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wearing a suit. is walking along the sidewalk.NIGHT shot of the bustling Italy. a bright and determined man. 28. you don't think he'll be gone already? . LEON So now. TYLER BATES. 24. There is no personal flare to this room. His attention is somewhere else.NIGHT Leon enters. Suddenly. I'll be there in just a moment. The room is modestly furnished. is sitting before A TABLE full of PAPERWORK and PHOTOGRAPHS OF A MAN IN HIS 40'S. ITALY/COLISEUM Establishing . There's no mistake. LEON Yes? Is it according to what we thought? (beat) Excellent. Everything looks standard. you're absolutely certain that the man I'm looking for is here? TYLER Yes. He notices the NEWS CHANNEL showing a grieving MOTHER over the death of her son. Taxi! LEON (CONT'D) CUT TO: INT. LEON This time. He picks it up immediately. Leon shrugs it off. APARTMENT/LIVING ROOM . Leon notices fathers and their little children having a family moment. Leon hangs the phone up. LEON SCHROCK.EXT. neat and professional. ridiculed at himself. Leon's CELL PHONE rings. concise. who tried to kill a robber but was killed instead.

After a moment. He's especially keen on Leon. Tyler. From here on. which are you more likely to believe? Is he dangerous. Tyler nods and takes the envelope.2. LEON (CONT'D) Look. Leon considers it. or not? There is a moment of pause. Tyler. don't just tell me possibilities. LEON Good job. Tyler. He has just come here a couple of days ago. LEON (CONT'D) They've offered Tyler halts before he exits. based on your experience and gut feelings. Leon nods. TYLER No. wait. TYLER Are you going to call the police? LEON Which? The local ones? TYLER How about the American? their co-operation. and places it in front of Tyler. He sets off with his BRIEFCASE. LEON Listen. Personally. TYLER Personally. here. . You've done a great job. Leon takes out an ENVELOPE from under his suit. Tyler shifts his attention from the envelope to Leon. It's unlikely he's to set off again. I'm more inclined to believe that he's killed people before. I'll handle everything myself.

as if he's been expecting it. as well as AN OLDER WOMAN. APARTMENT/BEDROOM . Tyler exits. It'll be a while before he's released.O. CUT TO: INT. HOUSE/LIVING ROOM .V. Leon is sitting on the edge of the bed. Leon glances at the TELEPHONE. You know there's nothing that can stop me. It's revealed that the woman is on the phone. LE ON'S P. : The passport has many stamps from many different countries. talking to Leon. Leon is sometimes alone in the photos. mom. he's fine. He shuffles through the pages of his PASSPORT. a dignified and passionate woman. and AN OLDER MAN. CUT TO: INT.NIGHT * * Leon spends sometime composing himself.3. She's TEREESE SCHROCK. (MORE) . APARTMENT/BEDROOM . LEON (V. ) Is father all right? WOMAN Yes. Leon takes that in. CUT TO: INT.NIGHT It's as modest as the living room. 40. LEON This is it.O. But he's in a good condition. sometimes together with the couple.DAY * * There's good money involved in the furnishings. Leon shoves the passport away. There are PHOTOGRAPHS of Leon.

LEON You take care. if I could trust them. too. She is distressed. I've got to go. I know. son. Goodbye.DAY (V. Tereese hangs the phone up. LEON (CONT'D) I want to love dad.o. but I don't feel too good with the history the Americans share with the Mafia here. I .. I can't allow that to happen. INT. TEREESE I know.o. LEON I would've let the cops handle everything. ) * * * TEREESE Love you. Love you. for whatever reason. LEON Mom. I don't know much. it'll be the same thing allover again.o. but in order to do so. CUT TO: She stares . HOUSE/LIVING ROOM . If Wayne's escaped life imprisonment or death penalty. Goodbye. you know it as well as I do. ) (V. ) (V. at the various family photographs.. I actually end up in Italy. She exits. mom. Worse. TEREESE I understand. There's a moment of silence. TEREESE Yes. carrying a handbag along with her.4. I need to remove the very reason I hate him.

