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The Fruit of Islam and the Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews-2[1]

The Fruit of Islam and the Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews-2[1]


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A “For Your Toolbox” Special Study Resource


The Fruit of Islam and The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews
(This report is designed as a study aid and ministry tool)

F.O.I. Sole Purpose:
The Sole purpose of the FOI is to deliver the now 30 to 40 million dead to the Lamb of God, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad through His servant the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

The Jesus Connection:
The “Lamb of God” is a reference to the Jesus of scripture. There was a historical Jesus and there are prophetic Jesus’ The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said in The Theology of Time lecture series… “He didn’t make him a big sheep; He said a little Lamb. So I’m very little. I don’t know how much is Lamb about me, but I know I’m little. It is up to you to listen, and as you listen, read and remember.” June 4, 1972 “My size is very small, that’s why they symbolically prophesied of me as being a little Lamb instead of a grownup Lamb.” June 18,1972 “I am most certainly that little fellow who’s called a Lamb in the Bible…” October 15, 1972 ”What you read of Jesus in the Bible’s prophesy is myself” August 20,1972 1

the skunk of the planet earth. HEM Pittsburgh Courier 8-3-1957 Based on the above. comprises not only the natural and the Divine positive law. fulfill the prophecies concerning the coming of God and the triumphant works of Jesus.”(Lost-Found Muslim Lesson No. how to build a home for himself and some of the Tricknollegy that Yacub taught him. also known as the slave-masters children. “Mossa came two thousand years later and taught him how to live a respectful life. the son of perdition. It is a transgression (Latin: trans.telling lies. February 26.com “As the Bible teach you of me. gradi. It has been Yacub’s grafted devil.A “For Your Toolbox” Special Study Resource brotherdemetric@gmail. The question is who has done the most evil and wickedness to the Black man (God). The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad said in Our Saviour Has Arrived in the chapter entitled The Knowledge of God Himself (Saviours' Day. which was devilishment . 9Even him. These are known as the Jews. and you thought it was the Jesus of 2. then we should expect a conflict with the Synagogue of Satan 2 .1 Question 4) Only some accepted the forgotten Tricknollegy and became Musa’s top students or followers.” 3Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come. The New Catholic Dictionary defines sin as: A voluntary transgression of the law of God. but also the just precepts of all legitimately constituted authority. the enemy. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that Musa was sent to teach the devils some of the forgotten Tricknollegy. beyond. whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders. 1972 “I am as it is written. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote: The birth and death of Jesus meant the end of the rule and independence of the Jews who rejected him as being a prophet of Allah (God). which involves Master Fard Muhammad. ." HEM Theology of Time July 9. 1969) ” They’re so glad that the day has come now that they can show you now that the Black man is God!" If the Black man is God and Satan is the opponent of God then we need only find the opponent of the Black man to find Satan.000 years ago. The law of God. Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. which sin contravenes. 1972 The coming of God under the name Jesus is also prophesied as being after the workings of Satan. to go) because it is an act whereby we go beyond the limits imposed on freedom. and that man of sin be revealed. stealing and how to master the original man. except there come a falling away first. but its Elijah. we should understand that if the Nation of Islam’s leadership. His work will be among other things to reveal the “man of sin” and “son of perdition. the Right Hand of God…” September 10. It is a voluntary transgression because it is committed knowingly and willingly. which serves a s sign of what we may expect in the days of the Last One whom Musa and Isa (Moses and Jesus) these two prophets prophesied would come in these last days or who would be present with Allah (God) in person.

