com/ web/ news/ 2010/ 01/ google-docs-gets-file-uploading-but-no-direct-desktop-sync. blogspot. html). html). blogspot. [10] Attila Bodis (2007-09-17). com/ enterprise/ 2010/ 10/ google-apps-scripts. Retrieved 2009-07-07. com/ 2006/ 06/ its-nice-to-share. breitbart. 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"Google Apps Now Offers Business Process Automation on Google Sites with Scripts" (http:/ / www. crn.com (http:/ / arstechnica. docverse. 2009). html) [25] Top 5 Ways to Collaborate (http:/ / sparxoo. uk/ 2010/ 06/ 08/ turkey_bans_google_services/ ). google. html). Google. 54c3200989573ae4c9282658f91276df. 2010-06-04. [35] Google software bug shared private online documents (http:/ / www. html) [16] "Turkey bans Google Books. ReadWriteWeb. readwriteweb.com. com/ support/ bin/ answer. com/ 2011/ 02/ 24/ google-cloud-connect-2/ ) [29] Meyer. html) [6] CoolTechZone.. com/ 2011/ 02/ google-cloud-connect-for-microsoft. The JALT CALL Journal. py?hl=en& answer=176376). more real time Google documents (http:/ / googledocs. [22] Google Docs Tour (http:/ / www. blogspot. com/ intl/ en/ press/ annc/ docsspreadsheets. com/ google-d-s/ tour1. google. Director. google. com/ News_Reports/ Media/ Google_Acquires_Online_Word_Processing_Company_200603112224/ ) [7] The Writely Blog: Google Account Sign-in LIVE (http:/ / writely. com/ support/ bin/ answer. [11] Matthew Glotzbach. Google Docs Help Forum. php?id=CNG. really)" (http:/ / googleblog. google.jsessionid=YUYB043111X0NQE1GHOSKH4ATMY32JVN) [13] Google buys DocVerse (http:/ / news. html) http:/ / docs. Official Google Blog. google. google. Retrieved 2007-09-17.Google Docs 80 References (http:/ / googledocs. The Register. com/ 2008/ 03/ bringing-cloud-with-you. pcworld. Retrieved 28 March 2011. blogspot. cnet. com/ 2006/ 03/ writely-so. google. com/ support/ bin/ answer. Google Translate. php). "Google Apps Script gets green light" (http:/ / news. py?hl=en& answer=37560). com/ ) [15] A rebuilt. com/ intl/ en/ press/ annc/ spreadsheets. com/ support/ bin/ answer.Google Acquires Online Word Processing Company (http:/ / www. . . TechCrunch." (http:/ / www. March 10. 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[3] References [1] http:/ / www. "Google Fusion Tables: Data Management. blogspot. Data is stored in multiple tables that Internet users can view and download. SoCC'10. [3] Hector Gonzalez.Google Fusion Tables 82 Google Fusion Tables Google Fusion Tables Screenshot of Google Fusion Tables. Data is exported in a comma-separated values file format. Integration and Collaboration in the Cloud". The Web service was further described in a scientific paper in 2010. scatterplots. . Anno Langen. Warren Shen (2010). html). Rebecca Shapley. bar charts. URL Type of site Registration google. com/ 2009/ 06/ google-fusion-tables. 2009 Active Google Fusion Tables (or just Fusion Tables) is a Web service provided by Google for data management. The Web site opened in the northern hemisphere summer of 2009 announced by Alon Halevy and Rebecca Shapley. timelines as well as geographical maps. Jensen. Google. lineplots. . google. ACM. Alon Halevy.com/fusiontables [1] Data management Web service Data visualization Web mapping Optional.[2] The Web service provides means for visualizing the data with pie charts. "Google Fusion Tables" (http:/ / googleresearch. Jayant Madhavan. com/ fusiontables [2] Alon Halevy and Rebecca Shapley (9 June 2009). included with a Google Account Available language(s) Multilingual Owner Created by Launched Current status Google Google June 9. Christian S.

interviews. AT&T certified iKnowWare as a solution [4] for its customers in 2010. With iKnowWare companies can easily manage their operations. which did extensive background research. jsp?detailId=200026& paramId=8600024& category=appDtl& prevCtg=industryDtl& solutionId=6. Distribution. html . google. Companies were selected to be finalists by a third party contracted by Forbes. Development started in 2002 after the founder. att. The segment is projected by IDC to touch 14% of Americans in 2011 [3]. iKnowWare provides a single sign on environment to manage Marketing. logistics. anywhere. with HIPAA and regulatory compliance seen as a major inhibitor. including CRM. The new mHealth solutions enable patients to manage information about their health anytime. from nearly any Internet connected device. and Clients with the ability to be adapted to serve the unique needs of specific industries and languages. The SaaS model allows companies to "Pay as you Grow" (trademarked by iKnowWare). link between patients and medical industry professionals. iKnowWare is a U. anywhere. HIPAA compliant. com/ voip/ 0209/ 2008-internet-telephony-product-of-the-year-awards. com/ patents/ about?id=k7CYAAAAEBAJ& dq=iknowware [3] http:/ / www. With the HIPAA compliant security iKnowWare provides. based corporation that has received recognition from numerous sources since it began operation in 2006. the governing body of GSM. Industry specific solutions have been created for construction. It was named a "Most Promising Company" for 2009 [5] in America by Forbes Magazine. Using patent pending technology [2] to drive a unique messaging system and mobile views of information. tmcnet. is a Georgetown. Additional recognition for iKnowWare has come from key industry organizations including CTIA. based company that provides Software as a Solution (SaaS) applications to businesses in a variety of industries. Operations. com/ resources/ digital-marketing-blog/ idc-14-of-adult-americans-to-use-mhealth-apps-in-2011-hipaa-seen-as-largest-barrier/ [4] http:/ / developer. finishing in third place out of twenty finalists. trade media. blogcrm. com/ three. including a range of specialized solutions in the emerging mHealth (mobile health) industry. Finance. html [7] http:/ / www. carrier operators and device manufacturer partners will be positioned to capture a bigger share of this growing opportunity. and mobile carriers like AT&T. iknowware. mobilestorm. The iKnowWare Strategic Partner Program [8] is designed to produce strong recurring revenue for participating integrators and service companies and is actively seeking new members. Internet Telephony magazine selected iKnowWare as the 2008 Product of the Year Award in the category of Mobile and Enterprise Software as Service Business Productivity Suite [7]. The iKnowWare business management platform is more than Customer Relations Management (CRM). com/ certifiedsolutionscatalog/ software_solution_detail. Texas. Mark Spilotro. In 2006 the iKnowWare business management platform went live [1]. com/ iknowware-i-really-do.S. com/ entrepreneurs/ promising-companies/ [6] http:/ / www. Sales. The Venture Alliance (TVA) [6]. and enables the growing population of mobile workers to get their work done anytime. References [1] http:/ / www. manufacturing. 3_v1_300014& prevId=8600024 [5] http:/ / www.IKnowWare 83 IKnowWare iKnowWare. and product evaluations. com/ partnerships/ index. left Oracle. forbes. htm [8] http:/ / www. services and insurance. php [2] http:/ / www. tvausa. The new mHealth adaptation provides the secure.

IKnowWare 84 External links • Internet Telephony announces 2008 Product of the Year awards. (http://www. (http://www.tmcnet.forbes.com article catching up with finalists later in 2009.htm) • Forbes.forbes. (http://www.com/2009/12/17/ most-promising-comapnies-recap-entrepreneurs-finance-promising.html) • Forbes.com/entrepreneurs/ promising-companies/) .com article introducing 2009 Most Promising Companies.com/voip/0209/ 2008-internet-telephony-product-of-the-year-awards.

and more than 35 Global 1. Yvonne Lindow and Mark Turrell.Imaginatik 85 Imaginatik Imaginatik Type Industry Founded Public Innovation as a Service and Innovation Management Software 1994 Headquarters Boston. Massachusetts with offices in the US and London.[3] .Chief Financial Officer Andrew Wainwright . MA. UK Key people Matt Cooper. Company Information Imaginatik is an Innovation Management Solutions provider based in Boston. USA and London. with 97% of its operations in North America. Products Idea Central Idea Central Mobile Idea Central and SharePoint Idea Central Idea Central is a web-based application for Collaborative Innovation and Idea Management.000 clients. It is traded on the London Stock Exchange. and for external communities using Open Innovation methodologies.imaginatik. productivity and top-line growth. and went public in 2006.Co-founder Tim Woods.Chief Technology Officer Mark Turrell .[2] who studied how collaborative technologies can support organizational creativity. The company provides strategy consulting. operational execution and an award winning technology platform for enterprise-scale innovation. Shawn Taylor . The company was created in 1994.com [1] Products Website Imaginatik plc is an Innovation Management Solutions provider headquartered in Boston. It uses collective intelligence to create crowdsourcing programs and idea management platforms within large companies. It is an enterprise crowdsourcing platform. Massachusetts. Chairman and CEO. Product Development Chief Idea Central Idea Central Mobile Innovation Strategy Solutions www. History The concept for Imaginatik [1] was developed through the doctoral research of Dr.

com/s/article/9160118/ Tap_the_wisdom_of_employees_and_boost_the_bottom_line_) .fiercebiotechit. computerworld. imaginatik.Imaginatik 86 References [1] http:/ / www. aspx) • FierceBiotech IT (http://www.com/) • Washington Technology (http://washingtontechnology.computerworld. com/ s/ article/ 9160118/ Tap_the_wisdom_of_employees_and_boost_the_bottom_line_?taxonomyId=18& pageNumber=2) External links • Imaginatik Corporate Website (http://www. imaginatik.and Boost the Bottom Line (http:/ / www.com/articles/2009/12/14/strategy-collaboration-tools.com/story/drug-researchers-face-crowd/2009-08-10) • Computerworld (http://www.imaginatik. com/ [2] Imaginatik | History (http:/ / www. com/ webdoc_comp_history) [3] Computerworld | Tap the Wisdom of Employees -.

Intacct Accountant Edition delivers web based accounting and financial applications that are designed for use by accounting firms and business process outsourcers.” Intacct helped pioneer Software-as-a-Service or “cloud” computing. • Intacct Accountant Edition . and financial reporting. The Intacct name was derived from “internet” and “accounting. Products Intacct offers two main products: • Intacct . financial consolidation. United States Website http:/ / intacct.Intacct is a cloud financial management and accounting system specifically designed for use by small and mid-sized companies. Background Intacct was founded in 1999 by David Thomas[1] to provide small and midsized businesses an online alternative to on-premise and desktop accounting solutions. The application includes applications for accounting. vendor management. inventory.[3] . The cost is based on how many of the Intacct applications are used and is charged on a monthly basis. Writing in PC Magazine. purchasing.Intacct 87 Intacct Intacct Corporation Type Industry Founded Private Software 1999 Headquarters San Jose.000 employees) that have outgrown entry-level products like QuickBooks but want a relatively inexpensive alternative to traditional client/server software". California. contract management. reviewer Kathy Yagal described Intacct's web-based products as being designed for "small to midsize companies (defined as 5 to 1. revenue recognition. California. Intacct is based in San Jose. com Intacct provides financial management and accounting software solutions based on a cloud computing platform.[2] which defines a unique approach to software architecture that significantly lowers the cost of delivering and using products. and its products were some of the first to use a multi-tenant approach.

[11] The AICPA and its subsidiary CPA2Biz [12] aligned with Intacct. small and mid-sized businesses need to actively manage their financial performance by becoming continuously aware of their financial position and collaborate with trusted CPA advisors to make the best possible business decisions. Hurwitz Associates blog . asp?id=14) [9] Featured 2010 CODiE Finalists (http:/ / siia. marketwire. com/ slide-shows/ cloud/ 229400539/ the-top-20-cloud-software-apps-vendors-of-2011. htm) [7] 2007 CODiE Award Winner for Best Financial Software Solution (http:/ / www. com/ press-release/ Intacct-Named-to-Inaugural-OnDemand-100-List-of-Fastest-Growing-Private-Companies-1144331. spa. net/ codies/ 2009/ finalist_detail. crn.[4] Intacct was listed in the 'OnDemand 100' list of the Fastest Growing Private Cloud Computing Companies in both 2010 and 2011.[5] [6] Intacct received the 2007 and 2009 Codie award for "Best Financial Software Solution" from the Software & Information Industry Association and was a Finalist in this award category in 2010. AICPA: “In today's economic climate. com/ codies/ 2010/ ) [10] Laurie McCabe. com/ article2/ 0.”[13] Investors Intacct has raised $80M in venture capital backing.http:/ / www.http:/ / www.2817. pcmag. Our vision for this new alliance is to improve productivity. This was the first time in the AICPA's history that it recognized a single technology vendor as a preferred provider. Intacct formed an alliance[10] with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).00. wordpress. asp CRN: Top 20 Cloud Software & Apps Vendors of 2011 (http:/ / www. com/ press-release/ Intacct-Again-Named-Annual-OnDemand-100-List-Top-Private-Cloud-Computing-Companies-1414750.[13] According to Barry Melancon [14]. com/ 2009/ 04/ 08/ will-cpas-bring-the-cloud-to-earth-for-smbs/ [11] InformationWeek . naming the company as their preferred provider of financial applications to CPA professionals and AICPA members. zdnet.http:/ / www. informationweek.Intacct 88 Awards In 2011.http:/ / www. asp) [8] 2009 CODiE Award Winner for Best Financial Software Solution (http:/ / www. jhtml?articleID=216403517 [1] [2] [3] [4] .[15] Intacct's backing comes from the following firms: • • • • • • Sutter Hill Ventures Bessemer Venture Partners Emergence Capital Partners Sigma Partners Hummer Winblad Venture Partners JK&B Capital References See Comparison of accounting software.16004. shtml ZDNet: Why multi-tenancy matters . take better advantage of financial advice and make better and faster business decisions. with the most recent funding coming from a $15M round in April 2008. marketwire. com/ judges_thomas. president and CEO. htm?pgno=13) [5] Intacct Named to Inaugural 'OnDemand 100' List of Fastest Growing Private Companies (http:/ / www. siia.[7] [8] [9] AICPA Partnership In 2009. com/ blog/ saas/ why-multi-tenancy-matters/ 537 PC Magazine Review by Kathy Yagal . increase transparency and reduce costs for both AICPA member firms and the millions of small and mid-sized businesses they serve. softsummit. htm) [6] Intacct Again Named to Annual "OnDemand 100" List of Top Private Cloud Computing Companies (http:/ / www. org/ codies/ 2011/ pw_2007. David Thomas Bio . The stated goal of the partnership is to help CPA firms and small and midsized businesses adopt cloud computing to improve their financial performance.http:/ / lauriemccabe. com/ news/ services/ saas/ showArticle. as part of its report on the Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors. Everything Channel's CRN Magazine named Intacct one of its Top 20 Cloud Software & Apps Vendors.

php [14] http:/ / www. intacct.http:/ / news.intacct.http:/ / us.Intacct [12] http:/ / www. html 89 External links • Company Website (http://www. aicpa.force. com/ corporate/ news_events/ 2009/ 040709.com/) • Intacct Reviews on Salesforce. org/ About/ Leadership/ Pages/ Melancon_Bio. cnet. com/ 8301-10784_3-9930643-7. com/ [13] Press Release: "AICPA. CPA2Biz and Intacct Form Alliance to Benefit Millions of Small Businesses" .com/appexchange/ listingDetail?listingId=a0N300000016bWPEAY) . cpa2biz. aspx [15] CNet .com AppExchange (http://sites."Intacct raises $15 Million in Funding" .

and downloading require only a web browser and an invitation to view the document. "Hands On: Apple iWork '09" (http:/ / www.2338263. pcmag. Jamie (January 7. 2009). In contrast to cloud-based office applications such as Google Docs and Windows Live Office. iwork.00. .com supports uploading of Pages '09 documents.com is an online service by Apple Inc. it does not offer editing. PCmag.com iWork. commenting. . 2009 Beta iWork. References [1] http:/ / www. Retrieved 14 June 2010.com . apple. Keynote '09 presentations." (http:/ / www.[2] File formats iWork. requires iWork '09 Required (Apple ID) Multilingual Apple Inc.[3] Requirements Uploading documents to iWork. downloading. . com/ [2] Lendino..iWork. asp).com [1] [2] Free while in beta. Viewing. January 6. Apple Inc.iWork. complementing their iWork suite of office productivity software.com URL Commercial? Registration Available language(s) Owner Launched Current status www.2817.[3] Users can download documents in both Microsoft Office and PDF formats.com 90 iWork. and Numbers '09 spreadsheets. com/ article2/ 0.com requires a copy of the iWork '09 software suite and an Apple ID. 2009 at the Macworld Conference & Expo. in addition to their native iWork formats. The iWork. com/ iwork/ iwork-dot-com/ ). [3] "Apple .iWork.com service provides a web interface for viewing.iWork . Retrieved 2009-01-09. and commenting uploaded documents.Share your iWork projects online.[3] It was released as a public beta on January 6.

for a leading company in the industry. heavily reliant on web technology.000 events..000 square foot call center. Insight. serving a diverse clientele of single and multi-property clients. a breakthrough product generating highly targeted sales leads with in-depth details on each prospect’s past meeting activity.apple.iwork. the world’s first online reader board service.[5] Target Net Target Net is a sales force automation and meetings management tool that allows hoteliers to manage their sales funnel from start to finish.com (http://www. This includes everything from generating new leads to turning those prospects into bookings and planning the event down to every menu.com 91 External links • iWork. a revolutionary meetings management and sales force automation platform.com (https://www. in September 2004.com description at Apple. Readers. They decided to start their own hospitality field research service and by the fall of 2004. Va. The company also activated a 7.com/iwork/iwork-dot-com/) The Knowland Group The Knowland Group is a web-based software company that provides business development products and services to the hospitality industry. in 2010. The Knowland Group signed its first client.000 users globally. Knowland’s founders recognized the hospitality industry’s need for a higher standard of market intelligence. was launched. Founded in 2004. the Holiday Inn in Arlington. The Knowland Group introduced Insight. meeting space. Knowland had over 400 clients in 60 markets and had tracked more than 100. and table configuration.[3] Today the company has more than 3. the company expanded to over 20 markets. Knowland launched Target Net.[2] During 2005. Target Net is true sales force automation that lets hotel sales teams quickly and efficiently get down to business.[1] History The Knowland Group traces its roots back to a small software engineering firm. Operating from the [6] cloud. This firm had spent months developing an entirely new kind of hotel reader board service. and Readers are cloud-based and can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet. the company has been recognized as the second fastest growing private company in the travel industry in both 2009 and 2010.000 client hotels and 20. In 2007.iWork.com/) • iWork. The Event Booking Center employs top research and sales support professionals who specialize in cold calling and can become an extension of hotel clients’ own sales staff. Target Net can be instantly accessed online or on smartphones and iPads. . By the end of 2006. When the client backed out.[4] Products The Knowland Group is a leading provider of business development solutions to the hospitality industry. Target Net.

[14] . New groups are constantly being added to the database and detailed profiles are created and updated for each group. media.[11] In September 2010. customized field research directly to its users. Readers brings in-depth.[9] Professional Business Development (PBD) Drawing on many years of assisting hotels with proactive sales. Knowland was also named one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in Greater Washington 2011 by The Washington Business Journal. and other groups. The list identifies the fastest-growing technology. 500 list. Knowland ranked first on the Greater Philadelphia Fast 50 list. Knowland’s revolutionary sales force automation and meetings management tool.[8] Each week field researchers take digital photos of hotel reader boards. Those photos are uploaded nightly and the data made available online to clients the very next morning. 500 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. social organizations. the company ranked 379th on the prestigious Inc. government agencies. Knowland introduced its Professional Business Development (PBD) services in 2010. Knowland is one of the few companies to make the list multiple years in a row.[12] Target Net.000 corporations. during which Knowland grew 5. received a 2010 Product of the Year Award from Technology Marketing Corporation’s Customer Interaction Solutions magazine.[10] Recognition The Knowland Group was ranked 26th on Deloitte’s 2010 Technology Fast 500™ list in October 2010. Knowland was recognized for the second year in a row as the second fastest growing company in the travel industry by Inc. Knowland ranked fifth out of 190 companies in the software industry. The hospitality cold callers in PBD act as an extension of a hotel’s sales team. leadership and diligence. telecommunications. These include more than 300. life sciences and clean technology companies in North America. They find the right groups for any given hotel. Smart Targeting technology allows hoteliers to quickly find the groups that are best suited to their property. having previously been ranked second in the travel industry and 222nd overall on the 2009 Inc. which was the largest industry recognized on the Fast 500™ list. Knowland was applauded by WBJ for placing a high importance on creating a great work environment and welcoming employee feedback. associations.[7] Readers Readers is a whole new kind of reader board service that combines an online tool with Knowland’s version of a traditional reader board report as well as telephone verified contact research.764 percent. [13] The award is given annually to companies based on their vision. With a three year revenue growth of 790 percent. Magazine. As the world’s first online hotel reader board.The Knowland Group 92 Insight Insight is an innovative search engine and mapping tool that gives hotel sales teams access to a massive database of groups who have held millions of meetings hotels and conference centers. The ranking was the result of employee satisfaction surveys. Rankings for the award were based on the fiscal revenue growth from 2005–2009. then contact the meeting planner for that group to discuss booking their next event at the client hotel.

washingtonpost. html) Retrieved 2011-05-11. knowlandgroup. aspx) Retrieved 2011-05-12. html?nav=rss_opinion/ columns) The Washington Post. com/ our-history. [14] "The Knowland Group is Named a Top Place to Work" (http:/ / www. 1st in Region129322309514138750. pdf) Retrieved 2011-05-11. com/ wp-dyn/ content/ article/ 2010/ 08/ 29/ AR2010082902450_2. [12] “Knowland is Second Fastest Growing Company in the Travel Industry for Second Year in a Row. com/ News/ PR2010_4th/ Dec10_EBC. html) Retrieved 2011-05-12. html) Retrieved 2011-05-12 [5] "Knowland Moves Reports to the Cloud" (http:/ / www. pdf) Retrieved 2011-05-11. hotel-online. knowlandgroup. Retrieved 2011-05-11. 1st in Region. com/ inc5000/ profile/ the-knowland-group) Retrieved 2011-05-10.” (http:/ / www. citybizlist. Retrieved 2011-05-11.knowlandgroup. com/ data/ PDFBase/ mpany in the travel industry129290475224812500. hotelnewsresource. com/ data/ PDFBase/ h in Software. inc. com/ article. e-hospitality. pdf) Retrieved 2011-05-11. 5th in Software. html) Retrieved 2011-05-12.” (http:/ / www. [9] “Knowland Group became one of the fastest-growing companies by taking photos of signs. aspx Retrieved 2011-05-11. com/ article51480Knowland_Gives_Hoteliers_New_Insight_into_Business_Development. ) Retrieved 2011-05-11.” (http:/ / www. [13] “Knowland Receives Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine’s 2010 Product of the Year Award. org/ news/ 154000320/ 4051323. washingtonpost. org/ news/ 154000920/ 4051323. External links • Official website (http://www. com/ 5/ 2011/ 2/ 3/ Target-Net-Goes-Mobile-On-the-iPad. [7] "Knowland Gives Hoteliers New Insight into Business Development" (http:/ / www. [11] “Deloitte Fast 500™ Technology List Ranks Knowland 26th Overall. html?nav=rss_opinion/ columns) The Washington Post. [3] "Knowland History" (http:/ / www. mvc/ Knowland-Group-Introduces-Its-Business-0001) Retrieved 2011-05-12. knowlandgroup. [10] "Knowland EBC (Event Booking Center) Expands 500% Due to Increased Demand" (http:/ / www.” (http:/ / www. com/ wp-dyn/ content/ article/ 2010/ 08/ 29/ AR2010082902450_2.” (http:/ / www. [6] "Target Net Goes Mobile On the iPad" (http:/ / dc. com/ data/ PDFBase/ 10 Product of the Year Award129399213496757500. [8] "Knowland Group Introduces Its Business Development Suite For The Hospitality Industry" (http:/ / www. knowlandgroup.The Knowland Group 93 References [1] "Inc. [2] “Knowland Group became one of the fastest-growing companies by taking photos of signs. html) Retrieved 2011-05-12. hotel-online. com/ News/ PR2010_4th/ Oct10_KnowlandCloud.com/) . [4] "The Knowland Group is Named a Top Place to Work" (http:/ / www. hospitalitynet. 500 profile: The Knowland Group" (http:/ / www. hsyndicate.

North Carolina. Mac and Linux clients.Proprietary Commercial Edition . South Africa. KnowledgeTree offers integration with the Microsoft Office suite of applications so that users can access documents stored in the KnowledgeTree repository through the familiar Microsoft interface. A multi-platform installer provides end-users with a one-click install of both the underlying LAMP or WAMP stack and the application itself. the product provides the full range of document management functions.com [1] Website KnowledgeTree is a provider of online document management software. KnowledgeTree’s features — including workflow. Features A complete list of features [3] is available on the KnowledgeTree web site [4].GPLv3 www.knowledgetree. The company also has an office in Cape Town. access control through roles and permissions and an intuitive structure for viewing documents. It supports collaboration around documents using email and a familiar discussion "feed". REST and SOAP interfaces make it easy for KnowledgeTree to be integrated with other applications. Open Source SaaS Edition .Proprietary Community Edition . Generally. Document Management System. Additionally. open source community edition [2] that is written in PHP and uses the Apache Web Server and MySQL database management system. Content Management Systems. KnowledgeTree also includes workflow functionality along with notifications and alerts that allow reminders to be sent to users for document actions.KnowledgeTree 94 KnowledgeTree KnowledgeTree Screenshot Developer(s) Written in KnowledgeTree Inc. KnowledgeTree is a US company with headquarters in Raleigh. . The product makes use of the cloud computing platform from Amazon EC2. There is also a free. The service is available on a subscription basis. version control. In addition to the web-based interface (which supports HTML5 drag and drop). PHP. such as checking documents in and out for editing. a cross-platform desktop explorer tool also allows access to the online repository from Windows. document alerts and version control — are designed to help organizations manage business processes around documents in addition to enabling file sharing among teams. ECM. AJAX enabled Operating system Cross-platform Type License Cloud Applications.

com/ the-open-source-50/ the-open-source-50-a-to-z-2010-edition http:/ / blogs. com http:/ / www. United States. produced in Seattle.KnowledgeTree 95 References • Interview with CEO Daniel Chalef in CMS Critic [5] • KnowledgeTree Chosen by The VAR Guy [6] • Interview with CEO Daniel Chalef by Olliance Group [7] External links • KnowledgeTree Website [1] • Community Portal [8] • Community Forums [9] References http:/ / www. knowledgetree. introduced in 2009 and currently in version 1. Features League Lab is designed to simplify the management of one-day sporting events. cmscritic. or ongoing leagues of hundreds or thousands of players. com/ 2010/ 06/ 03/ olliance-ceo-interview-series-open-source-today-delivering-solutions-and-thought-leadership-daniel-chalef-ceo-knowledgetree/ [8] http:/ / www. knowledgetree. com/ community-download http:/ / www. League Lab's interface is designed to change for each supported sport's unique rules and customs. League Lab is closely associated with.9. org [9] http:/ / forums. Underdog Sports Leagues of Seattle and Portland. knowledgetree. and publishes a customizable website for the event or league. com/ features/ checklist http:/ / www. Currently supported sports are: • • • • • • • • • • • • Baseball Basketball Beach Volleyball Bocce Bowling Broomball Cornhole Dodgeball Floor Hockey Flag Football Football Hockey . com/ http:/ / www. thevarguy. The platform handles game scheduling. fee collection. registration. knowledgetree. knowledgetree. org [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] League Lab League Lab is an Internet-based cloud application for managing amateur sporting leagues and events.0. com/ interview-daniel-chalef-ceo-knowledgetree http:/ / www. but is not a subsidiary of. Oregon. by a company of the same name. Washington. knowledgetree. olliancegroup. weekend tournaments.

facebook. from experience running their own consulting company. The inception was to use Panzar and Pollentier's skills building database-driven websites. aspx?contentId=11). Accessed online 8 December 2008. com/ voracious/ 2008/ 04/ portage_bay_cafe_to_open_a_sec.com/leaguelab) .leaguelab. seattleweekly. 2008.League Lab • • • • • • • • • • • Kickball Lacrosse Racquetball Shuffleboard Skeeball Soccer Softball Tennis Ultimate Volleyball Whiffle Ball 96 Company History The company was started by principals John Panzar and Jason Pollentier. vulcanrealestate. Microsoft and Paul Allen's Vulcan Inc. External links • Official site (http://www. [2] The SLU story (http:/ / www. including Amazon. Voracious (Seattle Weekly food blog).rockymountainbasketball. Portage Bay Cafe To Open a Second Location in SLU (http:/ / blogs. Notes [1] Adriana Grant. Over The Turnstile. In 2010 the company moved from its offices in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood to the city's South Lake Union (sometimes "SLU"[1] [2] ) neighborhood. April 7. com/ TemplateSouthLakeUnion.com) • An example of a sports league running on the League Lab platform (http://www. Accessed online 8 December 2008.com) • The League Lab Facebook page (http://www. and is privately co-owned by them and Underdog Sports Leagues founder Shawn D. to solve problems Underdog Sports Leagues was having at the time managing its rapidly expanding game schedule. Vulcan Real Estate. a district populated by other startups and several established Internet companies. Madden. php).

In October 2007 LiveChat (as LIVECHAT Contact Center) was listed among top Customer Support and Feedback applications in Inside CRM report[5] recommended by Guy Kawasaki. Slovenian. Thai and Chinese. Once the [9] criteria are met. etc. Czech. • Active communication.[6] Features LiveChat system consists of 3 elements: web-based website chat window. Greek. BlackBerry. including Adobe Business Catalyst. LiveChat displays chat invitation with a customized message. Vietnamese. offered features include real-time website traffic monitoring and operators' efficiency reports. operator application and web-based control panel.). French. Spanish. LiveChat is a proprietary software available in English. Russian. Turkish. Translations into additional languages are done by the community of users. Mac OS X) and mobile clients (Android[7] . 2002 [1] Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Live support software. Swedish. Lithuanian. Maybank and Unicef.e.com [2] LiveChat is an online marketing. Dutch. There are two ways of having the online chat session between the operator and website visitor: • Passive communication. The operator application is cross-platform and allow users to log in and conduct a chat with website visitor using desktop (Windows. Better Business Bureau. It is developed by LIVECHAT Software and was first launched in 2002. iOS[8] .[1] The platform allows companies to talk with visitors in real time on their website and currently hosts over 1000 organizations. E-commerce. started when the website visitor clicks on the chat button displayed on the page. German. Hungarian. Estonian. Statistics section allows calculating the conversion from chat invitations into chat sessions and then into sales. Windows Phone 7). encountered error. Kaspersky Lab. Italian. Apart from website chat. Web analytics Proprietary (SaaS) livechatinc. . time on website. initiated manually by the operator or automatically by LiveChat system as soon as the visitor meets the predefined criteria (i. live support and web analytics application for SMB and large enterprises[3] [4] offered in SaaS (software as a service) model. Portuguese.LiveChat 97 LiveChat LiveChat Developer(s) Initial release LIVECHAT Software January 10. searched keyword. Polish.

com/ enterprise/ marketplace/ viewListing?productListingId=3673+ 11212232050638755841)Google Apps Marketplace . com/ us/ app/ livechat/ id402466708) Apple iTunes [9] Triggers: automated and personalized customer support (http:/ / blog. "A Night in the Life of Guy Kawasaki Plus Cool Stuff Friday" (http:/ / blog. livechatinc. provide support. SugarCRM[12] . com/ product_details. zendesk. com/ addons/ view/ livechat/ ) FreshBooks.org Plugin Directory [19] Joomla! extension (http:/ / extensions. com/ livechat-review. crunchbase. These tools help you keep in touch. . "This is a compilation of useful tools and services to maintain a high-level of customer service. [10] API documentation (http:/ / www. Help desk software: Zendesk[16] [17] . shopify. 2011. January 13. android. VoIP services: Skype. Zen Cart. com/ product/ livechat) Crunchbase [2] http:/ / livechatinc. 2007-10-24. [16] Yan. Joomla[19] . [4] Lucier. 2011. Arvind (2011-02-28). Retrieved 2011-05-05. 2010. . Roxana (2010-10-17). "LiveChat: capture offline chat messages in Zendesk" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2011-05-05. [13] Natarajan. Zoho CRM[13] . com/ products/ 2011/ 01/ livechat-integrates-with-highrise. com/ blog/ livechat-capture-offline-chat-messages-in-zendesk). com/ 2010/ 08/ triggers-automated-and-personalized-customer-support/ ) LiveChat blog. 2010. com/ api/ ) LiveChat [11] LiveChat integrates with Highrise (http:/ / productblog. It also offers integrations with other services and SaaS vendors for creating own ecosystem of applications: • • • • • • • • CRM software: Highrise[11] . Aug 25. com/ magento-connect/ Szymon+ Klimczak/ extension/ 4147/ livechat) Magento Connect. html) Enterprise Chat Software Reviews. [14] Shopify App (http:/ / apps. [12] SugarCRM extension (http:/ / www. zoho.LiveChat 98 Integrations LiveChat is available for custom integrations over REST-based API[10] . Zengage. . freshbooks. 2010. Web analytics: Google Analytics[22] . Retrieved 2011-05-05. com/ blog/ 2011/ 04/ 14/ add-ons-roundup-what-do-you-need-in-addition-to-freshbooks/ ). . com/ 2007/ 10/ a-night-in-the-. com/ features/ entrepreneur-customer-service-toolbox-102407/ ). sugarexchange. zendesk. joomla. com/ livechat) Shopify App Store [15] Magento extension (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2011-05-05. [22] LiveChat (https:/ / www. 37signals. Drupal. eCommerce platforms: Shopify[14] . html) 37 Signals Product Blog. com/ blog/ keep-chat-conversations-in-one-place-with-livechat). "LiveChat integrates with Zoho CRM" (http:/ / blogs. "Keep chat conversations in one place with LiveChat" (http:/ / www. org/ extensions/ communication/ live-support-hosted/ 12989) Joomla! Extensions Directory [20] La. ." [7] LiveChat for Android (https:/ / market. do accounting. php?product=982) "SugarExchange". com [3] LiveChat Review (http:/ / enterprise-chat-software-review. Peter (2010-04-14). . "Thinking about live chat for your website" (http:/ / www. livechat) Android Market [8] LiveChat app for iOS (http:/ / itunes. Remote desktop: LogMeIn Rescue. Steven (2010-07-27). [21] LiveChat add-on (http:/ / community. Retrieved 2011-05-05. communityguy. Retrieved 2011-05-05. Ben (2011-04-03). freshbooks. Tactile CRM. Billing software: FreshBooks[20] [21] . [6] Kawasaki. Guy (2007-10-25). . org/ extend/ plugins/ wp-live-chat-software-for-wordpress/ ) WordPress. html). and solicit feedback. com/ details?id=com. Retrieved 2011-05-05. [18] WordPress plugin (http:/ / wordpress. FreshBooks. How to Change the World. insidecrm. livechatinc. magentocommerce. CMS systems: WordPress[18] . com/ general/ livechat-integrates-with-zoho-crm-28-2-2011). [5] "The Web Entrepreneur's Customer Service Toolbox: 100 Hacks and Resources" (http:/ / www. August 4. July 20. Salesforce. run meetings. Zengage. toptenreviews. Magento[15] . Community Guy. Zoho. "Add-ons roundup: What do you need in addition to FreshBooks?" (http:/ / www. References [1] LiveChat CrunchBase profile (http:/ / www. google. apple. guykawasaki. ca/ reviews/ thinking-about-live-chat-for-your-website/ ). [17] Siu.

