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Prime University Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Full Marks: 10 Name: Digital Electronics Course Code: EEE 357 ID No.: Batch (Group): Class Test No. O1 Which of the following statements does NOT describe an advantage of digital technology? The values may vary over a continuous range. The circuits are less affected by noise. The operation can be programmed. Information storage is easy.

2. In the decimal numbering system, what is the MSD? a) The middle digit of a stream of numbers b) The digit to the right of the decimal point c) The last digit on the right d) The digit with the most weight 3. Binary 10111111 is ________ in hexadecimal. a) BF16 b) FB 16 c) (1115)16 d) 898 4. For Integer number calculation, direction of arrow should bea) Top to bottom b) bottom to top c) left to right d) right to left. 5. What do you mean by Radix?

6. Multiply (1011)2 with (1111)2 .

7. What is the End-Around Carry?

8. Convert (FC9B)16 into Decimal.

9. Convert (593)10 into Octal.

10. If Subtrahend is greater than Minuend than write the procedure of finding 1s complement.