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How to Start Train a Militia Unit

How to Start Train a Militia Unit

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Published by Christopher Rhudy

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Published by: Christopher Rhudy on Jun 25, 2011
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PM 8--94



George W,estrnore.land, US,MC Ret C 11994,

,Superced'es Manua,1 'PMI7-9,4

Ta",. 0'-" C-:-O·· _I~. I~ .·~n'··~
,~~~ ... " .. I.



How to Recml' ,lfembs,ts,
Physlesl Amen'








&t1S,reg, antllact'c,s
Mission' P'annlng snd Exec,ullon
'Wottlng wIIh

0Ih:., MIlitia UnIts

Recommende,d ,Ft•• dlng

~Know your ,enemy' and know yourself' aoo ,roo ,can lighf a Iwndred ba tt185 willli 1'10' danger ,0/ d6fu'. ~,

SLIJi r~.:I

,:tl~, 21 U U~ ~ :i 0 3, '- ~ 12' UJ. 10 ~11 ~ I














:~ l!_ l'lt~










I ,I I



r: :
1<:' '








~ ..

IRmu' ... LIO~iilliI!.i'!\if \!2;!I."f~

U. 12 !IIi I :3 0 ~i " • UN l'rBP IHI!."J1.B.S
)d BTl.









_... ~.. ~!!!3I_=li_._ ~""!!!.""I.I"'.





Ii PiB'f.

Ii.. Ill'

ChspIBr 1

Ho'w"Q ,Recrui" Mem'lJers
The rapid growth of paid poIfoe :i'nformers!, sniiches end people Ylho watch too 'many tum ..in-your:-, neighbor' hJlevision programs has created an national ,atm,os:pheir'9 of distrust The cardi na I rule 'f.or inHla Illy setting up YOUlr m i:1tia un it i is to work w'lth pe-op,le you trust and h av's 'known fo r a I'ong time.. This does not guarantee 'tha.t someone 'wi III not blab thslr he,ad off If coe'rced by experienced I'nlerliogat·or,s., but j,t detinUely helps" . Each member can be responslbllB for look,ing for rna· ii... .Ult_ ft' ~r" elea _.flll ~ n'"' ....:th ~h~ ift""_d••e·· :I'p. ·C··· -~'i"in' - ..... ·ruIIItO ,8',· ··n·;d a .. l '~ __ AU I.. n:Ja.. · ··fll!'h· . should bring them to a meeting,.
_'g ...;11. .


'Initjally,~pros;pects should lbe ilrm~roducedto those with tti e best: iinstin ets, 'for rlsoogn tzing' pot1ential pr,oljlem's,. US9 CBsuall conV9 rsatlen to gauge the deplh of h~sJher J"!io:'m it·m·· en, I'f.: s, II g'098 w~ll- ~ int:-ro'- :.uUCg t- h"··· m' ., t, .... .. "'" __ ... .8 . toplc of tota I res !st,ance, i'nto you r eonversatlon. Th is helps to measure, whether fee,1ings about c-onven~i,onal Jaw and order might 'Orv'srrids, deeper mora~ oonoernlSl, Passi'ngl this", they' srnotlll~ be ta,ken to a ,lowiIo'M'11 mlUtI'a meeting and evaluated by' Ule sordier,s 'with whom they 'will be working~
_ .. "\,iI .. ... . 1 '. ~

A'ker this mieeling~ troops, should be queried as '10 the~r feedings ,about e,Clch nlew fl8Cruit and tha· level of oonlidence they iha,¥'9' in 'hilmJher ..

loo'krng to sign! up~ These peopie may be, sil'ncera ,and ,- 1' shou-~d" be' , Ires" 'I-'_ed' ' " -w- -J"lh Ina-,- peel' , --' 'Th-' ey' , s,-"11-1- m' "UiS, peI,55,, ___ :=_ -_ 1'~SI:_-_'" ,, __ ,__ -;1-' -, 'the *vibes" 'Iest- and a ,check 0': W'ho and what 'theY
,riir;;.n,ls-'. '''u;.,ii!i;n~ ~~e-' ;~h-,i"11 h' "l:t:S' '·~e: tan, ',-,-U>g IU e,xpect te. see ,8, large Inf,lux: of m embers which m,ay -t - - - - - - > , - r': ._~":': "_ f. -'~ -- b'. . :.. .,'J ..:' S ra '1n your sseur "'it' y-, pro,. oed'- ur8S,U, t," d- ""- r' ,-, -I" h- It- en. up., '" ,Oln Ig h S-t~lLo: '1,'0: - UO- iJlr' ltO"'"u-ti'n' "e- all"ilid' uo:, jU-IS-'~""ililll"" 'b,~~jllltig:t-", -", , '''-''''' ;f'I!i;I!I. _ ,_. '" ,.n, ~-" UVI!IcI!IN _ v
~U!t !i41 'g'

'" "I~, ""I"', ',- --',-- , "' ",",' '-,',_'8 0-,',Iilers WII_ evenua" 'II, 'J h, 811' 0 ," your QlroUP' an,d' come 1k


, _...

- --



- --

.. ,








_ -,



Ih~ IJ!I:jf



ILn ,lOll

,,, , "



~,_ I II~





," ... "..




