but in the competition for Southern trade the New Englander proved no match for the Jewish immigrants arriving in overwhelming numbers. We knock on any door.? The Fruit of Islam. we go.O. class and as such make each brother a minister serving a flock or block of the 30 to 40 million masses of our mentally dead people. house by house. street by street. The name given to the military training of the men who belong to Islam in North America.O. the Exodus Program of door to door sales as a pathway to economic independence. The well-stocked and experienced Jewish peddlers soon eclipsed the Yankees in numbers and scope 3 . The customers on the lists would begin by becoming customers for The Final Call newspaper and eventually become customers of products. And that's why. they are respectful.O.O. "Muhammad. goods and services from the Nation of Islam. when people write about the followers of the Messenger they say they are clean. And so we organize. just like He went. but underneath all of that they see that this is a dangerous body if ignited in that way.000 years." and that chapter is also called "War" because when the Muhammad of the Holy Quran comes he makes war on the forces of evil that have ruled and dominated the planet earth for the last 6. and we go after our people in a systematic way: block by block. So this is going to be a balanced training. Please consider the Exodus program offered by the Minister as you read the following excerpts from Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Volume 2. they are submissive. Early on. The objective of it is to turn the earth back into the hands of its original owners…So. brothers. Military training implies tactics. We now revisit Minister Farrakhan’s program in light of the history of Jewish economic strength in the antebellum south.A “For Your Toolbox” Special Study Resource brotherdemetric@gmail. they are courteous. These lists also were to be the sphere of righteous influence for the members of the F. brothers. “Before the widespread establishment of permanent brick-and-mortar stores. This program’s emphasis was the establishment of individual customer lists to be developed by each brother. Military training implies WAR. Military training implies going behind the lines in enemy territory. You can see we've got a lot of training to do. New England-based “Yankee peddlers” dominated the occupation.” The Meaning of F.I.I. a sizable portion of retailing in America was performed by a legion of traveling salesmen pushing their wares. Military training implies maneuvers.I.I. Put your best foot forward.com The Meaning of FOI: “What is the meaning of F. And don't go ugly. by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Economic Potential of Door to Door The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan shared with the F. Military training implies establishing a beachhead in enemy territory and then proceeding to take control. The 47th chapter of the Quran is called.

These peddlers brought a wide array of new and unique manufactured household goods. they replicated the process by supplying the endless stream of Jewish newcomers starting out in the peddling trade. and. As Dr. According to his calculations. Jews were able to extend the reach of their family trading networks deep into the American wilderness. the early development of an intragroup system of credit. based on family ties. they brought the desperately needed capital investment to an entirely underdeveloped agricultural economy in the form of credit. selling goods at mining and logging camps.com of operations. the peddler secured repeated opportunities to sell new products under the guise of “collection” visits. Additionally.”{Another observation of the above gives rise to the question: If the Jewish Peddler was a familiar presence in the South and Blacks in Detroit had migrated from the South. molasses. Some routes charted out by Jewish peddlers became so well-established and profitable that the routes themselves could be bought and sold{this is analogous to Final Call Customer Lists that come from Door to Door}. loans. directed him to the county of Bertie. and authorized him to mark up his merchandise by a spectacular 400 percent. and a supply of merchandise. the balance being his profit. coming in a like manner.A “For Your Toolbox” Special Study Resource brotherdemetric@gmail. and just as important. A penniless immigrant could—and often did—obtain immeasurable wealth in less than a generation on American soil…Once immigrant Jews securely established their New World businesses. The rewards of this livelihood far outweighed the risks. Jewish peddlers/merchants became the outposts through which the products of Black slave labor—sugar. If an item was priced at $5. The peddlers set out on foot with 100-pound backpacks{this is analogous to 100 Final Call Newspapers}. which more than anything else may account for the inordinate success of the immigrant generation in business. Jewish immigrants enjoyed exclusivity in the field and took full advantage of their monopoly status below the Mason–Dixon line. keeping these profitable relationships for years. corn. rice. and forest trails. or with their mule teams and covered wagons. territories to work in. Henry L. and isolated farmhouses and plantations. was Master Fard Muhammad disguising himself as a Jewish peddler in his door to door ministry in Black Bottom Detroit in 1930? The traveling Jewish salesman would have been familiar to Southern born Blacks now living in Detroit and. “The peddler usually secured his cost of the item at the first payment. connections that furnished them with employment. One peddler figured it this way: He would extend credit to anyone he thought he could trust to pay for the item. Master Fard 4 . giving them a distinct advantage over all other competitors. They quickly imbibed the peculiar folkways and the distinctive cultural and racial characteristics of the American Southlands while they carefully surveyed the commercial needs and wants of the diverse peoples of the region. and especially cotton—were exported out of the region. open lines of credit. using the same Jewish network pipelines to profitably and efficiently market these products.” By this method. hastening their decline…Upon arrival in America these Jewish newcomers made immediate connections with the Jewish manufacturers and wholesalers already established in the big Northern cities. training. river towns. and a willingness to barter when cash was scarce…No sooner had Hayim Isaac Reznitzky stepped off the boat than his Jewish brethren in trade gave him a load of merchandise on credit. he accepted $1 or $2 as the down payment and collected from the customer a tiny amount on the balance each week until the price was paid. navigating the riverbanks. Ultimately. They developed regular routes and were welcomed and appreciated by the Gentiles they served for the muchneeded goods and services they brought. North Carolina. fraternal or social clubs. To the plantation South a visit from the “Jew peddler” was a much anticipated event. more important. mountainsides. Feingold put it. or even religious congregations…was a crucial factor.

