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Simple Green Marketing Plan

Simple Green Marketing Plan

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Published by: Megan on Jun 25, 2011
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Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary ...........................................................................................................2 2. Situation Review ................................................................................................................3 3. Marketing Communications Situation ............................................................................4-7 a. Brief Mention of Competition b. Positioning Statement c. Positioning Statement Rationale d. Current Newsworthy Information 4. Target Audience Analysis ................................................................................................7-9 5. Objective ............................................................................................................................9 6. Strategic Idea...............................................................................................................10-11 7. Tactics .........................................................................................................................12-20 a. Public Relations b. Internet Marketing c. Sales Promotion d. New Advertising e. Final Thoughts



Executive Summary
In order to gain a competitive advantage in the market of green cleaning products, Simple Green needs to focus on the main opportunity of generating awareness that the product can be diluted to effectively clean while saving money. Simple Green s concentrated formula is a key characteristic that sets it apart from other green cleaners, so this must be emphasized. Many green consumers are basing their brand decisions on price due to the recently struggling economy, so Simple Green must make consumers aware that the product lasts longer than any other green cleaner, thus saving them money. To generate awareness, Simple Green will become a supporting sponsor of the annual green festival event, the largest sustainability event in the world, which is attended by key members of the target audience. Demonstrations will be done at the event, and attendees will be given a discount if they purchase Simple Green. The Simple Green website will also be expanded to host blogs and allow web visitors to become members of the site, allowing for member exclusive discounts and chances to win Simple Green products. A virtual game will also be created in which players must use Simple Green, and other go green tactics, to fight pollution and harmful chemicals in the world around them. A Simple Green Rewards section will be added so that proofs of purchase can be submitted to receive a free trial size bottle. Sales promotion will include a coupon giveaway at organic stores, grocery stores, and online. Participating stores will be provided with floor stickers to lead customers to the product, which will have special eye catching packaging. Advertising will be done on the sides of shopping carts, on outdoor billboards, and on the top of pumps at gas stations. These new approaches to advertising will all focus on the benefit of saving money with Simple Green.



Situation Review
SWOT Analysis

Strengths y Cheaper cost per use, one bottle of Simple Green can be diluted to make 10 bottles of household cleaners y y y Green Seal certified The original green cleaner Nontoxic and safe to use around children and pets y y y

Weaknesses Many consumers are unaware that Simple Green can be diluted to save money and make the product last longer Limited promotions and coupons available to consumers Not enough advertising to gain awareness

Opportunity y Generate awareness that Simple Green can be diluted to effectively clean while saving money y y

Threats Green cleaning products from already established, well known brands such as Clorox Consumers unaware of the benefits of green products y Consumers not interested in green products

The main opportunity is to generate awareness that Simple Green can be diluted to save money because this is a distinguishing characteristic that sets Simple Green apart from other green cleaners. Simple Green can gain a competitive advantage by leveraging this.



Marketing Communications Situation
Brief Mention of Competition

Clorox Green Works: Green Works was launched by Clorox in early 2008 in order to enter the environmentally friendly cleaning product category. The introduction of Green Works allowed Clorox to be the first major consumer products company to offer a green cleaning product line. Clorox Green Works is available in a ready to use formula, unlike Simple Green all purpose cleaner. As Simple Green s largest competitor, Green Works captured 42% market share after just one year.

Seventh Generation: Seventh Generation has been producing environmentally friendly cleaning products for the past 20 years. The company is socially responsible and donates a portion of profits to various organizations. The Seventh Generation website allows members to receive special discounts and participate in blogs and forums. Simple Green Positioning Statement Among environmentally conscious consumers, Simple Green is the brand of green cleaner that is cost efficient and safer for families and the environment because it is the original nontoxic, Green Seal certified, biodegradable green cleaner.

___________________________________________________________ Positioning Statement Rationale This positioning statement accurately defines the Simple Green brand for the consumer. It outlines key characteristics of the brand so that


Concentrated consumers have a better understanding of why they should use Simple Green all purpose cleaner. It is very important to stress the benefit of cost efficiency because many consumers are not aware that Simple Green can be diluted, making the product last longer and saving them money. This is also important because many green products tend to be more expensive than non-green cleaners. If consumers are aware that Simple green is better for their health, the environment, and their wallet they will be likely to use the product. Price is a determining factor for many consumers, especially in a struggling economy, so it is vitally important to list the benefit of cost effectiveness first. It is also important to include that Simple Green is safer for families because this is a key distinguishing factor that allows Simple Green to stand out among other green cleaning products, as well as non-green cleaners. Informing consumers that Simple Green is the original green cleaning product is vitally important in order to increase trust in the brand. Consumers will be more willing to buy the product if they know that it is a trusted brand that has continued to offer results for many years. The Green Seal certification must be included in the positioning statement because it proves that the product will improve the environment by reducing toxic pollution and waste, conserving