~I~ in iUal Ipersonns1 ,Shoulld lbe groomed: as Iles,ders and ,shouid be frequently rem inded they will- be ex;pect,ed to I,each what '(hey 'learn.. ThiiS m,ethod of

leader,slrdp is, ,canedl Top 00Ml Preparedness~

-e: : :", :......... a- ~ ." _l)~"W. ~ _:< .. 1 ..:' : . .'. . , I; ." ~, How-' 'm..: n-y m- nrn......... ar-e' en' 'o-'ugh-'. ':7' 'H'"ow'·' iman' , y-',' n!l3un. 'you h,andle'? ,Supply, 'food. and' ,other ,administra'Uve

prob~em,s start getting pretty compl lcatsd with, aven t.wo dozen members.. As your unit gtOWS, be
il'-r,'OnJ%Iilill"--A, ;1',0, "0,. ,a:1iI:i'JS'"I;nn nt:Ii·o·n~- tin, It"' ............ 11 1I;::n.I' \z;IIl!I t'-'~ r'"" IIW
, ,., " '

m 0-' 'ra,


cnSt"Oi:1j'"" ·d- 'u·~e-.t:!', ,1!,,!'II'Pio!' ',',',' 1.II!'!iiI'

II , .", .,'

"!Ik'· a"

those seen j'nregulat armies.
'Tal-k-a 1_ v
UiO', 1_

'b"-utldlng'- 'y~ul-r g" rOUlp' 'and wO'llIIIk "I. for :1: ,.ul~.I_ 1_' I" '. quality and siinoetit.y i' not quantity
,;u-m";O;, 'U 'E:;II



Good ,security mini'mizes the possfbility of being surlprise,d and this ,consequenoes 'o,f being sUl1pri:&ed. Loose Ups ,in wart,s ra get people kiUed.

Keep i'nformation on a neecf..to-know ba,sis,. Play it ,010ge' to the vest. lel$p8oiaiIV about upoomiing o,peraUofls. Ea", new members into posl~'ions of 'trust Give them smalll amrOUInts of linl:onnatjon ,a,tfitst~ and Nste,n for lit being Irepeated by anyone. Enlfa rcem en I 0" Si&CU proced u res shou Id be one of rity the, h ighe,st. pri:orities" with rep,rlmands and othef' punishments adminis,tered equal to 'the o'Hense" p1resume aU transmlisslons are, being monitored~.. ven e 'when YOIire on hokt Do not' open'Y' discuss any ,of 'youlr ,sctiv'itiesr
Watch YAlet you say on radios and telephones.

Your unit' can iniUalJy masq,uerade as, a paint:.. a.ll b
team. whldh justifies the people in fatlgues~ 'Web gea1r, hefmrlts and guns sho'Urd be brought to

Ixer,cises in duffel ba,gs.

Avoid storlng' incrim,inadng tools or other equipment (n, y,our horns, or v,ehicl'e.. This iincrude,s maps and documenrIS,. Use a saf's hOUS8 storage tack'En olr' hide, 'them I'n the, wood's~

A void prediict.abf.e pat1ems. Vary the dayst nilghts,; focalions and methods you. use.

When on missions. do not
Se·C·Ulrlt-·- - ..'y'
. '

iDs, wallets'l lkey ri'n!gs 01' alilythiingl that: nllight: ioenUty you,.
. ..




oat··:·· ~ ..-..



. -- '".j) _. ts:ory, .... . -- . - -_... -a,VEi'rEnn'_,._:~ Th rou,gh' ·ut' 'h-'". t -- sacra t· groups. h" - --. -." .•. group cohesion wUh the use of ,secrecy and loyalty' oB'ths., It: ihs ,important 'Ihat Imembers lapanlly and ,\i!II,ii'd\I~: ,eo,._ !1. e __'_,Ingnes-s 'i " pr, e",. lone . ,0 , " ot-,,-,-,,~,,,,,,, ",-' di _r~" y 'd-: Ir, e "h·--Ir- wi[-I~' ,- -,--,!,
"orcsd" .....

another. Ps,ydhalogi,caUY't the act of swea rlrng Ilo,ya Ity is of fat greater v,i!lllue than the assum pnon o,f: the - -m~ -Th' e' mem ON of' tho_ vV'g-"I~C,·8' .__Iyg , u.· t .r!Iidded' " e n g"~ sa,1g', .. '~i-" g'.' '.•. o u-nee of_ strEu"i,mh under enem~: q,,-uesfonlinlg. ,hein .._ . ____~--- ---- - ----y . . .,. I,. _ _l~ W v mlost groups come IlJnca,v,eledr
1"1 ".: .




I t- '"

,-.~ ....- .... ,k_"'-_ ~



Fa#o'w the orders 01 m,Y',leader'S' to the' be,s" ,of my ability; .. I(sfin the identltiss- ,,",all ,m··.· felJow soidi_8-'s' a _ ... f" -.. -y-_. ..... 'no,'t give In UfJ'~ ;e( 'te,a t:$1 ',orture a', ~ · d -h - .-. d seefS t an_

tu d.• ..,8 - .... - -',i swear. UO"w. -,';'0·· . an--. ... pa,tWonn't '.- wI--assembled, I .. ",t
.' .. "_. -.. : " ... '.. '.-

.. ~,
l ,.

... , ., 1- '-, -.,


prison to' Ihe point
v' nesp
." .. , .. -


I iIJ"t'" ,~.,m" 0:' m:'f, ,m, aCll""IIBS: a'nd. .' ,-'dB',-a.,. . "h fSSOUfCeS a SiiICIB. <0 .." ' . poII1 : tl i.,t.;..,; .b' .... m;ii .......,.,.,ri1 - Ih - - - - - -t -, ~.IV,,' a .. SB -·.-f a,u.UW'f·"Y or» e power OL my U
, ,. ,he' .. ..,., ..

II Lo .~ a'~_ AnOW~~,\f1!W!'

