Business Requirements for Termination of Line

Letter of Request with the ff. contents: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Account Name (to whom the number is registered) Account Number (found in your Statement of Account’s upper right portion) Service Number / Reference Telephone Number Contact person Contact number Indicate the reason for termination

Attachment/s:     Letter must be signed and with designation of the company’s authorized signatory (managerial and up only) Photocopy of 2 valid IDs of the authorized signatory Please rewrite the type of ID and ID number, for easy reference A copy of IRRA ( Instrument Recovery Receipt) for DSL only

Letter of Request can be forwarded to any of the channels:    Via fax, to 02-8606426; attention to PLDT Customer Care Representative’s Name Via email, to ; attention to PLDT To any PLDT Business office; attention to PLDT

Reminders:    Kindly settle your billing. Surrender units / equipment at any Business Office and you will be issued with Instrument Recovery Receipt. If you will be sending a Letter of Request via fax, please indicate the following details for your primary contact information: 1) Email Address, 2) Fax Number, 3) Contact Number/s. This will greatly help us in informing you if we’ve received all the documents you’ve sent over.

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