___________________________________________________________ resources and habitats, and minimizing global warming and ozone depletion. Additionally, the Green Seal informs consumers that the product increases health and wellbeing, especially in populations that are affected by product choice, such as schoolchildren, service staff, and the elderly.1 Current Newsworthy Information


A recent study conducted by Grail Research demonstrates that the struggling economy does not have a negative impact on the purchase intentions of green consumers.2 The findings of the study are presented in the pie chart below, demonstrating that the majority of green consumers continue to purchase green products despite the recession.

Impact of Economic Recession on Green Shopping (n=520)
2% 3% 16% 41% 19% 19% Switched some of my green products to conventional Increased my usage of green products Buying same quantity of green products, but less expensive ones Reduced usage of green products that I buy


Green Seal. (2009, November 1). Benefits of green seal. Retrieved from http://www.greenseal.org/about/benefits.cfm Grail Research. (2009, November 12). The green revolution. Retrieved from http://grailresearch.com/About_Us/FeaturedResearch.aspx?aid=90


___________________________________________________________ Even though 76% of consumers have changed their purchase behavior, they have continued to stay true to green products.3 This is extremely important because Simple Green


has the ability to gain customers from competitors. Simple Green must make consumers aware that it is the most cost efficient green cleaning product, resulting in more consumers choosing Simple Green during a time when saving money is a main concern. Green consumers have shown that their purchase intentions have not changed, but price is a determining factor. Proving to consumers that Simple Green is the most product for their money will allow Simple Green to gain a greater share of the market and increase profits substantially.

Target Audience Analysis
Simple Green Target Audience y y y y y y y Environmentally conscious consumers Committed to going green Dedicated to social responsibility Eager to learn new ways to help the environment Aware of the impact that small lifestyle changes can have on the environment Based on behavior and dedication to going green, not necessarily age Mostly women, because women typically do the household shopping


Grail Research.



Green Consumers: Natural Marketing Institute s Consumer Segmentation Model

This consumer segmentation model is valuable to Simple Green because it describes the current target audience (LOHAS and naturalities), as well as other segments that should be targeted (Drifters, conventionals, and unconcerned). Each segment is discussed in detail:


Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS): Consumers who are dedicated to health and the environment. Purchase environmentally friendly products, support advocacy programs and are committed to the environmental movement.

___________________________________________________________ y Naturalities: Consumers who are focused on natural/organic consumer packaged goods but not environmentally friendly durable goods. They are not committed to the environmental movement like LOHAS consumers. Drifters: Consumers focused on other factors, such as price, rather than the environment. These consumers tend to have many reasons to explain why they do not make environmentally friendly choices. Conventionals: Consumers who do not have the attitude of going green, but may contribute to the environment by recycling or trying to conserve energy.





Unconcerned: Consumers who are uninterested in the environment and do not practice environmentally responsible behavior whatsoever.

To generate awareness that Simple Green is the most cost effective green cleaning product.



Strategic Idea
Simple Green will generate awareness that it is the most cost effective green cleaning product during this time in which green consumers are looking for environmentally friendly brands that also allow them to save money. Informing green consumers who are interested in improving the health and wellness of their families and the environment that Simple Green is the best green cleaner for their money will give them yet another reason to purchase the product. This is an opportunity for Simple Green to gain a competitive advantage because green consumers are looking for a brand that promises to help their health, the environment, and their wallet. This strategy of cost efficiency is a good idea because Simple Green has mainly focused on the fact that the product is safer for children and pets in the past, so taking this different approach will lure green consumers who are already aware of these benefits to the product. In order to meet this objective, Simple Green will use public relations to build awareness that Simple Green is the most practical and effective green cleaner because it is sold as concentrate that can be diluted to make the product last longer. This will be done in the form of event sponsorship for the annual green festival event. Simple Green will expand internet marketing by hosting a blog that allows consumers to interact with one another and share information and tips on how to live a greener lifestyle. Consumers will have the ability to become members of the site in order to receive member exclusive offers and discounts. A Simple Green rewards section will be created where proofs of



