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Situational Assessments and Informational Interviews

Situational Assessments and Informational Interviews

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Published by Ben Garron-Caine

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Published by: Ben Garron-Caine on Jun 25, 2011
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Situational Assessments and Informational interviews

A presentation for CIE101 by Ben Garron-Caine

Goals for present: Locating additional supplemental income in stock. video games. . Goals for future: Would like to go to school to become a CAT scan tech. or IT environment to supplement income. warehousing./week. computers. Current position: Environmental Services at local hospital. 24 hrs.Maurice Age: 21 Interests: Philadelphia Eagles.

. 20.. .Situational Assessment # 1. what value will be displayed in a cell containing the formula A1+ A2+A3?. A2. A3 contain the values 10.. and 30 respectively.Computers!! (Typing and Excel) 1. Given that Cells A1..

6 7 20 27 27 21 20.4 Avg.Situational Assessment # 1Computers! Let s use Excel and figure out which team has highest PPG this season? Team Eagles Skins Giants Cowboys Typing test Game1 Game2 Game3 Game4 Game5 20 35 38 12 27 26.4 13 27 16 17 34 21. .4 31 14 10 17 16 17.

.Stock! (Rite Aid) 1.Situational Assessment # 2. not because of lack of ability. but lack of interest. Moved extremely slowly throughout assessment. Did not enjoy squatting. 2. differentiating between similar looking but different products. 3. I want to work in a warehouse. Found matching labels and UPC numbers tedious. not Rite Aid.

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