[6] On July 18.259 million (2010) 481 (As of March 2011) HumanClick Kasamba www.34 million (2010) $ 9. the Company acquired all of the outstanding shares of NuConomy.[8] On April 13.86 million (2010) $ 14. United States London.. 2010. In October 2000. the company completed an initial public offering on the NASDAQ[4] and in March 2011 its shares have started trading also on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange[5] . incorporated in the State of Delaware in November 1995 and the LivePerson service was first introduced in November 1998. the Company acquired Kasamba Inc. San Francisco and Atlanta.com [3] [1] ) (TASE: LPSN [2] ) Products Revenue Operating income Net income Employees Subsidiaries Website LivePerson is a publicly held online marketing.[7] On October 3. Tel Aviv. an Israeli-based company whose web analytics and optimization platform is intended to help companies better assess and understand website and social marketing performance. 2007. History LivePerson was founded in 1995. the Company acquired Proficient Systems. CEO Internet Computer software Online Communication Expert Advice LivePerson Pro US$ 109. Inc.[9] . an online provider of live expert advice delivered to consumers via real-time chat. an Israeli-based provider of real-time online customer service applications. Its most well known product is a chat platform that allows companies to talk with visitors in real time on their websites. the Company acquired HumanClick. and expert advice company based in New York City with offices in London. Tel Aviv Worldwide Rob Locascio. of locations Area served Key people Industry Public (NASDAQ: LPSN 1995 New York City. an Atlanta based provider of hosted proactive chat solutions that help companies generate revenue on their web sites.liveperson.LivePerson 99 LivePerson LivePerson. web analytics. 2006. In April 2000. Type Founded Headquarters No.

April 7. The company is organized into two operating segments. 2010.liveperson. click-to-call. 2010. Competitors • ATG Commerce . Jan 25. [8] "Kasamba to be Acquired by LivePerson" (http:/ / www. co. com [4] "LivePerson returns to IPO price -. July 19. Internet Retailer. • LiveChat . reuters. utilizing: chat. LivePerson provides solutions on a hosted basis. com/ asp/ SummaryQuote. email and self-service knowledgebase for global corporations.com) . internetretailer. 2011. [6] "LivePerson Acquires HumanClick. asp?symbol=LPSN& selected=LPSN [2] http:/ / www. References [1] http:/ / quotes. [5] "LivePerson dual lists on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange" (http:/ / www. Marketwatch. highbeam. com/ 2006/ 07/ 19/ liveperson-buys-live-chat-provider-proficient-systems-in-all-sto).com. com/ story/ liveperson-regains-ipo-price-after-10-years-2010-04-07). October 13. Mar 13. 2007. TechCrunch. marketwatch. il/ TASEEng/ Management/ GeneralPages/ SimpleSearchResult. which facilitates real-time online interactions. html). subsidiary of Oracle. tase. External links LivePerson Inc. htm?objectId=& objectType=& securityType=& searchTerm=LPSN [3] http:/ / www. voice. And the Consumer segment. nasdaq. startupisrael. com/ 2010/ 01/ 25/ liveperson-to-acquire-web-analytics-startup-nuconomy-for-3-million/ ). [7] "LivePerson buys live chat provider Proficient Systems in all-stock deal" (http:/ / www. Reuters. 2006.live support software developed by LIVECHAT Software. com/ israeli_web/ kasamba_to_be_acquired_by_liveperson).product offered by ATG. June 26.10 years later" (http:/ / www. com/ article/ 2011/ 03/ 13/ liveperson-tase-listing-idUSLDE72C02420110313). Creating a Global Market Leader in Real-Time eCRM Solutions for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses" (http:/ / www. (http://www. StartupIsrael. The Business segment. com/ doc/ 1G1-66024185. 2000. Business Wire. which facilitates online transactions between independent experts and individual consumers.LivePerson 100 Products and services As a “cloud computing” or software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider. liveperson. [9] "LivePerson To Acquire Web Analytics Startup NuConomy For $3 Million" (http:/ / techcrunch.

state and federal government.S.4 million from a $13. the agencies and programs that can assist hospitals and healthcare organizations include: • The Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP). LiveProcess was used by multiple hospitals during the 2009 flu pandemic. maintained by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Preparedness Directorate. public health agencies. LiveProcess was awarded the American Hospital Association (AHA) endorsement for its disaster readiness and incident command solutions for hospitals in February 2008. History Founded in 2004 in Westfield. coordinated through the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR). part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services provides federal grant assistance to hospitals and healthcare organizations to improve community medical and health planning and response capabilities. According to an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. LiveProcess gives hospitals. The need for this type of system was exposed during the events of the September 11.6 million bioterrorism preparedness grant from the federal Health Resources and Services Administration. . The platform is web-based. Department of Homeland Security provides guidance and tools for assisting organizations in developing useful and standardized exercises for improving response competencies. New Jersey to help the healthcare industry to be prepared in disaster situations. USA Federal Government and Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Healthcare organizations can receive support and direction for healthcare emergency preparedness from their local. 2001 attacks and brought more into the public spotlight following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. 7. • The Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP).596. and other healthcare organizations to prepare for and respond to disasters and events. • The Joint Commission publishes a set of Emergency Management Standards that many accredited hospitals must adhere to. enterprise software and can be accessed with any internet connection and browser. From the Federal government. In 2005. LiveProcess received U. Patent No. In 2009.608 for its Networked Emergency Management System. the Georgia Division of Public Health allocated $3. In the same year.LiveProcess 101 LiveProcess LiveProcess is a company that provides a Software as a service (SaaS) platform that allows emergency preparedness coordinators at hospitals. public health agencies and other healthcare organizations a common platform to communicate. Georgia was the first state to adopt the platform statewide.

com/ videobeta/ watch/ ?watch=510afe08-ef94-42aa-9f6f-3e4e0ff34f0c& src=front . com [2] http:/ / blog. com [3] http:/ / www.com [1] Corporate website Healthcare Emergency Management blog [2] AHA Solutions [3] AHA Solutions page about LiveProcess Healthcare IT News [4] Story about Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta using LiveProcess during the 2009-H1N1 pandemic • Video from The 33 News in Dallas [5] Flu fighters video from May 2009 • • • • References [1] http:/ / www. aha-solutions. the33tv. healthcareitnews.LiveProcess 102 External links LiveProcess. com/ news/ atlanta-hospital-uses-web-based-technology-help-manage-flu-surge [5] http:/ / www. liveprocess. liveprocess. org/ aha-solutions_app/ ControllerServlet?action=displayComponent& componentID=414689627& platformID=9684994 [4] http:/ / www.

There are several LotusLive offerings: • LotusLive Connections provides an integrated set of collaboration tools for business networking. web-based online meeting service. LinkedIn. Salesforce.com [1] LotusLive is a suite of business networking and collaboration cloud-based services hosted by the Lotus Software division of IBM.[5] [6] LotusLive also provides mechanisms for third-party applications to integrate with LotusLive. • LotusLive Engage combines the functionality of LotusLive Connections and LotusLive Meetings. managing collaborative tasks called "Activities.LotusLive 103 LotusLive LotusLive Developer(s) Stable release Lotus Software Beta Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Software as a service.[7] [9] . • LotusLive Events adds event management (such as automatic e-mail announcements and event rehearsal) to LotusLive Meetings. • LotusLive Meetings is a full-featured. web 2. It uses the messaging assets that IBM acquired from Outblaze. file sharing. It is a renaming of Lotus Notes Hosted Messaging. instant messaging. data visualization and e-mail.0 Subscription lotuslive.com. and Silanis. This service was formerly known as Lotus Sametime Unyte Events. formerly known as Lotus Sametime Unyte Meeting. a Hong Kong-based online application service provider. UPS.[7] [8] The LotusLive brand was first introduced at Lotusphere 2009." visualizing data. and sending out surveys. The integrated services include social networking for businesses. collaboration. IBM has announced integration with Skype. • LotusLive iNotes is a web-based e-mail and calendar service. It was [2] [3] [4] code-named "Bluehouse" and was first announced at Lotusphere in January 2008. • LotusLive Notes is a service where a customer uses its installation of Lotus Notes to access an installation of the Lotus Domino e-mail and calendar server that is hosted and managed by IBM Lotus. online meetings. sharing files. instant message.

Press release. "SaaS takes centre stage at Lotusphere" (http:/ / www.ibm. .com/developerworks/lotus/library/lotuslive-intro/) DeveloperWorks article on LotusLive Engage (http://www. Ars Technica. [6] Ashenden. com/ blogs/ MWD/ 2009/ 1/ saas_takes_centre_stage_at_lotusph_. IT-Director.com. Retrieved 2010-09-21. "What Is IBM LotusLive? SAAS with Great Promise but Confusing Branding" (http:/ / www. com/ press/ us/ en/ pressrelease/ 26504. . "IBM Lotus Introduces New Portfolio of Integrated Cloud Services" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2009-01-25.ibm.com/developerworks/lotus/library/ lotuslive-engage/) . services to LotusLive" (http:/ / www. com/ news. . Press release. Clint (2008-10-06). "IBM Unveils Plans for Collaboration Software and Services for Small-and-Medium Sized Businesses" (http:/ / www. cbronline. Retrieved 2009-01-25. ibm. [4] Boulton. eWeek. ibm. [7] IBM (2009-01-19). [5] IBM (2009-01-15).ibm. eweek. [9] Boulton. com/ c/ a/ Messaging-and-Collaboration/ IBM-is-Closer-to-Building-Bluehouse-to-Compete-With-Cisco-Google-Microsoft/ ). David (2008-10-07). Clint (2009-01-22).LotusLive 104 Notes [1] http:/ / www. eweek. ibm. lotuslive. "IBM Announces Intent to Acquire Outblaze's E-Mail Service Assets" (http:/ / www. . Press release.com/software/lotus/products/notes-hosted-messaging/) DeveloperWorks article on LotusLive (http://www. wss). External links • • • • LotusLive Homepage (http://www. eWeek. Retrieved 2009-01-25. wss). Retrieved 2009-01-25. "IBM Closer to Building Bluehouse to Compete with Cisco. Retrieved 2009-01-25. [8] "IBM adds new tools.lotuslive. wss). . Retrieved 2009-01-25. "Big Blue goes social with Bluehouse collaboration platform" (http:/ / arstechnica. ars/ post/ 20081007-big-blue-goes-social-with-bluehouse-collaboration-platform. [3] Chartier. html). Angela (2009-01-23). . html). . Google. com/ [2] IBM (2008-01-21). Retrieved 2009-01-25. com/ news/ ibm_adds_new_tools_services_to_lotuslive_100415).com) Lotus Notes Hosted Messaging (http://www. com/ press/ us/ en/ pressrelease/ 23326. 2010-04-14. com/ c/ a/ Messaging-and-Collaboration/ What-is-IBM-LotusLive-SAAS-With-Great-Promise-But-Confusing-Branding/ ). Microsoft Cloud Offerings" (http:/ / www. . Computer Business Review. com/ press/ us/ en/ pressrelease/ 26486. it-director.

This release included support for a number of pre-built templates. Bnet. . . CanvasDemos (5 August 2010). "Create and Share Flow Charts with LucidChart" (http:/ / blogs. bnet. an entirely new user interface. and additional social features. LifeHacker. "LucidChart" (http:/ / www.Online Diagramming & Flowcharting [8] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] http:/ / www. Google Docs. canvasdemos. The current major revision of LucidChart was released on July 31. LifeHacker. "LucidChart 2. It features a drag-and-drop interface and real-time collaboration capabilities[3] . . 2010[7] . [6] Kevin Purdy (15 April 2010). UML designs. lucidchart. Uses excanvas for IE8 support. organisational charts. a Provo. [8] http:/ / lucidchart. com/ . . com http:/ / lucidchart. It can be used to create flowcharts. doodle art and many other diagram types. CanvasDemos. etc). lucidchart. first announced its LucidChart visual collaboration platform[5] in December 2008 as a public beta version. com/ 2010/ 08/ 05/ lucidchart/ ). Underlying Technology LucidChart uses canvas for all rendering. LucidChart allows printing to vector PDFs as well as raster JPEG and PNG images. LucidChart was added to the Google Apps Marketplace[6] in April 2010. Mac OS X and Linux. [7] Darrell Swain (31 July 2010). software prototyping. "LucidChart Makes Stripped-Down Flowcharts for Free" (http:/ / lifehacker. com Rick Broida (18 December 2008). it runs on Microsoft Windows. com/ 5517897/ lucidchart-and-creately-plug-flowchart-tools-into-google-apps). "LucidChart and Creately Plug Flowchart Tools into Google Apps" (http:/ / lifehacker. com/ businesstips/ ?p=2222).LucidChart 105 LucidChart LucidChart . com/ blog/ 2010/ 07/ 31/ lucidchart-2-0/ ). Kevin Purdy (17 December 2008). LLC. website wireframes. including many of the UI elements. . LucidChart. Being a browser-based application with support for all modern web browsers like Firefox. Utah-based startup. External links • LucidChart. mind maps. Launch LucidChart. This software is notable because it is built on web standards such as HTML5 and Javascript and provides real-time collaboration for the creation of graphical content.Online Diagramming and Flowcharting Developer(s) Lucid [1] Type License Website Diagramming software Free & Paid Subscriptions LucidChart website [2] LucidChart is a web-based diagramming.[4] LucidChart's user interface makes heavy use of both jQuery and Google's Closure Library (which Google uses for Gmail. Safari and Opera browser.0" (http:/ / www. com/ 5112133/ lucidchart-makes-stripped+ down-flowcharts-for-free). electrical designs. and flowchart software.

The service does not require client software installation. FOPE also offers policy-based encryption of email messages. Integrations with third party applications. external Web Services References [1] What are Mashup Applications (http:/ / www.1.cordysprocessfactory. but is activated by changing each customer's MX record.MashApps 106 MashApps MashApps are process-centric Cloud applications for small and medium enterprises and departmental deployments.com/) • Cordys (http://www. Building a MashApp does not require programming languages like Enterprise Mashup Markup Language. com/ cloud-applications/ mashup-applications) External links • Cordys Process Factory (http://www.[1] Each customer pays for the service by means of a subscription. such as adding users and configuring filtering. both on-premise and on-demand systems can be modeled without much dependency on the IT team. New MashApps are assembled from an existing repository of reusable mashup components like Process Library. that removes spam and viruses from e-mail messages. owned by Microsoft. It is part of the Microsoft Forefront group of products. MashApps Development Process The MashApps are built from an online Mashup enabler called the MashApp Composer.com) Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) is a hosted e-mail security service.cordys. Mashup Applications can be shared between users or organizations. The console allows customers to perform management tasks. .[2] The current version of FOPE is 10. MashApps can be used to solve different types of business problems within an enterprise.[1] Users looking for MashApps for their business scenarios can either build it themselves or look for similar solutions that are readily available on the Google Apps Marketplace. cordysprocessfactory. Most administrative tasks are performed through the use of a web-based administrative console.

and it became a subsidiary of Microsoft. in 2005.pdf) • FOPE User Guide (http://technet.com/download/B/8/4/ B84B3C39-4E71-4172-92AF-6779851DC967/FOPE_Datasheet. Microsoft acquired FrontBridge Technologies Inc. microsoft. mspx) External links • Official website (http://www.aspx) • Microsoft Forefront Server Protection Blog (http://blogs.com/presspass/press/2005/jul05/07-20FrontBridgePR.mspx) .microsoft. com/ download/ B/ 8/ 4/ B84B3C39-4E71-4172-92AF-6779851DC967/ FOPE_Datasheet.microsoft. a Leading Provider of Secure Messaging Services (http://www.microsoft. pdf) [2] Forefront Online Protection for Exchange Overview (http:/ / technet.[3] References [1] Forefront Online Protection for Exchange Datasheet (http:/ / download.technet. microsoft. com/ en-us/ library/ ff715134. microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff715254.com/b/fss/) • Forefront Online Protection for Exchange Datasheet (http://download. com/ presspass/ press/ 2005/ aug05/ 08-31FrontBridgeCompletePR. aspx) [3] Microsoft Completes Acquisition of FrontBridge Technologies (http:/ / www.com/online/exchange-email-filtering.Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange 107 History Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange was originally created by FrontBridge Technologies. microsoft.aspx) • Microsoft to Acquire FrontBridge Technologies.

MobileMe.6. change the password on the device. All members of iTools and . Apple discontinued offering MobileMe through its retail stores. Apple relaunched it as . January 5. a free collection of Internet-based services for users of Mac OS 9. A user can see the device's approximate location on a map (along with a circle showing the radius of inaccuracy).1 software update on November 22. as iTools. Originally launched on January 5. Support for MobileMe is available via chat and telephone.com] MobileMe (formerly . including Microsoft Outlook as long as the user is using version 2003 or later. began providing Internet services for Mac OS X. display a message and/or play a sound on the device (even if it is set to silent). 2002 as .com or a number of supported applications.me. and Windows.0 software update as a feature for MobileMe users. However. Find My iPhone MobileMe allows users to track the location of their iPhone. 2008. 2002. iOS. An app has also been released by Apple which allows users to locate their iPhone from another device running the iOS 4 software. Windows. 2000 as iTools July 17. The MobileMe retail boxes are also not offered through resellers anymore.[2] It is now only possible to purchase MobileMe by signing up for a free 60-day trial through Apple's website.Mac and iTools) is a subscription-based collection of online services and software offered by Apple Inc. when it became a paid subscription service primarily designed for users of Mac OS X.com.Mac received a special @mac.com e-mail address and are no longer restricted to Mac OS X software such as Mail and iCal.5 / December 16. The feature was first announced on June 10. Apple relaunched the service again as MobileMe at WWDC 2008 on July 9.com www. Services iTools and . now targeting Mac OS X. but only for devices introduced in 2010. showing the service's ties to the Mac hardware.Mac July 9. 2010.[3] Find My iPhone was made free of charge with the iOS 4. with the release of the iPhone 3G in 2008.me. after this period one's credit card is charged $99. iPhone. the renamed service. and remotely erase its contents. 2000. iPod Touch or iPad via the web portal at me.2. 2009 and was included in iOS 3. Members of MobileMe are given a @me. 2008 as MobileMe [1] 1.Mac on July 17.com e-mail address. On February 24th.Mac were designed primarily to provide Internet services for Mac owners. and they can access personal data from any computer connected to the Internet using the web interface at me. 2011.MobileMe 108 MobileMe MobileMe Developer(s) Initial release Apple Inc. 2010 Stable release Operating system Mac OS X Microsoft Windows iOS Web-based Type License Website Internet suite Subscription [www. and iPod Touch users. iPad.[4] .

and the Notes app on the iPhone) are synced via the MobileMe service. Family members also have a Shared folder in their iDisk with which they can share access to data amongst themselves. Photos and videos can be uploaded in the web browser at me. Subscription calendars in iCal on a Mac computer are not viewable on the online MobileMe service (although "Birthdays" is viewable online. Notes (from the Mail app on a Mac computer. including iPhoto and iMovie. Calendar>Add Account.but only through iPhoto or iMovie on MacOS X. me.ics) subscription calendars). rather than CalDAV or iCalendar (.com. each sub-account having its own email address. However cannot be viewed or edited online. To Do lists (controlled from the Mail app and the iCal app on a Mac computer) are viewable and editable through the MobileMe web site (under the Calendar tab). synced by iPhoto or Aperture on MacOS X or uploaded from the iPhone and iPod touch. online storage and being able to use all the MobileMe features. Supported devices include the iPhone. If a user makes a change to a contact or event on one device it will be automatically synced to the MobileMe servers and. all the user's other devices. Members can buy additional storage in 20 GB or 40 GB allocations. In a family account. except looking them up individually in Contacts). Contacts. The Family Pack includes 40 GB of storage split among one 20 GB individual (primary) and four 5 GB sub-accounts. Users can also upload movies from within applications available on the Mac. but are not viewable or editable on an iPhone. but subscription calendars are available to view in Calendar by adding them through Settings>Mail. or sent by the dedicated e-mail address).com. or Microsoft Outlook 2003 or later on Microsoft Windows. Address Book and iCal on Mac OS X. will be synced back to iPhoto or Aperture. on the iPhone "Birthdays" from Contacts on the iPhone are not viewable on the Calendar app (nor any other method. Galleries can be made public or hidden. or can be password protected . All uploads by viewers of the gallery (either by the iPhone or iPod touch. The Individual plan includes 20 GB of email and file storage and 200 GB of monthly data transfer. as it gathers its information from Address Book. Address book and calendar MobileMe maintains a synchronized address book and calendar feature using Push functions.MobileMe 109 Storage MobileMe has two different plans. by extension. although sub-account storage cannot be upgraded. the amount of storage is designated per account. Both the primary account and sub-accounts have read/write access to this folder and is limited to the free space available in the primary user's iDisk.[5] [6] [7] MobileMe Gallery MobileMe has a public photo and video gallery feature. Conversely. MobileMe also provides the user with an e-mail address that is used only for uploading photos and videos. With the announcement of iOS 4 the sync for Notes over IMAP (including MobileMe) was implemented. .

Another way to use iDisk to share several files easily is by placing them in the iDisk Public Folder. Supported browsers for me. In addition. and then install MobileMe Control Panel. which can also be password protected. the web host doesn't support any server side language such as PHP or Apache. Calendar. protected by password. It also allows sharing of files by selecting a given file using me. and can control sync settings for contacts.1 or later (Mac OS X and Windows).5 or later (Mac OS X and Windows). either to a domain name that they control or to a page on the me. the user must first download and install the latest version of iTunes.com include Mail.MobileMe 110 iDisk MobileMe features iDisk. Internet Explorer 7 (Windows). Users without iWeb can also publish websites by placing files to the Web/Sites folder in iDisk. Web applications MobileMe uses Ajax and Dynamic HTML to simulate the look and feel of desktop applications within the user's web browser. however this has not been confirmed by Apple.com. To install. Most of the me.com/idisk or the iDisk iPhone app. iChat users using a MobileMe account can encrypt their chats with other MobileMe members using iChat.com are Safari 3. Contacts. that can be then shared by email. the user signs into the control panel using their username and password. Gallery.com web applications are built on top of the open source SproutCore Javascript framework. an online storage repository accessible via a web browser at me. various Apps for the iOS. Applications on me. Users can also configure features such as e-mail aliases or domain names for the iWeb Publish feature.[9] iChat/AIM MobileMe users can connect to the AIM service with their @mac.[8] iWeb Publish Users of Mac OS X v10. Finder on Mac OS X. However. and then clicking a Share button that will generate a unique link to this file.com accounts. PC synchronization Users who wish to sync their MobileMe data with a PC must download and install MobileMe Control Panel.5 or later can use the iLife '08 or iLife '09 or iLife '11 application iWeb to publish websites hosted on their MobileMe account. in a similar manner to the MobileMe preference panel built into Mac OS X. and Firefox 3. Find My iPhone and iDisk access. You can also access the MobileMe Chat account on an iPhone or an iPod touch.[10] . but are not fully supported. After installation. Success has also been reported using the Konqueror browser on Linux.0. or any other iOS app that supports the AIM protocol.com or @me. and iDisk settings such as public folder access. plus an Account section. calendars and bookmarks. and Internet Explorer 8 (Windows). or as a remote disk in Microsoft Windows. using the free or paid-for versions of the AIM application provided by AOL.com website. Safari 3. MobileMe connections are secured by SSL encryption.0 will run the web applications. Firefox 3. MobileMe is accessible from Linux using Firefox 3 despite a warning that will be presented to the user upon entry.

25 / € 105. mostly within the iLife suite. which sends an email to invited persons. Most notably. as well as a new list view to make scanning events easier.[12] However. font changing. Users wishing to view a public calendar must now manually subscribe with a CalDAV compatible calendar device.MobileMe 111 MobileMe Mail Beta MobileMe Mail Beta was released on May 13. like . Performances have also been increased. since Outlook users cannot sync their primary Outlook calendar to a MobileMe calendar anymore.Mac.45 $ 92. 2010.45 Europe (non EU)† and Africa Singapore Japan Australia † 9800 ¥ 15600 ¥ A$ 119 A$ 179 With exception of Switzerland: € 70.Mac and iTools before it.29 S$ 148 Price Family $ 149 C$ 159 £ 91 € 119 € 98.63 $ 123.82[14] (Prices sourced from www.[13] Pricing The annual cost of the service varies by location. though they are only uploaded when the iDisk is mounted.[11] MobileMe Calendar Beta MobileMe Calendar Beta was released on July 6.apple. then they answer by clicking a simple link (they don't have to be MobileMe members).41 $ 116. is closely integrated with Mac OS X. week. This mechanism was one of the early ways to receive free software as part of . Integration Mac OS X MobileMe. and alarms and notifications do not work. Having a MobileMe account extends the functions of many programs. This means that a MobileMe calendar is always seen by Outlook as a secondary calendar. and month views. It also supports CalDAV standard for compatibility with multiple devices. any iDisk can be mounted as any other volume on the Mac OS X desktop.35 S$ 228 Personal in US$ (for comparison) $ 99 $ 113.70 $ 112.com with redesigned day. 2010. It is possible to queue files for upload to an offline iDisk. wide screen views and much more.14 $ 96. Country Personal USA Canada United Kingdom Eurozone [14] [14] US$ 99 C$ 109 £ 60 € 79 € 65. 2010. Compatibility with Microsoft Outlook suffered too. iDisk commands are located in the "Go" menu of the Finder. with these updates came some decreased functionality. . MobileMe Calendar Beta includes a new web application at me. The capability to publish iCal calendars as publicly viewable web pages was removed. Furthermore.com/mobileme on 16 April 2010).93 $ 117. It was released as a final version on June 18. it is possible to mount the public portion of another user's iDisk. the only way to integrate MobileMe with Outlook now is to have a MobileMe calendar linked in through CalDAV. MobileMe Mail Beta includes many new features such as photo inserting. It also features new sharing options that allow invited users to edit a shared calendar. It supports invitation through RSVPs.

In August 2010. Safari Bookmarks syncing across devices. any Address Book entries. published website. iPad and iPod touch. a free greeting card service.me. iPhoto can be used for one-click web-publishing of photo albums. via links to each function directly. iPad and iPod Touch that allows mobile access to the Find My iPhone feature.com e-mail addresses. a free web page publishing service.me. See list: • • • • • http://www. Gallery. .me. Public URL subdomains There are public subdomain access points to each MobileMe members' individual account functions. These provide direct public web access to each MobileMe users account. and published calendars (not available currently). Apple introduced a feature that allows users to stream music that's stored on their iDisk in the background from their device. Services offered by iTools included the first availability of @mac. Address Book syncing with Contacts. HomePage. Safari bookmarks and keychains.com – member login.[17] With the prior . Public folder. a collection of reviews of popular web sites.me. allowing easy synchronization between multiple computers. a directory of family-friendly web sites. there is no calendar publishing available.com/<username> – member Website access.[16] Also. iTools iTools was primarily a Mac-only offering and provided only limited. and KidSafe. http://public. the iMovie. http://ical. iWeb allows users to create web pages that can be uploaded to iDisk and published. iCal events and to-do entries. In the older system. http://gallery. iTools was made available free of charge for Macintosh users.com/<username> – member public photo/video Gallery. mail signatures. discussion board-based technical support. many calendars could be published at the same time. an online data storage system. mail accounts. In the current iteration of MobileMe. Apple later introduced the iDisk [18] application for the iPhone and iPod touch. iReview.[19] There is also a universal application [20] for iPhone.Mac service. mail rules. iPhoto. the first version of iDisk.com/<username> – member Public folder access. 2000. iCards. Announced and released at Macworld Expo San Francisco on January 5. some features of iTools were accessible via non-Mac platforms although a Mac was needed to establish an account. and smart mailboxes can be synched with the iDisk. for use through a web-based interface or other applications such as Outlook Express. Backup software can be used to make backups to iDisk or local media. and iTunes libraries could easily be uploaded to any iDisk (subject to various licensing agreements).com/<username>/<calendar name> – member individual calendar publishing. http://web. 112 iOS MobileMe integrates with various applications on the iPhone.me. which makes it easier for members to access the contents of their iDisk from their iPhone or iPod touch. GarageBand.MobileMe Additionally. Mail syncing across devices.[15] iCal can be used to publish calendars to the web. However. History iTools The original collection of Internet software and services now known as MobileMe was first called iTools. This includes iCal syncing with Calendar.

available at stores and online (as a physical product).5 used . the personal web hosting service. 2002 that more than 100.Mac license agreement). and ability to resize panels.Mac was overpriced.[22] The new .com e-mail accounts. 113 .Mac since its launch earlier that year. CD or DVD. that day. as a subscription-based suite of services with a dedicated technical support team.Mac account now came with 10 GB of storage space that could be divided between e-mail storage for an @mac. @mac.m. leaving customers redirected to the MobileMe information page. New services offered by .Mac occasionally received new features. a live-updating three-way split view. (both Pacific Time).Mac Mail service whose interface was close to that of Mac OS X Mail.Mac at Macworld Expo New York on July 17. Each .[26] At WWDC on June 9.Mac to provide dynamic DNS services for its Back to My Mac feature.Mac was also offered in a boxed version. the online disk storage service. a personal backup solution that allows users to archive data to their iDisk. and iCards. The new functionality was built on top of AJAX and provided drag-and-drop. MobileMe officially went live during July 11.Mac subscribers until June 15. The storage space for both e-mail and an iDisk could be used in any way the user wanted. This move generated a mixed reaction among Mac users.[21] The e-mail service supported POP. 2002. Although the original version of iDisk used AppleShare IP for transport and required Mac OS 9. subject to the terms of the . it was eventually updated to use WebDAV technology and therefore opened up access to non-Mac operating systems. After several hours of infrequent service.m. modifying HomePage content was possible using a web browser on Windows or via Linux.[29] Several . the online greeting card service. This was launched on July 9. MobileMe Initial speculation about a new service to replace . similar to Flickr and YouTube combined. IMAP and Webmail access via web browser.com domain name.MobileMe For example.Mac included Backup.m. and increasing support needs. Apple's CEO Steve Jobs announced new features for . .Mac accounts during a free trial period that ended on September 30. accounts were transitioned to . including a new Web Gallery feature.m. Apple launched an update to its .[24] . 2008.Mac [23] Existing iTools subscribed to . and 2 a.Mac As costs rose. when Apple bought the me.[25] Mac OS X v10.[28] where there was no option to log in.com was taken offline from 8 p.[27] MobileMe was taken offline a short time later. Apple announced that . 2002.Mac came in early June 2008. the e-mail service provider offering both POP and IMAP protocols. iTools was renamed . iDisk. On August 7. the wide demand for @mac.Mac would be replaced by MobileMe. 2007. some believing . including upgraded versions of HomePage.000 people had . The box contained an activation code that was entered when registering or renewing a subscription. Users who wanted additional storage capacity could buy up to a total of 30 GB for a higher annual fee. An account preference allowed the user to decide how much storage space to allocate to either service as they see fit.com. most particularly due to iDisk storage space.Mac features were removed after the transition to MobileMe: . Apple even offered an application for use with Windows XP.com e-mail address and the user's iDisk. to 12 a. 2008. 2008: mac. a virus scanner given to . In October 2006. and the MobileMe service went live between 8 p.Mac. a remote desktop service. 2005.Mac offered several tools to subscribers. Apple announced on September 17. and McAfee Virex.

