Villa La Tosca Rental Tariff 2011

Services Price List
Tariff below excludes 19.6% VAT Where indicated light lunch and drinks included: • Massage: 70 Euros per 45 min

• Natural reserve-Bird Watching tour with
Guide: 250 Euros half day-500 Euros full day light lunch & drinks (Max 4 people) • Sea and River Kayaking with guide: 350 Euros half day-700 Euros full day: light lunch and drinks • Wine discovery tours with private sommelier and/or private chef at one of the prestigious chateau-Price on demand • Golf on demand

• Body Guard: 40 Euros per hour • Limousine with Driver 500 Euros per day
– 8 hours - (excluding Gas ) • Amphibious Power Boat: 580 Euros per day (Including Captain excluding Gas) • Sailing Boat: 580 Euros per day (including Captain and Gas) • Discover the Bassin and learn about Oyster farming, Lunch on board oyster barge: - 880 Euros (Max 8 people)

• Guided Cycle Tour: 250 Euros half day500 Euros full day: light lunch & drinks (Max 8 People)

Catering services on demand for dinner or lunch price between 20-85 Euros per PAX depending on food quality and quantity (excluding wine)-at least 24 to 48 hours notice depending on menu choices and season

Villa la Tosca
10 Allée du Bassin, 33138 Lanton Tel: + 33 556.60.29.86 Fax: +33 556.26.38.15 E-Mail:


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