0'" death



DA a Ir'!/fri..A .•.~' A ~ a '_lfC;rU'U of 'lk...... hll'\'rtm M W';"'f,!!",,_, __

.: •... _.-



_i'·' ',.-cr ~4,zen., fo,rge,f' tn'st I,Q,m ;rhe las, ,hope

__ "!Ii

0,' frfJ,edom~


lis toug h, but the· av.e rage e!i~ iz:en is. soft, You r Job wiWlbe to wh ip! your gfOUIp into l\ightJing shape in a sholl1: [pefod 01 tiime·, F,alr too many wm want 'to depend on thsIr It" 'IS [~m .' weaJlons." II, po,n,ant , ,;' pa,rUsans. r9lsli\ls how' physiicaJ;ly 'fit is in I ilr best i'n'!ler[9st





lis the· toughening :stage which tasls 'for about two weeks 'whille the body goes 'llhnJuglh ,0 soreness lind recovery pedod, The second stagrs is sl~ow

precess. The body miust: 'go through

[ ·ining physrcai fitn,ess, is n01' ani ovemignt'

twol s1age,s., Flirs1:

improvem e;nt Bfood eireulatlon lmproves, and the bady bscom es m o!rs e·ffi~i)9r1t. The body ;r,eachles i~s IMlaxi'[mum 118 '\I'91 0[1' pen:olrmance· bet.wsren ,SilX, and t:elni 'd "1 .' .' _ Id wee k.S o~'. all y exercl'se'" ThlIS Ph'YSlcaI peaJ-k :ShOU'_I:.~ then be rm,alinla!ined
i i



Sta.n dOling pe rhaps a few as five. repetiti:ons, (rep·s) of each and '~nclrease, :0 50 or 7'S! ove'r a t:e,w 'weeks .. 1 Supplemenl: wi~h ,slandard pushups~ runniing and ,obst,aclle courses,

Shown is a series of e'xerelses done wjth th e rUle.

• TM'IliiiI!I.



"1'1IoiUI~. 1i'ii4n1ii1i




, ,



'II ~,uMJCi TJ jliQ!II!flH

iE~!ERQII; .,

Ii! UP J;NIli ~

,llI'umlli iliWiiii'~ OI!I ;1:,







n'jIj""IIiQ, ~i1\lQll!

.II:!!IO E;U!!I.CiSi


,. ~!UIi!I [F~~.aMil_.DE




Equlpmenf List
The following fS the bare' nece,ssity' equipment: Ie)!,. ~he, ; ,--,h"'," ild" uUI~,' 1'lI"!IIdMd-~- Illa'll.....na'rI' , I~n.., E~'-,i!i,rdia' -Iii" ~veryon9 S. OU" Ii.. , -~Id ,,'IoiI': ~" qSv.I!d"" ~y,,,
,Iii _"

"'\II!!!.g, -,

Is ,,-,


'e,.' "",aIru:th:I' in'g', '~~ml" bo U,O hi ~Im;-'t> 5., III'!!!.;!! " , ,'n,'~ ,e and keep them at different locat ion s, T'wy to sseu rs "'FiI~, 'G' :': I ,. "',' "-' ~'i. it.-.. n 'tI~II,li,nlll~ _.., ~ssue,; A" ,':".;i iII'G'" I~!I.. ,s~,yt"~ ,.VOb..~
"~, ,",,,,.,,..,

at t~,a:s": '~~~u."' sets

.n~ ,gog I", ,V~'!I!"~ll"


' •.

~A, I,'""",



Boot:! (two pailr)
Underwe.8t (several pair:) Combat fia.~lgues (orive drab 1[0.,0'.') or 'woQd;and camouflage I[Cs,m,o I). Four .sets, Wa,te rpliO 011' poncho ,and 11iner
Ffeld Jacket and iiner Sock,s (wool and cotton, six pal f' of each) G loves Uaalhe,r' with 'woC!l1 UnSrrs, I,wa pa.lii)

Head In at ('In-sect protection) came gea" (~pa:jnt'J eU" mia5k", or burnt oO!fk,) Y Pjstot beH Amm uniUon pouches '(at least two) Suspends rs for' p~stD'llbeU ,AUce p,a,ok,('medium or ISlr'ge,) !Entrenchfng tool'

BenJt andlor boanie hat

l.ong lu,derweoar' (two paJr)1 :Kev1a r Helmet or ,stee~ pot wilh ~jner

:Slleeping Iba,g :suiit,al1le fot 'wsa,ther oondHions Sleeping pad

Malones, in wa.ts'rproof conltaJnre'r' Signal1mbro.r

Rifle all' shotgun


Amm: unUi'on (mintmum 1

.ooo rounds

per weapon)

l:wo canteens wUh insulated covers

,,'>" -,_IIh;o, as G_ m,as" COn1lpass and case F:iashlli'ghl: wJ~h.'>dr,a, batte,nes EI'ec~;rjct~d tape (black) " fd k~1 F,IrsIa", ",1, ani d beH "peue, h U~illily' IKinilfe I(Swliss Army iis besO Comba't knife (bay,onllJl or lalrlge :shea.-th ,kinifa') Pen30na I h'ygie,ne kit (:soap,~ box ~ w,ashclloU" towet Toomarush, pa,ste~ InaU clippe,rs'i comb, shampoc] Tent or Bn e~terHairl S,tov-e (sterno, hobo, or othsr) Rope, (25" length)1 'w,jil!h e''V+iI!'~ b'0;'tt'9"r'"I.oe R!!!:Iid";o' (Tw";i"Ij, 'W.....:av'[1' •and - A-'A/F--'..·- '" . "~ .... a._" ",I·U l ·:··JV.~II M 'AiLI!·q ..Il:Il.:_. ..... i_l.g\g i BmnoollJlllars (,7)(:35 POW$Ir- m ini'm u ml.~'110()(50 pfEl,'ened)1 Insect Repe,lk3n1: (G~II.,'Ilbug jjuite,M en Dee,p' 'Woods Oil) Mless kit: (:inoiuding knil'e~,fork spoon)
1"", ',,' -'" -, :' ", ",', , ",' I ' "
1 ,,',







W;a;tslr pUlri1~caUon taJb!lells, rai let p~per Wrist watch
Note::: 1.,


,attenti~on she uld be Ipaid '~O seq uir~nggood eeld weath e r and raj n gea.r. 2. G,ett ing c'a.ught wUh aU this equipment undar conditions of' martial law can get 'you in plenty n,", -Ii ro--bIs' H'd,g' ~'. good- " Vii' ~:'lU' .,1. I", lo II '_' ',': ,.. Special

F'~rstAlidl Kit Contenl's:

Chigget~r,idor cle,81r nailpoUsh (cover fresh biitg,s,) iB;~n~I .Ut .. AJiACi I(:~n,~ "IIIU .. b-1)Q,"_,~.aIS'. sorted :8',:l.v :)-,' h!j!\O.,S" __~_ ... YQ I~ _ '.'X', ... '., ~U' . U! 4 X:4'~Ibanda'ges (10 mirfim u m) La,rge Kate:): • napkin s~ 'f,or sa ri au s bleeding. (,4)
''IiJ!~ ~!g!'