com/ mobileme/ news/ 2010/ 07/ preview-the-new-mobileme-calendar-beta. it was announced that MobileMe 114 subscribers would be offered a 60-day extension in addition to the one-month extension previously offered. dated 10 July 2009. 2008. com/ 2008/ 07/ howto-apples-mobileme-on-linux/ ). "Apple discontinues sale of MobileMe retail boxes as overhaul looms" (http:/ / www. (November 22. Retrieved 2011-03-27. With the removal of the packages. . 2008. 2008. [2] appleinsider. dated 17 June 2009. [5] Copying Calendar subscriptions from iCal to your iPhone or iPod touch (http:/ / support. Retrieved January 17. Retrieved July 22. html).0 software and the App Store”.[37] Initial versions of the Windows MobileMe control panel allowed synchronization of corporate Outlook accounts with MobileMe. com/ kb/ HT1774) Apple. This was suspected to be related to the . pdf). jspa?threadID=2680921& start=0& tstart=0).. [3] Slivka. Retrieved January 17. such as iLife integration)[30] • iCards • web-access to bookmarks • . apple. this is by design and is not a bug that will be fixed.Mac successor. . iPhone 2. Apple. macrumors. [12] "Preview the New MobileMe Calendar Beta" (http:/ / www. Steve Jobs admitted that MobileMe was launched too hurriedly and “not up to Apple’s standards”. Backups from Backup can be stored onto your iDisk. leading Apple to issue refunds and extend the free trial to four months.[39] As of today. apple.com (2011-02-24).Mac Groups (with files uploaded to Groups being transferred to group owners' "Group Archive" folder). info. 2011. com/ en_US/ iPhone_User_Guide. . however. [4] O'Grady." (http:/ / www.[33] There were reports of users being unable to access any of the Mail functions of MobileMe.MobileMe • Support for Mac OS X 10. 2011. me. apple. In an internal e-mail sent to Apple employees on August 4. "iOS 4.com. Retrieved 2010-07-31.[34] The free trial of MobileMe inadvertently charged some Australian and European customers’ credit cards.[38] On August 18. com/ 2009/ 06/ 08/ iphone-os-3-0-launching-june-17th/ ). html).0 Launching June 17th . ZDNet. html). apple. MacRumors. Jason D.4.5 or later. [7] iPhone User Guide pdf (http:/ / manuals. Press release. A mid-2008 update to the control panel removed the ability to synchronize Outlook to MobileMe when Outlook is using Microsoft Exchange Server Calendars and Contacts. dated 03 August 2009 [6] [MobileMe: Syncing calendar subscriptions and CalDAV calendars]." (http:/ / www. apple. the service is still purchasable online. 2010). .2 released. zdnet. Retrieved 2010-07-12. com/ mobileme/ features/ pc. According to Apple Support. com/ mobileme/ news/ 2010/ 06/ the-new-mobileme-mail-available-to-all-members. Retrieved 2009-07-11.10 or earlier (some features require Mac OS X 10. [13] "Apple Discussions . Apple created a status news page and revamped their support page. References [1] "MobileMe Control Panel for Windows" (http:/ / support. com/ currency_table/ ) . Tethering in Some Countries" (http:/ / www. Eric (June 8.MobileMe also works great with your PC. "iPhone OS 3. There is no support for synchronizing even standalone Outlook Tasks and Notes to MobileMe.Mac accounts and other issues. . [8] Using your iDisk to share files (http:/ / support. "Howto: Apple's MobileMe on Linux" (http:/ / www. as a . apple. was initially criticized during its launch for being unstable[32] and for having syncing problems. com/ kb/ DL769). apple. Retrieved 2011-02-25. The launch of MobileMe was plagued by various issues.MMS. [9] Chavda. Pranav. Find My iPhone free for iPhone 4 users (updated)" (http:/ / www. [10] "Apple . html). Now Available to All Members. apple.Frustrated at Outlook calendar sync" (http:/ / discussions. com/ thread.com (https:/ / www. making it easier backing up settings and more. Retrieved 2008-09-18.Mac to MobileMe switch-over. appleinsider.Mac slides[31] • . com/ articles/ 11/ 02/ 24/ apple_discontinues_sale_of_mobileme_retail_boxes_as_overhaul_looms. He wrote that “it was a mistake to launch MobileMe at the same time as iPhone 3G. 2010). Apple Knowledge Base article TS1213. . Retrieved 2010-10-28. MobileMe. [14] Me.[35] [36] Because of the problems with switching over . The iDisk can be used as a hosting server for your MobileMe website. com/ blog/ apple/ ios-42-released-find-my-iphone-free-for-iphone-4-users-updated/ 8786). . MobileMe retail boxes have been removed from all Apple Stores. com/ kb/ HT3634). Apple Knowledge Base article HT3634. it is being rumored that Apple is rethinking/redesigning MobileMe again. [11] "MobileMe Mail. page 93 "Subscribing to Calendars". . . pranavchavda.

cfm?RSS& NewsID=22112) MacWorld. apple. uk/ macsoftware/ news/ index. . allthingsd. "What isn't making the cut from . com/ 2008/ 06/ 09/ what-isnt-making-the-cut-from-mac-to-mobileme/ ). co. Retrieved July 12..2 (http:/ / support. com/ WebObjects/ MZStore.asp) . au/ news/ biztech/ apples-mobileme-meltdown/ 2008/ 07/ 22/ 1216492418014. Retrieved 2008-07-27. com/ gb/ app/ find-my-iphone/ id376101648?mt=8 [21] iDisk Utility (http:/ / www.2817. computerworld. apple. Walt Apple’s MobileMe Is Far Too Flawed To Be Reliable (http:/ / ptech. [28] MobileMe information page (http:/ / www. [33] Mossberg. com/ 2008/ 06/ 09/ mobileme-macs-iphone-friendly-replacement). 2007 [16] Sharing Your Calendar (http:/ / www. [37] Status news page (http:/ / www. smh. 2008. Article dated December 19.MobileMe [15] . Retrieved July 8.Mac's iPhone-Friendly Replacement (http:/ / www. com/ 1/ webmail. php?minute_id=324).com/article2/0. . Merlin MobileMe: . 43 Folders. 43folders.. com/ pr/ library/ 2002/ sep/ 17dotmac. DoesWhat. [29] MobileMe appears to be up and running (http:/ / www. apple. 2008. apple. ars technica. com. html). html) [22] .. com/ mobileme/ ). apple. August 13. Retrieved July 22. 2010). "Apple Quietly Enables Online Streaming To iPhones. Computer World. The Wall Street Journal.com/mobileme/) • PC Magazine review of MobileMe (http://www. woa/ wa/ viewSoftware?id=320654497& mt=8 [19] Michael Robertson (August 3. com/ support/ mobileme/ ). [20] http:/ / itunes. iPads and iPod touches" (http:/ / www. com/ 2008/ 06/ 03/ apple-to-target-the-self-involved/ ). apple. Retrieved August 18. . 2008. The Unofficial Apple Weblog. Retrieved 2008-06-10. com/ action/ article. Inc. "Apple's MobileMe meltdown" (http:/ / www. 2008. com/ article. 2008. The Unofficial Apple Weblog. Weblogs. michaelrobertson. html) [24] "Net surfers are getting the message: Pay up. 2008). info.Mac Support (http:/ / www. 2010 [18] http:/ / itunes. html) [26] "Apple to target the self-involved" (http:/ / www. Retrieved August 19. [34] MobileMe users seethe over four-day e-mail outage (http:/ / www. 115 External links • Apple: MobileMe subscriber login (http://www. "Apple adds another month free for some MobileMe trials" (http:/ / www. ars/ 2008/ 08/ 05/ steve-jobs-on-mobileme-the-full-e-mail). 2008 [39] Apple offers MobileMe users a second extension (http:/ / www. 2010.Mac to MobileMe" (http:/ / www. [30] "MobileMe: What you need to know" (http:/ / www.uk. com/ 2008/ 07/ 22/ apple-adds-another-month-free-for-uk-mobileme-trials/ ). com/ archive. html). html) [17] MobileMe: About Backup 3. mac. html) [23] . . [27] Apple . Retrieved August 5. Asher (July 22. 2010. June 18. Retrieved 2008-06-03. apple. com/ 1/ learningcenter/ Modules/ dmCalendar_index. tuaw. Scott (2008-06-09). . [36] Moses. Inc. Weblogs. mac. com/ 2008/ 07/ 11/ mobile-me-appears-to-be-up-and-running/ ). tuaw. apple. com/ kb/ HT3991). 2002 [25] . tuaw. Retrieved 2008-06-22. Apple Inc.pcmag. macworld. com/ article/ 134025/ 2008/ 06/ mobileme. com/ journals/ apple. Retrieved June 9. do?command=viewArticleBasic& articleId=9112962& intsrc=hm_list). com/ mobileme/ news/ ).apple. TUAW. 2008. Retrieved July 23. [38] Steve Jobs on MobileMe: the full e-mail (http:/ / arstechnica. mac. [31] McNulty. com/ support/ dotmac/ ). The Sydney Morning Herald. apple." Seattle Post-Intelligencer Reporter. html?artnum=306929).me. Article dated April 13. support page (http:/ / www.Mac mail (http:/ / www. Robert (2008-06-22). Retrieved July 15.Mac Support (http:/ / docs.co. [35] Palmer. com/ 1/ idiskutility_download. com/ pr/ library/ 2002/ jul/ 17dotmac. . Macworld. com/ 20080723/ apples-mobileme-is-far-too-flawed-to-be-reliable/ ). apple.Mac announcement (http:/ / www. macworld. [32] Mann.00.Mac users (http:/ / www.com/) • Apple: MobileMe information page (http://www.2325469. 2008. doeswhat.

MVaaS 116 MVaaS MVaaS is an acronym for Managed Video as a Service. In an MVaaS architecture. [1] This ensures that the customer always has ultimate control of their video. this database is managed by the video monitoring provider. the video recorders and cameras at those locations. and with their video recorders. each customer is responsible for hosting their own database. or a log of which camera was monitored when. the customer’s video remains on the video recorders at the customer premises and is not stored in the central database. and the customer’s users. Envysion Insight can generate custom store-level and above-store reports. The customer interacts with the database. Software as a Service. Because the customer is freed from the details of hosting the database and web site. Arrowsight is compatible with third-party DVR/NVRs. the information about a customer’s physical locations. [4] uses an MVaaS architecture to integrate video with business tools such as Point of Sale (POS). The central database holds all the information that mediates access to this video and is important for maintaining and configuring the video recorders. and frees the customer and the video monitoring company from having to continuously consume bandwidth to transfer video from the video recorders to the central database. Under an MVaaS architecture.[2] Some customers prefer this because it allows them to simplify the video recorders that are on their premises. Envysion uses a proprietary hybrid Network Video Recorder and has integrated to many point-of-sale systems. and Access Control systems. . Video observations made by Arrowsight’s staff of video auditors. or via Arrowsight’s Web Service API for reading and updating the data. except the customer’s video is stored in the central database. but does not contain the video itself. additional information may be stored in the central database besides just the information about the video recorders and users. must be stored in a central database. This architecture is like MVaaS. Alternative architectures An alternative to MVaaS is Hosted Video as a Service. In a traditional architecture. via emailed reports and automated alerts. the video monitoring company may store observations or comments for each camera. HVaaS. the term MVaaS is intentionally similar to the well-known term SaaS. to allow them and their customers to more easily manage large numbers of digital video recorders (DVRs) or network video recorders (NVRs). It refers to a systems architecture used by companies that provide or enable video monitoring services. and send automated user-defined email alerts. In any scalable video monitoring architecture. Envysion Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS). are stored in the central database along with the information about each customers video recorders and users. The term Managed Video refers to the fact that in this architecture. For example. this information is sometimes said to be “in the cloud”. Indeed. MVaaS Providers Arrowsight [3] uses its own MVaaS architecture to provide video monitoring for business operations. All data can be accessed via the Arrowsight web site. not by the customer. or by the customers themselves. using a website also managed by the video monitoring provider.

info. envysion. com . "Value of Managed Video (MVaaS) for Video Surveillance" (http:/ / ipvideomarket. September 2008 [2] John Honovich. arrowsight. info/ report/ managed_video_mvaas_video_surveillance). July 2010 [3] http:/ / www. ipvideomarket. ipvideomarket. "Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) Comparison 2010" (http:/ / ipvideomarket. com [4] http:/ / www. info/ report/ hosted__managed_video_surveillance_comparison_2009).MVaaS 117 References [1] John Honovich.info.

music.1 and 6. text messages. 2009. browser favorites.My Phone 118 My Phone Microsoft My Phone Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Preview release Microsoft February 16.0401 / October 6. The service. a set of features for dealing with a lost phone that are sold as a Premium Package requiring a one-time fee. video and documents with a password-protected online portal where users can access and manage their information. The service uses Windows Live ID for authentication and the Windows Live server infrastructure for storing user information. 2009 Operating system Windows Mobile 6 or greater Platform Type Website Windows Mobile. which launched on October 6. microsoft.0.000 users in 200 countries beta tested the service scalability and features. Web-based Internet service http:/ / myphone. 6. The service also enables photo sharing and. Approximately 200. My Phone Free Features The service offers the following free features: . photos. provides a free mobile phone back-up solution by wirelessly synchronizing contacts. 2009 Beta / February 16. calendar appointments.5 and is available globally in 25 languages. in some markets. com My Phone is an online service with a companion mobile client application from Microsoft. My Phone supports Windows Mobile OS versions 6.05. My Phone Beta Microsoft announced and launched the beta version of My Phone at Mobile World Congress[1] on February 16. 2009 01.2128. tasks. 2009.

The Premium Package includes (1) erase. calendar appointments. sort. These features include: Feature Remote Ring Remote Lock Description Rings the phone loudly for 60 seconds even if it is set to silent or vibrate mode. My Phone supports up to 6 devices being paired to a single WLID account. text messages and browser favorites. (1) Lock. The Premium Package includes (3) rings. email. The function will erase all personal data including My Phone data types. (3) Map. The Premium Package is free to trial until November 30. Facebook. Photos. delete. The Premium Package includes (1) lock. They are sold as a package requiring a one-time fee of $4. My Phone can provide a map of the last known location of a phone based on last sync or last photo share. . Pairing multiple devices will result in the same information being synced to all connected devices. However. Data synchronized with My Phone can be restored or migrated to a 2nd device by installing the client and entering the same WLID credentials in setup.99 in the US. If My Phone detects conflicts between changes made on the phone and on the portal. the phone changes will always take precedence. applications. It will use whatever the device is using. 2009. if a user is syncing calendar and tasks with Exchange. The package is meant to be activated from the My Phone portal after the phone has been lost or stolen as long as the device is turned on and has connectivity. Back-up/Restore Multiple Devices Automatic Sync Online Access Storage Limits Photo Sharing Map Last Known Locationbeta Intelligent Sync Sync Conflicts My Phone Premium Feature Package My Phone offers a set of premium features in the event of a lost phone. calendar and tasks are added through the My Phone interface. This feature is currently only available in the United States. Allows users to lock a device and set a personal pin from the My Phone portal. Users can also enter an ‘if found’ message to be displayed on the locked screen. My Phone offers 200MB of free online storage. Presents the phone’s current location on a map. PC (tethered) or cellular connections. and application data. Daily sync will select a random time between 11PM and 5AM to automatically perform a wireless sync of detected changes or the user can designate a desired time. Users can set My Phone to sync daily. all new users will have (1) one free activation of the Package to be used at any time. find duplicates and archive synchronized data.My Phone 119 Feature Data Types Description My Phone synchronizes contacts. then contacts can be synced with My Phone. search. tasks. Contacts. weekly or manually. Individual files uploaded to the portal are limited to a maximum size of 15MB. The feature requires user opt-in and is not available in all markets. Once executed. The Premium Package includes (3) maps. edit. It also syncs photos. video and documents stored in the My Documents folder or on a removable Storage Card. Location accuracy may vary. The archive feature allows a user to keep content on the Web portal but remove it from the phone to free up storage space. add. The package includes 7-day access to (3) Ring. Manual will only sync when the user opens the mobile client application and selects ‘Sync’. My Phone supports photo sharing and captioning from the portal and from the phone to Windows Live. Erases the phone and resets it to factory default settings. After that date. The My Phone portal allows users to view. and (1) Erase. music. My Phone only syncs changes to data to minimize the bandwidth impact. Weekly sync will automatically sync on a user designated day and time. and other premium features will not work. videos and music can be uploaded from or downloaded to the PC. The service can connect via WiFi. but not contacts. My Phone will not sync data types that are being synchronized via an Exchange Active Sync partnership. Map Current Locationbeta Remotely Erase The premium features are available to users of the free service on an as-needed basis. generally prioritizing broadband connections over cellular. MySpace and Flickr. My Phone will no longer be able to connect to the phone. Users can select which data types they sync with the service.

France. United Kingdom. Portugal. Microsoft. External links • My Phone web portal (http://myphone. Mexico.com) . Denmark. Brazil. Canada. Retrieved 2009-03-13. Netherlands. .My Phone The Premium Package is available in the United States. Australia. 120 References [1] "Microsoft Reveals New Windows Phones With Marketplace and My Phone Services" (http:/ / www. Singapore and Taiwan. Italy. Poland. 2009-02-16. Japan. Sweden. Spain. mspx). Norway. com/ presspass/ press/ 2009/ feb09/ 02-16MWCPR. Greece. Finland.microsoft. microsoft. Germany.

com [2] Net-Results is a Marketing automation and demand generation software-as-a-service company that provides cost-effective services to small and medium enterprises. what links they click on. if they have been to the website previously. Once a website visitor has performed any of several opt-in actions such as completing a webform. Demand Generation. Net-Results can determine their identity and behavior. Ward.Net-Results.S. total visit duration. From that point forward. as well as search phrases. and location when available. company name.A. He noticed that someone had searched for a high-dollar item by specific model number on his client’s site but did not order. The email system is integrated with the visitor tracking system. An integral component of the Net-Results business objective is building strong relationships with resellers. Net-Results users know who opens their email. Suite 100 Golden. what pages they view. He envisioned the concept for the software while reviewing a client’s Web server file logs. phone number. how long each visit lasts. responding to an email. Identifying information may include the visitor's name. Lead management. time spent viewing each page. Email Marketing www. He realized that only a very specific type of customer with a fair amount of money would perform such a search. and that his client could greatly benefit from knowing who that visitor was. Services Website Marketing Automation. Colorado 80401 U. email address. webform mapping and Lead management to allow users to identify. referral sources. and communicate with website visitors and prospects. development began on Net-Results to turn Michael's concept of website visitor tracking into a widely-available service. Ward [1] Headquarters 651 Corporate Circle. pages viewed. and more. Net-Results integrates internet marketing elements such as email marketing. web analytics. users can follow up with customers and prospects in an automated fashion. or responding to a direct mail piece. History Net-Results was founded in 2003 by entrepreneur Michael P. These channel partnerships allow resellers to offer the Net-Results service to their respective customers. monitor. allowing users to continually monitor the interests of prospects and customers. With Net-Results email marketing services. .Net-results 121 Net-results Net-Results Type Industry Founded Founder(s) Private Software-as-a-service 2003 Michael P. and every time they return.

"Weaving in Web Marketing" [5]. com/ http:/ / www. D (2009). com/ apps/ pbcs. net-results. "B2B marketing automation provider offers a product for online retailers" [3]. Net-Results. html http:/ / blog. Internet Retailer. phoneplusmag. com/ dailyNews. "SMBs enter the marketing automation arena with a rush" [4]. • Henderson. internetretailer. com/ . smbmarketingautomation. com/ articles/ weaving-in-web-marketing. btobonline. C (2009). asp?id=30007 http:/ / www. com/ http:/ / www. Phone+ Magazine External links • Net-Results Website [2] • Net-Results Blog [6] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] http:/ / www. • Hosford. K (2009). dll/ article?AID=/ 20090413/ FREE/ 904139987/ http:/ / www.Net-results 122 Features Net-Results' published feature list includes: • • • • • • • • • • Marketing Automation Demand Generation Lead scoring Lead management Email Marketing Lead generation Lead Nurturing List Management Website Visitor Tracking Web Form Mapping and Data Capture References • Davis. BtoB Magazine.

• nApps: Nivio offers applications on the cloud and as a rental service which allows users to lease software applications for their online desktop and pay as you go usage • nDrive: Nivio offers online storage solutions for end users (up to 10 GB free storage and more storage available for purchase) • nShare: This service enables users to share data files.Nivio 123 Nivio nivio Industry Technology. nDesktop is World’s first windows-based online desktop that allows users real time access to their online desktop from any internet connected device. Nivio has a mass market focus and is starkly differentiated as an end user brand. The company was selected as a World Economic Forum . The online desktop offers unrestricted storage and power. anywhere in the world. liberating users from the traditional constraints of computing. unfettered access and the ability to rent original and updated software on a rental (pay as you go) basis. Nivio has close to 100 employees in its three offices located in India. Nivio’s flagship service is the world’s first Windows-based online desktop. music and pictures online publicly or privately from their own personalised URL . nivio. It enables customers to access their personal desktop from any device connected to the internet. Founded in 2004 by Sachin Dev Duggal and Saurabh Pradeep Dhoot.Technology Pioneer in 2009. Cloud Computing Number of locations 5 Key people Sachin Dev Duggal (President/CEO) Saurabh Dhoot (President) Matt Colebourne (COO) Rajul Batra (Board) Adrian Cox (Board) Hussein Kanji (Board) http:/ / www. The desktop has host of other offerings embedded into it that bring the holistic benefits of the cloud to a user. com Website Nivio is a global Cloud Computing innovator with the unique vision of removing computing constraints and providing ubiquitous access to Windows. the UK and Australia Products and services Services • nDesktop: Nivio’s flagship offering. Nivio’s vision is to connect everyone to software and content irrelevant of economics. the world’s first Windows-based Online Desktop was launched by nivio to provide the strength of computing to those with or without a PC. nivio is determined to change the complicated and expensive computing ecosystem of today.

be launching other major software vendors products within the service and also that it can migrate 98% of applications written for Windows to its platform and thereby allow such vendors to offer their products on a SaaS basis without re-development. to date. stating that its intention is simply to provide people access to their computer from whatever device they want. For this. plus a monthly service charge the user gets high-speed broadband access. with Bharti Airtel Limited of India. mouse and a set-top-box style terminal. There are rumors that the company intends to launch a phone and/or . This is a low cost offering including keyboard. Sachin Dev Duggal speaking massively increase Internet access without users having to incur at the World Economic Forum. Office 2007 and 10GB of storage.2009. the ability to rent full versions of all the Microsoft applications monthly and 10GB of free storage for life. no information has been released on take up. History 2004 Sachin D Duggal and Saurabh P Dhoot founded nivio with the vision to educate 100 million kids in India 2007 nivio launched the World’s first online Windows-based desktop 2009 nivio launched nivio companion with Airtel in India 2009 nivio recognized as a technology pioneer in the World Economic Forum 2009 Achievements Nivio gave the world its first Windows-based online desktop and allows users to use cloud computing services(soon to offer Windows 7). shortly. low-energy.[3] an early part of its “Computing without a computer” strategy. the expense of a full-function PC nor the complexity required to [4] manage one. Nivio has started operations in Australia having selected NEC to host its infrastructure for a newly launched hosted [5] Windows service. To be priced around $100–200. The company was selected as one of the 2009 Technology Pioneers by the World Economic Forum. full Windows XP functionality. Nivio also claims to be acting in the corporate world providing hot-desking and secure remote data access for legal firms and banks using the nivioGrid but managed by integration partners serving those customers and markets. The Indian media took up the story quite aggressively but. these compact devices will provide access to a Windows-based operating system and applications which reside in the cloud. The company also claims that it will. pioneering devices. The company claims not to be a hardware company.Nivio 124 Products • CloudBook and CloudPC – low-cost.[1] [2] Nivio also announced the launch of the nivioCompanion in 2009. The concept behind this is to nivio CEO and President.

http://www.nec-to-host-nivio-windows-services. a single enterprise (or extended enterprise).idc.. com/ pressrelease/ internet/ 2010013042436. designed for a market. Sachin participated in the World Economic Forum 2010 at Davos vouching his support for Cloud Computing and said "If you trust banks. html) [3] http:/ / www. weforum. according to research firm Zinnov Management Consulting.cms References [1] World Economic Forum . org/ en/ Communities/ Technology Pioneers/ SelectedTechPioneers/ index. nivio & Microsoft team up for online pc (http:/ / www. an internal shared resource.8 billion in the same time period. Server revenue for the much larger private cloud market will grow from $7. itnews.aspx?article=09_07_2010_012_002&mode=1 ) Nivio in Hindustan Times (http://www.com/india/news/nivio-pcthe-cloud/413284/) Market trends According to new research (in May 2010) from International Data Corporation (IDC). in/ india/ nivio-airtel-and-microsoft-team-up-for-online-pc-3761/ ) [5] http:/ / www. a part of the cloud computing market.youtube. com. indiatimes. htm) [7] http:/ / www.[6] . weforum. com/ India/ News/ Nivio_Awarded_WEFs_Technology_Pioneer_for_2009/ 551-96149-912. Private cloud deployment is designed for. nivio was awarded the Technology Pioneer Award by World Economic Forum [7] for its technical innovations in affordable computing access..livemint. IDC defines the public cloud as being open to a largely unrestricted universe of potential users.3 billion to $11. and access restricted to. http:/ / economictimes. not for a single enterprise.business-standard.your data is safe!".com/ArticleImage.Technology Pioneers (http:/ / www. 125 Awards and recognition In 2009. Media appearances • • • • Sachin’s interview with Young Turks. server revenue for public cloud computing will grow from $582 million in 2009 to $718 million in 2014.com/watch?v=Pk96UC57Mmw ) Nivio in Mint (http://epaper. Mr Sachin Dev Duggal was appointed Youth Leader of the National Computer and Electronics Committee by ASSOCHAM. the President and CEO. cxotoday. not a commercial offering. trust the cloud. htm#profiles .hindustantimes. Later in the year. the research firm predicts.aspx ) Nivio in BS Strategist (http://www. CNBC (http://www.jsp?containerId=prUS22335610 India’s cloud computing market will be worth around $1 billion over the next five years. will touch $650 million in revenues by 2015. html [4] Airtel.com/getdoc. Nivio says that is set to launch new products in the year which it claims are set to change the way users compute using the cloud.com/On-cloud-nine/Article1-569458. pluggd. aspx [6] (http:/ / www. Software-as-a-service (SaaS). org/ en/ Communities/ Technology%20Pioneers/ SelectedTechPioneers/ index. au/ News/ 167771. com/ infotech/ software/ Cloud-computing-biz-may-touch-1-bn-in-5-years/ articleshow/ 6080458. co.Nivio wifi device which will also access the service but Nivio has refused to confirm. indiaprwire. telegraph. IT organization as "vendor" of a shared/standard service to its users. htm#profiles) [2] (http:/ / www. from nearly $110 million currently. uk/ finance/ yourbusiness/ businesstechnology/ 5588193/ Review-Nivio-Companion-can-do-your-heavy-lifting.

The web apps allow users to access their documents directly from anywhere within a web browser as well as share files and collaborate with other users online. Microsoft Excel.nivio. Presentation.Nivio 126 External Links • nivio website (http://www. Live@edu or Office 365 . corporations and educational institutions are also able to host Office Web Apps using a subscription-based Microsoft Online Services. Notetaking and Word processor Freeware office.com/) • nivio blog (http://blog.nivio. Supported web browsers include Internet Explorer 7 or later. It includes the web-based versions of Microsoft Word.com and Facebook Messages • Microsoft Software Assurance customers are able to host Office Web Apps on-premise as part of their Microsoft SharePoint Server • Businesses. Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or later.microsoft.[2] Office Web Apps is available to its customers via three channels:[2] • Consumers are able to access Office Web Apps through Windows Live SkyDrive.com/web-apps/ [1] Office Web Apps is a web-based version of Microsoft Office productivity suite. Google Chrome and Safari 4.com/) Office Web Apps Office Web Apps Screenshot of Microsoft Word Web App running on Mozilla Firefox Developer(s) Microsoft Stable release Final / June 7. 2010 Platform Type License Website Web application Web application. Microsoft PowerPoint. Hotmail. Docs. Spreadsheet. and Microsoft OneNote.

and users of Office Live Workspace had been progressively migrated to Windows Live Office since this date. php?utm_source=SNSanalytics& utm_medium=Twitter& utm_campaign=Tech+ News). Microsoft Corporation. 2010.[3] Microsoft also offers other "Web Apps" in its Microsoft Office suite. readwriteweb. mspx) 13 July 2009 [8] Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft Office Web Apps: No test build until August (http:/ / blogs. "Office is now live on SkyDrive!" (http:/ / windowsteamblog. aspx). . mspx) 17 September 2009 [11] Finley. On 13 July 2009. microsoft. However. in August 2009. Sarah (2008-11-10). and it was announced that it will be available for testers during August 2009. Klint. microsoft. 2009. [6] CNet News: Next version of Office heads to the browser (http:/ / news. Lync Web App (formerly Office Communicator Web Access). after all (http:/ / blogs. 127 History Office Web Apps was first revealed on 28 October 2008 at the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) 2008 in Los Angeles. com/ web-apps/ [2] "Office Web Apps platform comparison overview" (http:/ / technet. Microsoft also announced that Office Web Apps will be available to users in three ways: via Windows Live for consumers (instead of the previously announced Office Live Workspace). zdnet. [3] Jason Moore.Office Web Apps Office Web Apps was released to the consumer public via Windows Live Office on June 7. Microsoft Corporation. The final version of Office Web Apps was made available to the public via Windows Live Office on June 7. com/ microsoft/ ?p=3316) 13 July 2009 [9] Mary Jo Foley: No Microsoft Office Web Apps test build in August. Retrieved 2010-08-16. [4] Microsoft PressPass: Microsoft to Extend Office to the Browser (http:/ / www. . microsoft. Retrieved 2010-08-16. Windows Live SkyDrive (7 June 2010). com/ presspass/ press/ 2009/ jul09/ 07-13Office2010WPCPR. Readwriteweb. Microsoft TechNet. . During PDC 2008. com/ enterprise/ 2010/ 06/ microsoft-rolls-out-office-web. 12 August 2010. com/ Presspass/ Features/ 2008/ oct08/ 10-28PDCOffice. microsoft. Windows Live Team Blog. aspx). Retrieved 22 January 2011. The service is intended to replace Office Live Workspace.net. . "Microsoft Office Web Applications . Office Web Apps was announced to be powered by AJAX as well as Silverlight. mspx) 28 October 2008 [5] Perez.Your Burning Questions Answered" (http:/ / on10. html) 28 October 2008 [7] Microsoft PressPass: Microsoft Office 2010 Hits Major Milestone and Enters Technical Preview (https:/ / www. On10. com/ library/ ff925944. Retrieved 7 June 2010. and Project Web App (formerly Project Web Access). . [4] Microsoft originally announced that Office Web Apps will be available through its Office Live Workspace offering. however the latter is optional and its availability will only "enhance the user experience.[9] Microsoft officially released the Technical Preview of Office Web Apps on 17 September.[8] However. [6] however. Office 2010 beta testers were not given access to Office Web Apps at this date.[7] Additionally. com/ windows_live/ b/ windowslive/ archive/ 2010/ 06/ 07/ office-is-now-live-on-skydrive. zdnet. cnet. com/ microsoft/ ?p=3794) 28 August 2009 [10] Microsoft PressPass: Microsoft Web Apps: Office Goes to the Web (http:/ / www. microsoft.[10] Office Web Apps was made available to selected testers via its Windows Live SkyDrive service. Principal Lead Program Manager. com/ 8301-13860_3-10076883-56. resulting in sharper images and improved rendering. net/ blogs/ sarahintampa/ Microsoft-Office-Web-Applications-Your-Burning-Questions-Answered/ ). [11] References [1] http:/ / office. "Microsoft Rolls Out Office Web Apps" (http:/ / www. the Technical Preview of Office Web Apps was not released until 2009. com/ presspass/ features/ 2009/ Sep09/ 09-17OfficeWebApps. such as the Outlook Web App (formerly Outlook Web Access).com. or via Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Online Services for business users. 2010. a Microsoft spokesperson stated that there has been a delay in the release of Office Web Apps Technical Preview and will not be available by the end of August." [5] Microsoft's Business Division President Stephen Elop stated during PDC 2008 that "a technology preview of Office Web Apps would become available later in 2008". Microsoft announced at its Worldwide Partners Conference 2009 in New Orleans that Microsoft Office 2010 reached its "Technical Preview" development milestone and features of Office Web Apps was demonstrated to the public for the first time.

document management. Asterisk. and Zoho. e-mail.like Google Apps. and IP telephony. the user is only required to use a modern Web browser. office123. net http:/ / www. External links • Office123 site [3] • Sourceforge Project site [4] References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / www. contact management.office123. Features Office123 main features include project management. Technology used Several open source projects served as a basis for development. It is delivered on-demand as SaaS. Roundcube. Microsoft Office Live.com) • Office Web Apps information page (http://office2010.microsoft. It is a fully featured online office suite with a similar set of features to other online office suites. net/ http:/ / sourceforge. office123. office123. and Alfresco. net/ projects/ office123/ . System requirements On the client side.live. Zimbra.com/en-us/web-apps/) Office123 Office123 Developer(s) Office123 Aps Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Small Business Proprietary www.net [1] Office123 is an open source based online office suite software developed by Office123 Aps[2] . content management system. Adempiere. Joomla. including Egroupware.Office Web Apps 128 External links • Windows Live Office (http://office. Office123 can also be categorized as collaborative software and as personal information manager software. net http:/ / www.

Usually.0 Conference. document review and document resource management. Collaborative applications which improve personal and organizational productivity. free software communities. regardless of which operating system they use. leveraging the Web 2. thereby leading to international web-based collaboration and virtual teamwork. It is a marketing neologism representing the concepts of office productivity applications as published applications rather than stand-alone programs. community based and centralised effort rather than the more traditional application running on a platform locally. originated with Ismael Ghalimi in an experimental effort to test whether he could perform all of his computer based work in online applications. the documents are still safely stored on the remote server. It is also the focus of the annual Office 2. • Online office suites provide the ability for a group of people to share a document without the need to run their own server. Office 2.[1] This allows people to work together worldwide and at any time. . • If the user's computer fails. Online service providers' backup processes and overall stability will generally be superior to that of most home systems. installation.Online office suite 129 Online office suite An online office suite or online productivity suite is a type of office suite offered by websites in the form of software as a service. Centralized storage of data. Users can access their documents from almost any computer with a connection to the Internet. In most cases. there is no specific charge for using the service for users who already have access to a computer with a web browser and a connection to the Internet. which is sometimes used to refer to online office suites. • There is no need to purchase or upgrade a software license. licensing and version control. • Online office suites can run out of thin clients with minimal hardware requirements.0 concept to conjure imagery of collaborative. including the ongoing upgrade chores of adding new features to or eliminating bugs from the office suite. Applications are often developed on the Web 2. • Online office suites are portable. the online office suite is available as software as a service. Office applications which are able to be run from multiple independent platforms with a suitable back-end framework to present the application in a uniform manner. rather than traditional personal data responsibility. They can be accessed online from any Internet-enabled device running any operating system. Applications which focus on collaborative data sharing. • There is no need to download or install software outside of the office suite's web page.0. Advantages • The cost is low. Players come from both the commercial software market and from the open source. the basic versions are offered for free and for more advanced versions one is required to pay a nominal subscription fee. Examples Examples of where the term may apply include: • • • • • The centralized administration of office productivity software. Instead.0 The term Office 2.0 paradigms with leverage on the existing developer community.