purchase can be submitted for a complementary trial size bottle of Simple Green. An interactive Simple Green game will also be created for the website. Sales Promotion will be utilized by offering a coupon to urge green consumers to try the product. Generating trials of the product will help to expand the current customer base because consumers will have a reason to repurchase. When consumers try the product, they will realize that Simple Green lasts longer than ready to use green cleaning product solutions and will see the benefit in purchasing Simple Green over competitors. The coupon will be distributed in organic stores and grocery stores, where the consumer can immediately take action and purchase the product, as well as on the Simple Green website. Participating stores will be provided with floor stickers to lead customers to the product, which will have special eye catching packaging to attract even more attention. In addition to coupons, an unconventional way to reach the target audience will be to advertise on shopping carts in organic food stores and other sales locations that are dedicated to the green initiative. These advertisements will take up the entire side of the shopping cart. Simple Green will also utilize outdoor billboards for advertising. These billboards will be cleverly designed to attract attention and will also focus on the theme of saving money with Simple Green. Lastly, Simple Green will advertise in gas stations. The advertisements will be placed at eye level on top of the gas pumps to guarantee that consumers will see them while filling up their tanks. This type of advertisement is beneficial because it is presented in an environment free of clutter.



Public Relations Green Festival To increase awareness of Simple Green as a cost effective environmentally friendly cleaner, Simple Green should become a sponsor of the annual green festival event. Green Festival is the perfect opportunity for Simple Green to generate awareness because it is the largest sustainability event in the world that continues to expand every year. By becoming a supporting sponsor of this event, rather than a major sponsor, Simple Green will be able to gain awareness without spending the entire budget. Obviously, a press release should be distributed detailing Simple Green s participation in the event. Marketplace The Green Festival event is attended by individuals as well as business and community leaders that are dedicated to teaching others about their impact on the environment. The event boasts of a marketplace containing more than 350 environmentally friendly businesses, which is the ideal place for Simple Green to spread awareness that it is the

___________________________________________________________ most cost efficient green cleaner. Green festival is the only green event that actually screens


exhibitors for their commitment to sustainability, so Simple Green s Green Seal certification will carry more weight at this event and help to make consumers aware of Simple Green s promise to the green initiative.4 Demonstration Area While in the marketplace at green festival, Simple Green should set up a demonstration area that shows customers how to dilute the concentrated product. This will be very beneficial because consumers will have the ability to actually see for themselves how far a small amount of Simple Green can go to fight tough stains. The mixed solution should obviously be used on various stains that are created right in front of consumers so they have the opportunity to see the Simple Green promise for themselves. Simple Green should also offer consumers a discount on the product if they choose to purchase it at the event, and a coupon to save on Simple Green in the future. The Perfect Event for Simple Green This event is ideal because it is held in 5 major cities, Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, and Washington DC, and is attended by consumers dedicated to the green initiative


Green Festival. (2009, November 12). About green festival. Retrieved from http://www.greenfestivals.org/about/



who purchase environmentally friendly products. The green festival will allow Simple Green to spread awareness and gain LOHAS customers. Internet Marketing Host a Blog The Simple Green website currently allows users to view testimonials and submit their own experiences with the product. This will be expanded by hosting a blog that will allow users to interact with one another so that they can not only share product experiences, but also other tips and methods for living a greener lifestyle. Become an Exclusive Member Consumers will have the ability to create a user name and become a member of site, which will give them access to member exclusive discounts, much like the Seventh Generation site, and chances to win Simple Green products. This will be another method to prove Simple Green s promise as the most cost effective cleaner because users will have the chance to earn a complementary bottle of Simple Green for their participation on the website. Simple Green will be proving to consumers that their loyalty and trust in the brand is important and that Simple Green can satisfy their cleaning needs while helping to save them money. This will appeal to LOHAS and naturalities, but also to drifters who are looking to save money. Simple Green Rewards A Simple Green rewards section will also be provided on the website. This will allow Simple Green consumers to submit a code, as proof of purchase, that will entitle them to a complementary trial size




bottle of Simple Green after submitting a certain number of codes. These internet tactics will be a low cost way to build awareness of Simple Green as the most cost effective environmentally friendly cleaner, and will effectively target all consumers. Virtual Game Simple Green will also add an interactive game to the website that allows users to live in a virtual world filled with pollution. As users play the game and battle to survive on the deteriorating earth, they are provided with small options to improve their situation in the game. These options should be tied to real life green initiatives that have an impact on the environment, which allows players to see the importance of taking small steps to help the earth and provide a healthier environment for loved ones. The main weapon used for fighting in the game is a bottle of Simple Green that can be used to spray away harmful chemicals that are polluting the ozone layer and harming habitats. Simple Green s competition, although the other brand names will not appear in the game to avoid confusion, will also be provided as a weapon



