Hang Dogg (A courtroom. Dogg is arrested and on trial.) The court askt, wuz i guiltee uf “Indigence? Derangement?

Identitee? Gender?” Wuz i “in the abstract or particular, A bitch? A witch? A lush?” R yew now or haf yew been “Medicated? Evicted? Wasted?” Wuz i Mexican? Engleash speaker? guiltee uf pessimism in regards to the alfabet? An where wuz yew on the nite in question? The court askt Wuz it my fault the Warr wuz lost? Wuz i not the Dogg uf Warr?


If not whut kind uf dogg? How many fingers iz we holdin up? R yew guiltee uf crossin the border? R yew a boarder? How much money dew yew haf in yr pockets? Where r yr pockets? R yew that dogg the countree iz goin to? Iz that yew? They sd: Dogg Yew iz toast. Guiltee uf loiterin wit intent to mope.


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