In that case.[6] Components An online office suite normally includes a broad set of applications. such as the following: Document creation and editing applications • • • • • Word processor Spreadsheet Presentation program Flowchart Raster image processor Publishing Applications • • • • • CMS Web portal Wiki Blog Forums . in many cases. However. That can be a problem for users who are limited by a slower connection to the Internet. • There may be a subscription charge to use the service. the ongoing subscription cost may be more expensive than purchasing offline software upfront. The term itself is likely to only be used as a reference to a group of selling points. the search and seizures provisions offered by the Fourth Amendment do not apply to online service providers storing third-party data.Online office suite 130 Disadvantages • Access requires connectivity--if the remote server or network is unavailable. technologists contend that these technologies have existed for some time. Most of the available online office suites require a high speed (broadband) Internet connection.[2] • There are speed and accessibility issues. • The user has no control over the version of the software used. in the long run. • The number of features available is an issue. • The user is reliant on the service provider for security and privacy of their documents. Online office suites lack the more advanced features available on their offline counterparts. the online suite will allow the user to regularly backup data or even provide synchronization of documents between the server and the local computer. particularly in the form of Microsoft Terminal Services based applications and Citrix XenApp published application frameworks. If the software is changed the user is forced to use the changed version. There are also questions as to how businesses will be affected by storing all of their documents in online environments. the content will also be unavailable. For example. even if the changed version is less suited to the user.[3] [4] [5] Criticism As with most marketing neologisms which later become accepted public trends.

(http://sites.com/action/article.zdnet.zdnet. com/ support/ bin/ answer. breitbart.google. do?command=viewArticleBasic& articleId=9007884) [2] Google docs documentation for offline use (http:/ / docs. AFP. htm). [3] Google software bug shared private online documents (http:/ / www. computerworld. March 10. The study is centered around utilizing Google apps in combination with other SAAS tools as a project workspace / collaboration environment. howstuffworks.php) • ICT Hub Knowledgebase (http://www.com/web2explorer/?p=20) • An article on Digital trends for 2008 highlights the coming of office applications on the mobile-based internet (http://infotech.computerworld.cms) . 2007 [5] Concerns About Google Docs (http:/ / communication. 54c3200989573ae4c9282658f91276df.indiatimes.icthubknowledgebase.readwriteweb. do?command=viewArticleBasic&articleId=9007884) • Will Web-based office suites beat Microsoft at its own game? (http://blogs.org.com/site/office20project/home) • “Online Office Suites: The Winner Is Clear” (http://www.com/microsoft/?p=346) • How Will Microsoft Respond To Online Office Threat (http://www.com/archives/ microsoft_office_online_threat. CNet. Accessed 18 January 2009. google. php?id=CNG. py?answer=92247& cbid=-hqwyyv7o9a6q& src=cb& lev=answer).com.com/Personal_Tech/Digital_Home/Digital_trends_for_2008/articleshow/ 2710636.Online office suite 131 Collaborative Applications • E-mail • Instant messaging (VoIP) • Calendar Management Applications • • • • • Data management Project management CRM ERP Accounting References [1] Online Office Suites: The Winner Is Clear (http:/ / www. html). September 12. com/ Google-denies-ownership-of-users-words/ 2100-1030_3-6207535. 481& show_article=1).uk/webofficetools) • The Web-based Office will have its day (http://blogs.com [6] NSA warrantless surveillance controversy External links • A project manager's practical study of project management and team collaboration tools. com/ action/ article. 2009 [4] Google denies ownership of users' words (http:/ / news. com/ google-docs4. HowStuffWorks. cnet. com/ article.

Warner Bros. THQ. it was announced that British Telecom and Belgacom invested in and partnered with OnLive. such as Take-Two. and a 3 Mbit/s connection meets the minimum system requirements. The Onlive service allows the game content to be passed along the internet to end users running Onlive clients on a variety of OSes. Autodesk and Maverick Capital.8 or later.[21] however at launch the membership option available was through AT&T's Founding Members promotion which provides the service free for the first year and US$4. Atari. UK June 17.onlive. and the monthly service fee would be US$14.[15] [16] OnLive's original investors include Warner Bros. may be used to play any kind of game since the game is computed on the OnLive server. Ubisoft.95 per month for . 2010.[19] [20] On March 10.. the service is being seen as a competitor for the console market. and others have partnered with OnLive. OnLive announced the OnLive Game Service would launch on June 17.. The games offered run off of Onlive servers (mostly installed with Windows).[18] In May 2010. Inc. Codemasters. Eidos Interactive. in the US.OnLive 132 OnLive OnLive Manufacturer Type Retail availability OnLive Gaming on demand U. gaming-on-demand medium:[4] [5] [6] the games are synchronized.com [3] OnLive is a cloud computing. 2D Boy.[17] A later round of financing included AT&T Media Holdings. while 25% of US broadband connections were rated faster than 5 Mbit/s.[7] PCs running Microsoft Windows (XP.[14] The service was originally planned for release in the winter of 2009. 2010 [1] end of 2011 Controller input Online services Website [2] OnLive Game System: OnLive wireless controller. 2010. For that reason. Vista.95. History OnLive was announced at the Game Developers Conference in 2009.[9] [10] All games on the service are available in 720p format.S. 7) and Intel-based Macs with OS X 10. and Lauder Partners as well as the original investors.[11] The average broadband connection speed in the US at the end of 2008 was 3. Epic Games.9 Mbit/s.[13] A current list of games available can be found on the List of OnLive games.5. as long as it can play video. OnLive recommends an Internet connection of 5 Mbit/s or faster. Onlive itself is not a platform. The service is available using the OnLive Game System. and stored on remote servers and delivered via the Internet.[12] Over 20 publishers. PC & Mac: mouse and keyboard OnLive game service www. rendered.[8] A low-end computer.

2010.OnLive the optional following year. Windows Vista.[30] [31] [32] and tablet computers such as the iPad. the OnLive service will be hosted in five co-located North American data centers. and USB hubs. It comes with the accessories needed to connect the equipment. 2010.[36] OnLive Game System The OnLive Game System consists of an OnLive Wireless Controller and a console. It was stated that it would roll out later in 2010 after the OnLive Game Service launch. 2010. 2010. or Intel-based Macs running Mac OS X 10. however beta Wi-Fi support became available to all members on September 15.[33] [34] Steve Perlman has also suggested that the underlying electronics and compression chip could be integrated into set-top boxes and other consumer electronics. mice.[7] [37] [38] that can be connected to a television and directly to the OnLive service.[26] The US Patent Office awarded OnLive a fundamental cloud gaming patent on December 7. which is required to access the OnLive service. Currently there are facilities in Santa Clara. HDMI. 2010. so it is possible to use the service without a computer. as well as Illinois.[28] OnLive announced the OnLive Game Service will be integrated into new VIZIO VIA Plus TVs. and composite video users can purchase an additional optional cable.[7] [14] [39] The MicroConsole supports up to four wireless controllers and multiple OnLive main menu (during beta) Bluetooth headsets. with additional facilities being set up in Dallas. PCs running Windows XP. OnLive announced that there would no longer be any subscription fees for the service. classic and indie titles" in the OnLive library. An ethernet port is used for network access. It also has two USB ports for game controllers. For video and audio output it provides component.[27] 133 Service The game service is available from the OnLive Game System.5. and VIZIO's new line of VIA Blu-ray players.[22] [23] On October 4.8 or later. 2010.[42] [43] OnLive has stated that users must be located within 1000 miles (1600 km) of one of these to receive high-quality service. With this option players pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to "recent.[11] OnLive initially required a wired connection. The service requires a 3 Mbit/s Internet connection (5 Mbit/s recommended).[29] The OnLive service has been demonstrated on smartphones such as the iPhone. Android tablets and smartphones. or Windows 7. Pre-orders for the OnLive Game System began to be taken on November 17. Texas. but without the social features of the Game Service.[7] PlayPack flat-rate plan OnLive confirmed the details of its PlayPack flat-rate payment plan on December 2.[24] On March 11.[40] [41] Architecture In the U.[25] The OnLive Game Service was launched in the United States on June 17. OnLive CEO Steve Perlman announced the OnLive Game Portal.[44] [45] [46] .[35] The OnLive viewer for the iPad was released December 7.. S/PDIF ports. a free way to access OnLive games for rental and demos. and Georgia. California and Virginia. 2010. keyboards. and an analog stereo minijack. which is expected to exclude the newest releases. called the "MicroConsole TV Adapter".S. 2010. PlayPack is currently available for owners of the OnLive Game System or to anyone who has purchased a game from Onlive as a free beta period until the plan officially launches in January 2011.

[54] [55] Cevat Yerli. the OnLive service was 50 miles (80 km) from its Santa Clara data center.[57] . which is approximately 350 miles (560 km) away from their data center.[35] 134 International availability Steve Perlman plans to offer the service in the United Kingdom[47] in partnership with British Telecom as a bundled service with their broadband packages. Rather. after getting it established in the United States over the coming year. high-end games such as Assassin's Creed II will require one GPU per game. Yerli made it clear Crytek was not directly involved with the OnLive service. multiple instances can be played on each server using virtualization technology. Electronic Arts. non-shared. or lower-performance. He stated he believed OnLive customers would need a broadband line with "guaranteed. For older. which was held in San Francisco. but gamers in these countries also will have the option of ordering directly from OnLive through any Internet service provider and it will be offered in multiple languages there. had researched a method for streaming games but concluded that Crytek's approach would not be viable until 2013 "at earliest".[49] OnLive plans to offer the service in Belgium and Luxembourg in partnership with Belgacom. uninterruptible speed".[52] [53] Matt Peckham from PC World stated in his blog that it might be technically difficult to transfer the amount of data that a high definition game would require. while the other (the media stream) is a full HD stream that is server-side and used for spectators or for gamers to record Brag Clips of their games. I don't want to say it's either 'top or flop'.[51] Near E3 in 2009. The technology of video-based rendering is not actually a very new concept but they do some things that others didn't do before so it will be interesting to see. He also mentioned his concerns that the mod community would be unable create and offer mods since all game data will be stored on the OnLive servers. One (the live stream) is optimised for gameplay and real-world Internet conditions. However. but "broadband isn't there yet. The article's analysis characterized OnLive as a faked demo that was technically impossible to accomplish over a consumer Internet connection. Two video streams are created for each game. the publisher of Crytek's Crysis Warhead. concerned about how the OnLive service might work and what the quality of the service might be both in terms of the hardware required in OnLive server centers to render and compress the video.[50] Belgacom has the exclusive right to bundle OnLive in Belgium and Luxembourg with their other broadband services. all the user's games would be inaccessible. and thus if OnLive were to go under. there was skepticism expressed by game journalists. "GDC: Why OnLive Can't Possibly Work" by DigitalFoundry's Richard Leadbetter. I hope it works for them because it could improve gamers' lives. had partnered with OnLive and had tested and endorsed the OnLive technology. Yerli stated: I want to see it myself. games such as Lego Batman. and that games played on OnLive might not be "owned" by the user.[48] as well as in the rest of Europe.[56] Eurogamer's DigitalFoundry was amongst the most harshly skeptical in an article published upon OnLive's unveiling and public demonstration entitled. nor are ISPs willing to offer performance guarantees". OnLive demonstrated their service performed well with a consumer cable modem and Internet connection.OnLive The hardware used is a custom set up consisting of OnLive's proprietary video compression chip as well as standard PC CPU and GPU chips. and Yerli had no personal experience using the service. The closed beta had "hundreds of users on the system".[50] Reception Pre-launch Soon after the company's announcement at GDC 2009. as well as the impact of commercial Internet broadband connections on its delivery. the CEO of Crytek. During GDC 2009.

and they looked forward to the service improving over time. in his review of Assassin's Creed II on OnLive using his Mac. or games where such changes were less important. but if the system can be tightened up and that 150ms becomes the norm. favorable reviews by game journalists stated that the service performed well. often unsatisfactory experience"."[64] In examining latency..[69] While acknowledging that the rental aspect was appealing.[70] . and several minds around the CNET offices were officially blown – a difficult task among this jaded bunch.. these values ran contrary to figures suggested by OnLive before release of lag "being under 80ms" and "usually. Eurogamer's DigitalFoundry initial test found that in some of their test scenarios. OnLive is hovering right at the boundary of what is acceptable lag and often exceeds it. DigitalFoundry noted that "during intense gameplay. A less discerning type of audience will probably be happy with the whole offering as it stands now". DigitalFoundry noted that video compression meant image quality also varied depending on the title. Games with a lower number of frame-to-frame differences. in that some games had higher latency. DigitalFoundry questioned the overall value proposition for the customer. they also noted that while acceptable. being impressed with the ability to watch other player's games in the "Arena" function.[69] However. users of OnLive could expect 150ms of latency over a consumer Internet connection. with high frame rates.[67] DigitalFoundry felt that the quality of rendering was mostly good."[63] Dan Ackerman of CNET wrote that. wrote that he looks forward to future higher resolution improvements that are already promised. with these games being "strongly suited to video compression" and "cut-scenes in particular can look very good". They remarked that "the bottom line is that the gameplay experience is not better than what we already have—by and large it's tangibly worse"... "OnLive was an overall very impressive experience.[58] [59] [60] [61] Hiawatha Bray of The Boston Globe stated.[65] In their later full-feature article on OnLive. Let's be clear: it is most definitely not a replacement for the local experience. such as those with less technical experience or who did not want to buy a console. between 35-40ms". such as Assassin's Creed II or Batman: Arkham Asylum fared well. they also noted that deals such as those with BT to provide a straight connection to datacenters meant latency could be improved. rewarding. OnLive may be more suitable: "there are some games where the system works—by core gamer terms—tolerably. and free as the console version.[69] and that for some consumers.Perhaps it is simply the case that OnLive isn't for us committed gamer types. such as Colin McRae: Dirt or Unreal Tournament 3 fared less well. DigitalFoundry felt that OnLive offered interesting new features. then it's clear there is potential here for the infrastructure to find a home with certain types of game or certain types of player". however. but with less consistency than console counterparts and with screen-tearing in some scenarios. and noted that high system requirements for a computer capable of playing the games streamed by OnLive meant that a graphics card upgrade would provide comparable performance..[65] Furthermore. and that this would also depend on the quality of the customer's internet connection. he "never encountered any frame rate issues. They are clearly playable. games that had a greater amount of motion or relied on fast reactions. they also noted inconsistencies. resulting in a variable.[68] Overall.[66] In terms of video quality. and the ability to try out full 30-minute demos of games.OnLive 135 Post-launch After the launch of the service in the United States. "It felt exactly as if I had installed the software on my local computer. but that "the latency level is probably the most pleasant surprise with this system."[62] Chris Holt of Macworld." and "the game is on the whole every bit as immersive. However. and acknowleding the "incredible achievement" of coming "within spitting distance of console response times". with questions about the playability of the latter when video compression artifacts were taken into account.

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onlive.com/) .com/) • OnLive (http://www.OnLive 139 External links • OnLive official website (http://www.onlive.youtube.com/user/OnLive) channel on YouTube • OnLive official Blog (http://blog.

2008). The technology was officially announced on June 16. TechCrunch. 2009). and World of Warcraft on the iPhone. venturebeat.htm) . For every online application the time of response (feedback) is crucial. Grand Theft Auto 4. and reported that high video compression made the text almost impossible to read. [4] Jon Stokes (September 10. based on the concept of cloud computing. It is developed by the american company OTOY. "OTOY Server-Side 3D Rendering is Taking the Wrong Path" (http:/ / www.[1] The number of OTOY company employees was only seven. OTOY was tested by John Stokes. Retrieved 2009-12-17.[5] References [1] Mark Hendrickson (July 9. Retrieved 2009-11-4. [3] Hubert Nguyen (July 10. 2008. ubergizmo.otoy.[3] Nolan Bushnell. . according to UberGizmo. com/ hardware/ news/ 2009/ 09/ amds-next-gen-gpu-powers-crysis-on-an-iphone. an Ars Technica journalist. Retrieved 2009-10-12. He played Crysis. 2008). "AMD's next-gen GPU powers Crysis on an iPhon" (http:/ / arstechnica. . If OTOY will gain [2] a success.otoy.. it could greatly simplify the entire publishing process and reduce its cost. techcrunch. August 15. Dusan Writer's. Retrieved 2009-10-9. OTOY's concept is similar to OnLive and Gaikai. External links • OTOY Official page (http://www. the founder of Atari. "OTOY Developing Server-Side 3D Rendering Technology" (http:/ / www. [2] Dean Takahashi (June 10.[4] Adam Elijah Anderson skeptical about the ability of OTOY to deliver a rendered video to the client via browser. "Otoy joins the fray of companies offering video games on demand" (http:/ / games. ars). html). UberGizmo. Development of the OTOY service began in 2006[1] (other sources state 2003-2004[2] ). com/ 15/ archives/ 2008/ 07/ otoy_serverside_3d_rendering_is_taking_the_wrong_path. Inc.com. [5] "OTOY In The News Again: Advanced 3D Renders and a Browser-Based Virtual World" (http:/ / dusanwriter. com/ 2009/ 06/ 10/ otoy-joins-the-fray-of-offering-video-games-on-demand/ ). 2008. stated that nowadays game developers experience an intense pressure from publishers. 2009). and it is still under development. Ars Technica.com/) • About OTOY (http://web.com/site/start. Retrieved 2009-12-17. It was officially introduced on June 16.com published an article entitled "OTOY Server: Side 3D Rendering is Taking the Wrong Path" with a criticism of this technology. but OTOY cannot influence it. com/ ?p=816). . In September 2009.archive. Frisby expressed his disbelief in the actual efficiency of such technology. is the quality of internet connections. Bioshock. 2009. . because the costs of game development are constantly rising. VentureBeat. The most important technical disadvantage.org/web/20070112140513/www. com/ 2008/ 07/ 09/ otoy-developing-server-side-3d-rendering-technology/ ).OTOY 140 OTOY OTOY Manufacturer OTOY OTOY is a gaming on demand solutions and provides tools for video games development. .[2] Reception In 2008 UberGizmo. said Bushnell.

com [1] PDFVue is an online PDF viewer and editor that is currently in beta release. annotations.[2] Current features include viewing.[5] Features The primary features of the beta release include tools for creating and filling out forms.[6] Additional functionality includes the ability to delete and rotate pages within the PDF. sharing & collaborating on documents.[4] The deskPDF with PDFVue On Ramp release also features "print to PDFVue" functionality. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer.[7] Annotation . and postscript technology. Firefox. and Safari. allowing any printable file to be uploaded to PDFVue via the print process. page deletion or rotation and adding fillable form fields to PDF's. or imported from a web address. PDF's can be uploaded directly.Pdfvue 141 Pdfvue PDFVue Developer(s) Docudesk Development status Beta Operating system Type License Website Cross-platform / Web-based Application Web-based Productivity Tools Proprietary PDFVue. and annotating existing PDF's. commenting.[3] The Firefox extension redirects PDF's enabling viewing and annotation within the browser.

this extensions traps URL requests on a low level catching PDFs from clicks. as well as documents which have been scanned in without OCR.[10] Firefox Add-On The Firefox extension renders PDFs using PDFVue's servers.com. or to pages within the PDF itself) Drawing tools Page deletion / rotation 142 PDFVue Annotation Tools Forms In addition to being able to fill out forms. as well as Acrobat Reader exploits. With the annotation tools. providing a better level of protection from an unintended PDF launch. Available annotation tools include [8] : • • • • • Typewriter tool Sticky Notes Hyperlinks (to other sites. this allows collaboration to take place on a single PDF. Once opened in PDFVue. rather than on multiple versions shared between parties. as an alternative to email attachments.[9] Current supported fillable form fields include: • • • • • Text Fields Checkboxes Radio Buttons List Boxes Combo Boxes PDFVue Forms Tools Sharing & Collaboration After editing. PDFVue also allows PDF's to be shared via providing a hyperlink to the hosted PDF. new tabs and the address bar. redirects. the PDF can be marked up and changes saved. PDF's can be downloaded locally and can be viewed from any PDF viewer. PDFVue features tools for creating digital forms.[4] When enabled. This allows forms which have been created without fillable fields to be filled out. This service is available from Mozilla Add Ons [11] free of charge.[12] . thus avoiding the Acrobat Plug-In freeze-up.Pdfvue The PDFVue Typewriter Tool allows text to be added to any PDF.

com/ External links • • • • PDFVue Homepage (http://www. [3] "PDFVue for viewing and annotating PDF files online" (http:/ / www. nirmaltv. com/ latest-technologies/ 2009/ 3/ 4/ pdfvue-for-firefox-override-the-annoying-adobe-pdf-plugin. Karl L. . html).com. html). makeuseof. [6] "PDFVue beta release" (http:/ / labs. ""How to Edit PDFs for Free Online"" (http:/ / chris. [13] http:/ / www. [8] Pirillo. [10] "View & edit PDF files in Web browser at PDFVue" (http:/ / www. makeuseof. com/ 5164746/ pdfvue-edits-pdf-text-and-images-online). mozilla. com/ 5164746/ pdfvue-edits-pdf-text-and-images-online). docudesk. [11] https:/ / addons.com/how-to-edit-pdfs-for-free-online/) . docudesk. ""PDFVue Edits PDF Text and Images Online"" (http:/ / lifehacker. html). com/ dir/ pdfvue/ ). cnet. org/ en-US/ firefox/ search?q=pdfvue& cat=all [12] Purdy. CNET News. [9] "PDFVue: Edit and Annotate PDF Files Online with PDFVue" (http:/ / www. "PDFVue brings PDF viewing.com/tag/use-pdfvue-to-fill-out-edit-pdf-files-for-free-online/). editing to the browser"" (http:/ / news. Retrieved 5/4/2009. Lifehacker.org/en-US/firefox/search?q=pdfvue&cat=all) Video Review & Demonstration (http://chris. docudesk.pirillo. Kevin (2009-05-05). . Retrieved 2009-05-05. ""How to Edit PDFs how-to-edit-pdfs-for-free-online/). com/ archives/ view-edit-pdf-files-in-web-browser-at-pdfvue/ ).[14] Notes [1] http:/ / www. Josh (5/4/2009). com/ 2009/ 03/ 05/ edit-and-annotate-pdf-files-online-with-pdfvue/ ). ""PDFVue brings PDF viewing. Retrieved 3/4/2009 Gechlik. com/ 2009/ 03/ 09/ pdfvue-for-viewing-and-annotating-pdf-files-online/ ).html). com/ how-to-edit-pdfs-for-free-online/ ). [5] "deskPDF with PDFVue On Ramp" (http:/ / www. [4] Lowensohn. [7] "PDFVue: Tool For Editing PDF Files Online" (http:/ / www. . docudesk. editing to the browser" (http:/ / news. pirillo.PDFVue. Kevin (3/5/2009). . com/ deskPDF_with_onramp. . ""Use PDFVue To Fill Froms & Edit PDF Files For Free Online"" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 3/9/2009 for Free Online"" (http:/ / chris. . Retrieved 3/8/2009 Pirillo. (3/7/2009). Chris (3/9/2009). Retrieved 3/9/2009. .com) PDFVue Quick Start Guide (http://www. com/ deskPDF_with_onramp. com/ ). MakeUseOf. com/ 8301-17939_109-10188844-2. Retrieved 3/5/2009 Lowensohn.pdfvue.Pdfvue 143 Print to PDFVue With the PDFVue OnRamp [13] local documents are automatically uploaded to PDFVue and converted to text searchable PDF's for commenting and sharing. com/ 8301-17939_109-10188844-2. Josh (3/4/2009). com/ [2] "PDFVue Editor" (http:/ / pdfvue. . tothepc. tecnerd. com/ latest-technologies/ 2008/ 8/ 29/ pdfvue-beta-now-available-view-edit-and-share-pdfs. shtml [14] "PDFVue On Ramp" (http:/ / labs. . . "PDFVue Edits PDF Text and Images Online" (http:/ / lifehacker. References Purdy. shtml).com/quickStartGuide) Mozilla Add On (https://addons. . pirillo.mozilla. cnet. PDFVue. Chris (3/9/2009).

[4] On 9 July 2007.200 companies and "6 million end users.com/postini/) . html). [2] Blackwell. Retrieved 16 January 2010. com/ postini/ Postini is an E-mail and Web security and archiving service owned by Google since 2007. Forbes. the canned meat product. com/ business/ 2001/ postini_revisited. infoworld. data centers. with second-round funding from [3] August as well as Summit Partners Accelerator Fund and Sun Microsystems. and providing anti-spam services for more than 4."[1] Later in 2005 it moved to nearby San Carlos. 2001).com. Rayovac. com/ 2005/ 02/ 14/ cx_ah_0214fastpostini. California. InfoWorld. By February 2005. "We've officially acquired Postini" (http:/ / googleblog. isp-planet. html). Gerry (November 20. Gordon Irlam. Gerry (November 20. "Postini Revisited" (http:/ / www. [5] Girouard. and Hormel Foods. 2005). 2000).[5] Google spent $625 million in cash for the acquisition. Robert (November 15. and Scott Petry in Redwood City. "Postini taps VeriSign for new CEO" (http:/ / www. Google announced that it had signed a definitive agreement to acquire Postini. [3] Blackwell. html). .Postini 144 Postini Postini Developer(s) Google (acquired in 2007) Platform Type Website Cross-platform web service E-mail and Web security http:/ / www. com/ d/ security-central/ postini-taps-verisign-new-ceo-203). United States. isp-planet. Arik (February 14.[6] The former company's services are now marketed as "Google Postini Services. The Official Google Blog. Retrieved 16 January 2010. "Death To Spam" (http:/ / www. 2007). including workers at Merrill Lynch. [6] Google Inc. . History Postini was a startup company founded in 1999 by Shinya Akamine. Form 10-Q 30 June 2007 interim financial statements SEC Accession No. 2005). and protects client networks from web-borne malware. . Brian Maggi.S. html). It provides cloud computing services for filtering e-mail spam and malware (before it is delivered to a client's mail server). [4] McMillan. google. Circuit City. 0001193125-07-175880 External links • Official website (http://www. Retrieved 16 January 2010.com. it was operating ten U. Dave (September 13. isp-planet. .[1] [2] It was backed by August Capital. California. com/ 2007/ 09/ weve-officially-acquired-postini. processing 2." References [1] Hesseldahl. . the company that makes Spam. com/ services/ postini. forbes. blogspot.google.5 billion e-mail messages weekly. offers optional e-mail archiving. "Hope on the E-mail Front" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 16 January 2010. Retrieved 23 October 2007. isp-planet.

[8] The grant was awarded by Mdec (Multimedia Development Corporation. Maestro used the same optimalOne platform and injected supply chain ideas into the creation of a School Management System for this project. QuickSchools released a brand new version of its school management system based on extensive feedback from the current user base. Malaysia.QuickSchools.com 145 QuickSchools.0] timetable scheduling software that will eventually be a part of QuickSchools. On August 17th 2009. The financing will support QuickSchool. Azreen Latiff QuickSchools student information system Not disclosed QuickSchools. Oregon Key people Products Revenue Website Aris Yahaya. This cross-fertilization of ideas from supply chain into the school management system was recognized by KTJ as being different from several school management systems it was evaluating at the time. Malaysia in 2002. Origins Maestro Planning Solutions early origins was in providing supply chain management software. This competition was organized by McKinsey & Co and supported by Malaysia's largest venture capital company. The company was founded in early 2003 after winning the Venture 2002 Business Plan Writing competition [3] . Maestro received a grant of 1.[6] In April 2009.com's expansion into the US school market and strengthen the company's R&D as well as its sales & marketing efforts.com. Malaysia). Maestro made an exploratory move into the schools market via a project for a premier Malaysian private school.5 million [Malaysian Ringgit] in venture capital funded by DTA Growth Capital [7]. the company was born.com Type Industry Founded Privately held Student information system 2008 Headquarters Beaverton. It was released in mid-2008 by Maestro Planning Solutions [2] founded in Kuala Lumpur. and it was subsequently branded as QuickSchools. Mavcap [4] and the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia.com QuickSchools. Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar. With the publicity and support garnered from the win. In January 2008.06 million Malaysian Ringgit to spear-head the R&D of a [Web 2. . Therefore more attention was give to introducing a simple user interface with extensive feature hiding.com a fully-online school management system for small schools. Maestro Planning Solutions raised 4. Maestro decided to embark on launching this school administrative software [5] as an online system. In 2006.com [1] QuickSchools. Also in April 2009. student information management.[9] This approach to software design was decided upon as best way forward because it focused more on improving the user experience.com is an online school management system that runs on the Application Service Provider model. scheduling and grading functionalities are made available over the internet using the software as a service model. Typical features such as admissions.

Parents Portal Parents can track the progress of their children on a daily basis. subjects and classrooms. and this release goes a long way to achieving this. A couple of early players emerged in this space. The school management software would be installed on servers on-site at the school. and support is provided out of their Kuala Lumpur. Only the features required by a specific school are made available . In order to make this possible. The essential paradigm shift achieved here is the way the software reformats to match to the user's requirements.0 internet application. QuickSchool's long term goal is to create software that will require no technical support and no training. Flexible to the type of information that the school wants to track about students. This makes it very hard if the student wants to cut. such as RenWeb and Teacherease [10]. This makes the barriers to entry almost negligible. The software then automatically creates and publishes a fully functional school management system in real time.making the software very easy to use. grades and extra-curricular activities can be tracked. 146 Service Details Manage School Applications The system allows users to log details of inquiries from parents or guardians and keep track of their contact details. or is just plain tardy. Schools subscribe to the application by paying a fixed per-student. teachers. subjects taken.com offers its entire suite of solutions via a Web2. the idea of using the software as a service model for schools started garnering interest. As in most industries. Another improvement involves a 'LiveFeed' feature that creates notifications when certain activities take place.QuickSchools. Other Features Schedules can be generated for students. The administrator simply registers his/her school on the website along with a custom domain for the school. is missing an assignment. sending your parents e-mail a notification as soon as the teacher marks you late/absent. The admin can then proceed to 'invite' teachers and other faculty to test out the system. QuickSchools. Student Information Management Details such as picture. This new technology has ruined kids lives everywhere and will continue to make things worse for the students in the future years. QuickSchools. the primary method of delivering school management system was typical of enterprise application systems. trainings are provided online. Student grading can also be done for end of term reports and can be printed out in PDF. classes attended.com made its debut in this space in mid-2008. Foreign language character support for Arabic & Chinese are currently available. The computer is made to act like it is under the influence of meth. . Student applications can also be maintained along with grades achieved during any entrance exams.com One of the key improvements is to allow users to be up and running in minutes. Malaysia office. Business model Overview As of late 2008. per-month fee.

com/ ourportfolio. there were many skeptics in the early days of SalesForce. .0-style interface. For example. com. which is often beyond the capabilities of individual companies or schools to manage. my/ Current_News/ BTIMES/ articles/ quickschool/ Article/ ). [10] http:/ / www. The first location was established in Malaysia in January 2008. Servers are located in 2 locations around the world. Malaysian Business. [7] http:/ / www. html [8] "Giving small companies big dreams" (http:/ / www. and the second location was established in Seattle. The use of Flash enables QuickSchools. . Technology QuickSchools. [4] http:/ / www. mavcap. . quickschools. Cynthia Ann (May 2007). specialized team is responsible for the safe running of the system. Proponents of this model argue that the data is slightly safer than installing the software on-site as a dedicated.quickschools. "Optimisation from within" (http:/ / findarticles.com 147 Objections to the business model Schools have some reservations about the QuickSchools. com/ [2] http:/ / www. . com [5] Singh. com/ www/ news14. com [3] Peterson. com/ www/ news12. "QuickSchools’ latest release is out" (http:/ / blog. maestrosolutions. teacherease.com to run on many different browsers and on different operating systems.com) • Official blog (http://blog. Karamjit (February 2009). Retrieved 2009-03-20. "Maestro's ongoing journey" (http:/ / www. US in August 2008. maestrosolutions. Retrieved 2009-03-20.com. This is actually a common concern for any software vertical which makes the initial jump to the software as a service model.quickschools.com model. The primary concern by many schools is the fact that the data is now stored in computers outside of their control. [9] Fernando. QuickSchools. maestrosolutions. quickschools. Azlan (July 2009).com is based on Maestro's optimalOne platform. Anne (August 2009). Retrieved 2009-07-20. btimes.QuickSchools. . The front-end runs on Adobe Flash (previously Macromedia Flash). com/ p/ articles/ mi_qn6207/ is_20070501/ ai_n24911172). Retrieved 2009-09-02. It also enables the Web2. in the CRM industry. com/ 2009/ 08/ 18/ quickschools-latest-release-is-out/ ). dtacapital. htm). Retrieved 2009-08-18. [6] Abu Bakar. September 2009.com/) . References [1] http:/ / www. com External links • QuickSchools. htm).com (http://www.com runs on a Java EE backend. "Maestro makes inroads in US with software for schools" (http:/ / www.