Dammit. It's about you! * .5. There's only a table with two chairs. HOLDING ROOM The room feels cold and isolated. that you'll have to dirty Leon's hands. LEON CUT TO: INT. 47. TEREESE Shame on you. almost religiously blinded. APARTMENT/LIVING ROOM . an otherwise sharp and firm man. It's never about Wayne. There's a SURVEILLANCE CAMERA in the top corner of the room. BEN What're you talking about Tereese? TEREESE There's no turning back. Ben. He has to do this to save you from any potential arrests in the future. He grows contemptuous. INT. Ben. This is your only salvation. He is BEN SCHROCK. BEN What! Tell him to go back now! TEREESE No! You have no rights to tell him what to do! BEN Tereese! Wayne can change! TEREESE That's the very reason he has to do this for you. Tereese is sitting on one chair. observing the photographs. holding a SILENCED HANDGUN in one hand. Across her sits the older man previously seen on the family photographs.NIGHT Leon sits down. dad.

TYLER Can I just make a couple of international phone calls? It's important. along with photographs of Wayne. There's a cup of coffee on the table. TYLER I've been tracking this criminal by myself for a long time now. okay? And I cannot search his house without any warrants.. you'll still have to wait for a couple of days for us to assess these . . he would be able to escape yours. causing millions of dollars of losses. OFFICER (in thick Italian accent) Well. OFFICER Listen. CUT TO: EXT. Tyler sighs in frustration. Each of the houses has a garden. Tyler sits across the officer. POLICE STATION . Tereese! BEN CUT TO: INT. controlling his anger. TYLER He's been to many countries. This guy has committed many federal offenses. STREETS . Ha! Tyler shakes his head.NIGHT The houses along the housing estate were no less than twostorey houses.6. I can't just go this guy's house and arrest him without any proof.. good thing it's not millions of euros.NIGHT There's hardly anyone around anymore. He could escape those countries. If you want to catch this man badly. The only OFFICER in charge looks beat. files you have.

he sees a set of stairs leading up to the second floor. he knocks a display table. After a fast sweep. He returns to the entrance. It's loud in this very quiet room. but he drops his flashlight. he studies the surroundings further. All the windows are blocked by curtains except the back windows. Leon peers inside. Before the entrance. There is no one. Leon approaches one of the houses. I think I know it quite well. You sold what's right for money. He directs the flashlight swiftly but orderly around. Ben. he holds the vase. then he warily but quickly enters the house. WAYNE'S HOUSE/LIVING ROOM . Quickly. is modestly furnished but neat.7. unbalancing a SMALL VASE. Accidentally. determined. He scans around. seeing no one. Twice. CUT TO: INT. Leon carefully checks each of the windows. He treads the house carefully. HOLDING ROOM BEN Tereese! You don't know what Wayne's capable of! TEREESE Oh. . he takes out a SILENCED HANDGUN. He's stolen the senses out of you.NIGHT The room * The lights are off. The street is empty. The passerby doesn't notice him. There are lampposts scarcely located along the road. At the entrance. He notices a PASSERBY and instinctively hides. It's too dark. It's otherwise a very dark night. Swinging his flashlight about. Leon switches his cell phone into vibration mode. He considers the risk. Twice! No! BEN CUT TO: INT. Ben. Leon takes out a FLASHLIGHT. he shoots the doorknob once.