- ...... .:uS] 'Snall\9 biit k"t

Moleskin fiat blisters on the feel



Hem ostats (two parl;r, new and unused) Eye bandage, pad (2)

Ron of 2MI gauze (2} Ace elastic bs,nda,ge with cl1ips Bet,adins' oinlmenl (one tube,) Caladryll ointment (one tube:) Gear Carrying IRules 'or Patrols: '1. Keep your ~oa.das, light as pos,sible,. '2. IKnow y,oulr lequ ipm,ent. 3. As.selmb~'e the equipm'ent pr9perly. 4, Know the location ,of every iitem on your' person and in your equipment 5,. tnchJde personal meet ications.

l"UAn!n" "-""""rlllilllf.

The st-ory of how Mao Tse 'Tung obtained enough wea~s and sunmies ro defeat- the' larg, e Ja~n ',"", .. ,~, .,' ,1"'1"'"" '. ,,' ... _. .' '~!lese and Imperial Chinese Amides sirrnultansouiSb' should be repes ted' to every m IlldS so," ~er~ .'" - . Id·"· ",'• ," . .
j ~. ,' ••

~"~Ii·- -

Mao hl'ving observed that his foes wen1 wen suppl ied alPpl~ed both band it logic and po,lljticat as ' ',' .I ,...~ .-, - .. .... - .- ," Psucholnny",,', whe,-n he,,: info,,',rme"d', h-is e,""n~"Ies, ilW:'h"ere willi China g,at the weapons and suppllas to, wa'ge a war o,t' libel,atien? We win set them, from YOUll- And so he dr .' e 'd
t j


y'ae s t,~ .,', -t ~~ C'....okl,~ f-nr~ , Otl,g

" '+ " go,:so,

annlUt!!iin,L'oJ!!& -,.Q..




""'a I'\iI:ltVIlaJl,S': q lila, Irt·OI"t'ft~C!::.'e'r.
U~V ""-"""'r""'V" __ ,

at' 'tbAV 'nicknamed h~j¥!i; m' .. ch"'.. 1'0 h ,i 11!llli ,,,ILl '",,.,11$
.;;", II, Jill' , . "

ct." A1U""

--'18 f- .. Ch' • ma-r.~ il 'rom .,'·''"ling,



,~ !iii!

II f

the enemy has

n" and you need it, go ,gat it.

S,tart aceumu lat ing and ,study,ing m Uitary; manuals about: weapons you may eneeu nter' in the t~e'ldl te.,

Light An,t,l.tank Weapons (LAWs)t TOW andl Stinget . missiilss M...fJO madlifteguns.
,RiIMs, PIBtaIs, Shotguns

We have seen people spend huge' .amounts of money on exotic .,.po:ns .. This m,ay'not be such a good

* weapons,? Willi you

be' able to' aeesss parts for y.our

.. Doels it shoot U.S. 'military' er police, ammunition? If not, be ready to part com pany wUh il wilen H 'runs dry.

If' you·re just now' obtatning weaponry~ invest as

much as poss'ibls 'In rUles '(hat shoot 5.56 and 7,.62 NATOI amm I!JnHJCJn~

* 'Handgu ns

,shourd fire the Smm' oartriidge and shotguns, should onl:y' be bought: in 12: gaug'e~

¥hi ne, most mUiUas alre cu n'entty t'raJn'lng' with SKS and AK·47 rillel leaders are urged to, famUiarize themselves fuUy with the AR ..15/M-18 because thaltts wna,t you and 'your troops wilt ewntua It)' be U 91'ng,.

Other calibers and gauges are okay to get 'you started ~ but don't get attaoh ad 'to, th em',
PrImary ,PyrofeC:lJrtIca



You win encounter plenty' of munhions as the war expa'nds" but fnhialry you·U probably need to m,ake
your own. lfsted below are two 'types o,f "kitchen table'· weapons ,anryone can construet..

Theil'mits' i's a "uel'-oxldizer mixture that ls used 10 ,generaliS tremendous amounts of heat. It Is :8 m j'xtlure of lron oxide (rust) and alumlaum, both fine,ly powdered~ When it is ignited, the alumt'num burns and

ext:ra,c~s the .Qxygren from the iron ,o,xide". Th is rsacUon
l:enllp'er,atlUts' 0" about 2~200 degrees Cen.;igrade ... ~halll:the heal: pr,oduced by ,an atom ic bomb~ It is di:fficuO to ignit,e!, hOwev8fi but

IJifoduces, s, oombined

once it 'g918 gOing:! irs one of 1ha most a·neetiva fire starters, and metal m,ellen;, ,around~

INO :sp&Cia~ IPlr'ocedure or equipm,e~n'tis requi red 'to m:ske Thermi(e" Siimplly mbc' the two powdelrs togetha r and trY' to m alke the m hctulrs a.s hom ogein O'U S ae poslibl,8i The r,atio of lron a,ride t,o ,a:luminum, is 0,0150 by' weight and can be made in any quantHy~


*' 'i:hete, wUl be' f,aotory sit ovsm iglinhI..the,Inlar, FlItsr out Let ·the, rus,t the morn ing a dark red 9 un;k
thliough! a cloth, and spread thin and aUow