000 users[4] of its hosted Customer Relationship Management systems. Paterson came to believe that the biggest obstacle to successful Customer Relationship Management adoption was the complexity of the products themselves. The company has won the Software Satisfaction Awards for the best small business CRM system twice. The existing product was renamed Enterprise Edition. former CEO of Zeus Technology and COO of Systems Union. the company is headquartered in the United Kingdom with offices in North America and Australia. the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department for Environment. In October 2010 the company launched its Free Edition. In December 2009 the listed was nominated as "One to Watch" by Paul Greenberg. Status Really Simple Systems has over 8. Founded in 2004. in 2008 and [5] [6] 2010 . Origins The company was founded in 2004[2] by John Paterson. After many years of installing Customer Relationship Management systems. United Kingdom Number of locations 3 Key people Products Website John Paterson (CEO) CRM software Really Simple Systems [1] Really Simple Systems is a web based Customer Relationship Management vendor. Customers include the Royal Academy. . the British Museum. a Freemium two user hosted CRM system[7] .Really Simple Systems 148 Really Simple Systems Really Simple Systems Type Industry Founded Headquarters Ltd Software 2004 Petersfield. Scottish Funding Council. Summary Really Simple Systems is a global based vendor of Cloud Customer Relationship Management systems. the Department of Health. the British Library. Food and Rural Affairs. and running specialist Customer Relationship Management vendor Oxygen Solutions. with the public launch in January 2006[3] .

unlimited data storage. In January 2008 the company opened its first overseas office in Sydney. Really Simple Systems wins best small business CRM system category ZDNet CRM Blog (http:/ / blogs. com/ library/ pr_20060110. asp) Computing (http:/ / www. Marketing and Customer Service & Support modules) Technical information Really Simple Systems is delivered as a Software as a Service application. softwaresatisfaction. reallysimplesystems.za) . Sales.1501020683UK-based). uk/ itweek/ news/ 2148602/ host-promises-simplify-crm). References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] http:/ / www. reallysimplesystems. In March 2009 the company opened its North American office in Toronto.[8] .Really Simple Systems 149 Location The company is headquartered in Petersfield. za/ index. zdnet. com/ 2011/ 05/ 12/ 8000-users-sign-up-for-really-simple-systems/ ) Software Satisfaction Awards 2010 (http:/ / www.com) • AdvanceNet (http://www. option advanced features) • Enterprise Edition (Unlimited users and storage. Free CRM launch Computerworld (http:/ / www. Host promises to simplify CRM 8. itweb. com/ crm/ ?p=109) Really Simple Systems Brings Free CRM To Market (http:/ / www.advancenet. asp?id=29). Editions There are three Really Simple Systems editions: • Free Edition (Account. Canada. UK-based hosted CRM provider opens Sydney office ITWeb (http:/ / www. Hampshire in the United Kingdom. co. Contact and Opportunity Management for two users. reallysimplesystems. au/ index. co. computing. co. 100 accounts) • Premium Edition (Free Edition for up to 5 users. reallysimplesystems. com. com/ release. In November 2009 the company appointed AdvanceNet[9] as distributor for Africa. Some JavaScript is used on the client.000 users sign up for Really Simple Systems (http:/ / blog. php?option=com_content& view=article& id=28498:partnership-brings-hosted-crm& catid=77:channel& Itemid=62& tmpl=component& print=1) External links • Really Simple Systems (http://www. uk/ 2010-winners). computerworld. Australia. The product is written in Active Server Pages and uses the MySQL database. php/ id.co. com Really Simple Systems launches Simple Hosted CRM (http:/ / www.reallysimplesystems.

the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.com [2] RightNow Technologies NASDAQ: RNOW [1] is a U. Motorola.com. including Australia Post. founder/CEO Customer Relationship Management software $140. Montana Key people Products Revenue Employees Website Greg Gianforte. Australian National University. . Electronic Arts. Montana (1997) [1] ) Headquarters Bozeman. Black and Decker. Iomega. Australia and Asia.rightnow. Massachusetts. British Airways. Canada. New Jersey.[3] Additional offices have opened in California. Montana. DC.RightNow Technologies 150 RightNow Technologies RightNow Technologies Type Industry Founded Public (NASDAQ: RNOW Computer software Bozeman. the University of South Florida. Overstock. Colorado. It is incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Bozeman. As of November 2009. Montana. Profile The company was founded in 1997 by Greg Gianforte in Bozeman. Washington. British Telecom. Europe. GameFly. the company has nearly 2000 customers. Linksys. Texas. software company that develops customer relationship management (CRM) software for enterprise organizations. Continental Tire NA. Illinois.S.435 million USD (2008) 686 www. New York. Nikon. the Social Security Administration. RightNow is primarily known for its business model of offering its software as a hosted service in the cloud. Quicken. Telstra and Columbia University. NC Soft. the Department of Education. iRobot. Bank of New Zealand.

AmberLeaf [5] is used as a systems integrator. rightnow. is the software offered by RightNow Technologies.About. rightnow. html [7] http:/ / www. and Technology partners. com/ partners-deloitte. html [9] http:/ / www. com/ article/ BT-CO-20110118-714950. com/ story/ 32981. 2011. php http:/ / www. Contact Center Partners. inc. it added marketing and sales functionality. and RightNow Engage. nasdaq. As the company grew. Implementation Partners. RightNow Partners RightNow has an extensive partner network including Solution Partners. CapGemini. birst. com/ company-about. com [8] http:/ / www. 2011. a customer experience suite. "RightNow To Acquire Q-Go For $34M. 2011. html [10] http:/ / www. rightnow. amberleaf. com/ partners-birst. Acquisitions RightNow Technologies has agreed to acquire Q-go for $34 million on January 18. rightnow. com/ magazine/ 20020201/ 23855. RightNow CX RightNow CX. RightNow CX is divided into RightNow Web Experience. voice automation.RightNow Technologies 151 History Greg Gianforte started the company in 1997 with no investor money and created a software product that was initially focused on customer service with an integrated knowledge base. Boosts 4Q View. creating a full customer experience suite. rightnow. RightNow Contact Center Experience. net The Wall Street Journal. http:/ / www. com http:/ / www. php [11] http:/ / www. RightNow Social Experience. com/ asp/ SummaryQuote. php [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] . and Deloitte. http:/ / online. January 30. customer feedback management. asp?symbol=RNOW& selected=RNOW http:/ / www. com/ RightNow ." January 18. Major technology partners include Birst [4] for business intelligence. wsj.com article [9] Birst partner profile [10] Deloitte partner profile [11] References http:/ / quotes. analytics and a social platform to its product.[6] External links • • • • • RightNow [7] CRM Buyer's interview with RightNow CEO [8] Start with Nothing . crmbuyer.Inc. Major solution partners include IBM.

Moellenhoff and Dominguez.com (NYSE: CRM [1]) is an enterprise cloud computing company headquartered in San Francisco. and Frank Dominguez as a company specializing in software as a service (SaaS). Halsey Minor. . Parker Harris. California Marc Benioff (Chairman & CEO) Parker Harris (Exec. In June 2004. and Igor Sill of Geneva Venture Partners. through acquisition.com was founded in March 1999 by former Oracle executive Marc Benioff. USA that distributes business software on a subscription basis. Salesforce. 6. the company went public on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock symbol CRM. It is best known for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products and. VP of Technology) US$1. Other early investors include Larry Ellison.com 152 Salesforce.719 million (2009) Approx. wrote the initial sales automation software.com [2] Revenue Operating income Net income Employees Website [3] [4] [5] [6] References: As of March 2010. Dave Moellenhoff.Salesforce. three software developers previously at Clarify. Salesforce.[8] Harris. has expanded into the "social enterprise arena. raising [9] US$110 million.306 billion (2009) US$115. Marc Benioff and Magdalena Yesil were the initial basic connection investors and board members.000 (2011) salesforce."[7] History Origins Salesforce.com salesforce.com hosts the applications offsite.com Type Industry Founded Founder(s) Public (NYSE: CRM On-demand software California 1999 Marc Benioff Parker Harris [1] ) Headquarters Key people San Francisco. Mark Iscaro.272 million (2009) US$80.

• • • • • • • • • • • • Koral (March 2007) – now Salesforce Content Instranet (August 2008) – now rebranded to Salesforce Knowledge GroupSwim (December 2009) – now part of Salesforce Chatter Informavores (December 2009) [19] – now re-branded to Visual Process Manager Jigsaw Data Corp. New York.[25] [26] [27] The phishing breach was cited as an example of why the CRM industry needs greater security for users against such threats as spam.[13] Acquisitions The following is a complete list of known acquisitions by salesforce. salesforce. California. (April 2010). with regional headquarters in Dublin (covering Europe.com customers.com Mobile • Kieden (August 2006) [16] – now Salesforce for Google AdWords • Kenlet (January 2007) – Original product CrispyNews used at Salesforce IdeaExchange[17] and Dell IdeaStorm.com users.[12] In January 2011. receiving the 52nd spot. 2008. and Tokyo (covering Japan).[18] Now relaunched as Salesforce Ideas.com was recognized as one of Fortune's 100 best companies to work for in 2011.400[11] customers and over 2.Salesforce. during an outage in January 2009 services were unavailable for at least 40 minutes. Following the federal takeover of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in September 2008. Salesforce. London.com is headquartered in San Francisco. a successful phishing attack compromised contact information on a number of salesforce. and added Fastenal and Salesforce.com: • Sendia (April 2006) [14] for US$15 million in cash[15] – now Force. Middle East.100.[28] The service has suffered some downtime. Sitemasher (June 2010) Activa Live Chat (September 2010) [21] Heroku (December 2010) [22] Etacts (December 2010) [23] Dimdim (January 2011) [24] Manymoon (February 2011) [7] Radian 6 (March 2011) Criticisms In November 2007.com has its services translated into 16[10] different languages and currently has 82. Other major offices are in Toronto. which was then used to send highly-targeted phishing emails to salesforce. affecting thousands[29] of businesses.com to the index two days later. Sydney. and San Mateo. . the S&P 500 removed the two mortgage giants after trading on September 10. California.com 153 Current status Salesforce.000 subscribers. Singapore (covering Asia Pacific less Japan).[20] the proposed deal is expected to close in the second quarter of its fiscal year 2011. and Africa).

Unlike previous versions of Outlook Connector which run as Outlook add-ins the new software also has a system tray configuration component. Whilst offering many features not present in the original product the latest release does NOT support 64-bit Office software. The Sales Cloud This application runs in the cloud.com 154 Foundation The Salesforce Foundation [30] is the company's charitable enterprise. and any other information unique to the company's sales process.[35] [37] [38] In addition salesforce. It aims to donate employee time. Outlook 2010 (32-bit). Outlook Integration Salesforce.2.[35] The Salesforce release notes. and designing and automating any process in Salesforce CRM.com's CRM solution is broken down into several broad categories: Sales Cloud. allows the user to manage marketing campaign spending and performance across a variety of channels from a single application. The Sales Cloud includes a real-time sales collaborative tool called Chatter. These include using the Jigsaw business data to access over 20 million complete and current business contacts from right inside Salesforce CRM. Automatic email reminders can be scheduled to keep teams up to date on the latest information Other activities can be done on the Salesforce cloud. Products and services Customer Relationship Management Salesforce. and equity to charities and non-profit organizations. suggest that only Windows 7 32-bit is supported as of v1. The Salesforce CRM-powered customer portal provides customers the ability to track their own cases 24 hours a day.com provides an integration component for Microsoft Outlook called Salesforce for Outlook supporting Outlook 2007 (32-bit).com have silently dropped email integration from some lower-end CRM editions.com have not commented publicly on why this change has been made. provides sales representatives with a complete customer profile and account history. software.[31] Service Cloud.Salesforce.148.com). tracks all opportunity-related data including milestones. however. so the user can access it anywhere through an Internet-enabled mobile device or a connected computer. Email support is still available with the Outlook Connector but no longer in all editions when using Salesforce for Outlook and Microsoft Office 2010. Google search. chatting tools. The Service Cloud The Service Cloud provides companies with a call center-like view that enables companies to create and track cases coming in from every channel.[32] Data Cloud[33] (including Jigsaw). and access to customers' entitlement and contracts. Windows XP (32-bit). and automatically route and escalate what’s important. provides analytical tools and other services including email services. decision makers. . Salesforce.[36] Salesforce for Outlook replaces the older Outlook Connector. Collaboration Cloud[34] (including Chatter) and Custom Cloud (including Force. There is no official date for when this problem will be resolved. Windows Vista (32-bit) and Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit). includes a social networking plugin that enables the user to join the conversation about their company on social networking websites. customer communications.

Ajax or Flex).[42] Customization can also be done at the "platform" level by adding customized applications to a Salesforce instance. "Reports". Customization can be done on each tab. salesforce. both depicting cartoon versions of The Black Eyed Peas and more specifically Will. Users can follow coworkers and important data to receive broadcasted updates about. the status of an important sale or what a coworker is working on.com offers a SOAP/REST Web service API that enables integration with other systems. Chatter was more publicly recognized when it was advertised in the Super Bowl XLV halftime show in 2011. users can form groups and post messages on each others' profiles to collaborate on projects.com environment.com's infrastructure. and "Accounts". etc.com 155 Force. that is adding sets of customized / novel tabs for specific vertical.i.com platform Salesforce. Applications created on the Force.com released a slimmed down version of their application for subscribers with BlackBerry.) features. Last Name. "Contacts" has standard fields like First Name.com customers. Web services In addition to the web interface. Human Resources. for example. Additionally.am using the Chatter service on his smartphone. salesforce. These applications are built using Apex (a proprietary Java-like programming language for the Force. As of October 2010. and Windows Mobile devices.[41] All salesforce. The platform allows external developers to create add-on applications that integrate into the main salesforce.com's PaaS product is known as the Force. AppExchange Launched in 2005. For example.com application and are hosted on salesforce. private social environment." Rather than making people search for the data and documents they need to do their job. iPhone.[40] is a real-time collaboration platform that brings together people and data in a secure. there are over 900 applications available from over 450 independent software vendors. AppExchange is a marketplace for cloud computing applications built for the salesforce. These advertisements consisted of two commercials. It was designed to be the "Facebook for the enterprise. Chatter Chatter [39]. and Email. released in June 2010. information is proactively fed to them via a real-time news stream.com started to promote the use of 2D Barcodes (SPARQCode) for exporting contact information to mobile handsets. which users can purchase and add to their salesforce.[43] In January 2010.[44] . Mobile support In April 2009.or function-level (Finance. Customization Salesforce users can customize their CRM application.com Platform.com community and delivered by partners or by third-party developers.com platform are installed by salesforce. In the system. Each tab contains associated information.com Platform) and Visualforce (an XML-like syntax for building user interfaces in HTML.Salesforce.com partners can distribute applications and solutions on the AppExchange. there are tabs such as "Contacts". by adding user-defined custom fields. salesforce.

uk/ news/ security-threats/ 2007/ 11/ 07/ salesforce-tight-lipped-after-phishing-attack-39290616/ ). Retrieved 2011-02-11. and the in-house technologies Apex (a Java-like programming language and programming platform) and S-controls (Salesforce widgets . . Retrieved 2011-01-20. com/ 2010/ 12/ 21/ salesforce-buys-email-contact-manager-etacts/ ). com/ Articles/ CRM-News/ Daily-News/ Salesforce. zdnet. readwriteweb. . allthingsd. Tom (7 November 2007). . com/ apps/ news?pid=20601103& sid=abSHUiBFprac& refer=us). Portuguese. com/ magazines/ fortune/ bestcompanies/ 2011/ full_list/ ). InformationWeek. kieden. Fortune. salesforce. Dutch. yahoo. Bloomberg. . Korean. Swedish. 2010-03-11. Italian.Dell IdeaStorm (http:/ / www. sendia. zdnet. [23] "Salesforce Buys Email Contact Manager Etacts" (http:/ / techcrunch. Turkish. html). zdnet. com/ news/ Salesforcecom-Announces-prnews-14469704. Lithuanian. Fastenal to Replace Fannie. "Salesforce tight-lipped after phishing attack" (http:/ / www. Thai. Finnish. The next major event will be dreamforce from 30th august to 2 september 2011 in San Francisco. com/ cloud-computing/ blog/ archives/ 2009/ 12/ salesforcecoms_2. aspx). yahoo. com/ q/ pr?s=CRM).com company organises worldwide events dedicated to cloud computing. Latvian and Estonian. Retrieved 2011-01-20. Freddie in S&P 500" (http:/ / www.com (http:/ / www. Russian. com/ 20110201/ salesforce-buys-manymoon). S-controls are now deprecated as of March 2010. com) [19] http:/ / www. com/ about/ listed/ quickquote. 2008-05-08. com-IPO-Raises-$110-Million-44252. . com/ company/ ) [12] Martin. html?ticker=crm [2] http:/ / www. Polish. [10] Read Write Web (http:/ / www. com/ e/ 100311/ crm10-k. [6] Yahoo Finance News-Business (http:/ / finance. com/ ) [15] Salesforce buy extends reach to mobile devices (http:/ / news. com/ 2010/ 09/ 24/ salesforce-buys-enterprise-chat-startup-activa-live/ [22] "Salesforce. htm [20] http:/ / www.com's Wizard Was Parker Harris And Team" (http:/ / www. "Salesforce.com 156 Languages The Salesforce application. html). 2009-02-25. end user languages available are Hungarian.from FORTUNE<" (http:/ / money. [13] "100 Best Companies to Work For 2011: Full list . html).Salesforce. ideastorm. 2006-04-11 [16] Salesforce for Google AdWords (http:/ / www.com IPO Raises $110 Million" (http:/ / www. com/ ) [17] Popular Ideas .com Buys Manymoon" (http:/ / kara. destinationcrm. but no new ones can be created. com/ blog/ btl/ salesforcecom-acquires-jigsaw-for-142-million/ 33362 [21] http:/ / techcrunch. [24] http:/ / www. cnn. [14] Sendia. All Things Digital. Czech. Japanese.these are predominantly based on JavaScript). bloomberg. [5] Yahoo! Finance (http:/ / finance. com/ enterprise/ 2010/ 12/ beyond-babel. are available in sixteen languages[10] : English. Danish. crn. 2008). Spanish. co. com/ 2010/ 12/ 08/ breaking-salesforce-buys-heroku-for-212-million-in-cash/ ). It is possible to edit and use existing controls. com/ blog/ btl/ salesforce-buys-dimdim-for-31-million-eyes-webex-gotomeeting-turf/ 43352 [25] Espiner.com. French. . informationweek. References [1] http:/ / www. com/ q/ pr?s=CRM+ Profile) [4] Yahoo! Finance (http:/ / biz. Retrieved 2011-02-11.com Buys Heroku For $212 Million In Cash" (http:/ / techcrunch. com/ [3] (http:/ / finance. html). [9] "Salesforce.[45] Events The Salesforce. German. Cloudforce 2011 in Paris with Loïc Le Meur . . com) [18] Popular Ideas . com/ 2100-3513_22-6059716. [8] "Salesforce. com/ news/ applications-os/ 222600988/ salesforce-adds-business-process-development-to-force-com. 2004-06-23. (http:/ / www. Also. salesforce. 2009-01-29. Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. php) [11] Amount of customers. zdnet. yahoo. nyse. salesforce. along with online help and training documentation. . destinationCRM. Other Other technologies allowing more advanced customization of Salesforce interfaces are Resin Application Server. ZDNet.IdeaExchange (http:/ / ideas. yahoo. Eric (September 9. [7] "Salesforce.

salesforcechannel. html). InternetNews.com/trust/status) 3. force. Berlind's Testbed (blog). . "Salesforce. com/ 2010/ 06/ 22/ salesforce-chatter-released/ [41] Salesforce Applications (http:/ / www. com-Expands-the-Cloud-to-Sales-52602. Financials and Related Companies. tizbi.salesforce. [28] Berlind. both corporate and user generated content (http://www.force. [45] Tizbi ERP and CRM integration (http:/ / www. destinationcrm. html).com. "Salesforce.com Launches The Service Cloud.com Introduces Mobile Lite for iPhone. com/ cloud/ salesforce-integrates-jigsaw-refining-contact-data/ ) [34] Salesforce. oreillynet. com/ pub/ a/ network/ 2006/ 11/ 13/ an-introduction-to-saleforcecoms-appexchange. com/finance?q=NYSE:CRM) . [30] http:/ / www.Contact Exports" (http:/ / sites. com/ ent-news/ article. com/ news/ storage/ disaster_recovery/ showArticle. internetnews.2.com customer data is more evidence of industry's need to act on spam. Andy (November 7. Retrieved 2010-02-25. IDG News Service. org [31] Salesforce. aspx) [32] Salesforce.800+ Curated videos about Salesforce. BlackBerry. com/ company/ salesforce_for_outlook_system_requirements. force. salesforce.com outage hits thousands of businesses" (http:/ / news.com Expands the Cloud to Sales (http:/ / www. A Customer Service SaaS Application (http:/ / www.com main website (http://www. jhtml?articleID=225700975) [35] Salesforce for Outlook System Requirements (http:/ / www.com) Salesforce Chatter website (http://www. com/ blogs/ ideaView?c=09a30000000D9xo& id=087300000007BDDAA2& returnUrl=/ apex/ ideaList?c=09a30000000D9xo& category=AppExchange& sort=popular).salesforce.com's AppExchange" (http:/ / www. Windows Mobile (http:/ / www. jsp) [36] Salesforce for Outlook Release Notes v1." (http:/ / blogs. techcrunchit. com/ appexchange/ ). (http://finance.148 (http:/ / emea. [27] McMillan.salesforce. David (November 6. [43] Salesforce.com [26] Patrizio.com customer list stolen" (http:/ / www.com. php/ 3709836). Tim (Jaunuary 8. . . "Salesforce. com/ answers/ apex/ ideaview?id=087300000007EAJAA2) [39] http:/ / www. O'Reilly Network. com/ 8301-1001_3-10136540-92. informationweek. force. force.com/chatter) Salesforce Customer Community website (http://sites. salesforce. com/ news/ security/ 6058/ salesforcecom-customer-list-stolen/ ). Events. 2010-10-08 [42] Stubblebine. com/ chatter/ [40] http:/ / mashable. Now.com Scrambles To Halt Phishing Attacks" (http:/ / www. . com/ 2009/ 01/ 14/ salesforcecom-launches-the-service-cloud-a-customer-service-saas-application/ ) [33] Salesforce Integrates Jigsaw — Refining Contact Data (http:/ / gigaom.com. Press Releases. salesforce. Robert (07 November 07). Discussions. eweek. com/ Articles/ CRM-News/ Daily-News/ Salesforce.com/answers/ideaHome) Salesforce system status and transaction statistics (http://trust.com) • Stock quote. com/ c/ a/ Cloud-Computing/ Salesforcecom-Introduces-Mobile-Lite-for-iPhone-Blackberry-Windows-Mobile-404052/ ) [44] "2D Barcode (SPARQCode) . cnet. 2009). zdnet. 2007). "An Introduction to Salesforce.Salesforce. Silicon. salesforce.com. pdf) [37] Outlook Connector for Windows 7 (64 bit) (http:/ / sites. .com Launches Chatter Collaboration Tool (http:/ / www. [29] Ferguson. Tony (2006-11-13). html) 157 External links • • • • • Salesforce. com/ help/ doc/ en/ salesforce_sfo_release_notes. . com/ erpservice. computerworlduk. 2007). com/ Berlind/ ?p=880). com/ answers/ ideaView?id=087300000007EyVAA) [38] Outlook integration support for Outlook 2010) (http:/ / sites. salesforcefoundation.google. "Phishing-based breach of salesforce.

with annotations and text being visible to all users and accessible for co-editing. as there are no extensive messaging features. . References [1] http:/ / www. Different file formats can be uploaded and saved either online or offline. upload. Entering an open session in the application can be done with a given code number. gigaom. Cnet. [5] "Collaborate and share documents online using Show Document" (http:/ / www. The service was developed by the HBR Labs company. share and review documents from remote locations[2] . online-tech-tips. .text is edited through the separate text editor[4] [5] . A PDF file's text cannot be edited . and so main navigation options are under the "presenter"'s control . com/ [2] "ShowDocument does simple live collaboration" (http:/ / news. .com [1] ShowDocument is an online web application that allows multiple users to conduct web meetings. com/ cool-websites/ free-online-document-collaboration-software/ ).which she can give to a different user as well[3] . and to stream a Youtube video to a group in full synchronization.showdocument. com/ collaboration/ show-document-easy-no-signup-live-document-collaboration/ ). No-Signup Live Document Collaboration" (http:/ / gigaom. had allowed all users to navigate and edit at once. cnet. established in 2007. Linux Type Website Collaborative web application www.[2] It is possible to draw and write on a virtual whiteboard. HBR labs released a new version which included features such as secure online document storage and mobile device support. it is not intended to replace instant messaging software. with the free version having a few limitations: audio and video options are disabled. Mac OS X. A feature also exists for co-browsing of Google Maps. showdocument. com/ 8301-17939_109-10070332-2. Development Showdocument was first developed in 2007. . computerworld. or by sending\receiving a link through an Email message. [4] "Online collaboration on the cheap: 20 free and low-cost tools" (http:/ / www. com/ s/ article/ 9177575/ Online_collaboration_on_the_cheap_20_free_and_low_cost_tools). html). . such as PDF. [3] "Show Document: Easy. 2009. number of participants is limited and sessions are time-limited.ShowDocument 158 ShowDocument ShowDocument Developer(s) HBR Labs Operating system Microsoft windows. On September 8. by contrast. computerworld. An earlier version of the application. Features Users can collaborate on and review documents in real time. Although the platform contains a text chat. The idea of every user being able to annotate can cause conflicts within the sessions. The application has a paid and a free version. causing the system to drop all incomplete edits.

CA Mitch Grasso. Mike Lingle co-founders software applications | http:/ / slidlerocket.showdocument.com/) • HBR labs (http://www.ShowDocument 159 External links • Official website (http://www.com [2] SlideRocket is an online presentation platform that lets users create. .hbrlabs. Users can also use a basic version of the software which is free. Users initially sign up for a free 14-day trial then decide which plan to subscribe to. SlideRocket is provided via a SaaS model offered via monthly or annual subscription plans [3] . manage. share and measure presentations. com/ [1] online presentation platform English October 2008 Current status active SlideRocket Developer(s) SlideRocket Operating system Web-based Application Type License Website Web-based Productivity Tools Proprietary SlideRocket.com/) SlideRocket SlideRocket Type Founded Headquarters Key people Services Slogan Website Type of site Available in Launched Private Jan 2006 San Francisco.

com/ 8301-10787_3-10045587-60. [5] "Scobeleizer article on SlideRocket .SlideRocket Presentation Web App Enters Private Beta" (http:/ / www. com/ http:/ / www. com/ 2008/ 03/ 20/ vc-admits-he-hates-boring-powerpoints/ ). [9] "VMware Buys Another Slice of the Cloud With SlideRocket" (http:/ / www. com/ product/ pricing.[9] [10] [11] SlideRocket is based in San Francisco. pcworld.SlideRocket’s Impressive Online Presentation App Hits General Release" (http:/ / www.Nominee Best Design [12] References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / sliderocket. html). A public beta was announced in September 2008 [6] followed shortly by public release [7] [8] on October 28. zdnet. techcrunch. .SlideRocket 160 History SlideRocket was founded in Jan 2006. . Judges Choice. sliderocket.VC admits he hates boring PowerPoints" (http:/ / scobleizer. sliderocket. Audience Choice. com/ Stewart/ ?p=951). . [8] "TechCrunch article on SlideRocket .sliderocket. [7] "CNET article on SlideRocket .SlideRocket opens up to the public" (http:/ / blogs. and launched as a private beta [4] [5] in March 2008 at the Under The Radar Spring event. External links • Official site (http://www. . [10] "VMware acquires SlideRocket" (http:/ / www.sliderocket.SlideRocket isn't yet PowerPoint's undoing. techcrunch. html). com/ 2008/ 03/ 19/ sliderocket-presentation-web-app-enters-private-beta-get-your-invite-here-2/ ). But it might be" (http:/ / news. . "TechCrunch article on SlideRocket . html). vmware. [12] "Crunchies 2008 Best Design Nomination" (http:/ / crunchies2008. com/ businesscenter/ article/ 226552/ vmware_buys_another_slice_of_the_cloud_with_sliderocket. . com/ 2008/ 10/ 28/ sliderockets-impressive-online-presentation-app-hits-general-release/ ). techcrunch. com/ "SlideRocket Pricing" (http:/ / www. [11] "VMware Acquires SlideRocket Collaborative Presentation Provider" (http:/ / www. On April 26th 2011 SlideRocket was acquired by VMware.com) • Official blog (http://www. sliderocket. Category Winner. cnet. . 2008. . [6] "ZDNET article on SlideRocket .com/blog) . com/ launch/ vmware_sliderocket. Awards • Underneath the Radar Spring 2008. • Crunchies 2008 . html). . com/ ). com/ company/ news/ releases/ vmw-sliderocket-042611. html). .

Marketing Dept. CloudFront. A new iPad version [5] was released March 2011. In March.[12] Matt McIlwain. integration with Zimbra Contacts. Goals. and Briefcase. History Founded in June. and Mechanical Turk[17] are utilized to deliver secure file storage.com [1] Smartsheet is an online project management [2] and crowdsourcing tool.[8] In June. These templates can be found here [18]. Products Numerous templates are offered to increase usability of this web-based tool. Collaboration. Sales Pipeline.Smartsheet 161 Smartsheet Smartsheet Developer(s) Smartsheet Operating system Web-based application Available in Type Website English Online Project Management. Crowdsourcing www. or via embeddable survey forms.smartsheet. Wedding Planning Checklist. IPO-Time & Responsibilities. Charity Auction-Donated Items.[13] Integrations • Google Apps and Google Accounts Sign-In: Integrated sign-in enabling Google Accounts and Google Apps users to sign up or log in to Smartsheet using their existing Google credentials.[14] • Google Docs: Native support for attaching. share. Smartsheet was privately funded and commercially launched its online project management solution in August. 2009 [10] [11] and a Series C financing in September. Donor List. . and update tasks and files. 2005.com and also won the title of Best Online Collaborative Software in March 2007. Client Contact List. 2007. Calendar. Popular templates include: Project Management.[3] [4] Functionality is focused on the ability to organize. Madrona Venture Group completed Smartsheet's $4 million Series A financing. Issue Tracker. Event Management. publicly-accessible published sheets. 2010. but follows a tiered subscription model. Any template can be easily filled in to allow for instant business management and collaboration. Madrona Managing Director.[15] • LiveWork: Smartsheet serves as a workflow engine to LiveWork crowdsourcing platform[16] • Amazon Web Services: S3.[6] [7] The application is free to try. 2006. and Home Remodel Punchlist. M&A Due Diligence. • Zimbra: Embedded within Zimbra Collaboration Suite. A core feature was added in February 2009 that enables project managers to leverage the research of anonymous workers through the integration of Amazon Mechanical Turk. web acceleration. It allows owners of information to comprehensively involve contributors through authenticated access.[9] Madrona also participated in a subsequent Series B financing in January. serves as a Smartsheet board member. and exporting to Google Docs. 2007 Smartsheet was named Best in Show Overall by UnderTheRadarBlog. and crowdsourcing on a global basis. importing from.

com/ populartemplates [1] [2] [3] [4] External links • Official Website (http://www.5M Series C Round] [13] Madrona Venture Portfolio Listing (http:/ / www. madrona. html) [7] Project Management + Mechanical Turk (http:/ / www.25 Million Series B Financing . zimbra. com/ seattle/ 2010/ 09/ 17/ smartsheet-com-receives-1500000-series-c-round/ Smartsheet Receives $1. google. html) [17] Amazon Web Service case study (http:/ / aws.smartsheet. com/ html/ businesstechnology/ 2008735045_brier12.0' start-ups knock on business doors .25M (http:/ / venturebeat.com/smartsheet) . com/ venture/ archives/ 116686. asp) [10] Collaborative software company Smartsheet raises $1.twitter. com/ type/ zimlet/ smartsheet-project-management) [16] LiveWork announces API for On-Demand Workforces (http:/ / www. com/ venture-capital-investments/ portfolio-company.com (http:/ / www. com/ apps/ news?pid=conewsstory& refer=conews& tkr=ISLN:US& sid=aQM6JDyjrNPo) [12] http:/ / www. smartsheet. nwsource.USATODAY. com/ http:/ / en. com/ outline/ survey-forms/ ) 'Office 2.com (http:/ / www.com/) • Company Blog (http://www. htm) [5] http:/ / www. com/ 2009/ 01/ 14/ collaborative-software-company-smartsheet-raises-125m/ ) [11] Smartsheet.Smartsheet 162 References http:/ / www. com/ tech/ products/ cnet/ 2006-10-09-office-2dot0_x. xconomy.com Awards (http:/ / www.com/blog) • Official Twitter page (http://www. smartsheet. wikipedia. undertheradarblog. bloomberg.Bloomberg. seattlepi. usatoday. smartsheet.com Adds $1. readwriteweb. com/ blog/ and-the-winner-is/ ) [9] Madrona Backs Smartsheet Series A (http:/ / blog. php?utm_source=feedburner& utm_medium=feed& utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ readwriteweb+ %28ReadWriteWeb%29 [6] Business & Technology | Smartsheet's sweet discovery | Seattle Times Newspaper (http:/ / seattletimes. com/ enterprise/ marketplace/ viewListing?productListingId=3429+ 4388443950638085375) [15] Zimbra Zimlet Gallery (http:/ / gallery. php/ ) [8] UnderTheRadarBlog. com/ biz/ 2011/ 03/ manage-projects-from-your-ipad. com/ solutions/ case-studies/ smartsheet/ ) [18] http:/ / www. liveops. asp?name=Smartsheet& company=30) [14] Google Apps Marketplace (http:/ / www. readwriteweb.smartsheet. amazon. com/ company/ pressroom/ pr-091609. org/ wiki/ projectmanagement Smartform Survey Form Overview (http:/ / www. com/ archives/ project_management_mechanical_turk_smartsheet_looks_awesome.