NIGHT He's in a No . WE HEAR only the sound of the flashlight rolling. HOLDING ROOM BEN nYou've sent your own son into the graveyard. JAIL . Leon crouches down. Tereese. The rolling finally stops. CUT TO: INT. Leon is staring intently on the bedroom door. he sees two doors. On the second floor. WAYNE'S HOUSE/SECOND FLOOR . POLICE CAR . CUT TO: * * . He realizes he's been staring.NIGHT Tyler is in a speeding police car with the other officers. desperate.. He waits for a moment. Leon sighs in relief and picks the flashlight up. frustrated. CUT TO: I/E. One of the doors seems to lead into a bigger room.n Ben pulls out his hair. CUT TO: INT. TEREESE (gasping) CUT TO: INT. most likely the bedroom. He is worried.8.DAY Tereese is worried sick on the cell phone. total despair. Tyler nervously looks at his watch. pointing his gun into the darkness. but his attention is divided. He looks ahead..

CUT TO: INT.. a tall. his attention is only on the bedroom. INT. He grips the bleeding spot. Leon grunts from the pain.NIGHT TEREESE * * * * * * * * * * * Leon receives the call again. This is the same man from the photographs Leon was studying. LEON You . if not for you . sitting upright on the bed in the bedroom. God! Tereese redials. He SEES it's Tereese. Please. There's A MAN in the dark. bastard . CUT TO: INT. It's done in one swift motion.. The flashlight rolls on the floor. my family .. (beat) he's a good man. When the door opens. * * * . He rejects the call.NIGHT * * * * Leon stares back at the entrance.DAY Tereese is on her cell phone. Leon struggles to raise his other hand that's holding the handgun. he is SHOT. 44.. Determined. JAIL . The man emerges from the bed and slowly approaches Leon. breathing and perspiring heavily... He switches his cell phone off with remorse.. but his hand is uncontrollably shaking. WAYNE'S HOUSE/SECOND FLOOR .. She receives a report that the other line cannot be reached. WAYNE'S HOUSE/SECOND FLOOR . He SHOOTS the bedroom doorknob and KICKS the door open. This man is WAYNE WATTS. He hurriedly checks his cell phone. cold-eyed man. He jumps when his cell phone VIBRATES. my father ...9. also holds A SILENCED HANDGUN himself.

Wayne is completely taken by surprise. How do you think I've escaped so many times before? I see that you're as thick as your own father. . Tereese is already hysterical be stopped. Gradually. He relents and follows the orders precisely. Ben isn't moved. Leon's eyes are as still as his body. he hurries to grab Leon's dead body when suddenly COPS bust into the house. SECURITY OFFICERS enter the room and restrains Tereese. Shocked. Leon screams in a rage. TEREESE You killed him! You killed Leon! Tereese gets physical with Ben.10. Each of them holds a handgun and a flashlight with them. WAYNE What a reckless boy. Leon's body lay limp. CUT TO: INT. He's furious but he has no choice. She can hardly TEREESE (CONT'D) You killed your own son! How could you let this happen! How could you! He did this because of you! CUT TO: INT. but fast. holding the handgun up as steadily as he can. ordering Wayne loudly to freeze.NIGHT Wayne gives a self-satisfied sigh and a smile over Leon's dead body. drop the gun down. he hears the sound of SIRENS. and hold his hands above his head. and violent. HOLDING ROOM Ben is covering his face in utter regret and sorrow. WAYNE'S HOUSE/SECOND FLOOR . We hear two more GUNSHOTS.

he sees an AMBULANCE and EMTs rushing into the house. OFFICER (in Italian) Copy that. One of the police officers is on the WALKIE-TALKIE. They're also being fended off dryly by the officers. aside. However. There are POLICE CARS stationed outside the house.NIGHT looks at Leon. Tyler gets a bad feeling. is carried out. Tyler regrets to witness this. * . Tyler nods. Tyler is relieved to see that Wayne is secured. the officer shifts his * OFFICER (CONT'D) They have secured the man. OUTSIDE WAYNE'S HOUSE . Finally. Not long after. he vengefully EXT. There's a bit of COMMOTION now. Some neighbors still dressed in pyjamas are curiously observing the scene. His attention never wavers from the entrance. Putting the walkie-talkie attention to Tyler.11. before he leaves the scene. already cuffed. Wayne. When Wayne is on his knees. they came out carrying Leon's dead body on a stretcher.

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