DC power source. ,An elemric tra~n transformer wUI do perfectly~ AttaCh po,siI,ive wire to a commo.n nan with an alUgator ,o~ip,~ .' 11m m1erse nail ~n a jalr 0" wa'ter., Iinsert ,negativ,e wire in't,o w,at,er (tape 'wire to edge
0,1; jar),



Ignition 01 'lJetml••

can ,be ,acComplis"," by:

* Common


spadder-'type, fireworks ,inserted in the liherm:ite ,8,$ a fuse., ,Slook up every 4th of: Julyl Addiing an assjlly ignited Im,agnesium strip as a

I'.,0#(8gl",9= Thermite can be used as loose powder ~ poured onto, ~"'take maniliolds" in bags or made into

,ineendit),ry ~p:ipe bombslil "tom 'two linch di\ameter' ,,~ """",~'"" ." " IU' '~II"·" iI' "/" '" 'd .'" - """ b anrrnmum "" Ip~lPe.se " a'~:ea:S!1'1';4" lPoun, on 19've·ry ~o'"

and cannon baltnats~ electric oo:)(es.. supply depots!, ammo du mps, or anyth ing 'you wan't to bUfin r,eaUy h aU



Use, onl motor blocks~ m 0 r~aJ

··'0"0'" ' ,.-, 'IV' C'"O'C' "KTAi,"L" S' ' 1' :0:' I" " I"k 1 F'" I us ""'",~ R· , Irs sed by us!uans, agt:uns t G'annan talil'_s:. 'I"1"' e .. MoJlo·toU" Ciocktai I Is ,extel1s'h/ely used by resistance fig,hters woddwida, They a re' Simple to make, and 'C'8: nereeuee \.1"_ Aie,v:a···S. ting' "I res ~ta·· 1ijI!1lIJ,~~" B';' ~akln' an'Yi hi,- hi;' , __ ",.. ." _ ._ " ... 'J' L. 9 I -" g" Y "Iamlm,abte material~ such as gasQ,line diesel 'f'uell" ke'fossne,. ethyl 0 r m'Elthyl alcoholl~ Ughte r 'flu id, t urpant:ine.~ or any m ixt:u r,e of the abovs, and putting it: j'nt:o a, hl,rge glass, boH:18 anj~one, canl makei an eHecU~le Urebomlb.. ,A'ft'sr pul1ing the, namm able ~iquld 'In"" tih.' 'e' b"I'o·"tla'Il:ii'"~, p: ut, ,. a.!!I~'I#V "P'I~~~'.'.'-,1' i"!iIIO·th-' I'n 't'lhg to .P'.'" 0""~". t"h"-a 0 '\;iI' .11." .. ll ... · .IL" .... . . ". "",,_ '. baUI,s so 'ilhat it fj~s Ugh", Then I, wrap some of the cloth around the neck and 'lie' il~bm be' ,sure to lea've' a, 'few inches ,of loose ,oloth to ign il,e" lilrllven: the bottlls' 'olr "," '~t, 9 a fQ,w seconds to SAD k tho; 'wi_ek, 'To" U;SQ" ,Ju~ Ii-hi,t'" t'h e _~ " " 'Ii!l . _ ,. V"a_. 10l _" "_ "s 'wick, and th,ow 'the' ool1,le',. If the b urn,in g cloth does, ,~. go OUr"~, a."'" if' Ik, ~e Ih..... ·~ , '. ea s on""" ~ ~ nU'~. -, ,'" ~,: .... "_ 11.' uU'u~ ·blfi·k" __ iml"'·. ~I' th"L""" ...pac,. . _ e Icontents of the bottle wUI :spls!'ttler over I, Ila,rg'9 area
I .. ,': : '~'.", ', .. : ',_ -.:, ,,.,, _'.
,".' "," .,.-." loJ I',"

















"1 ".~~'.,






and bu rst into f'ISlmIS'i
.. ~IEI ,1,_. "." ..

shorulild be ,combined wiilh ,8 more vlollat~le SInd flam m able Iiq u id. such as Qiasol ins ~to Ins ure ign,irtIon; A. mlxtu re 0 1:taJ or grea.se and gasol ina wi~I,stick to , ""kl·_"" . "t·1< jll.o, . ~"d' b " wu81JClver I Sd"'.n.e:s"anc ourn '" h"'oer; p,'I"".. ne I1fu:ue . ,(,("." US h·· ....- ,,diHicult to !e,xt~ngulSh. Stuling 'Ine battlle with :shredded Sty.· . rctoam c upe· and then ,add~nr'l'gas 0 II~na,creetes a ~ hom,ebrewed napaim~ Mixtures, such as tnese mU$,t be, mlK,ed or shaken well bsfo:r,e being! ~il tnrown., and

a AI.' " F'llomm' a be Ie"· m "l'IldU',,04!o: C!!'Ju""·h"',es
,gg I!iIiII _._" ..

__ ',

"korn.~:on,oa-n"d,' m··cto ir" 0'·1"1
r..-S·I ~g. 'g
I· .. ·


. _," I


Com bat com rnenlcatlons is one of th e mest important facet's ·of re;sista.nce figl1t'ing., ThiEl' ene'mly has I'srge

stocks of acanaers, ja,:m mers and locator:s~ The,y ale "-I' , t(!C,.h ~, IQH"'IlSCn,. SO we mus. go'.'·row... - h •



At the 'O..IDa'y inva;s~onof NormandYt :sald lers relied on a kids toy, called the Ciricket, as a pdm,ary method of ktent:i1ying friend 'from foe.. lit nliide' a IIlcUck,~cla,cko noise and the oode was, one click~lac1<, as challenget hili"' nil iI'Ii k', .....8' "ChS' .:: ;jIjj;,S' r.eefti"lniDiI!!i; """~n iouo.. Aft;s'lil-V" I, AU !IiJ_~. ,':.",-,; :. ',;:1\, ~.~, ~ iJ.IU'iII "TIl... I"e, ~ II ~ill ~ ~ .'_ ..,., OCl~..:.'.' " m,odHiied 'f:or :~ourpanmoufar 'QifOUIP'" '
III. - ~~. '-.
#10 .............