. publishing and sharing of custom business analytics reports and dashboards by end users of Cloud technologies. Social BI allows for the collaborative development of post user-generated analytics among business analysts and data mining professionals. This paradigm shift has removed previous barriers to self-service BI while still employing traditional analytics applications. or Social Business Intelligence. refers to the creation. First enabled by the rapid growth of social media networks in 2009.Social BI 163 Social BI Social BI.

nsite. with components that provide quote to proposal. CEO (2002-2004) Bob Jandro. 2011.[15] . Although several pre-built applications were offered on the platform. Two years later. order management. President/CEO (2004-2005) Kelly Nicholas. when it was announced for retirement. Engineer Quote and Proposal Management. Channel Management. History Paul Tabet. Co-Founder Robert Brown. then started a downward spiral shortly after the SAP Business Objects acquisition.000 customers worldwide when acquired by SAP Business Objects in November of 2006.[4] Its flagship product is the subscription-based Nsite platform. Architect Colin Burns.000 customers at the height of its success. Bob Jandro was announced as the new CEO. the most promising part of Nsite was the ability for a customer to use the product to develop their own application using a simple Internet-based interface. touts SVP Steven Lucas [11][12] • 2006/7: SAP Business Objects moves managed hosting from IBM[13] to OpSource.[14] • 2010: SAP Business Objects announces retirement of Nsite platform as January 31. VP Finance Ryan Nagahori.k. The company claimed more than 27. California Key people Paul Tabet. Founder Alf Goebel.a. Custom Development Platform. it met its end in 2010.Nsite Software (Platform as a Service) 164 Nsite Software (Platform as a Service) Nsite Industry Founded Computer software 1998 [1] Headquarters Pleasanton. In 2002. Timeline • • • • 1998: Nsite launched in Paul Tabet's garage 2002: Alf Goebel named new CEO[5] 2004: Bob Jandro named new CEO[6] . it has been a part of SAP Business Objects.[8] Moves product from Smart Forms to AJAX[9] Announces partnership with WebEx. Since 2006. Alf Goebel was announced as CEO.com. Nsite Software) was a platform as a service company based in the Bay area. Nsite secures $6M in B round funding[7] 2005: Nsite secures $4M in C round funding. specializing in Sales Force[3] enhancements. and a custom development platform with an AJAX front-end and a MS-SQL back-end. Smart Forms $0 USD (2009) 0 (as of 2008) [2] Products Revenue Employees Website Nsite (a. Finally. co-founded Nsite in 1998 together with others and was chief executive officer until 2002. Product Management Jin Huang. Nsite grew to 27.[10] • 2006: SAP Business Objects acquires Nsite for an undisclosed amount.

com/ blog/ saas/ saas-star-leaves-sap-for-salesforcecom/ 548 [12] http:/ / www. com/ about/ press/ businessobjects/ 20061130_005913.zdnet. sap. and spend the rest of the week on the beach (http://www. com/ appexchange/ listingDetail?listingId=a0330000000NfVlAAK [4] http:/ / www. epx [13] http:/ / www. com/ about/ press/ businessobjects/ 20061130_005913. (http://www. com/ applications [3] http:/ / sites. force. sap. zdnet.com/t/business/ business-objects-acquires-saas-firm-nsite-208) Business Objects Acquires Nsite Software (http://dotnet. outlookventures. com/ p/ articles/ mi_m0EIN/ is_2004_June_8/ ai_n6058340/ [8] http:/ / venturebeatprofiles.com/CustomerLogin. sap. html [14] http:/ / www. com/ research/ stocks/ private/ snapshot. highbeam. zdnet.asp) Nsite Logon Page (https://process2.com/blog/ • • • • • • • • greenbaum/software-as-a-service-takes-the-analytics-road-business-objects-buys-nsite/36) Lawdex and Nsite Partner to Streamline E-filing for Attorneys.com/About/press.Nsite Software (Platform as a Service) 165 References [1] http:/ / investing. Nsite Hosted Service Activates First Thousand Plus User Customer. (http://www. josephsorisi. epx [5] http:/ / www. com/ newsletter/ october2002/ article3.infoworld. com/pdf/appbuilder_tutorial. html [15] http:/ / forums. htm [7] http:/ / findarticles.pdf) . tmcnet.nsite. aspx?id=1) Business Objects acquires SaaS firm Nsite (http://www.com/case-studies/nsite-software-inc.com/doc/1G1-126061146.com/node/307943) Business Objects acquires Nsite Software Inc. com/ press/ press-releases-01-03-2005.html) Nsite Company Page (http://ondemand. Inc. Courts (http://www. (http://diablomanagement. htm [11] http:/ / www.com/ business-objects-acquires-nsite-software-inc/article/93734/) DMG Case Study — Nsite Software. asp?privcapId=3603336 [2] http:/ / www. com/ doc/ 1G1-170193009. Funding. com/ news/ 2004/ Jun/ 1046534.Build your application in a day.html) • Software as a Service Takes the Analytics Road: Business Objects Buys Nsite (http://www. jspa?threadID=1719409 External links • Nsite Surges as New Service Attracts Enterprise Customers.jsp) PDF .dmnews.com/applications/default. ondemand.search-results-rivers [10] http:/ / www. econtentmag.sys-con. com/ thread. com/ company/ profile/ nsite-software [9] http:/ / www. com/ Articles/ News/ News-Item/ Nsite-Partners-with-WebEx-7665. com/ news/ hosted-application-scrubs-up-with-ajax/ 145488?tag=content. sdn. businessweek.lawdex.highbeam.ondemand. html [6] http:/ / telecommunications.

content management (CM) and service desk management. typically pronounced [sæs]).Software as a service 166 Software as a service Software as a service (SaaS. in which the application is designed to serve multiple businesses and users. customer relationship management (CRM).7% from 2009.com. and in some cases even more narrowly as software in a category which has on-premises software.[5] History Centralized hosting of business application dates back to the 1960s.7b in 2011. called Application Service Providers (ASP).[1] By now. IBM and other mainframe providers conducted a service bureau business. Application service providers provided businesses with the service of hosting and managing specialized business applications. is commonly used in more specific settings: whereas most initial application service providers focused on managing and hosting third-party independent software vendors' software. often referred to as time-sharing or utility computing. normally using a web browser over the Internet. Such services included offering computing power and database storage to banks and other large organizations from their worldwide data centers. whereas many initial application service providers offered more traditional client-server applications. Software as a service is essentially an extension of the idea of the ASP model. invoicing. Gartner Group also estimates that SaaS applications. which coined the term "The End of Software" to differentiate its (then new) software-as-a-service approach from its competition. contemporary software as a service solutions are predominantly web-based and only require an internet browser to use.[6] .2% from 2010. up 16. and. enterprise resource planning (ERP). up 15. The SaaS acronym is said to have first appeared in an article called "Strategic Backgrounder: Software as a Service". which require installation of software on users' personal computers. and partitions its data accordingly. contemporary software as a service solutions normally utilize a multi-tenant architecture. equivalent applications that are installed in businesses' computer networks or personal computers.[3] SaaS sales in 2010 have reached $9B. and are projected to increase to $10. i. contemporary software-as-a-service vendors typically develop and manage their own software." is a software delivery model in which software and its associated data are hosted centrally (typically in the (Internet) cloud) and are typically accessed by users using a thin client. which at the time offered only traditional on-premises software. including accounting. sometimes referred to as "on-demand software. While practically every Internet service (such as Web search engine or web-based Email) is driven by some underlying software. The concept of SaaS has been popularized by Salesforce.. would represent at least 16% of worldwide software sales by 2014. however. SaaS has become a common delivery model for most business applications. published in February 2001 by the Software & Information Industry's (SIIA) eBusiness Division.[4] The term software as a service (SaaS) is considered to be part of the nomenclature of cloud computing. with the goal of reducing cost by central administration and through the solution provider's specialization in a particular business application. SaaS has been incorporated into the strategy of all leading enterprise software companies. The expansion of the Internet during the 1990s brought about a new class of centralized computing. human resource management (HRM). the term Software as a Service (SaaS) is often used in the context of business applications. which accounted for a little more than 10% of the total enterprise software market last year. Starting at that decade. The term Software as a Service (SaaS). along with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). whereas the software architecture used by most initial application service providers mandated maintaining a separate instance of the application for each business. collaboration.e.[2] According to a Gartner Group estimate.

a beta version) for testing purposes. parameters) that affect its functionality and look-and-feel. network. some SaaS solutions do not use multi-tenancy. typically. or use other mechanisms—such as virtualization—to cost-effectively manage a large number of customers in place of multi-tenancy. a second version of the application is set up to offer a select group of customers with access to pre-release versions of the applications (e. Instead. most commonly a monthly fee or an annual fee.Software as a service 167 Pricing Unlike traditional software. where multiple physical copies of the software—each potentially of a different version. This is consistent with the traditional rationale for outsourcing IT systems.k.a. The application can be customized to the degree it was designed for based on a set of predefined configuration options. multi-tenant applications are designed to support application configuration. While an exception rather the norm... a set of configuration options (a.e. with a potentially different configuration. its database schema or its GUI. The customer cannot.. the application is installed on multiple machines (called horizontal scaling). SaaS applications tend to not support what is traditionally known as application customization. In some cases. event. and fees are charged for enhanced functionality or larger scope. smaller ongoing support fees). a free service is made available with limited functionality or scope. In other words.. more reliable applications. not customization Driven by a multi-tenancy architecture. opportunities also exist to charge per transaction. SaaS providers generally price applications using a subscription fee.[7] Whether multi-tenancy is a necessary component for software-as-a-service is a topic of controversy. i. and oftentimes customized—are installed across the various customer sites. setting up a new customer) in a multi-tenant environment enables some SaaS vendors to offer applications using the freemium model. . with a single configuration (hardware. with revenue being derived from alternate sources such as advertising. i. Architecture The vast majority of SaaS solutions is based on a multi-tenant architecture. change the page layout unless such an option was designed for. In this model. For example: to support customers' common need to change an application's look-and-feel so that the application appears to be having the customer's brand (or—if so desired—co-branded). the characteristics below are common among many SaaS applications: Configuration. or other unit of value. such as the number of users ("seats") using the application.g. However. conventionally sold as a perpetual license with an associated up-front fee (and.. Some other SaaS applications are completely free to users. SaaS vendors typically price their applications based on some usage parameters. an outside service provider may be able offer better. many SaaS applications let customers provide (through a self service interface or by working with application provider staff) a custom logo and sometimes a set of custom colors. Each customer may have its own settings (or: parameter values) for the configuration options. With this model. a single version of the application.e. a single customer cannot alter the source code of the application.[8] Characteristics While not all software-as-a-service applications share all traits. To support scalability. is used for all customers ("tenants"). cheaper. The relatively low cost for user provisioning (i. because in a SaaS environment customers' data resides with the SaaS vendor.e. Consequently. which involves applying economies of scale to application operation. the initial setup cost for SaaS is typically lower than the equivalent enterprise software. A key driver of SaaS growth is SaaS vendors' ability to provide a price that is competitive with on-premises software. unlike traditional enterprise software. however. operating system). This is contrasted with traditional software.

creating a compound service. • The application vendor has access to all customer data. • The increasing penetration of broadband Internet access enabled remote centrally-hosted applications to offer speed comparable to on-premises software. so new releases can be put in place without requiring customers to physically install new software. Consequently. JavaScript. HTTP). which are lightweight applications that combine data.Software as a service 168 Accelerated feature delivery SaaS applications are often updated more frequently than traditional software[9] . web design). they predominantly offer integration protocols and application programming interfaces (APIs) that operate over a wide area network. Open integration protocols Since SaaS applications cannot access a company's internal systems (databases or internal services). presentation and functionality from multiple services. many SaaS applications offer features that let its users collaborate and share information.. • The application only has a single configuration. SOAP and JSON. Collaborative (and "social") functionality Inspired by the success of online social networks and other so-called web 2.g. • The standardization of the web stack (HTML. • The solution provider has access to user behavior within the application (usually via web analytics). and enabled new solution providers to come up with competitive solutions. The ubiquity of SaaS applications and other Internet services and the standardization of their API technology has spawned development of mashups. many project management applications delivered in the SaaS model offer—in addition to traditional project planning functionality—collaboration features letting users comment on tasks and plans and share documents within and outside an organization. Mashups further differentiate SaaS applications from on-premises software as the latter cannot be easily integrated outside a company's firewall. opening the door for new software vendors offering a user experience perceived as more "modern". continuously decreased the need for traditional client-server applications. traditional software vendors' investment in software based on fat clients has become a disadvantage (mandating ongoing support). For example. the increasing popularity of web development as a practice. expediting design and regression testing. Accelerated feature delivery is further enabled by agile software development methodologies[10] . making it easier to identify areas worthy of improvement. . Adoption drivers Several important changes to the software market and technology landscape have facilitated acceptance and growth of SaaS solutions: • The growing use of web-based user interfaces by applications. provide a set of software development tools and practices to support frequent software releases. While some collaboration-related functionality is also integrated into on-premises software.0 functionality. along with the proliferation of associated practices (e. Typically. (implicit or explicit) collaboration between users of different customers is only possible with centrally-hosted software. challenging traditional vendors. CSS. Such methodologies. in many cases on a weekly or monthly basis. and the introduction and ubiquitousness of web application frameworks gradually reduced the cost of developing new SaaS solutions. This is enabled by several factors: • The application is hosted centrally. making development testing faster. these are protocols based on HTTP. REST. Several other SaaS applications let users vote on and offer new feature ideas. which have evolved in the mid-1990's.

earthweb. 31 February 2001. Tim (5 May 2011). Inc. [3] Hall. Data escrow Software as a service data escrow is the process of keeping a copy of critical software-as-a-service application data with an independent third party. Gianpaolo's blog. . does not allow true customization of applications for large clients. protecting against data loss. It allows companies to protect and insure all the data that resides within SaaS applications. ZDNet.C. unplanned service outages and potential data loss or corruption. msdn. . Datamation. [5] Anderson. Many businesses are also keen to ensure that they’re complying with their own data governance standards or want improved reporting and business analytics against their SaaS data.com. into the growth of SaaS showed that 85 percent of the participants wanted to take a copy of their SaaS data. CBS Interactive. ComputerWeekly. [6] Software as a Service: Strategic Backgrounder (http:/ / www. Retrieved 24 April 2011.Software as a service • The standardization of the HTTPS protocol as part of the web stack provided universally available lightweight security that is sufficient for most everyday applications. D. data security becomes an issue. IBM. pdf). end users' personal information). Kathleen (14 December 2010). [12] There are many and varied reasons for considering SaaS data escrow including concerns about vendor bankruptcy. . Peter (5 June 2008). com/ 2008/ 06/ how-oracle-ibm-sap-microsoft-and-intuit. html). OpenCrowd. theregister. where critical software source code is stored with an independent third party. . the SaaS model is not suitable for applications that demand sub-second response times.: Software & Information Industry Association. [7] Wainewright. Reed Business Information Ltd. php/ 3895101/ SaaS-Market-Growing-by-Leaps-and-Bounds-Gartner. . . A research conducted by Clearpace Software Ltd.. opencrowd. which drive cost efficiency for SaaS solution providers. [2] Laird. "How Oracle. far away from the application users. QuinStreet. This introduces latency into the environment. 169 Adoption challenges Some limitations slow down the acceptance of SaaS and prohibit it from being used in some cases: • Since data is being stored on the vendor’s servers. • Some business applications require access to or integration with customer's current data.[11] • SaaS applications are hosted in the cloud. Microsoft. Retrieved 24 April 2011.. Retrieved 24 April 2011. Retrieved 24 April 2011.[13] References [1] "Software as a Service (SaaS)" (http:/ / cloudtaxonomy. zdnet. blogspot. prohibiting such applications from being used in scenarios (applicable mostly to large enterprises) for which such customization is necessary. com/ taxonomy/ software-as-a-service/ ). aspx).2% to $10. A third of these participants wanted a copy on a daily basis. net/ estore/ pubs/ SSB-01. "Gartner: SaaS sales will grow 16. "Let the Cloud Developer Wars begin" (http:/ / www. • Multi-tenant architectures. co. uk/ 2011/ 05/ 05/ cloud_vendor_platforms/ ). for example." (http:/ / blogs. com/ SAAS/ ?p=400). htm). so.g. [4] Barret. Washington. When such data is large in volume or sensitive (e. htm). The Register. "I can't believe we are still talking about whether saas == multi-tenancy. [8] Carraro. 7bn-in-2011. "SaaS Market Growing by Leaps and Bounds: Gartner" (http:/ / itmanagement. . . com/ Articles/ 2010/ 12/ 14/ 244489/ Gartner-SaaS-sales-will-grow-16. 2-to-10. Retrieved 24 April 2011. SAP. com/ b/ gianpaolo/ archive/ 2008/ 06/ 20/ i-can-t-believe-we-are-still-talking-about-whether-saas-multi-tenancy. Microsoft Corporation. Phil (19 October 2007). siia. computerweekly. and Intuit are Responding to the SaaS Revolution" (http:/ / peterlaird. Gianpaolo (21 June 2008). SaaS data escrow is the same logic applied to data within a SaaS application. com/ entdev/ article.7bn in 2011" (http:/ / www.. . Similar to source code escrow. Cloud Taxonomy.. Laird OnDemand. Larry (27 July 2010). Blogspot. "Workstream prefers virtualization to multi-tenancy" (http:/ / blogs. integrating it with remotely hosted software is costly and/or risky. • The introduction and wide acceptance of lightweight integration protocols such as REST and SOAP enabled affordable integration between SaaS applications (residing in the cloud) with internal applications over wide area networks and with other SaaS applications.

"SaaS vs. Retrieved 24 April 2011. Retrieved 24 April 2011. There are various reasons for this to be the right approach when compared to moving everything to cloud or software as a Service models. Using local software as the client leverages the Internet provides the best of both worlds. 14 December 2009. [13] "SaaS Data Escrow Benchmark Report" (http:/ / www. SaaS have no inclination to keep a copy of their data. Guy (18 May 2010). DevX. References [1] Software + Services (S+S) (http:/ / msdn2. forrester. rainstor. com/ assets/ downloads/ SaaS_Data_Escrow_International_Report. • Architecture Options—Software developers can now architect software solutions by composing local and remote services. England: Clearpace Software Ltd).". Retrieved 24 April 2011. greater efficiency can be achieved by offloading server processing. Forrester Research. microsoft. With S+S a vendor can provide an option to move non-private information to the cloud and keep more sensitive data locally. • IT Flexibility—Vendors can deploy software in various configurations—on premise. Inc. "Develop a Framework for SaaS Application Business Continuity Risk Mitigation" (http:/ / www. Inc. .com. aspx) . com/ guy-creese/ 2010/ 05/ 18/ saas-vs-software-the-development-cycle-for-saas-is-usually-not-always-faster/ ). such as sales representatives and home workers.com.Software as a service [9] Creese. as local computing devices continue to get more powerful. Deborah R (7 August 7 2009). and increase the risk of the information being compromised. Retrieved 24 April 2011. QuinStreet Inc. Gartner. Such composite applications combine traditional software with remote services to provide a consistent user experience across devices and form factors. 8 January 2008. gartner. • Offline Capability—S+S allows a user to work offline. Miroslaw (20 December 2010). Retrieved 24 April 2011. . . and then automatically synchronize with the cloud. com/ DisplayDocument?id=1118412). • Privacy—If an organisation publishes all data to the cloud then they relinquish primary control over that data. "SaaS And The Everlasting Security Concerns" (http:/ / community. without losing any capability. [10] "Jumping to SaaS? Take Agile Software Development Along with You" (http:/ / www. Gartner. devx. Software: The Release Cycle for SaaS Is Usually (Not Always) Faster" (http:/ / blogs. com/ en-us/ architecture/ aa699384. pdf) (PDF). who may have disconnected or occasionally connected software. or plan to use. RainStor (Gloucester. and who don’t or can’t always remain connected. [11] Lisserman. . Gartner. gartner. 170 Software plus services Software plus Services (S+S)[1] combines hosted services with locally running software in a variation on cloud computing. . perhaps for access by others or as a backup. • Powerful Devices—In line with Moore's Law. com/ SaaS/ Article/ 36357/ 0/ page/ 1). Gartner blog. com/ message/ 10906). hosted or mixed. • Rich User Experience—Functional limitations prevent current web browser technology from providing a rich user experience. This provides a workable and sustainable model for mobile and remote knowledge workers. "Only 15 per cent of those who currently use. [12] Bona.

including InformationWeek Startup 50 2009[4] . and AlwaysOn Global250 List[6] . Spigit was founded by Paul Pluschkell in 2007. CIO Magazine named Spigit one of Twenty Companies to Watch in 2011. the company received a $10 million Series B investment from Warburg Pincus[2] . Best of Software Interop[5] . analytics and workflow. feedback. and has been recognized with industry awards.com http:/ / spigit. and prediction markets for internal and external crowdsourced forecasting.Spigit 171 Spigit Spigit Type Industry Founded Private Enterprise social software 2007 Headquarters Pleasanton. California that provides a software as a service (SaaS) platform for enterprise innovation management. game mechanics and analytics • SpigitFusion [9]: Evaluation workflow. followed by a second round of $10 million from Warburg Pincus in March 2011. and running challenges and contests • PredictionSpigit [12]: Prediction markets.[1] In October 2009. built native inside SharePoint • SpigitEngage for SharePoint 2010 • SpigitEngage for Facebook [11]: Companies engage customers directly from their Facebook pages. soliciting ideas. used after the initial idea collection phase to evaluate and select ideas from experts and executives [10] : Spigit's innovation management functionality. The company provides three core services: internal employee innovation management through collaboration and crowdsourced feedback. The company's stated goal is to make organizations better at innovation and business decisions through community. external idea management. collaboration. California Key people Paul Pluschkell Padmanabh Dabke Innovation management Social network Crowdsourcing Prediction market Spigit.[3] Spigit sells into the global enterprise market. In January 2011. com/ Products Website Spigit is a technology company based in Pleasanton.[7] Products The company provides the following products: • EnterpriseSpigit [8]: Front end of the innovation process: crowdsourcing idea capture. tapping the distributed knowledge and judgment of diverse crowds .

Spigit 172 External links • Spigit website [13] References [1] Spigit: About Us (http:/ / www. com/ aboutus/ index. com/ news/ services/ saas/ showArticle. spigit. newswire. com/ cgi-bin/ stories. com/ 2011/ 03/ 15/ warburg-pincus-invests-another-10m-in-idea-management-platform-spigit/ ) [4] The InformationWeek Startup 50: Business Technology Companies To Watch (http:/ / www. uk/ article/ 3257491/ twenty-companies-to-watch-in-2011/ ?pn=1& print& intcmp=ROSATT2) [8] http:/ / www. ca/ en/ releases/ archive/ July2008/ 17/ c5565. html) [7] CIO Magazine: Twenty companies to watch in 2011 (http:/ / www. com/ . com/ products-and-solutions/ products/ enterprisespigit/ [9] http:/ / www. jhtml?articleID=216600068& pgno=3& queryText=& isPrev=) [5] Spigit: Spigit's IdeaSpigit Wins 2008 Best of Interop Award in the Software Category (http:/ / www2. cio. html) [2] New York Times: Spigit Raises Capital for Workplace Social Network (http:/ / bits. nytimes. com/ products-and-solutions/ products/ predictionspigit/ [13] http:/ / spigit. informationweek. blogs. spigit. spigit. spigit. spigit. com/ products-and-solutions/ products/ spigitengage-for-sharepoint/ [11] http:/ / www. pl?ACCT=104& STORY=/ www/ story/ 05-01-2008/ 0004804224& EDATE=) [6] Spigit Selected by AlwaysOn as an AO Global 250 Winner (http:/ / www. prnewswire. co. com/ products-and-solutions/ products/ spigitengage-for-facebook/ [12] http:/ / www. spigit. com/ 2009/ 10/ 15/ spigit-raises-capital-for-a-workplace-social-network/ ) [3] TechCrunch: Warburg Pincus Invests Another $10M In Idea Management Platform Spigit (http:/ / techcrunch. com/ products-and-solutions/ products/ spigitfusion/ [10] http:/ / www.

The program supports editing of local Microsoft Office documents online using Google Docs. [4] References [1] [2] [3] [4] https:/ / www. shareware version available Syncdocs [3] Syncdocs is backup and file synchronization software that uses cloud computing to enable users to backup and synchronize Windows computer files to Google Documents accounts. Compression and Encryption Support.44 / April 2. com Need to synchronise your Google Docs with your PC http:/ / blog. com/ help/ requirements http:/ / www. Drive mapping of Google Docs to a local drive letter. appogee. uk/ 2011/ 04/ need-to-synchronise-your-google-docs. syncdocs. 2011 [1] Development status Active Operating system Type License Website [2] Windows XP thru Vista and Server 2003/2008 and Windows 7 Backup software Commercial proprietary.Syncdocs 173 Syncdocs Syncdocs Developer(s) Stable release Syncdocs Syncdocs 0. html External links • http://www. Synchronization of file and folder changes between Google and local computers. Features • • • • • • • Full data migration to Google Docs cloud. The Windows folder structure is replicated online. co. com/ enterprise/ marketplace/ viewListing?productListingId=7546+ 16949744728391811088 Syncdocs Requirements http:/ / www. google. File versioning and Unicode filename support.syncdocs. syncdocs.com .

President. TOA Technologies' software. 7. On April 6. The software is delivered to businesses over the Internet using the software as a service / eSaaS model. The 2010 survey found that over 2. New York and London.com [1] Employees Website TOA Technologies is a provider of ETAdirect. including Virgin Media[3] and ONO (Spain)[4] . It is currently used by [2] five of the United States’ top ten cable companies. President & CTO Fred Binstock. ETAdirect. . President & CEO Irad Carmi.S. Ohio.toatech. Ohio.[7] TOA produces an annual Cost of Waiting Survey[8] . create routes and schedule in-home service appointment. TOA was named the fastest growing company in Northeast Ohio. CFO Richard Alden. which looks at the accumulated cost to consumers and businesses. is powered by patented algorithms that learns mobile employees’ work patterns. of consumers waiting at home for a delivery or appointment.693. Company Information TOA Technologies is a privately-held company that employs approximately 200 employees and is headquartered in the "Silicon Suburb"[5] of Beachwood. including Cox Communications . as well as broadband operators in Europe. Chairman of the Board. performance-pattern based mobile workforce management system and proactive customer communications methodology. analyzes them statistically to accurately predict the employee's Time Of Arrival (TOA) at a customer's location thereby narrowing the customer at home wait window to approximately 60 minutes. United Kingdom. TOA Europe 200+ www. TOA was issued U.735 entitled "Dynamic Schedule Mediation"[6] for its predictive. in the 2010 Weatherhead 100 awards [9] . USA Key people Yuval Brisker. a cloud computing-based mobile workforce management and customer appointment scheduling software that provides tools for companies with large mobile workforces to automatically allocate jobs.75 Billion hours are wasted annually by people having to wait at home. with additional offices in New York City. 2010. Patent No.TOA Technologies 174 TOA Technologies TOA Technologies Industry Founded Software 2003 Headquarters Beachwood.

693. toatech. html?top=9 http:/ / www. asp .693. marketwire. com/ news/ Press_Releases. weatherhead100. uk/ computing/ news/ 2261834/ virgin-media-woos-customers http:/ / toatech. com/ press-release/ Annual-Survey-Finds-23-American-Respondents-Lost-Wages-Past-Year-Due-Waiting-21-Switched-1329654. php http:/ / www. htm& r=1& f=G& l=50& d=PTXT& S1=7. php?option=com_content& task=view& id=386315& Itemid=32 [8] http:/ / www. computing. com/ press-release/ TOA-Technologies-Honored-With-NEOSAs-2010-Best-of-Tech-Award-1265742. org/ currentrankings/ default. co.735 [7] http:/ / pr-usa.735& RS=7. com/ article/ 133756-Cox_Tracks_Field_Techs_With_TOA_s_Software. gov/ netacgi/ nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2& Sect2=HITOFF& p=1& u=%2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsearch-adv.TOA Technologies 175 Notes and references [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] http:/ / www. net/ index. uspto. multichannel. htm [9] http:/ / www. marketwire. com/ http:/ / www.735& OS=7.693. htm http:/ / patft.

SaaS billing platform company headquartered in Belmont.[3] On November 1. thus negating the need to purchase a separate gateway offering from another vendor. as well as manage chargebacks. It is a privately held. they offer chargeback management. USA that provides digital merchants with an online billing and subscription management platform.[4] Current status Vindicia is headquartered in Belmont. Vindicia announced raising $20 Million in a Series E financing round with FTV Capital leading the funding and in partnership with existing investors Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments (BDMI). VAT. [5] Vindicia's subscription billing platform consists of a billing system where merchants can define billing plans. California Key people Products Employees Website Gene Hoffman SaaS billing platform for digital merchants 75 www. Their product also has a built in global sales tax engine which can calculate sales tax.com [1] Vindicia is an enterprise cloud computing. and Mark Elrod as a company specializing in software as a service (SaaS) billing platform. California.Vindicia 176 Vindicia Vindicia. CashBox addresses the needs of online merchants of any size and scale who offer intangible goods and services across a wide range of industries. Products and services Cashbox CashBox is designed with the underlying premise that billing and fraud management are critical to drive the fundamentals of profitability. and built in best practices for customer retention and customer acquisition [2] strategies around billing. create payment retry schedules. 2010. Inc Type Industry Founded Private On-demand SaaS digital billing software California 2003 Headquarters Belmont. online merchants are able to create and grow predictable revenue streams while lowering ongoing customer acquisition costs. With CashBox. As part of their subscription billing product. marketing. fraud screening. History Origins Vindicia was founded in late 2003 by eMusic cofounder Gene Hoffman. former eMusic VP of Technology Brett Thomas. In addition to their online subscription billing platform. venture-backed company. and GST. Unlike many online billing platform solutions. their offerings include built in best practices . California. Vindicia's product offers a payment gateway.vindicia. Vindicia is a PCI Level 1 SAS 70 Type II audited company. Vindicia works with digital leaders selling subscriptions or digital goods such as virtual currency and virtual goods. issue refunds. and operations that are customized for customers.

com) Vindicia Products Page (http://www.net). CougarLife.) External links • • • • • • • Vindicia.vindicia. vindicia. digital content. html.com.) [3] (http:/ / www.Condé Nast. cnn. Help in Getting Paid is Sweet Music" (http:/ / www.) [5] "Vindicia CashBox" (http:/ / www. Blizzard Entertainment.net/Vindicia) Vindicia Resources Page (http://www.SlideShare. and increasing online revenue and the average customer lifetime value.). News Corp. Bloomberg. vindicia. [7] Customers Vindicia's customers are in a number of industries such as gaming. vindicia.com. AshleyMadison. vindicia. typically with a 60-85% win rate.html) Vindicia Management Team Page (http://www. com/ news/ newsfeeds/ articles/ marketwire/ 0680022.vindicia. com/ sanjose/ stories/ 2008/ 04/ 07/ story6.com/company/management. customer acquisition.com/products/) Vindicia Twitter (http://www. dating. and software. com/ products/ cashbox/ . [6] 177 ChargeGuard Vindicia's ChargeGuard service is used by digital merchants to minimize both false positives and a merchant's chargeback rate. Mind Candy. bizjournals. Cisco. Avid Life (HotorNot. html?b=1207540800%5e1615198& t=printable. html) [4] "Vindicia Secures $20 Million in Series E Financing" (http:/ / money. IMVU References [1] http:/ / www. Intuit.twitter. htm. Fandango. Online Buddies (manhunt. com/ products/ chargeguard/ index. Their customers include Symantec.) [7] "Vindicia ChargeGuard" (http:/ / www.5% in just a few months. html. ChargeGuard customers see a dramatic reduction in the number of chargebacks in addition to the significant amount of revenue recovered from the chargebacks they fight. vindicia.) [6] "Subscription Billing" (http:/ / www. Next Issue Media (publishing platform created by a consortium of the biggest publishers . Hearst.com Main Website (http://www. Boxee. CyberDefender. com/ company/ index. Additionally. Mingle (iChurch.Vindicia customized to the client on issues such as customer retention. deviantART.html) Vindicia Investors Page (http://www.vindicia.com/resources/index. com/ products/ subscription_billing/ index. they were able to leverage their products and their best practices methodologies to reduce one of their customer's chargeback rate from 5% initially to less than 0. Atari/Cryptic Studios. Time Inc.com.vindicia.com).com/Vindicia) Vindicia SlideShare Page (http://www.html) .vindicia..com/company/investors. EstablishedMen. com/ [2] "To Online Businesses.com).

He called it the "Read/Write Web".0 is qualitatively different from prior web technologies has been challenged by World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee.0 is associated with web applications that facilitate participatory information sharing. The first glimmerings of Web 2.0 The term Web 2. aesthetics.0 conference.] on your TV set [.0 themes Although the term suggests a new version of the World Wide Web. the current uses of the term. Her article is aimed at designers.. and we are just starting to see how that embryo might develop. Her use of the term deals mainly with Web design.0 are beginning to appear. is only an embryo of the Web to come.0 conference in late 2004.0 178 Web 2. and collaboration on the World Wide Web..0 did not resurface until 2002.] your cell phone [..[8] [9] [10] [11] These authors focus on the concepts currently associated with the term where.. in contrast to websites where users (consumers) are limited to the passive viewing of content that was created for them.0" was coined in January 1999 by Darcy DiNucci. [1] user-centered design..0 site allows users to interact and collaborate with each other in a social media dialogue as creators (prosumers) of user-generated content in a virtual community.. Whether Web 2.] maybe even your microwave oven. interoperability. As such.] appear on your computer screen. a place where we [could] all meet and read and write". standards-based integration platform"... DiNucci writes:[6] [7] The Web we know now.. hosted services.[10] John Robb wrote: "What is Web 2. Examples of Web 2.. a consultant on electronic information design (information architecture)." In 2003. mashups and folksonomies. The term Web 2.Web 2.0 include social networking sites. [. it does not refer to an update to any technical specification..0 phenomenon in itself) presenting Web 2. A Web 2.[2] [3] History The term "Web 2. but does not directly relate to. the ether through which interactivity happens.0? It is a system that breaks with the old model of centralized Web [11] sites and moves the power of the Web/Internet to the desktop. John Battelle and Tim O'Reilly outlined their definition of the "Web as . but rather to cumulative changes in the ways software developers and end-users use the Web. which loads into a browser window in essentially static screenfuls. In her article. the term began its rise in popularity when O'Reilly Media and MediaLive hosted the first Web 2. "Fragmented Future". who called the term a "piece of jargon". her use of the term hints at. A tag cloud (a typical Web 2.[4] precisely because he intended the Web in his vision as "a collaborative medium. In their opening remarks. as Scott Dietzen puts it.. video sharing sites. and the interconnection of everyday objects with the Internet. The Web will be understood not as screenfulls of text and graphics but as a transport mechanism.] your car dashboard [. It will [. "the Web becomes a universal.[5] The term is closely associated with Tim O'Reilly because of the O'Reilly Media Web 2. she argues that the Web is "fragmenting" due to the widespread use of portable Web-ready devices. wikis.] hand-held game machines [. blogs. web applications. reminding them to code for an ever-increasing variety of hardware.