When she refused. the ADL went crazy. in June 1992. Since history is best qualified to reward our research. restoring safety and dignity to some of the most desperately poor neighborhoods in the United States. the ADL engaged in a national barrage of media attacks against the Nation of Islam. led by the Nation of Islam. the streets in many parts of town are dominated now by drug traffickers whose deadly poison has inflicted both a subculture of addiction and violence and a spread of the AIDS virus among the predominantly black population. which was otherwise a potpourri of outrageous and unsubstantiated charges against the Nation of Islam. Community-based efforts. First. True to its history. consider the following history excerpted from the book The Ugly Truth About The ADL by the Executive Intelligence Review “Peddling Slavery Still Today” Fast forward to 1992.A “For Your Toolbox” Special Study Resource brotherdemetric@gmail. an African-developed anti-AIDS drug." When Washington. D.C. too. Kelly succumbed to ADL demands and issued an "Open Letter to the Community" in which she continued to praise Dr." In July 1992. a major uproar developed in Washington. and for his groundbreaking work in treating AIDS patients with Immuviron. but condemned alleged "anti-Semitic” statements attributed to him by the ADL. The widely circulated ADL report is a frontal attack on the Nation of Islam (NOI) and its leader. the B'nai B'rith ADL intercedes to turn back the clock to the days of slavery. Mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly issued an official proclamation honoring Nation of Islam minister Dr. Muhammad's work against drugs. The ADL was particularly upset about the national 5 . have begun to roll back that new subculture of slavery and despair. where B'nai B'rith lawyer Simon Wolf conspired on behalf of the southern slave trade. when the ADL was caught red-handed in an ugly attempt to shut down any government contact with what has been the only effective effort to clean up drug and crime-infested areas in the nation's capital: the NOI's now-famous "Dopebusters. and AIDS. But what was really at the heart of the Washington Times article. In the nation's capital. the ADL set off a massive wave of anger and resentment in the African-American community when.com Muhammad would be assured that His fish would bite a familiar bait. Ultimately. It openly threatens retribution against any elected officials or political activists who "associate with or publicly commend the NOI. The attacks culminated in an article run in the Washington Times coauthored by ADL National Director Abe Foxman and Fact Finding Director Mira Larisky Boland. Perhaps the Jewish peddlers of the South were observed during his 20 year visitation and study of America prior to beginning His ministry in Detroit in July 1930} The ADL’s sabotage of the Fruit Of Islam The Anti-Defamation League has an active modern record of acting to thwart the progress and success of the Nation of Islam and the Fruit of Islam specifically. violence. Kelly was repeatedly hit with ADL-organized delegations “demanding" that the proclamation be rescinded lest she. D. over the question of whether HUD rules should permit a HUD contractor to hire the Dopebusters to provide security for a federally subsidized housing project in Los Angeles. be identified as an anti-Semite. it published The Anti-Semitism of Black Demagogues and Extremists. Minister Louis Farrakhan. was a demand that Congress defeat the major appropriations bill for the Dept of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).C. Abdul Alim Muhammad for his leadership in the Dopebusters campaign.

