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IIP Fianl Report Guidelines

IIP Fianl Report Guidelines

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are required to undertake industry internship programme (IIP) spanning twenty four weeks, on a live management problem for the partial fulfillment of their course. The IIP is equivalent to 36 credits. Following are the guidelines, which should be strictly followed. Any non compliance would invite non acceptance of the Internship. In that case, the student has to repeat the same at the end of the course for the award of PGDM diploma. Guidelines Typing and printing guidelines: y The project should be typewritten on A4 size executive bond paper (Both soft copy in a CD and hard copies). Timelines are indicated below y 3 hard copies (1 for the Institute, 1 for the company and 1 for self) , 1 PPT file on the project, and 1 CD shall be submitted. y Typing guidelines: Font size 12 Ariel or 14 Times New Roman with double line spacing, justified. y Hard bind with white colour. Cover design has to be uniform and a sample design would be handed to students separately (Spiral Binding to be avoided) y Min. Pages 50 and max. Pages 60. (Excluding preliminary pages and Annexure) Submission guidelines: Interns need to submit the final project in the following sequential manner. Sl.No: 1. The details Submission dates



Deadline for submission of draft of final report to faculty (Rough draft should be submitted in the form of a hard copy May 27, 2011 to faculty mentors.) Faculty to return with corrections and suggestions to students for finalization of report (if required resend the corrected report and make corrections till the approval of the faculty mentors). Faculty has to ensure conclusions 6th June 2011 given are in alignment with the objectives of the study. Also to check the proper formatting of referencing and bibliography etc. Collect certificates and proof of internship from companies June 10, 2011 for attaching a copy in the report.
Institute of Finance and International Management (IFIM Business School)#8P & 9P, KIADB Industrial Area, Electronics City, 1st Phase, Bangalore ² 560 100 Ph: 080 ² 41432800/888, Fax: 080 ² 41432844Email: ifimblr@ifimbschool.com, Website: www.ifimbschool.com

Bangalore ² 560 100 Ph: 080 ² 41432800/888. Scope of the study (2-3 pages) (2-3 pages) Institute of Finance and International Management (IFIM Business School)#8P & 9P. 6 Submit final bound report to the internal faculty guide for June 14. The Executive Summary allows a busy manager to understand the report's significant information without reading the whole text. A sample would be sent separately. one would be returned to June 16. outlining its scope.4 5. purpose and major findings. II. KIADB Industrial Area. Chapter 1: General Introduction I.For on the job trainees. Website: www. And standard template of IFIM would be send separately for the initial Pages) Title page Certificate from IFIM Certificate from the company Certificate from the internal faculty Declaration by the student Acknowledgement from the student Preface Table of contents List of tables List of Figures Executive summary (2 pages) The Executive Summaryis the most important part of your report.com . Electronics City. It should be complete with certificate from company and signatures from Internal Guide¶s well as Chair person IIP. 1st Phase.com. Title of the study II. (b) describe your activities. Introduction to the study. 2011 student after viva voce and one would retained in the Library) and students to submit another copy to the company. (c) summarize the findings.ifimbschool. Background to the study Chapter 2: Introduction to the problem I. 2011 signature Dead line for submission of final report with all required signatures. All students are required to submit a soft copy of the report in a C. highlighting the key conclusions and recommendations. the summary must (a) state the problem or problems that you worked on.D 20th June ± 29th June Final evaluation-presentation & Viva Voce2011 Project report Contents (This format must be strictly followed) Cover Page ± (all cover pages should be uniform in printing style. Statement of the problem III. Students have to submit (2 copies of the report to the Institute ± out of this.D with name of the student and roll number written on the C. Objectives of the study IV. It summarizes the body of the report. Fax: 080 ² 41432844Email: ifimblr@ifimbschool. The summary should include your name and internship report title.

Limitations of the study Chapter 3: Company profile (10 pages) I.V. 9. . Sampling V. 125-180. Bangalore ² 560 100 Ph: 080 ² 41432800/888. The references should follow awell-established and consistent style.ifimbschool.Company address & contact number. Theories applicable to the study Chapter 5: Research methodology (5 pages) I. Conceptual. related articles etc. Quantitative /Qualitative analysis II. to which you specificallyrefer in your report. Summary of finding. History of the company II.Internship department including the name and position of your company supervisor. (1995). Annexure: (Should not exceed 15 pages) y Copy of the questionnaire/Mechanism of data collection y Annual reports of the company (Most recent) y Any other relevant materials. Divergent Pig Latin formation in egocentric dyslexic males: One possible explanation. Methods of data analysis Chapter 6: Data Analysis (10 pages) Chapter 7: SWOT Analysis. empirical study III. 1st Phase. & Kidman. ----------------------------------------------------------------- On the Job Interns may follow the following format Title page to Executive summary.. Electronics City. KIADB Industrial Area. Organizational chart and departments III. and if necessary web pages. A-2 . N.Eg: Cruise. Fax: 080 ² 41432844Email: ifimblr@ifimbschool. T. Operational definitions II. Field work VII. Website: www. follow the same order as above A-1 Description of the company/institution .com. Materials from other authors and diagrams that you have not drawn should beacknowledged explicitly when they are first used in your report. press releases. Products/services profile Chapter 4: Review of Literature (5 pages) I. y Log forms for eight weeks. Literature review III. Brief introduction of the organization¶s business sector Institute of Finance and International Management (IFIM Business School)#8P & 9P. Hypothesis IV.com . Pig Latin neurolinguistics. suggestions&recommendations(4 Pages) Chapter 8: Conclusion (1 page) References&Webliography: Referenceslists all those books and journals. Tools for data collection VI.