Wikipedia is not based on expertise but rather an adaptation of the open source software adage "given enough eyeballs. but also change the way the world changes. O'Reilly's Web 2. Since that time. a desktop application. text. blogs. and planned to populate that webtop with information updates and applets pushed to the webtop by information providers who would purchase Netscape servers. in 2009 Global Language Monitor declared it to be the one-millionth English word. and it produces and updates articles constantly. Control over standards for displaying content and applications in the browser would. Wikipedia relies on trust in anonymous users to constantly and quickly build content. where software applications are built upon the Web as opposed to upon the desktop. culminating in the 2006 TIME magazine Person of The Year (You).[13] In short. Much like the "horseless carriage" framed the automobile as an extension of the familiar. updating it on occasion.Web 2. such services are constantly updated.[12] They argued that the activities of users generating content (in the form of ideas. large companies. In the cover story.0 has found a place in the lexicon. but instead focused on providing a service based on data such as the links Web page authors make between sites. Web 2. A similar difference can be seen between the Encyclopædia Britannica Online and Wikipedia: while the Britannica relies upon experts to create articles and releases them periodically in publications. The unique aspect of this migration. and their strategy was to use their dominance in the browser market to establish a market for high-priced server products. a process called "the perpetual beta". O'Reilly contrasted this with Google. Netscape focused on creating software. It's about the many wresting power from the few and helping one another for nothing and how that will not only change the world. give Netscape the kind of market power enjoyed by Microsoft in the PC market. in theory. videos.[14] That is. It's about the cosmic compendium of knowledge Wikipedia and the million-channel people's network YouTube and the online metropolis MySpace.0 with the business models of Netscape and the Encyclopædia Britannica Online. such as a browser. and technology reporters.0 Platform". which undergoes scheduled releases. In terms of the lay public. or pictures) could be "harnessed" to create value.0". Lev Grossman explains: It's a story about community and collaboration on a scale never seen before. they argued. They associated Web 1. attracting entrepreneurs.0 with what they called "Web 1. the term Web 2. a company which did not at the time focus on producing software. Netscape framed "the web as platform" in terms of the old software paradigm: their flagship product was the web browser. For example.0 conferences have been held every year since 2003. O'Reilly and Battelle contrasted Web 2. and distributing it to the end users. Netscape promoted a "webtop" to replace the desktop. is that "customers are building your business for you". and media sharing sites.0 was largely championed by bloggers and by technology journalists. Unlike software. TIME selected the masses of users who were participating in content creation on social networks. all bugs are shallow". Google exploits this user-generated content to offer Web search based on reputation through its "page rank" algorithm. wikis.[15] 179 .

Mass Effect Wiki is an example of content generated by users working collaboratively. web standards and scalability.0. The impossibility of excluding group members who don’t contribute to the provision of goods from sharing profits gives rise to the possibility that rational members will prefer to withhold their contribution of effort and free-ride on the contribution of others. Web designers can make their pages function like desktop applications. just as a user has to wait for a page to complete the reload.[19] the characteristics of Web 2. and other heavy user interactions. dynamic content. it also opens the possibility for "spamming" and "trolling" by less rational users. using these techniques. This has been called "Network as platform" computing.[22] . Compared to JavaScript libraries like jQuery. the user would have to routinely wait for the data to come back before they can do anything else on that page. software and storage facilities.[3] Users can provide the data that is on a Web 2. two widely used structured data formats. Bart Decrem. For example. sometimes called radical trust by the management of the website. The data fetched by an Ajax request is typically formatted in XML or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format. Adobe Flex is another technology often used in Web 2.0 are: rich user experience.0 site and exercise some control over that data.[18] This requires what is A list of ways that people can volunteer to improve Mass Effect Wiki.[3] [16] These sites may have an "Architecture of participation" that encourages users to add value to the application as they use it. Ajax programming uses JavaScript to upload and download new data from the web server without undergoing a full page reload.Web 2. a founder and former CEO of Flock. they provide the user with more user-interface. Flex makes it easier for programmers to populate large data grids.0 applications. and JavaScript/Ajax frameworks such as Yahoo! UI Library. In short. allowing for a rapid and interactive user experience. By increasing what was already possible in "Web 1. Edit box interface through which anyone could Technologies The client-side/web browser technologies used in Web 2. When this data is received via Ajax. can also be viewed as essential attributes of Web 2.0".0 development are Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax).0 offers all users the same freedom to contribute. edit a Wikipedia article.0 websites allow users to do more than just retrieve information. metadata. freedom[20] and collective intelligence[21] by way of user participation. the JavaScript program then uses the Document Object Model (DOM) to dynamically update the web page based on the new data. Google Docs uses this technique to create a Web based word processor. such as openness. on the main page of that site. all through their browser. According to Best. calls Web 2. a programmer can easily use them to transmit structured data in their web application.0. communications such as data requests going to the server are separated from data coming back to the page (asynchronously).0 the "participatory Web"[17] and regards the Web-as-information-source as Web 1. Dojo Toolkit. charts. The Web 2. To allow users to continue to interact with the page. Further characteristics.0 180 Characteristics Web 2.[2] [3] The concept of Web-as-participation-platform captures many of these characteristics. and jQuery. While this opens the possibility for rational debate and collaberation. user participation. Otherwise. Since both of these formats are natively understood by JavaScript. MooTools. This also increases overall performance of the site. Adobe Flash and the Adobe Flex framework. as the sending of requests can complete quicker independent of blocking and queueing required to send data back to the client.

these frameworks do not use technology any different from JavaScript. Standards-oriented web browsers may use plug-ins and software extensions to handle the content and the user interactions. linking the two together. prefabricated 'widgets' that accomplish such common tasks as picking a date from a calendar. 181 Concepts Web 2. What frameworks do is smooth over inconsistencies between web browsers and extend the functionality available to developers.0 is its ability to play audio and video files. Then. In brief. and JSON. a language with very good web services support should be used to build Web 2. Flash is capable of doing many things which were not possible pre HTML 5. AJAX is a key technology used to build Web 2.0 draws together the capabilities of client.0 because it provides rich user experience and works with any browser whether it is Firefox.0 applications.0 sites provide users with information storage.0 websites include the following features and techniques: Andrew McAfee used the acronym SLATES to refer to them:[23] Search Finding information through keyword search. a web site must be able to generate output in machine-readable formats such as XML.0 is the way this data is formatted. however. In the early days of the Internet.0 applications expose its functionality so that other applications can leverage and integrate the functionality providing a set of much richer applications (Examples are: Feeds. To share its data with other sites. Web Services. there was little need for different websites to communicate with each other and share data. JavaScript/Ajax frameworks have recently become a very popular means of creating Web 2. On the server side.0". are compiled and displayed as Flash within the browser.0 sites where video media is seamlessly integrated with standard HTML. As a widely available plugin independent of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium. Many of them also come with customizable.It defines the experience brought from desktop to browser whether it is from a graphical point of view or usability point of view.0. In addition.It is a key piece in Web 2. Internet Explorer or another popular browser. Perl. displaying a data chart. the governing body of web standards and protocols). Python. Web 2.0 uses many of the same technologies as Web 1. In addition to Flash and Ajax. Some buzz words related to RIA are AJAX and Flash. What has begun to change in Web 2.0 which defines how Web 2. JSP and ASP are used by developers to dynamically output data using information from files and databases. creation. another website can use it to integrate a portion of that site's functionality into itself.0 can be described in 3 parts which are as follows: • Rich Internet Application (RIA) . • Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) . content syndication and the use of network protocols. the language used to construct web pages.0 tend to interact much more with the end user and making the end user an integral part. RSS. Web 2. When this design pattern is implemented. In the new "participatory web".0 sites. Mash-ups) • Social Web — It defines how Web 2. standards. a hallmark of the philosophy behind the Web 2. New languages such as PHP. or making a tabbed panel. the most commonly used in Web 2. Web 2. Ruby.and server-side software.0 movement. Links . Of Flash's many capabilities. RSS. At their core. As such. it ultimately leads to data that is both easier to find and more thoroughly categorized. When a site's data is available in one of these formats. sharing data between sites has become an essential capability. and dissemination capabilities that were not possible in the environment now known as "Web 1. and the DOM. Ajax. This has allowed for the creation of Web 2. the language used should be iterative meaning that it will help easy and fast the addition and deployment of features.Web 2. Web 2.0 Applications programmed in Flex. ColdFusion.

In this way. Travel 2.0 design patterns and business models. For example.0. Windows Media. Quicktime.[24] 182 Usage A third important part of Web 2. opinions. a new Web 2. While SLATES forms the basic framework of Enterprise 2.0 report from O'Reilly is quite effective and diligent in interweaving the story of Web 2. along with the increasing use of blogs.[27] Enterprise 2.0 is the social Web. it does not contradict all of the higher level Web 2.[30] Medicine 2. etc.short. and social networking technologies.[31] Telco 2. the end user is not only a user of the application but also a participant by: Podcasting Blogging Tagging Contributing to RSS Social bookmarking Social networking The popularity of the term Web 2. These include software like Adobe Reader. In wikis.0. Government 2. wikis and RSS are often held up as exemplary manifestations of Web 2.0.[28] Classroom 2. The social web consists of a number of online tools and platforms where people share their perspectives.0. users may extend.[29] Publishing 2. A reader of a blog or a wiki is provided with tools to add a comment or even.0 with the specific aspects of Enterprise 2.0 technologies as the source of the new version in their respective disciplines and areas. It includes discussions of self-service IT. thoughts and experiences. PR 2. Oracle Java.[26] Social Work 2.0. Extensions Software that makes the Web an application platform as well as a document server..0 means harnessing this type of . Signals The use of syndication technology such as RSS to notify users of content changes.0. and provides low-barrier social tools.0. posts and the comments of individuals build up over time. undo and redo each other's work. Collections of tags created by many users within a single system may be referred to as "folksonomies" (i.0. This is what we call the Read/Write web. The report also makes many sensible recommendations around starting small with pilot projects and measuring results. Authoring The ability to create and update content leads to the collaborative work of many rather than just a few web authors.0. in the case of the wiki. wikis.0. Paul Miller argues Blogs.0 applications tend to interact much more with the end user.0 era in the enterprise.[25] including Library 2. Web 2.0.0s. In blogs. without dependence on pre-made categories. Tags Categorization of content by users adding "tags" . in the Talis white paper "Library 2.0.0. As such. Microsoft Silverlight. usually one-word descriptions — to facilitate searching. folk taxonomies). has led many in academia and business to coin a flurry of 2.[33] Many of these 2. Talis believes that Library 2.0 Connects information together into a meaningful information ecosystem using the model of the Web.0.0. Adobe Flash player.[32] and even Porn 2.0s refer to Web 2. among a fairly long list.0: The Challenge of Disruptive Innovation".Web 2. ActiveX. to edit the content. which is a fundamental shift in the way people communicate. the long tail of enterprise IT demand. and many other consequences of the Web 2.e.

Companies can use Web 2. plagiarism. shared authorship and the ownership of knowledge and information produced and/or published on line. Another marketing Web 2.[36] Marketing For marketers. Web 2.0 tools to improve collaboration with both its business partners and consumers.[34] Here. A growing number of marketers are using Web 2.0 to establish and maintain relationships through social networks. Shane Kite describes how Citigroup's Global Transaction Services unit monitors social media outlets to address customer issues and improve products.0 participation so that libraries can benefit from increasingly rich collaborative cataloguing efforts. such as including contributions from partner libraries as well as adding rich enhancements. the FI uses Twitter to release "breaking news" and upcoming events.[38] Web 2.0 technologies in mainstream education. new technology is used to decrease the gap between businesses and customers.0 is role dependent.0 offers an opportunity to engage consumers. as Dennis D. PC Magazine and Business Week—with links to popular new web sites and services. Miller links Web 2. department[s]. As new businesses grow and develop. For example.0 marketing strategies to compete with larger companies. 2007 and 2008.0 lure is to make sure consumers can use the online community to network among themselves on topics of their own choosing.[37] Mainstream media usage of web 2. is critical to achieving the threshold for mass adoption of those services. In a recent article for Bank Technology News. while some marketing managers might use this promising technology to "end-run traditionally unresponsive I. Yelp and Facebook are now becoming common elements of multichannel and customer loyalty strategies.0 is increasing."[35] There is a debate over the use of Web 2. such as book jackets or movie files. Networks such as Twitter. Many of the other proponents of new 2. and questions about privacy. company employees have created wikis—Web sites that allow users to add. to records from publishers and others. 183 . supporting his claim that there is now a "Library 2. Saturating media hubs—like New York Times.0s mentioned here use similar methods. the conflicts between ideas entrenched in informal on-line communities and educational establishments' views on the production and authentication of 'formal' knowledge. The meaning of web 2. and consumers have added significant contributions. some use Web 2. Social networks have become more intuitive and user friendly to provide information that is easily reached by the end user.0". Furthermore.0 tools to collaborate with consumers on product development.0 technologies and the culture of participation that they engender to the field of library science. the term Web 2. McDonalds noted.T. and YouTube to disseminate videos that feature executives speaking about market news. service enhancement and promotion.[39] Small businesses have become more competitive by using Web 2. delete and edit content—to list answers to frequently asked questions about each product. Among other things.0 was discussed and indexed most frequently in 2005.Web 2. companies use Twitter to offer customers coupons and discounts for products and services. For example. Issues under consideration include the understanding of students' different learning modes. and banks are beginning to use these sites proactively to spread their messages. Its average use is continuously declining by 2–4% per quarter since April 2008.[40] According to Google Timeline.0 offers financial institutions abundant opportunities to engage with customers.

has allowed users to write reviews and consumer guides since its launch in 1995. Specialized protocols such as FOAF and XFN (both for social networking) extend the functionality of sites or permit end-users to interact without centralized websites. They mimic the user experience of desktop operating-systems.0 184 Web-based applications and desktops Ajax has prompted the development of websites that mimic desktop applications. is an XML markup language for creating enterprise mashups.[41] WYSIWYG wiki and blogging sites replicate many features of PC authoring applications. but standard APIs (for example. Writely. all of them XML-based formats. such as word processing. First.0 had already been featured in implementations on networked systems well before the term "Web 2. Several browser-based "operating systems" have emerged. but add an additional layer of abstraction on top of them. including EyeOS[42] and YouOS. REST APIs. Syndication uses standardized protocols to permit end-users to make use of a site's data in another context (such as another website. Distribution of Media XML and RSS Many regard syndication of site content as a Web 2. WebEx acquired one of the better-known of these. for instance. Most communications through APIs involve XML or JSON payloads. acquired one of the best-known sites of this broad class.com. in a form of self-publishing. Amazon. and are able to run within any modern browser. Numerous web-based application services appeared during the dot-com bubble of 1997–2001 and then vanished.0" does not represent a new version of the World Wide Web at all. Amazon also opened its API to outside developers in 2002. However. Inc. Web APIs Web 2. offering features and applications similar to a PC environment. these operating systems do not directly control the hardware on the client's computer.0 often uses machine-based interactions such as REST and SOAP. or Enterprise Mashup Markup Language by the Open Mashup Alliance. a browser plugin. In 2006 Google. Criticism Critics of the term claim that "Web 2. also known as web syndication). RDF (as in RSS 1. but merely continues to use so-called "Web 1. having failed to gain a critical mass of customers.Web 2. Web Services Description Language (WSDL) is the standard way of publishing a SOAP API and there are a range of web service specifications. the spreadsheet. Protocols which permit syndication include RSS (really simple syndication. through their use of self-descriptive messages and hypermedia as the engine of application state. techniques such as AJAX do not replace underlying protocols like HTTP. Observers have started to refer to these technologies as web feeds.1). and slide-show presentation.[43] Although coined as such. Servers often expose proprietary APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). or a separate desktop application). many of these services function less like a traditional operating system and more as an application platform. EMML.[45] Previous developments also came from research in computer-supported collaborative learning and computer-supported . many of the ideas of Web 2.0 applications that have many of the characteristics of desktop applications and are typically delivered via a browser.0 feature.0" technologies and concepts.com. for posting to a blog or notifying a blog update) have also come into use. should be self describing once an entry URI is known. Intranets. for $45 million.[44] Internet applications Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) are web 2. In 2005. and Atom. Second.0" emerged.

0.[51] Michael Gorman.[4] Tim Berners-Lee described the term "Web 2.[55] The "WEB 2. CMP Media applied to the USPTO for a service mark on the use of the term "WEB 2. But perhaps the most common criticism is that the term is unclear or simply a buzzword. which undermines the notion of expertise by allowing anybody.0" as a "piece of jargon": "Nobody really knows what it means. and scholarly apparatus that have evolved over the 500 years of print. he thinks it is now dead as a rallying concept. For example.[53] The European Union application (application number 004972212. suggesting that too many Web 2.[48] Critics have cited the language used to describe the hype cycle of Web 2. embarrassingly amateurish music.[47] Although Bruce Sterling reports he's a fan of Web 2.to late-2000s focus on Web companies "Bubble 2. unseemly home videos.0 cooperative work and from established products like Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino. biases or possible hidden agendas. Additionally. too few users to make them an economically viable target for consumer applications. Cult of the Amateur. in a podcast interview. which would confer unambiguous status in Ireland) was refused [56] on May 23.0[49] as an example of Techno-utopianist rhetoric. essays and novels".0 startups and technology news).0 "a second bubble" (referring to the Dot-com bubble of circa 1995–2001).0 companies attempt to develop the same product with a lack of business models..0".0 for you is blogs and wikis. regardless of their particular talents.[52] 185 Trademark In November 2004. anywhere to share and place undue value upon their own opinions about any subject and post any kind of content. then that is people to people. 2007. 2006. fomer president of the American Library Association has been vocal about his opposition to Web 2. . half truths and misunderstandings".[53] On the basis of this application. virtues often absent in the manuscript age that preceded print".0's social impact. argues that the core assumption of Web 2. that all opinions and user-generated content are equally valuable and relevant.[50] In terms of Web 2..0 as "creating an endless digital forest of mediocrity: uninformed political commentary.If Web 2.0" service mark registration passed final PTO Examining Attorney review on May 10.0 had excited only 53. and was registered on June 27. Sunday Times reviewer John Flintoff has characterized Web 2. knowledge. all phenomena which precede Web 2.0. and also asserted that Wikipedia is full of "mistakes. 2006.0 due to the lack of expertise that it outwardly claim though he believes that there is some hope for the future as "The task before us is to extend into the digital world the virtues of authenticity.[54] but retracted it two days later. Keen's 2007 book. expertise. is misguided."[4] Other critics labeled Web 2. critics such as Andrew Keen argue that Web 2.0 has created a cult of digital narcissism and amateurism. CMP Media sent a cease-and-desist demand to the Irish non-profit organization IT@Cork on May 24. The Economist has dubbed the mid. credentials.0" for live events. For example. But that was what the Web was supposed to be all along.Web 2. 2006.0. a Weblog covering Web 2.651 people (the number of subscribers at that time to TechCrunch.[46] Venture capitalist Josh Kopelman noted that Web 2. unreadable poems.

0 to be the Semantic Web and in particular. Jeff Bezos Comments about Web Services. "What Is Web 2. .0 conference in 2004. laptops. "Web 2.0" (http:/ / www.0 as the first-generation Metaverse (convergence of the virtual and physical world). paulgraham. tablets.org. Focusing on the computer elements. . D. . . a web development layer that includes TV-quality open video. [5] "Berners-Lee on the read/write web" (http:/ / news. Retrieved 2007-02-07. 2006-07-28.mindplex.0 186 Web 3. defining Web 3.[60] Others still such as Manoj Sharma. The search engine will present the results in a comparative and easily navigated way to the user.com (http:/ / www.0 as the return of experts and authorities to the Web.0 will allow the user to sit back and let the Internet do all of the work for them. BBC News. wireless.[64] David Siegel's perspective in Pull: The Power of the Semantic Web. com/ who-coined-web-20-darcy-dinucci/ ) [8] Idehen. and John Battelle. December 15.0's participatory technologies and social networks (Facebook. rather than humans. 2004. California. com's BLOG [127]/ 241) [9] Idehen. Blog. uk/ 2/ hi/ technology/ 4132752. . Jrobb. driven by broad collective use of conversational interfaces.) webs are an extension of Web 2. Retrieved 2011-02-06. etc.[58] Andrew Keen. vspx?id=373) [10] Knorr. Of all its metaverse-like developments. August 21 OpenLinksW. O'Reilly Network. html). San Francisco.0 you will be able to do all of this in one simple search. mindplex. Futurist John Smart. author of The Cult of the Amateur.0 services with a profitable business model. human-constructed semantic standards. machine-constructed semantic tags and algorithms. 2005.0 will be a "Totally Integrated World" . an organization strategist.) and augmented reality (Layar. etc. 2009. Kingsley.0?: Darcy DiNucci (http:/ / www. html). com/ dataspace/ kidehen@openlinksw. September 25. Eric. com/ blog/ ~kidehen/ index.0" proposes that Web 3. [4] "DeveloperWorks Interviews: Tim Berners-Lee" (http:/ / www. Smart suggests Web 3. the search engines will gear towards the user. your hotel reservations. . With Web 3. 3D simulations. and jargon." [3] Tim O'Reilly (2005-09-30). and your car rental.[67] References [1] "Core Characteristics of Web 2. com/ developerworks/ podcast/ dwi/ cm-int082206txt. 2003. (1999). Blog Data Space.0 Services" (http:/ / www. [12] O'Reilly. Blog Data Space. stm). com/ web20. . etc. Retrieved 2006-08-06.0's most defining characteristic will be the mass diffusion of NTSC-or-better quality open video [62] to TVs. ibm. 2003. proposing that the growth of human-constructed semantic standards and data will be a slow.0 vary greatly. 2003. he points to Bertelsmann's deal with the German Wikipedia to produce an edited print version of that encyclopedia.0 is where "the computer is generating new information". pdf) (pdf). openlinksw.[66] For example. Print 53 (4): 32.[59] CNN Money's Jessi Hempel expects Web 3. a time when "the internet swallows the television. co. Web 3.) into 3D space. Some[57] believe its most important features are the Semantic Web and personalization.com (http:/ / www. org/ 2003/ 08/ 16."[63] Smart considers Web 4. html). [2] Paul Graham (November 2005). is consonant with this. bbc. perhaps circa 2020. According to some Internet experts Web 3. Keywords will be searched based on your culture. CIO. T. considers the Semantic Web an "unrealisable abstraction" and sees Web 3. augmented reality.0' in the name of the Web 2.[65] Rather than having search engines gear towards your keywords. [11] "John Robb's Weblog" (http:/ / jrobb. The year of Web services. region. in the keynote "A Brave New World Of Web 3. Kingsley. Retrieved 2011-02-06. For example. [13] O’Reilly. "Fragmented Future" (http:/ / www.0 Definitions of Web 3. [6] DiNucci.. "I first heard the phrase 'Web 2.0's early geosocial (Foursquare. October 5. . lead author of the Metaverse Roadmap[61] echoes Sharma's perspective. In .Web 2. Blog. 2005-08-09. Conrad Wolfram has argued that Web 3. com/ web-20-services/ ). com/ pub/ a/ oreilly/ tim/ news/ 2005/ 09/ 30/ what-is-web-20. when going on a vacation you have to do separate searches for your airline ticket. com/ fragmented_future. RSS: INJAN (It's not just about news). [7] Carlos Ruiz: Who coined Web 2.cradle-to-grave experience of being always plugged onto the net. Retrieved 2006-08-02. oreillynet.0 to emerge from new and innovative Web 2. and mobile devices. OpenLinksW. com/ weblog/ kidehen@openlinksw. Opening Welcome: State of the Internet Industry. the rise of statistical.0" (http:/ / www. and pervasive broadband. openlinksw. techpluto. industry-specific incremental process for years to come. html). Tim. perhaps unlikely to tip into broad social utility until after 2020. tothepoint. and sensors. cole20.

pcworld. Web2.com. uk/ 1/ hi/ world/ americas/ 8092549. Vol. New York. com/ archives/ mainstream_media_web20. "Publishing 2.com. classroom20. Sharon.0: The Challenge of Disruptive Innovation.0" (http:/ / web2. .com Failed?" (http:/ / www. Jonathan B. ist. techcrunch. time.0. 9995& rep=rep1& type=pdf). Publishing2. com/ Hinchcliffe/ ?p=71) [25] Schick. com/ node/ 4500). JISC Technology and Standards Watch. P. p. 30.16641. Retrieved 2006-05-27. oup.1/ article.0.S.0 [32] Eggers. [42] "Can eyeOS Succeed Where Desktop. . (2005). . 1979). PNT Marketing Services.122068-page. T.S.A. "Mainstream Media Usage of Web 2. php).. Person of the Year: You.techcrunch. Government 2. San Francisco Chronicle. Retrieved 2007-12-12. www. Read Write Web. The American Journal of Sociology. www.. Boston. www. html). co. com/ us/ catalog/ general/ subject/ SocialWork/ ~~/ dmlldz11c2EmY2k9OTc4MDE5NTM2OTM3Mw==). ISBN 978-0742541757. com/ 2100-1032_3-6048136. psu. I second that emotion.0: Using Technology to Improve Education. No. "The Secrets of Marketing in a Web 2.0 Becoming An Outdated Term (http:/ / www. sfgate. [31] Medicine 2. 6 (May. [34] Miller 10–11 [35] "i-Technology Viewpoint: It's Time to Take the Quotation Marks Off "Web 2. . Enterprise 2.0 – InformationWeek" (http:/ / www. oreillynet.0 World" (http:/ / online. zdnet. Available at: Google. [40] "Small Businesses Need Innovation — New Company May Have Their Solution" (http:/ / www. informationweek.A. 2010.A. 2010.com (http:/ / www.0" (http:/ / www. Paul (2007). [21] O’Reilly. google.0" (http:/ / publishing2. 2005. 47. New Audiences 1st ed. jhtml. pdf& ei=qTUWSsWsH5SJtgeAlNTiDA& usg=AFQjCNER9YGaOBSyJFzz4lQ_GszwcQVqlw& sig2=_TunJ0srmZ8pio8Qzkzq-Q) [27] Singer. Roberts (Ed).0 [14] Grossman. edu/ viewdoc/ download?doi=10. org/ government2. us. S. December 25.0 Services is Increasing" (http:/ / www. [44] "PC World — WebEx Snaps Up Intranets. com/ the_thread/ techbeat/ archives/ 2006/ 03/ hey_youos. [33] Rusak. Flock official blog. 2006. Resources. cgi?f=/ g/ a/ 2010/ 10/ 25/ prwebprweb4693214.0 definition updated and Enterprise 2. Massachusetts. [18] Gerald Marwell and Ruth E. 0/ ). 1. html). p. ..20061225. . com/ web-2-0-becoming-an-outdated-term/ ). (http:/ / www.informationweek. com/ resources/ documents/ 447_Library_2_prf1. [28] Breakenridge.Web 2. "The State of Web 2. I.uk (http:/ / news. Richard (2007).. Vol. William D. [41] "Google buys Web word-processing technology" (http:/ / www. Inc. The Role and Regulations for Technology in Social Work Practice and E-Therapy: Social Work 2. Retrieved 2010-09-22 [30] Karp. . Sergey (2009).0: The Dawn of Emergent Collaboration. 2008. stm) [16] Dion Hinchcliffe (2006-04-02). [29] "Classroom 2. . "Amazon Web Services API" (http:/ / www.com. bbc. Interest. 3. com/ url?sa=t& source=web& ct=res& cd=1& url=http:/ / www.2005 [22] Marak Squires dot com : JavaScript/jQuery versus Actionscript/Flex : Take 1 (http:/ / maraksquires. .sys-con. pcworld. (2006).: Progressive Advertiser. flock. html). Web Services Journal. . progressiveadvertiser.0 Next Big Thing or Next Big Internet Bubble? Lecture Web Information Systems.0 Journal" (http:/ / web2. com/ cgi-bin/ article. O'Reilly Network. [24] Web 2. com/ pub/ wlg/ 1707?wlg=yes). Techni sche Universiteit Eindhoven.: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.co. com/ newsfeed/ article/ Banks_use_Web_2_0_to_increase_customer_retention-800226524. com/ ). No. Larry and Gaudin. com/ articles/ 2009/ 11/ 16/ javascript-jquery-versus-actionscript-flex-take-1/ ) [23] McAfee.0 emerges | ZDNet (http:/ / blogs. 1335–1360 [19] Best. .com. Retrieved 2011-02-06. [36] Anderson. R. manhattan-institute. pntmarketingservices.0" | Web 2. . Lev.com. com/ node/ 207411).0: New Media.0? Ideas.com" (http:/ / www. pp. [39] "Banks use Web 2. [17] Bart Decrem (2006-06-13). Retrieved 2007-12-12. . Retrieved 2007-01-13.0 to increase customer retention" (http:/ / www. Time. D. and Enhance Democracy (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2006-08-06. com/ the_state_of_web_20. com/ article/ SB122884677205091919. Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software.00. [26] Miller. wsj. U. com/ time/ covers/ 0.com. In A.jsessionid=EWRPGLVJ53OW2QSNDLPCKHSCJUNN2JVN?articleID=199702353& _requestid=494050).com. 2008. html). . wsj2. "Amid The Rush To Web 2. Retrieved 2008-04-04. Reduce Gridlock. Web 2. IT Business. Group Size. "Introducing Flock Beta 1" (http:/ / www. 2006. Web 2. html) [15] "'Millionth English Word' declared". sys-con. Library 2. . 187 .: Oxford University Press. Retrieved 2007-12-12..com (http:/ / www. FT Press. . What is Web 2... 1. Retrieved 2011-02-06. . Lanham MD. com/ article/ id. (2009). www. and the Free-Rider Problem".ca (Canada). The Wall Street Journal. DTL).BBC. readwriteweb. news. Cut Red Tape. Retrieved 2007-12-12. [37] Parise. businessweek. com/ news/ management/ showArticle. [45] Tim O'Reilly (2002-06-18). [43] "Tech Beat Hey YouOS! – BusinessWeek" (http:/ / www.news. [20] Greenmeier. talis. NEWS. 21–28. D. New Tools. 84. technologies and implications for education" (http:/ / citeseerx. PR 2. [38] MacManus. Some Words Of Warning – Web 2. 2005. U. html). 108. www. Scott. . MIT Sloan Management review.businessweek. A. Ames: "Experiments on the Provision of Public Goods. com/ ). "What is Web 2. U. htm).S. Salvatore (2008). ISBN 978-0195369373.0. com/ 2006/ 11/ 27/ eyeos-open-source-webos-for-the-masses/ ). .