Passwords, m In'ora, ,and even oo~oredIm,oke sign-lids can mov.e informalionl arou,ndl 1M' bat,tte:fie'ldI., C,rell,. your own codes and ohange 'Ihem often~
usual, Phone Tree communmation rapid tr,ansm ission, of af,ens., The E'~J'!oh' n.a' ,,' 't II ILII Ii!,ot;am 0: ,-' ,Iha ..,....ifson 'on 'l, V for ca.nrng fiiVe people~ Once the
jl;I:;,.A ~1I;f ~~,g',

IOUrling Umes 'When you Imi8'y be living pretty Imuch as

'_- 1tiI,~,;!,



their caJlls" Ihe tree b,ranooes, Qut and in a few mlj'nules a Ime,SS!ige, cain tlrave~ numerous directions" F'ar seeu~ity~usa pay phones,

willi be, an asset, tor 'method fs simp Ie. "liI'ft :' ., liest"'V , 'nnns':I:bllft v,s' IS first person ms!kes
,!I i ,",:
I, ,~

Slraf6ft Pl'fQl '~. ..,_ ..~ rlffl. a"v f , ....ft_ __...._,8C~8 '... ,r'-Id-'- _ ......' U'-IIIaf, '
.' iI' .... ~.,

The SIIafegy

The following strategy has proven effective for guerrilla warfare'~ When the enem y advances, we retreat When the ene,my ,camps,~ we hSlrlS$" When the enem'y t-ir 8S. we anack,

'* * '*


The Tactics Kno,w y'our .ne,my~

Becom e famlillia,1i" wiith an the branches, 01' Jaw enjorcernenl: and military' units in, your' area" Know the ,numerroal size of the enem'y unitS and their fire-power~ Know the enem;y'S response time and avenues of


* * *

th,eir eomm un-ioaUons. Attack t'he, anemy at his weak pol,nt ... The enemy cannot be stron g eve'ryN'helr-e. Seek and find the decisive t8.rQ,ets. AUack only' when you have a 95% pro,bablllilly

'Know 'thejr strengths and 'weaJknesses,. Leann to recognjze an their vehicles, and moniilor

increase 'your Chances of success, Naver _I patterns VVtien a me1hod works,. use it. ,But do not oontinually use 'the same medlod of operanen, Vary y,our appearance, your vehicles Imath od:s of

of vllAtOo' ••", ,.......... rru. Good reconnaissance.. superior fire-power ~ speed and controlling the time and praoe o,f' the aHack

obta,ining supp"Ues ~ avenus,s ot at,tack! re'tr,ea,t a,nd the type,s of' targets you attack~ *: Strike where you ,81'8 least .xpected~ Many time,s 'the most import,ant tarrget fs wea'ldy defended. Look for over'iic,onfident 'g uards ~ or those who have been the same job for too Ion 9 and the iF gua,rd ts, down,. Ne' ," 'a.,__ ,-",,-, rf"". " ,va, neala'i. '0 use you"'r rnost P0W8I.U.



'I·~' "" ",




When the shooUng starts, donlt hold back. Go f:or the, jugu'lar~ Always out-gun YOllr' enemy!! Being the underdog rna,y' wl'n 9ympan'i'Y~ but won~t w,in ba,Hles. Slack the deck in your' favor with n umericat strength of at least thlree. buirpte,ferab'ly feu r, 'to one OV8rr the enemy. Limit. the length 01 enemy contact to three,


to bear. This wililpush you [nto the, defensive" WorK

them to radio for helpl and force defens[ve positionr. Shoot and scoot, Nev,sr volunlalrUy 'take a defens.ve IPosiIUon,. A defensive posUion ~sone 'Nhere 'the enemy has YCJuboxed In. Eiither aUa,ok or wi,thdIf8W,. if you are aU:acked~ unleash your most powedul weapons. neutranze the ,attack and r:91ocate,., Do not allow 'the enemy freedom Oil movemanl or to make decl'slons .. M obi U:ty is Iif a fOJ an arm y. 'Wh en that m obfl ity is lost .... is the batUe" so Do not allow the en,emlY to bring Ihelr weapons

minutes" E nga,gi:ng the enem'y tor longer t:imes,

snow you H1to a



.. Alwa,s pr'8!para backup torcaa, enid 'vehicles, .. When the, ,enemy begi'ns to tire. bring iin you r

reserves to finish them! oft .

.• ' AIUow f,or unf'Of8'ISenl prob&am'l. Anyth lin9 can happen once the sh it hits the fan, Si,ay fl'e,xiibIe, and adapt to the situaUon. * .Ne'var waate' personnal or resources· by attacking .Iu:st'to be attacking. ,AnBlly.ze the war and battle· :sHlUaUon es ,a who\le t:ind the decisiv,e targets and get them.

WIlwt' l'Ml'mI'IAIy'~'IIO'yow"":


FOR. Provider Moduie
_, wflHl.'''''c~:
Jik.' fU,


AflssilllJ' Planning' and' Execution

* Terrain.

Be"f'fIfA ,,","'0. ,. _ , . Vf V IV.