The Dopebusters enjoy the intense support of the communities they serve and have an unprecedented record of success.”{Based on the above. Exemplary of the success of the program is the Mayfair Mansions housing complex in Northeast Washington. Mayfair Mansions went from an ugly. and nothing else. Tenant leaders who refuse to back down have been subjected. as a result of Dopebuster patrols. the ADL has attempted to block the tenants' choice of security force. The black and Hispanic communities in the U. the ADL may have committed a fatal error in launching such an open and vicious attack on the Nation of Islam. to threats. that has made the Nation of Islam and the Dopebusters a target of ADL attack. the Dopebusters convey an unmistakable message of hope and inspiration to the community. DDI. Dr. D. When HUD Secretary Jack Kemp visited Mayfair Mansions earlier this year. to being a handsomely restored.C. the ADL's charges against the Dopebusters carry little credibility. Abdul Alim Muhammad is not only a leader of the NOI. the drug they brought back from Kenya. he is one of the most respected community leaders in the Washington area. in 1988. are disproportionately infected by the deadly virus. or DDC. and his pioneering work against AIDS is gaining him international recognition. Wherever they go. Interviews with the residents of the communities served by the Dopebusters make clear that they believe that it is that message. Tenants in public and private housing projects from New York to Baltimore to Los Angeles are demanding Dopebuster patrols. harassment. he admitted that the Nation of Islam's Dopebusters deserved the credit.A “For Your Toolbox” Special Study Resource brotherdemetric@gmail. the ADL has shown that despite the passage of time. the idea has the support of local police and government agencies who have failed to find any other effective way to curtail the intensifying pattern of drug trafficking and violence. Similarly. In a community where the twin plagues of drug addiction and AIDS are the most visible vestiges of slavery. safe. Barbara Justice.com attention the successful Dopebusters drug eradication program was getting. Dr. unsafe. and indicated that he was open to granting the patrols federal government contracts. Since then. that the war on drugs can be won. taking the point in a courageous effort to avert what would otherwise be the worst holocaust to hit the human race. the question arises: Where would the NOI be economically without our good works being thwarted by the false claim of antisemitism levied by the ADL?} 6 . In most cases. The Dopebusters were founded in Washington. They have done so with no deaths and very little violence. and leave the ADL completely exposed as nothing more than a protection racket for the drug cartel. but have had almost no access to the accepted treatment. The pair is also credited with bringing vital information concerning this new treatment modality to both the general public and the medical profession. which consists of the prohibitively expensive (and highly toxic) AZT. unarmed Dopebuster patrols have been able to eradicate drug trafficking at the street level in nine Washington ghetto neighborhoods and private housing projects. its true loyalties lie with the slave meters. vibrant community. In almost every case.S. have reported dramatic success in treating more than 600 patients who are HIV-positive with Immuviron. break-ins and other forms of intimidation This time. open-air drug market in 1988. Muhammad and New York City physician Dr. however.

This so-called Compromise of 1877 was the most significant event in our history. Jim Crow laws took immediate effect. assigned to permanent inferiority. If Republican Hayes were allowed to become the 19th president. 7 . After many days of near chaos. he would remove the federal troops in the South that were protecting the rights of Blacks against the violent ex-Confederates and Ku Klux Klan. the agreement stated.A “For Your Toolbox” Special Study Resource brotherdemetric@gmail. The Compromise of 1877. and pogroms escalated. Votes were being contested around charges of voting fraud and intimidation and the Congress was thrown into disruption as threats and vitriol filled their chambers. between Republican Rutherford B. Democrats began a filibuster and threatened national disorder and even civil war. The vanquished Southern slave-owner class would be free to return to power and enforce the old slave law free of federal control. was the deal in which white people North and South agreed that Blacks would be returned to virtual slavery. it seems to me. a group of politicians from among both parties secretly gathered at the Wormley Hotel in Washington to attempt to resolve the issue and save the union from potential disaster. Hayes and Democrat Samuel J. and whites moved Blacks out of employment in trades and industry. A deal was struck in that smoky hotel room which would affect the history of Black people in America as no other event before or since. No other event not the Civil War. mass murders.com Master Fard Muhammad and the 19th President: A Stunning Historical Coincidence by Alan Muhammad Early in the year 1877. Black property was stolen. as historians call it. Tilden. in that it brought all whites together in the solemn cause of American white supremacy. and not the Emancipation Proclamation so specifically and directly affected the future status of the Black race as a whole. devoid of civil rights. the government of the United States was grappling with the hotly contested presidential election of November 1876. lynchings. But what is most significant is that that back-room deal in the Wormley Hotel occurred on 26 February 1877 the birth date of our Lord and Saviour Master Fard Muhammad.

as they did not trust the Hayes camp to follow through on their promises.com Further.? Arguably. fair dealing. justice. On this Friday constitutional government.A “For Your Toolbox” Special Study Resource brotherdemetric@gmail. Today is Friday. and that the rumors of the egregious racist violence were simply slander the whitest of all white lies. so to speak. and decency suffer crucifixion amid a number of thieves. A Kentucky senator. these two events. he assures the North that the white people of Louisiana will be fair and just to the colored race. Levy. it was a Jew and meeting participant. Also. 8 . for the white man to do right by the ex-slave. manhood. in a strangely appropriate way. cast the moment of their perceived defeat in a divine light: Mr. 1877) and is considered by historians to be the most significant of the speeches in the whole lengthy debate. In it. honesty. as the filibuster ended some Southern politicians held out to the end. Upon that day the Saviour of the world suffered crucifixion between two thieves. Speaker. Louisiana congressman William M. the end has come. and the birth of the Blackmans Lord and Saviour are the most significant events in American history. His entire speech to Congress is firmly inlaid in the Congressional Record (March1. who carried the message to the Congress and assured the Southern racists that their interests had been secured. happening on the very same day the final straw.

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