but will not last as long or fight chemicals as effectively. This will help to demonstrate, although subtlety, that Simple Green is superior to other green cleaners because it lasts longer which saves the customer money. This interactive game will help to reach LOHAS, naturalities, drifters and conventionals, but will also help to inform unconcerned consumers who play the game that Simple Green is a cost effective way to do their part to help the environment. Sales Promotion Coupon A coupon will be used to offer consumers a discount and generate them to try Simple Green household cleaner. In turn, this will help to turn triers of Simple Green into actual consistent users of the product when they realize that Simple Green saves money while effectively cleaning without harming the environment. The coupon will be distributed in grocery stores and via the Simple Green website to help lower distribution costs. In Stores Stores that participate in passing out this coupon will be provided with stickers to place on the floor that directs customers to the aisle that Simple Green is sold in. These stickers should start out small at the beginning of the store, and get larger as the customer nears the actual Simple Green product in the store. The stickers will look like the earth, with a pile of money in front of it, to demonstrate that Simple Green saves consumers money while helping the environment. As the stickers get larger,

Save Money!

___________________________________________________________ they will contain various facts about Simple Green that give consumers incentive to buy. For


example, from smaller to larger stickers: nontoxic, biodegradable, Green Seal Certified, Safe to use around children & pets, etc. Every other sticker will say save money to reinforce the fact that Simple Green is the most cost effective green cleaner. These stickers will help to lead consumers toward the product while informing them of the benefits of using Simple Green along the way. Nontoxic

Save Money!

Safer for kids & pets

Packaging Lastly, the Simple Green bottles should have a plastic earth with an open smile on top of them. When using the product, the Simple Green cleaning solution will spray from the smiling mouth of the animated earth. This will help to reinforce that Simple Green is environmentally friendly, and attract consumers to Simple Green because it will help the product to stand out on the cluttered shelf of the store. This may also help to attract consumers that did not pay attention to the coupon or stickers from the front of the store by attracting their attention to the smiling earth on the Simple Green bottle. These combined efforts will help to inform consumers about the money saving aspect of the product, urge them to try it, and provide fun packaging that attracts attention.

___________________________________________________________ New Advertising Shopping Carts An unconventional way that will be used to reach consumers will be to advertise on shopping carts in organic food stores and other sales locations. Placing advertisements on shopping carts in organic food stores will help to reach LOHAS and naturalities because this is the location where they typically shop. This will be an effective way of increasing brand awareness of Simple Green among consumers who are most likely to actually purchase the product. When these consumers are informed that Simple Green is the most cost effective green cleaning product they will be more likely to buy the product because it appeals to their needs and can be easily purchased immediately. By placing the advertisements on shopping carts in other sales locations, such as grocery stores, Simple Green will also be able to reach drifters, conventionals, and unconcerned consumers who would not necessarily


be exposed to the message in organic stores. This can lead these consumers to impulse buy or may put Simple Green into their heads for purchase consideration in the future. Even if these consumers are not concerned with the green initiative, they will be more likely to buy the product when they discover that it lasts longer than other cleaners and saves them money. Advertisements on shopping carts provide consumers with incentive to seek the product out and try it.

___________________________________________________________ Billboard An outdoor billboard will also be used to build awareness that Simple Green can help to save consumers money. The billboard will be built up at the top to look like the top of a tree, and will be positioned on the side of the highway near other trees. A Simple Green bottle will be used to represent the trunk of the tree. Money will also be scattered among the leaves of the tree, and will flow down into the real trees surrounding the billboard. The headline will read, Money Simply Can Grow on Trees . This billboard will communicate the benefit of saving money to all consumers, not just LOHAS and naturalities, and will get their attention. Gas Stations Lastly, Simple Green will advertise in gas stations using gas pump top mini billboards. These advertisements will be placed at eye level so that they are visible to consumers while filling their thanks. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, customers typically


spend 3-5 filling their tanks, which means 3-5 minutes to focus on Simple Green free from the

___________________________________________________________ clutter of other advertisements.5 This is a perfect way for Simple Green to reach all consumers, rather than just environmentally conscious consumers, and to get the message across that Simple Green is cost effective. The advertisement will be viewed by an average of 27,750 customers per pump each month, and will visible both day and night because of the well lit environment.6 Gas station advertisements also offer the benefit of strategically targeting specific groups of customers based on location. Final Thought


These combined tactics will help Simple Green to accomplish the objective of generating awareness that the product can be diluted so that it will last longer and save the consumer money. Sponsoring green festival, updating the website to include member exclusive benefits and a Simple Green game, new sales promotion in stores, and advertising through shopping carts, billboards, and on gas pumps will definitely allow Simple Green to create awareness. This will be the perfect way for Simple Green to gain a competitive advantage over Clorox Green Works and Seventh Generation products.


Pacific Media. (2009, November 18). Gas station advertising. Retrieved from http://pacificmediainc.com/gas.php Pacific Media.


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