CNN. jsp?id=495475).org (http:/ / www. html). [47] Josh Kopelman (2006-05-11). May 4. 17 Mar 2010 [59] Keen. Labnol.0" (http:/ / www. cfm?articleID= 00048144-10D2-1C70-84A9809EC588EF21 188 External links • McKinsey & Company . accelerationwatch. Joshua. britannica. UIC. pdf) (PDF). 2008. jsp& idappli=004972212# [57] Agarwal.0'" (http:/ / yro. Jessi.com.0".oecd. html). ece). [62] http:/ / openvideoalliance.0.0. and Web 3. metaverseroadmap.edu/htbin/cgiwrap/bin/ojs/index. "LASTAMPA.com/ Information_Technology/Applications/ How_businesses_are_using_Web_20_A_McKinsey_Global_Survey_1913?gp=1). sciam. Retrieved 2011-02-06. org/ articles/ televisionwillberevolutionized.uspto. . Special issue of First Monday. 2003. .0".0 (http:/ / www. accelerating. howstuffworks. gartner.McKinseyQuarterly. com/ web-302.org/document/40/ 0." TypePad. com/ lui. Digital-Web. • MacManus. . Retrieved 2006-05-27.0 [46] "Bubble 2.0: The Sleep of Reason. 2008.00. Internet TV.0. 2007 . htm) [66] STI International (http:/ / www. Redeye VC. "53. Retrieved 2011-02-06. . oreilly. Accelerationwatch.com (http://www. Retrieved 2006-12-21. John. Retrieved 2011-02-06. "Web 2.3343. Sacha Wunsch-Vincent: OECD. Digital Web Magazine.en_2649_201185_39428648_1_1_1_1. June 2008 • UIC. co. com/ the_great_seduction/ 2008/ 04/ web-10-web-20-w. "O'Reilly's coverage of Web 2. "Web 3. itpro. economist. Part 1" (http:/ / www."" (http:/ / www. "Web 2.0 as a service mark" (http:/ / radar." (http:/ / www. fortune/ index. "Critical Perspectives on Web 2. 13(3). cfm?story_id=E1_QQNVDDS). uk/ 621535/ q-a-conrad-wolfram-on-communicating-with-apps-in-web-3-0) IT PRO. The Times (London). 2008-11-14. htm) [61] "Metaverse Roadmap Overview" (http:/ / www. org/ article. edu/ htbin/ cgiwrap/ bin/ ojs/ index. Retrieved 26th April 2011.it". OECD.0 concepts explained in plain English". com/ article. 2005. JohnPaul (2007-06-03). [65] HowStuffWorks "Web 3. 2010. lastampa. cnn. John. [54] "O'Reilly and CMP Exercise Trademark on 'Web 2. . timesonline. org/ MetaverseRoadmapOverview.uic. "Thinking is so over" (http:/ / technology.com (http://www. 2005-12-22.org (http://www. pl?sid=06/ 05/ 26/ 1238245). 13(3). php/ fm/ issue/ view/ 263/ showToc)".mckinseyquarterly. [50] ""Critical Perspectives on Web 2. The Economist. asp?p=1& IDmsezione=29& IDalbum=8558& tipo=VIDEO#mpos). com/ 2006/ 05/ 53651. com/ business/ displaystory. [53] "USPTO serial number 78322306" (http:/ / tarr. How businesses are using Web 2. html) [64] "Smart. "The Television Will Be Revolutionized: The iPad. [49] "Gartner 2006 Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle" (http:/ / www.0. [51] Flintoff.edu (http://www.edu (http:/ / www.gov. Wikis and Social Networking. com/ archives/ 2006/ 05/ more_on_our_web_20_service_mar. com/ 2009/ 01/ 07/ technology/ hempel_threepointo. html). . europa. . [56] http:/ / oami.Global Survey .php/fm/issue/view/263/showToc). Michael. sti2. org) [67] http:/ / www.0 Basics" (http:/ / computer. .0 = Web 3.com (http:/ / andrewkeen. Porter.0" (http:/ / www. labnol. Andrew. it/ multimedia/ multimedia." CNN Money. "Participative Web and User-Created Content: Web 2. [55] Nathan Torkington (2006-05-26). [52] Gorman.0 is so over. html) [60] Hempel. [48] "Bruce Sterling presenta il web 2.digital-web.Web 2. "Web 2. com/ it/ page. O'Reilly Radar.0 for Designers". uspto. . org/ about/ ?l=en [63] Smart.651" (http:/ / redeye. eu/ CTMOnline/ RequestManager/ en_Result?transition=ResultsDetailed& ntmark=& application=CTMOnline& bAdvanced=0& language=en& deno=& source=search_basic. firstround.com (http:/ / money. com/ blogs/ 2007/ 06/ web-20-the-sleep-of-reason-part-i/ ). uk/ tol/ news/ tech_and_web/ personal_tech/ article1874668.com/articles/ web_2_for_designers/). Richard. Slashdot. Special issue of First Monday. uic. . org/ internet/ web-3-concepts-explained/ 8908/ ) [58] Conrad Wolfram on Communicating with apps in web 3. "Web 1. Retrieved 2006-06-01. Welcome to Web 3. "The Conversational Interface. gov/ servlet/ tarr?regser=serial& entry=78322306). co.0.html).0 + Web 2. Amit. Retrieved 2006-12-20. slashdot. . typepad. • Graham Vickery. Tarr. 2006-05-26.

which are then automatically connected at the scheduled time. e-mails.[1] Originally. or played back through text-to-speech technology. pencomputing. and tested over a 256 character based paging network. While You Were Out has matured through mobile device platforms.While You Were Out (Cloud application) 189 While You Were Out (Cloud application) While You Were Out is an enterprise messaging and content management application. faxes. It used a user-friendly design that foreshadowed the advent of graphically rich applications like those that have been developed for the Apple iPhone. e-mails. and Facebook updates.htm) . Again. This feature enables a user to plan telephone calls.com (http://www. It is colloquially referred to as "WYWO" (pronounced Why-Woo). (http:/ / www. text and picture messages. intuitive. wireless technology. and familiar interface. designed. html) While You Were Out landing page External links • MyCiright. and can also view incoming faxes as attached PDFs. and the worldwide adoption of the internet.com/myciright/mac. "While You Were Out" was specified. Apple Changes the World. History WYWO was originally developed in 1994 for the Zoomer. • WYWO also features a call planning system named Make a Call. The screen looked and felt like the piece of paper that an executive was accustomed to. a PDA released by Palm Inc. • Users can attach files that may be relevant to that particular phone call. and Casio. organized. coded. com/ reviews/ apple_iphone. Messages can be forwarded as voice-mails. that allows an executive to receive his messages on a digital tablet device like the iPad.ciright. telephone calls. Capabilities • The "While You Were Out" application allows a user to capture and integrate messages from several sources in a single. Twitter alerts. faxes. References [1] The Apple iPhone.

com Windows Phone Live is a free online companion service for Windows Phone 7 mobile devices from Microsoft.1208) / October 21. The service.Windows Phone Live 190 Windows Phone Live Windows Phone Live Windows Phone Live online portal Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Platform Website Microsoft October 21. and OneNote notebooks with a various tightly-integrated Windows Live services including Windows Live Contacts. provides users with a free mobile phone back-up solution by wirelessly synchronizing contacts.[1] Features Windows Phone Live offers the following features: .4. 2010 Wave 4 (Build 15. 2010. 2010 Windows Phone 7 http:/ / windowsphone. Users can access and manage their information stored on their Windows Phone 7 devices via a password protected online portal using their Windows Live ID. live. and Windows Live SkyDrive. photos. Windows Phone Live also includes the Find My Phone service which enables a set of features for dealing with a lost Windows Phone 7 device. released in conjunction with the launch of Windows Phone 7 on October 21. Windows Live Calendar. calendar appointments.

The function will erase all personal data including all contacts. applications. LinkedIn and MySpace. Allow users to view their Xbox Live gamertag. including contacts added from other connected services such as Facebook. based on Windows Live SkyDrive. Users can also choose to share the SkyDrive mobile photos folder with their contacts. com/ windows_phone/ b/ windowsphone/ archive/ 2010/ 07/ 13/ windows-phone-7-getting-connected. based on Office Web Apps on Windows Live SkyDrive. and application data. aspx) External links • Windows Phone Live (http://windowsphone. e-mails. Photos Notes Games Automatic synchronization and backup of all photos taken on the mobile phone onto a dedicated folder on Windows Live Photos.Windows Phone Live 191 Feature Description Contacts Automatic synchronization of all contacts on the phone book with Windows Live Contacts. avatar and gamerscores (achievement points). Users can also enter a "please return" message to be displayed on the locked screen. Remotely erases the phone and resets it to factory default settings. Automatic synchronization and backup of all OneNote notebooks with Windows Live Office. Calendar Automatic synchronization of calendar appointments with Windows Live Hotmail Calendar. Users can also choose to share and collaboratively work on the notebooks with their contacts. In addition. References [1] Windows Phone 7 – Getting Connected (http:/ / windowsteamblog. Remotely rings the phone loudly for 60 seconds even if it is set to silent or vibrate mode.com) . or via the triangulation of mobile network towers. Allows users to remotely lock a device and set a personal PIN from the Find My Phone portal. the Find My Phone section offers the following features: Feature Description Map It Ring It Lock It Erase It Presents the phone's current location on a map using either the phone's current GPS location data.live.

The company's best-known products include YUDU Library & YUDU Pro. the company was relaunched as YUDU Media. Its most profitable product is YUDU Pro.467 visitors annually by 2010.[13] YUDU.Yudu Media 192 Yudu Media YUDU Type Founded Founder(s) Private London.com [10] Products Services Website YUDU (YUDU Media LLC) is a multinational private company headquartered in London. United Kingdom (April 2. United Kingdom that develops & supports the YUDU Self Publishing platform for computer.com ranks amongst the top 10.(Chairman) & (CEO) Les Csonge (Co-Founder). Self publishing. (Director & VP of Sales) Robert Elding (Marketing Director) Tom Stone (Development Manager) [2] YUDU for iPad [3] YUDU Library [4] YUDU Mailing [5] YUDU Plus [6] YUDU Pro [7] YUDU SmartADS [8] YUDU SmartCAT [9] YUDU Store Electronic publishing.[15] .000 in United Kingdom. According to Web traffic analysis companies the domain yudu.000 sites worldwide [14] [15] and amongst the top 1.[11] The company was first launched under the name Digital Alternatives Ltd[12] in early 1997. 2002) Richard Stephenson Les Csonge [1] Headquarters London. United Kingdom Area served Key people Worldwide Richard Stephenson (Co-founder).com attracted at least 367. In April. 2002. Bespoke Development Yudu. iPad & iPhone. It is one of the largest digital publishing companies and over the past 4 years has become the market leader in United Kingdom.

YUDU Mailing The service allows yudu media clients to distribute their editions via emails to users who have opted to receive the edition or have subscribed to an edition/magazine.[22] YUDU SmartCAT YUDU SmartCAT was launched at the UK's leading catalogue trade exhibition. YUDU Plus YUDU Plus is a trimmed down version of YUDU Pro which works on a yearly subscription model. YUDU demonstrated its cross platform solution for iPad & iPod at the Periodical Publishers Association's (PPA) Annual Conference.[19] YUDU Library A free library which allows readers to organize their favourite magazines or editions. 2009 at Earls Court.[20] [21] The service also has an option to include SmartWORDS. descriptions and prices in real time ensuring that eCommerce sites and online catalogues are fully integrated and display the same data at all. The solution links product codes.Yudu Media 193 Products and services Current Products YUDU for iPad & iPod YUDU became the first digital publisher to provide a self publishing solution for iPad & iPod. Android. The service was launched at Online Information 2009 exhibition. the feature being of particular benefit for price promotions and discount codes. which integrates with the retailer's e-commerce website at checkout stage. 2010. Amazon Kindle and others eReader devices. which can be completed and e-mailed to the retailer from inside the catalogue. London. 2009 in Olympia. on October 7. The library hosts editions which are made using the yudu platform and hosted on yudu servers.[24] The systems also lets marketers display different prices to different customers.[23] The system include's direct transfer to the e-commerce website when clicking on e-catalogue product codes and images. sell publications and no advertising.[16] [17] [18] YUDU media also announced to support Barnes & Noble Nook. YUDU Free YUDU publishing platform is the free publishing offering from yudu media which is supported by advertising. Flash. YUDU Pro YUDU Pro is the paid for service provided by yudu media which offers all the features such as addition of Audio. Sony eReader.[25] . London9. and a shopping cart. Video. which took place in London on April 29. on December 1. which activates in-text advertising throughout a digital edition. ECMOD. a digital order form. YUDU SmartADS The product was created with the assistance of Google and DoubleClick and is the first solution in the world to enable automated ad streaming into digital editions using flash in flash technology and full integration with ad serving engines.

com is a collaborated digital library offering a collection of digital magazines. [16] "YUDU Media Launches First Self-Publishing Solution for Mobile and eReader Platforms" (http:/ / www. [23] "YUDU Media launch YUDU SmartCAT" (http:/ / 2009. . [14] "Snapshot of yudu. . or sell it through YUDU by upgrading its YUDU account. [10] http:/ / www. . . [5] "Get More with YUDU Plus" (http:/ / www. . yudu. photos and share user bookmarks. . php). .Customers now able to create their own cross-platform publications" (http:/ / www. com/ yudumailing. digital rights management" (http:/ / pro. com/ story/ 2009093001413200001. org/ web/ */ yudu. . [24] "Yudu Smartcat keeps e-catalogues up-to-date" (http:/ / www. [3] "Read Magazines. yudu. com/ ?metric=uv). uk/ ?p=87). .com. alexa. php). com/ releases/ rel_display. Retrieved 2010-05-13. [6] "Online publishing is made better with keyword searches. yudu. html). com/ news/ yud/ yud122. com/ yudu.com" (http:/ / siteanalytics. co. . php). . . sourcewire. . asp?ReleaseID=14435). com/ smartads. . [15] "Snapshot of yudu.com . with 75 per cent of revenue from direct sales from the site going to the magazine and 25 per cent to Yudu. brochures. YUDU's free digital publishing platform allows users to publish contents and store in the YUDU library. [25] "Newsblaze. php). we/ topstory. [18] "Yudu Media platform enhances digital publishing" (http:/ / www. .[26] The site offers a revenue sharing arrangement for publishers. com/ explore). . [26] "YUDU Media Launches First Self-Publishing Solution Mobile and eReader Platforms" (http:/ / www. com/ [11] http:/ / www. following are the document formats it supports: • • • • Documents: pdf. yudu.com. Retrieved 2010-05-13. yudu. yudu. yudu. com/ siteinfo/ yudu. journalism. audio. bloomberg. com/ ipad-solution. com/ smartcat. yudu. 2009 which allows publishers to host their publications online and drive secure subscription traffic to each title. http:/ / web. php). . html). archive. co. [27] "Yudu to launch online shop for magazine e-editions" (http:/ / www. Document Formats YUDU publish document. com/ ). publishnowmagazine.Yudu Media YUDU Store YUDU Media launched YUDU Store on September 1. com/ yudu. marketingservicestalk. yudu. . alexa. Retrieved 2010-05-13. eBooks & Publications Free" (http:/ / www. catalogues and eBooks. the-digital-reader. online-information. com/ pro. html). php?relid=55926). com/ 2010/ 04/ 29/ yudu-media-launches-cross-platform-publishing-solution/ ). [21] "Google & Doubleclick helps YUDU launch SmartADS" (http:/ / whatsnewinpublishing. . com/ siteinfo/ yudu. [9] "YUDU Store" (http:/ / www. com/ apps/ news?pid=conewsstory& tkr=BKS:US& sid=asHAQbgoyhoM). . bloomberg. . Alexa. php). com/ news/ yud/ yud118. uk/ press_exbtr_item. . html?press_id=148680). com). com/ apps/ news?pid=conewsstory& tkr=BKS:US& sid=asHAQbgoyhoM). com/ store/ professional).com . uk/ 2/ articles/ 535611.com. [17] "YUDU Media launches cross-platform publishing solution" (http:/ / www. co. com/ info/ yudu_plus). [8] "YUDU SmartCAT" (http:/ / pro. realwire. [22] "Google helps YUDU launch SmartADS & SmartWORDS" (http:/ / www.[27] 194 YUDU Digital Library YUDU. . com.YUDU Media launch YUDU SmartCAT" (http:/ / newsblaze. compete. net/ ). [7] "YUDU SmartADS" (http:/ / pro. [20] "Google helps YUDU launch SmartADS" (http:/ / www. com/ release_detail. com/ [12] "Digital Alternatives Ltd" (http:/ / digital-alternatives. uk/ content/ google-helps-yudu-launch-smartads-bringing-revenue-digital-magazines).com" (http:/ / www. Microsoft Office and Open Office formats Audio: mp3 formats Photos: jpg and png formats Bookmarks References [1] . Users can browse through contents across the platform and save desired contents into their personalized YUDU library.com" (http:/ / siteanalytics. . Compete. co. compete. Authors can choose to make publications private or public to other users. [13] "Snapshot of yudu. [4] "Professional Publishing & Mailing" (http:/ / pro. Compete. [2] "YUDU for iPad & iPhone" (http:/ / pro. [19] "Sourcewire. marketingservicestalk. .

whereby software utilities are hosted on remote servers rather than on personal computers. com The Zoho Office Suite is a Web-based online office suite containing word processing.[6] Zoho applications are an example of Software As A Service (SaaS) or Cloud Computing applications. invoicing and other applications developed by ZOHO Corporation (formally AdventNet Inc.). presentations. wikis. The user accesses the utilities via a web browser.Yudu Media 195 External links • Official website (http://http://www. . databases. note-taking.[3] [4] [5] It was launched in 2005 with a web-based word processor. project management. Additional products.yudu. spreadsheets. customer relationship management (CRM). a US-based[1] [2] company. Operating system Any (Web-based application) Type License Website Online office suite Proprietary http:/ / www.com) Zoho Office Suite Zoho Office Suite Developer(s) ZOHO Corp. such as spreadsheets and presentations. zoho. were incorporated later into Zoho. Zoho applications are free to use at the entry-level and require a fee for more extensive or professional use.

an OpenOffice. user can use some 3rd party Math Equation Editor software such as MathMagic or MathType. the paid versions have greater capacities and functionality. pivots. Zoho Projects Zoho Projects supports creating tasks. Zoho Writer comes with LaTeX based Equation Editor under 'Insert' menu. share supporting files—standard features in a project management package. working with calendars. and a plugin for Firefox. and Vimeo. Youtube. The program originally relied on polling every 8 seconds.org XML (. including Microsoft Word (DOC). If not fluent in LaTeX. MathMagic especially offers "Copy As Zoho equation" menu to allow user Paste the equation optimized in Zoho equation format. Creator. . It also has plugins into Microsoft Word. Zoho Sheet can auto-process external data feeds (RSS/ATOM) and has the ability to publish charts into blogs or other websites. setting deadlines and tracking milestones. Zoho Writer was one of the earliest online word processors to support both online and offline editing by using Google Gears. Zoho equation(LaTeX) can also be copy and pasted into MathMagic window to re-edit.ppt. it facilitates real-time collaboration. but the latest version Zoho Writer on Firefox uses real time notification from Zoho Chat. HTML.sxi) presentations. Show.pps).Zoho Office Suite 196 Features Zoho uses an open Application Programming Interface for its Writer.The free version of the software accommodates only a single project. RTF. assigning ownership. Microsoft Excel. Zoho Sheet Sheet is the spreadsheet application in the suite. Components Zoho Writer The suite's word processor supports simultaneous collaboration between multiple users.org XML text (SXW).net and Facebook. It supports common formats. and Planner products. Like Writer. It also allows users to share & collaborate on presentations and make remote presentations to clients. OpenDocument text (ODT). reports. Zoho Reports An online business intelligence and reporting application in the suite. It has a plugin to integrate with Microsoft Excel and is available both as a desktop widget and as part of online services such as box. OpenDocument Presentations (. It supports some direct blog publishing. based on palette based limited graphic user interface.odp) or OpenOffice. OpenOffice.[8] Zoho Show An online presentation program that allows users to create or (as is often the case) import Microsoft PowerPoint (. It can support embedded media from hosting sites. Zooomr. such as Flickr.[8] It can "create charts. Sheet. Gantt charts. GIF and PNG files. JPEG. Meeting.org plugin. Office Open XML (DOCX). . summary and other wide-range of reports through [a] powerful drag & drop interface".[7] .

Data can be imported from .Zoho Office Suite 197 Zoho CRM ZOHO CRM offers customer relationship management functionality. However. User interface similarities with the free open source vtiger CRM have sparked suggestions that ZOHO CRM might be a branded commercial version of vtiger. Zoho Invoice Zoho Invoice is the invoicing solution from Zoho's range of business applications. customizable invoice templates. CSV. Google Calendar. and content via RSS. not to a common software code base which ZOHO representatives have denied. RSS. send and manage invoices. Zoho Notebook Similar to Microsoft OneNote or Google Notebook. It supports importing the Ms Access (. images. For globalized trading Zoho Invoice supports multi-currency. and e-mail reminders for collaboration with other users. it also includes greater support for multimedia content. and some accounting functions from the realm of ERP. . The free version is limited to 3 users. though it is criticized as it is not currently providing SMS reminders that Google Calendar and 30 Boxes are currently providing.mdb) files using their newly created tool.[10] The content from the notebook may be uploaded or gathered from the web by using a plugin for Mozilla Firefox. while vtiger requires server installation. Other interesting product highlights include the option to send invoices via Postal mail. and audio in a "notebook. It enables users to create. to-do lists. Zoho Discussions Create external and internal communities where problems are solved. It also supports variety of export types as XLS. Zoho Planner An online planner with a calendar. this seems to be attributable to common corporate sponsorship.csv. recurring billing. topics are discussed and ideas are exchanged. . and . Zoho Creator An online database / custom application development tool which allows users to create fairly sophisticated process logic by dragging & dropping script elements on screen. HTML. procurement. Employee forums for having important conversations in a better environment. integration with Google's marketplace and API's for integrations.xls. The component allows integration of documents. video. without knowing code.tsv files and create a variety of forms either from scratch or by using one of several common templates. Ideas forums where customers can make their voices heard. track expenses. full-fledged applications. receive online payments and generate reports. This component competes with Microsoft Outlook. pictures and multi-media snippets. In addition to English Zoho Invoice is available in 11 other languages including Spanish. ZOHO CRM is a hosted SAAS solution in the same fashion as the core components of the ZOHO Office Suite. JSON. TSV. Customer support forums where solutions come from support reps and customers alike. PDF. Dutch and Chinese. Zoho Wiki Zoho Wiki is a tool that allows the user to create his/her own wiki with its own pages and sub-pages.[9] In addition. inventory. and more directly. pages. Users may include text." and then share the notebook or individual pages.

it provides services such as email. com/ zoho_faq. Zoho and Google still remain separate. Zoho Meeting A web conference application. html). distribution and evaluation/scoring process.[11] Still in public beta. archive. com/ contact. The "Show" and "Chat" components are integrated into the meeting. and contact management. The service was renamed Zoho Mail because of the misperception that it was an integration of the other Zoho services. task management. Utilities Zoho also offers some services that are not part of the Office Suite. Zoho Mail is web-based collaboration groupware. Footnotes [1] "Internet Web archive March 03 2005" (http:/ / web. Zoho Meeting is currently free in public beta and offers live support. It is intended for use by schools. Sheet. and Show components. Zoho Polls Zoho Polls is a free surveying or rating tool that can be embedded in a web page or blog. and participants can control the desktop of the presenter. The Meeting Viewer can be embedded in a separate webpage or a slide from "Show". . Zoho Books An online accounting and book keeping service. Zoho Meeting allows participants to see the screen of the presenter by using either ActiveX. Current Developments In October 2009. Zoho Mail also integrates the Writer. document management. teachers. the current version requires the creator of the conference to be using Microsoft Windows. coaching centers and similar organizations. competing companies. Site24x7 "Site24x7" is a website monitoring service that is free on a limited basis. . Flash. Zoho integrated some of their applications with the Google Apps online suite. org/ web/ 20050303001443/ www. . adventnet. Zoho Challenge Zoho Challenge [12] is software that automates and streamlines online test creation. but participants can use any operating system. or Java.[13] This enabled users to sign in to both suites under one login. [2] "2.Zoho Office Suite 198 Zoho Chat A chat application that can be embedded into pages or blogs. Zoho Mail Formerly known as Zoho Office Suite. Zoho People On-Demand HRIS & Applicant Tracking System. zoho. It also supports traditional private instant messaging integrating access to all the major chat clients. calendar. html#2). Who is behind Zoho?" (https:/ / www.

com/ businesscenter/ article/ 173984/ zoho_links_project_management_tool_with_google_apps. com/ news/ internet/ showArticle. informationweek. . "Zoho Writer Adds Full Offline Access with Gears" (http:/ / lifehacker. . . jhtml?articleID=200900243). 2006. The Globe and Mail. Retrieved 2007-07-02. 2007). [4] Hoover. "Zoho's Facebook Integration Brings Office Apps To Social Networking . zoho. zoho. [5] Krasnoff.. org/ 5h9XFaxUJ) [10] "Zoho Announces Notebook. 2007. Retrieved 2007-11-26. Sort Of" (http:/ / www. informationweek. . Accessed 2009-05-30 Archived (http:/ / www. php). [11] "Zoho Mail. crunchbase. vtiger. webcitation. readwriteweb. InformationWeek. Retrieved 2008-12-05. Read/Write Web. Barbara (February 5. com/ ). [12] http:/ / challenge.Zoho Office Suite [3] "In sync with Zoho" (http:/ / www. Nicholas (July 3. [8] "Zoho Reports (home page)" (http:/ / reports. com/ company/ zoho). Retrieved 2008-11-23. com/ software/ word-processor/ zoho-writer-adds-full-offline-access-with-gears-326456. December 4. pcworld. gtingramtwooh04/ BNStory/ Technology/ home). Retrieved 2008-11-23. jhtml?articleID=197002841& cid=RSSfeed_TechWeb). "Zoho Company Profile" (http:/ / www.. 2007 i). Retrieved 2010-09-23.com/1_software.php) • Zoho Alliance Partner (http://www. Zoho Blogs" (http:/ / blogs. . com/ servlet/ story/ RTGAM. 20061204. . . com/ general/ zoho-mail/ ).bms-soft. com [13] PC World: Zoho Links Project Management Tool With Google Apps (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2008-11-23. J.com/) • ZOHO Offshore Consulting and Implementation Partners (http://printofastenterprises. . 2007. [6] CrunchBase. com/ viewtopic. Richard MacManus" (http:/ / www. php/ ). zoho. html) Retrieved 2009-10-22 199 External links • Zoho site (http://www. com/ news/ windows/ microsoft_news/ showArticle.zoho. [9] Is ZOHO CRM vtiger in disguise? (http:/ / forums. "Zoho Notebook Takes Aim At Microsoft OneNote" (http:/ / www. com/ archives/ zoho_notebook. theglobeandmail.ua/en/partners) .com. Retrieved 2007-07-02. php?t=19577) vtiger CRM discussion forum thread. InformationWeek. [7] Lifehacker (2007).

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png  License: unknown  Contributors: Koroth File:Feng Office Logo.JPG  Source: http://en.wikipedia.png  Source: http://en.org/w/index.png  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Adobe_buzzword_preview. Brianreading.org/w/index.wikipedia.php?title=File:Showdocument_wiki_logo.org/w/index.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Kharatos File:2011 Salesforce SaaS clouds CNIT Paris Loic Le Meur.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Fuzi12 File:Web 2.jpg  Source: http://en.png  Source: http://en.png  Source: http://en.PNG  License: GNU General Public License  Contributors: ClamWin Pty Ltd.PNG  Source: http://en.org/w/index.png  Source: http://en.org/w/index.org/w/index.0  Contributors: User:M3tainfo Image:Dropbox logo.org/w/index.php?title=File:Cloudsoft-monterey-management-console-screenshot.php?title=File:MobileMe.org/w/index. Beao.png  Source: http://en.png  Source: http://en. User:Technion.png  Source: http://en.org/w/index.svg  License: Trademarked  Contributors: Apple Inc. Redrose64.php?title=File:Pdfvue_logo.php?title=File:Docs.gif  License: unknown  Contributors: Chris G.php?title=File:Writely_logo.wikipedia.png  Source: http://en.wikipedia.wikipedia. SF007.wikipedia.wikipedia.wikipedia. Butler File:Cloud Computing Stack.org/w/index.wikipedia.org/w/index.org/w/index.org/w/index.wikipedia.php?title=File:Enprovia_Mobile_Enabler_-_Overview_of_middle_tier.org/w/index. Koman90 File:nivio logo.org/w/index.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: User:Locutus42 Image:IntacctLogo.wikipedia.org/w/index.png  License: unknown  Contributors: NJA.png  Source: http://en. Korg.php?title=File:Pdfvuescreenshot. Fastily.org/w/index.png  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Ktlogo.org/w/index.php?title=File:Cloud_applications.wikipedia. SF007 File:Google Docs . Melesse. Melesse File:Flag of the United States.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Couturerules. Smurfy.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.php?title=File:Dropbox_logo.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Aiyizo. User:Melesse File:Pdfvuescreenshot. K25125.php?title=File:Big_machines_logo.org/w/index.org/w/index.svg  Source: http://en. Original uploader was Zabouth at en. OsamaK. Platypus222 at en.php?title=File:Fedena_SIS_logo. Fluteflute.png  License: unknown  Contributors: User:Jlin File:LucidChart logo.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Dames01.php?title=File:Cloud_Computing_Stack.php?title=File:Green_Arrow_Up. Juiced lemon.php?title=File:LotusLive_Engage_Icon.org/w/index.org/w/index.wikipedia.08.Image Sources.svg  License: unknown  Contributors: User:Connormah File:Microsoft Word Web App .gif  Source: http://en.php?title=File:LucidChart_logo.org/w/index.jpg  License: Creative Commons Zero  Contributors: Benajmin P. GageSkidmore.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Samvscat Image:Dotmaclogo.png  Source: http://en.png  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Onlive-Logo.wikipedia. User:Jacobolus. RichardGatinho Image:Ktlogo.wikipedia.php?title=File:SFDC_logo.wikipedia.wikipedia.php?title=File:Web_2. ZeroOne.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Calmer Waters. MECU. Wikien2009 File:Pdfvue logo.5  Contributors: Original by Markus Angermeier Vectorised and linked version by Luca Cremonini .jpg  Source: http://en. Peachmomoko.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Google_Docs. Logan.svg  License: unknown  Contributors: Sarang Image:LotusLive Engage Icon.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Sfan00 IMG.jpg  Source: http://en. Image:big machines logo.svg  License: unknown  Contributors: User:Forpeterssake. User:Indolences.png  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.png  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.png  Source: http://en.svg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:IWorkdotcom.png  License: unknown  Contributors: User:Couturerules.png  Source: http://en. 1 anonymous edits Image:Google Fusion Tables screenshot 2011.svg  Source: http://en.png  License: unknown  Contributors: K25125.wikipedia.org/w/index. 1 anonymous edits File:Onlive-Logo.org/w/index.Mozilla Firefox .wikipedia.org/w/index.org/w/index.png  License: GNU General Public License  Contributors: Mauroni.wikipedia.png  Source: http://en.svg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.php?title=File:Googleapps. 2 anonymous edits File:Clamav096. Philip J.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Casperruegg Image:Itools logo. Yug File:Writely logo.php?title=File:MobileMe_logo. Trisreed.svg  Source: http://en.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Rbpolsen Image:Googleapps.php?title=File:Gaikai_Logo.php?title=File:QuickSchools_logo. Griner.png  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Cacoo_logo.png  Source: http://en.org/w/index. Sherool. Tas50.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Original uploader was MamboJambo at en.org/w/index.wikipedia.org/w/index.svg  License: Creative Commons Zero  Contributors: User:SamJohnston File:Acrobat-com. IngerAlHaosului.wikipedia.org/w/index.org/w/index.org/w/index. SF007.png  Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.2011-01-29.png  License: unknown  Contributors: User:SamJohnston Image:Adobe buzzword preview.php?title=File:Clamav096.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: User:Dbenbenn.php?title=File:Fedena_dashboard.wikipedia.png  Source: http://en.jpeg  Source: http://en. Kungming2.org/w/index.wikipedia. Pagrashtak.png  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Beao.php?title=File:Kt_interface.png  Source: http://en.com logo.php?title=File:Foundation_Network_Ltd_Logo. Samvscat File:My Phone logo.wikipedia.wikipedia.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: AnneFerNando File:RNT_logo.wikipedia. Dave Image:ClamAv.org/w/index. Dbenbenn.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Lucasreddinger Image:Green Arrow Up.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Jorgejao File:Cacoo_logo.wikipedia. Later version(s) were uploaded by Logan.PNG  Source: http://en. Licenses and Contributors File:Cloud_applications.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Niko921 File:Docs.org/w/index.php?title=File:Google_Docs_logo.php?title=File:Feng_Office_Logo. File:MobileMe. Iceman247.php?title=File:Google_Fusion_Tables_screenshot_2011.php?title=File:ClamAv. User:Melesse File:Enprovia Mobile_Enabler_-_Overview_of_middle_tier.php?title=File:PDFVueannotation. 1 anonymous edits File:OnLiveMainMenu.wikipedia.png  License: Trademarked  Contributors: M3tainfo.wikipedia.png  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Dotmaclogo.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Ferdinand h2.wikipedia. Melesse File:QuickSchools logo.wikipedia.svg  Source: http://en.com_logo.png  Source: http://en. Iceman247.svg  Source: http://en. Melesse Image:PDFVueannotation.org/w/index.svg  Source: http://en.0_Map.png  Source: http://en.png  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Itools_logo.0  Contributors: User:Theneddo Image:Clam.wikipedia.jpeg  License: unknown  Contributors: user:Dames01 Image:LiveChat logo.php?title=File:Microsoft_Word_Web_App_-_Mozilla_Firefox_-_2011-01-29.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: AutisticPsycho2.wikipedia.png  Source: http://en.wikipedia.php?title=File:Clam.php?title=File:ClamTK4.wikipedia.php?title=File:OnLiveMainMenu.png  Source: http://en.wikipedia. Multichill.org/w/index.wikipedia.JPG  Source: http://en.php?title=File:IntacctLogo.php?title=File:PDFVueform.php?title=File:MS_Office_2010_Logo.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=File:NivioCEOSachinDuggal. Zginder Image:PDFVueform. Melesse File:cloudsoft-monterey-management-console-screenshot. Greg Tyler.php?title=File:Increase2. User:Zscout370 Image:Foundation Network Ltd Logo.08.php?title=File:Acrobat-com.png  License: Public Domain  Contributors: User:Barefootgolfer File:MobileMe logo.wikipedia.wikipedia.org/w/index.wikipedia.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Couturerules.org/w/index.org/w/index.php?title=File:Cloudsoft-monterey-logo.wikipedia.example document. MBisanz File:nivioCEOSachinDuggal. Melesse.jpg  License: Attribution  Contributors: Intacct Corporation File:IWork.0 Map.png  License: unknown  Contributors: FleetCommand.wikipedia.png  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.php?title=File:IWork.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Google inc.JPG  License: unknown  Contributors: Couturerules.0  Contributors: User:Volkra Image:Fedena SIS logo.wikipedia.php?title=File:Nivio_logo.wikipedia.php?title=File:LiveChat_logo.wikipedia.org/w/index.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Mono File:iWorkdotcom. Licenses and Contributors 205 Image Sources.org/w/index. Sfan00 IMG.png  Source: http://en.svg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2. Hk1992.php?title=File:RNT_logo.wikipedia.org/w/index.wikipedia.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Beao.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en. Tapo.org/w/index.wikipedia.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Koroth Image:Fedena dashboard. Seaphoto.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Hk1992. 1 anonymous edits File:Google Docs.org/w/index.wikipedia File:cloudsoft-monterey-logo.wikipedia.wikipedia.wikipedia.org/w/index.org/w/index.org/w/index.php?title=File:Google_Docs_-_example_document.JPG  License: Public Domain  Contributors: User:Prateekshah03 File:MS Office 2010 Logo.png  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Flag_of_the_United_States.png  Source: http://en.wikipedia.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Spixx Image:Gaikai Logo.wikipedia. 16 anonymous edits File:SFDC logo.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Klim3k File:Increase2.png  License: GNU General Public License  Contributors: Grandmasterfc File:ClamTK4.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en. Salavat File:Kt interface.org/w/index. 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