Marketing and Finance. it is necessary to draft your own version of vision on the basis of your discussion with the management).g. A-4 Competitors Analysis . .Analysis on changing external and internal environments. Detailed description of the tasks assigned to you.Vision. and if it is locally produced whether it is employing backward integration or outsourcing.e.Mission Statement (if the company does not have its vision and/or mission statements developed due to its lack of knowledge about the essentiality of the vision and mission statements. Training program (minimum word limit: 10-15 pages) a. Degree of competition.com. consumer durable or services. A-3 Company Profile Company Background and its growth strategy. Dairy or Telecom etc. y Positioning of the company's products.Analysis on strengths and weaknesses of direct competitors in terms of management.Textile. consumer consumable. Website: www. imported or imported with certain adaptation. or primarily focuses its effort in a single industry. Electronics City.com . presenting opportunities or posing threats to the industry or can be specific to your department . The degree of coverage in the local markets e. ."Brief introduction of the business sector" refers to the main area which theorganization deals in i. Institute of Finance and International Management (IFIM Business School)#8P & 9P. y Target market(s) and areas of distribution coverage: e. A-7. i. (if the company has not had its vision developed due to its lack of knowledge about the vision or being a small company. it is necessary to draft your own version of vision and mission on the basis of your discussion with the management and your theoretical knowledge on the components of the mission statement). as compared to those of competitive brands in the same industry(ies). . . or the entire country. But you should discuss the main sector and NOT theorganization under consideration.Company's products and services' strategies: y Whether the product is locally produced.1 Industry Analysis Discuss the impact of "Five Force factors" on the profitability of the industry in which the trainee receives the training in terms of: . in general. A-6 Analysis of Product/Service Profiles and the contribution of product/Service lines/items to the company's total sales and profit.Analysis on the company's strengths and weakness in terms of Management System. marketing and finance. whether it is a holding company with subsidiaries or SBUs in various industries. or being a small company. The model(s) or method(s) being used in evaluating overall performance of and allocating resources to each subsidiary. operation. Company's short and long term objective .Degree of ease in acquiring competitive advantages.Level of entry barriers.Analysis on strengths and weaknesses of each indirect competitor. . also specify category of the closed substitute products. b.Degree of sustainability of the advantages. KIADB Industrial Area.Level of threats posed by "closed substitute products".g. e. A -2. or product line (in case the company focuses its effort in a single industry). Operations. Bangalore ² 560 100 Ph: 080 ² 41432800/888. Availability of the raw materials needed for the production .g. A-5 SWOT Analysis .e. 1st Phase. Detailed description of the operations/activities performed by the department(s)you worked in. Fax: 080 ² 41432844Email: ifimblr@ifimbschool. South India. international or local markets or both.ifimbschool.

g. the student mustprovide information in these sections based on his/her personal observation.Identify the best solution & explain the rationale for your choice. Bangalore ² 560 100 Ph: 080 ² 41432800/888. you are required to suggest solutions for all the problems ordiscrepancies (you have pointed out in critical and SWOT analysis) found in theorganization. 1st Phase. Solutions & Recommendations .Effect . KIADB Industrial Area.ifimbschool. Fax: 080 ² 41432844Email: ifimblr@ifimbschool. handling objections problems faced by sales representative determining sales promotional budget faced by product managers. Cheating or copying in these sections isNOT acceptable and hence the entire internship report can be completely rejected asper ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY of IFIM. Note that Section # A-4 to A-9 are NOT expected to be copied from anywhere. c.com .Definition d. . Cause .Be sure to suggest atleast 3 solutions to each problem identified.com. References and Annexure as above Prepared by Prof. A-10. Website: www. A-8 Contribution of the project to the company A-9. Problems you have encountered in your assigned tasks e. you are required to describe the organization/Department/Work station according to your evaluation/assessment in the light of critical and SWOT analyses. learningand experience gained during the internship. Electronics City. IFIM IIP Office © IFIM Bangalore Institute of Finance and International Management (IFIM Business School)#8P & 9P.OR Detailed description of the project (s) assigned to you. Recommendations for improvement (minimum word limit: 200-250 words)In this section. Conclusion (minimum word limit: 150-200 words) In this section. ShajiKurian¶.

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