Make a thorough map study.. Make note, of crUical features as Ireported by olhsr patrols". IN!-, ~~: 'itii~. , .0. -...,._~< .in 8... -','," :,' .. ,a~epos.. ems f,r o~e. N-ell 0_. '. od_ conoea fl me-, nt'. Roads and trans. Stre,am S"~ wildih depth eurrent

O,I.,".ftA., , '.ADD"....n. .........
. Iil'I v.lf ..



unde rwater obstructi,ons!, Br'idges and cirossi'n'g • t' d' pOlns~ Foodngs i',n swamps an: quagm !'res. - Ii




W,oods and thio'kets\, Obstructingl vegetation such --- ...... ,.. __ . ,_.:eS, -', - _. -'In·" as ca¥~.us b'lfj .mibll' pOisonous, p.1 I I~S., T...·· k ',' , 18: . uIC.liless, ar~d supporUnigl q,uatit(es 01: iCe, and snow'~
.' Weathar:..

bamperalu:res th,roughoul mlssion~

darkness and daylight Enemy'" Strengtht


Moon Phase~ Time of

Expected day




cover nlie ('8Irtilllery atrcraft)~ Anl,tuds Ilecu liarlt:les~ Are pri'soners 10 be la,keni?'

dispositiiQfI:!S, ,Iotiiv;ity' by day an d night. LocaUon.s of 'wes.pon.s ne~dwo ~ rk,~s obstaelss m ins,fle'lds sent rtes ~ wa rn ing devlce,s~ Use and meaning of' flares~ Patrols; protec,Uvs'
I I t




* po&Siblew~trustwol1h I'ness.. Alerts, by Assistance Civilian.. Presence, In area.. AttitUde., ,domestic
animals- .. arking dog$~'alarm s, etc~ b

* Own 'T'o~PL
ga ps th rough.

lOthair partisan Q,cUvtty~ Supponi\ng fl re',s" Other support ....ntn.sportatiion-. ,t -·o,'mm;'-nio,_-,s.-'t:io'n_.. me'-'d', leal, P'~t'r-Js. m-'n '~i .I·d·,-:..... C,' u.". .0_ ~ t,9!li.e_:8
,,11,..0' C!I


Equ~lp,m8nt and &upplly~ Special weapons and equ j'pment ..,..snipelfscope,., radio~ binocula rs,., wire cuilers rope mine d9tectOf'~ nigh1: vision,. AmimlO'j pyrotechnics wat:er~.rations,~
t t


Pre,arranged code. March objeotives~ ,oheckpoints.. Messages,·

Con,troll~ Challenge and password.

,..willen ,and 'where.. Plan ,A" B 'C"

Make Tentative Plan. St.u dy map-ls it up to date'? Study enem'y $,ituI,t:ion and its effect on m issiion. Ce,te'rmline' the n sed of s uppor:U ng fi.res and other SUppO'ft Dec:ide streng,th ot, pat:rol. Sel8ct we,apons~ amount, ,o,i' amlmunll!t:ion speciall equjpment

.' COOldlnate With Olhars~ O1her partisan units represenhtliv8S of other sup,poning units., U

IpracUcaII and possjb~e!, check to ensu,re tbat ,adjac'en1 units and 'fr'jend~ypatrols are t'old of 'You r route, objecUve and general' p Ian of: operation, Tn is will avo,id a,ooidant.al eKOhan ge\8 of 9 u.nfi,re' and rssu Itant c'8sualttes.



No ooids,. sneezers 'Of coughsrs" No one wHh night IbIind ness " If necessary'j some swimmers,
Ilinguists~ F~irstaid person, Guides"

S,maiIBst number' of' ,personne~ c ~... in ~, phy·!i;!!~""a·-...·1cond lil'I',""'n' e·~~e.n·.~a~~ .. ~.~. I_.gr- .. anglbJ9 and .. ~~ ~II!.I!
I". '.

Se I. cl: YOlllF Pel'son neE., A qual ified second in
Viiiii' ~, , U ..+.

* Ils'Bue Wamlog

O~darii 'Telll 'youlr Ipersonnell that missiion is com ing and tlimstable. Brief' ,statem ant ,of s,ltuatiron. 0 r'ganiza lion of th e patrolL 0 irecti:on

'to all persons ooncerning weapons

eq1uipm;ent! uniiormi.., remoyat ot: ident ~ication. to draw speoia,1

•. Ravl'aw' Reconn'.1'888nce~ Meet with second i'n cOO1lmand.. Oheck tentative plan against t,errain sUuB,lion ~enem'y ·capabililies~ Select route oUi and ,a~teiinate roul,e of retum, For ntght patrolr rnemorlze Icrit~callte'f'ira'ir"i·f,eature~s.

1:: Co'mplete Your pta:n.. Think o'v'srr possibl'e plans

and ·check a'g8lnat contlnge;ncfes. 11there ~s Ume, misk·e rough sand model' 0 1' terra.in for checking pian., Ilncllude provis,ions. 'for ears of w01Jnidld" Consider a,ssemblly' poi·nls., ·Pvta.'ke no,tes for P.atroll


.. Flu. Coo«lIinatlng.

MortarsJ artil~eryt. friendly outposts.. Latest enemy infonn·ation ~ .Any addiUonat ~pecial ,equipment a terra in 0 r$entat'ion fhen m lsslon In st~ucUon,s ..

* Issue Patrol Ord.r~ 'The patrol leader 'first giivS,$ * :Rahea,rS8:1",
F or night patlrot" rehe,arse' once in dayllj'giht and once al rdght E,m phas~s, on personnel knowi'ng routes" assembty polnts, what to do on enemy contact, what to do a'i mlsslon
objecllve~ How to orient 'on! terrain~ by eempass, by stars, ho,w ,and When to fire weapons at night..

•. ~n8pect IPatrot Faces ,and 8qtdpm'911t cam oufr1aged, Sleeves and Ipant ~eg',s t.aped or s'trapped, Have each parson jum p up and down to' che-ck. for ratl lss. Nothiing shin y. cantsen s filled (check to m,ake sur,e). F!resh baUerles In

radios. Tuned to proper channa'is. Compasses checked for accuracy. Synchron ize watches. Othe r ite,m,s compl_e and in working order,


,.,-t· .". . .,' v ge.. bal'k;!

Conduct P8,lrol I M Is'slon,.. Get there"' ..get' it.... nd a
M Issl,on Re!port.. Shar,. new inf'o-rmaUon with your sen lor o'fficets and jf nee.ded,t with friendly u niiits. Issue pr,opaga,nda release deta iUng damage dons

and' hopeless posilt:ion of enem,y.

