Gandhian Education Model Proposed for A.

P Youth
ROME - A student from Andhra Pradesh studying at the Salesian University, Rome defended his Master’s thesis on : “Education for Social Transformation: A Gandhian Model for the Youth of Andhra Pradesh, India.”

Fr Joji Reddy Yeruva of the Salesian Province of Hyderabad made the presentation in the presence of some 25 of his friends and well wishers, 8 June. He fielded the queries with dignified calm and gave clarifications to the panel of professors with ease and intelligence that secured him maximum marks, obtaining his licentiate degree. The defense commenced with the ancient prayer often used by Gandhi, “asato ma sadgamaya….” The panel of professors consisting of Prof. Peter Gonsalves, a professor in the faculty of communication and an expert on Mahatma Gandhi, who was also the guide and mentor, Prof. Vincent Francis, the president and moderator of the panel and Prof. José Louis Moral, the reader, examined the candidate. Fr Joji, discussed successfully the relevance of the educative system of Gandhi for the transformation of the youth of Andhra Pradesh. After presenting the youth scenario, he delineated the existing system of education and its challenges in the state of Andhra Pradesh, offering the holistic approach of Gandhi as a solution, which aims at the development of character, values and responsibility. Fr Joji hopes that this research would be translated into action in his mission for the young, especially the marginalized. Fr Joji, after his ordination in 2003, worked for the children at risk and as the youth animator of the Province of Hyderabad. He will soon assume the responsibility of vocation promotion in the Province.

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