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Devil's Song

Devil's Song


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Published by Joe Gonnella
Devil's Song
Devil's Song

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Published by: Joe Gonnella on Jun 25, 2011
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Devil¶s Song

Bless beasts that burden least² curse heat that won¶t retreat² reason is madness reconciled² light is abstinence reclaimed² stars are marshaled by the poor who won¶t be let in heaven¶s door² defend the weak² conquer strong² I am the distance none ignore and all adore

I¶m absence beyond what¶s born² I¶m presence angels scorn² call me Christian or call me Jew² call me prophet or call me saint² I am what¶s missing from the window frame² I¶m the father of what I ain¶t² an emptiness earned and spent² a fullness forfeit for what¶s lent²

a beginning without an end² an end only beginning can defend.

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