Worldng with Other Militia, Units
'We h ave already seen am ong ex'isting units a num ber of what we call War:l:ord Wannabes. Leader,s that h lave- goa I-I t-ma go _eyoli"l_d ~';'ht~-'ng ttl enemy an d _ -bsh I,~g_l_ int0 . tho ,8,_ ... Ol( reguar' polrIC$~ -. ··1···· . I~'t'"_.. So' ___ .·.~e ". re.a ·1' •..•·_me 011 t'h" ... men _. - ... ._' _ .. ese, .. ... and women have admirable, skills ,and polnical saVVYt others m ak 9 one 'wonder iif fi"ing in their area ,of cant rol wou rei be ,a.ny cUfferent 'fro:m l'ivin'g under • ene'my oppression.
," I'"." _", ,' ,-' .-....



















As: un il'~ be,..- 'giin,'- _. o·-.~a:·. ' !L "k-'9' _. !II...;!! ' units win show YIP.

~'O: t-'re': f;i~~d-l,0'·.,:t:~e'..__ 'I. ,111'='1 I ~I. r.

_..-n'k··'-n· u ."",",'1'1'11


As 'You enc,ounter t'h el1r' leaders, and sha,rt' 'the' se,ma operat:ion? ''ilhat


new rnl llit las, you m US~ m ee,t 'with determ in e several t h in gs:- 'Do, Y'o u penUes,?' What is, the'~1l"a rea. of a..r9 the~1f capa,bilif.ies? Do, (heyorganized~ traiined, armed, led?

Sec'UrUy :js im'portant~ Are ~hey an enem y front? 'Vo u -nl,t _ _ 'W md -.j d 0_ _ kn0." an you must t- r1'''' yo, ur Ins In- s as, t-0u.s,. ,. . • ·t~- ·ct·· '. what: t,o share and Wha,t 1:0k,eep' ,secret

Providing everything is smooth between your two -- .. _. .. .---.. 'd -. - IYI!LY , groups~, ,.you.. W'ill ,.".. .. '. 18~an, your-- aeu ~.. '~O n wan~, (0 coordlnats your torces iin battls·, They may have me rtar teams or' heavy guns that can help ~n r'eaching your objectives with tewe,r- casuallties", Th is, willi 'tak,e
some l:r'a~ningand field exercises 'to' become fluid i'n · ttt- ~u_ h _. b_a,_u-~~ b I'-Ill S WO:rt-h a tl..

eng)ag.e in fightilng them toe, at ~eas't wortk to develop a pol itjca ny n eut r·8.1relaUonsh[ip, and focus on f~ghting the enemy. Save POliitlicaI a rglum ants unt~ aft er I [Babylon has fal*e.n.

If you. cannot wotk with a.m i it[la unit and do nIt w'a n t tc


DjstribuUon Depots

No d8fens8 depots in Alaska

or .Haw:aH

Ch.apter '10

Ffecommencle,d Reading'
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* Tha' Sportsman'. ,G'ulde" ,4'11 Farwell Ave~j 50+ St. Paut MN, 55075 .. 239 0 * U.S, cava'lry, 2855 Centenniall Ave., Radc~iffl' KY. 40 1 60-9000 * Web,.r Enterprl ... , 3803 Center Ave." Norco,

CA~919'2 .. 030 2

CA. 9'1760

Brea,kin'g Out of' Encirclements

""8 "",.,,1,8 IRt:',II," '._" •• _'''od·-·
, f lv' .ffUI ••

When surrounded, st-age 'your breakout as soon as poss,ible. The longer you 'wait tti!e ,stronger the ,enemy, ·11b Will , -eoome.,


FOfI'n "our per,sonnel up, in the ,shape of a tliangle~ , wUh a wide, base as y,our 'frIOOt. Thiis 'shape 'WtU work with groups of flrom five, to twenty people,. I:f' you have . :full auto or seheot iv,s fi re 'weapons I' you should put t:helin 'in the, first, two rows (set, Oli'll fUll I)~with semi..aut'ol " making up the taU point, of your triangle., I

,At 'the decision to move oult throw White IPhosphorous grenade,s or smoky IMolotovs plus pipe bombs, toward the rear and til each side,; and grenades 011" ther expl1o,sives to, the' fr-ont... o




' __ '. I'" i·' d' ~ _.i~O!d I Fe I-Iowtng'.,.e '8l<PIOStonS move fa ··,·-rwBf'1· imm~,~,e.y with the first row filing unli r their magazines are, empty. Then they ,houfd go to ,g1I'Qund ,and 'change magazines whi re the, second m'w advance's~ a lso nrling on fu !I~aut.omsrt.ic. After the second row empties the if' ma,QIBZins's" the filist row' shoul~ be ba,ck. up wirth weapons 'on semt .. U.omadc .. a.n.· l fl"~ '.' as th ey move,. , a t .. il~ - 'd .Inn,g' .' _ _ -... ... . . _. . . -.~ .'

,An weapons

shou~d continue t,o be ired everyone clears the, enci rclement.



•.·,'M"·'1111·· 'M_. 'S",, ~~·b·~I" U~ '.. .. I::ar,.. .. 8p .. ,mo.s S~

~ ~

~ L:::::::J

f'7'1 fQ1 ~ ~



t~R ~ It! I '$ue I



[S] I[!!] b_ll!
. I .,





~pjii!;'!' ~ :M;i;~f



'~"'li!iI:lIi '!Ii:!! 'PM~iI:'


Y¥~ ~

.iI.1!!! 'i/Ii.1pi1!1iigfi'

.. C··I' '11 MI1I8.'1'" 'C"'A) t k''8& ,over li"1 . ,Dca, gave.'m.. i'WtiAn*-b' . --.. , ... ~IV AM rs ,'~"~ '.8 . " ~. " .'.I...a

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