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Issue 2: Passion
Hello stranger, do you come here often? elcome to the new issue of the OF Zine! The thermostat been suffiCiently adjusted to get your blood coursing :::: •• h your veins that little bit faster. Doesn't that Well,.we do aim to please. .. Passion has been pulled apart and turned inside out, its soul completely on display for your eyes only... Provoking problems (of both the emotional and dot-to-dot kind) and, leading on from a very heated debate at Winter Wonderland, a .uP''-U:>;,>IV' on pornography, are here for you to take a moment :;:;_j~m~ your leisure. So, take your sweet time ... ' Your brain is a finely honed muscle and needs exercising, this issue as a bit:of a work out- within these pages lies a Movement's worth of passions, scrawled and <::nr'':>'AliI'''',,,'"t,,=:.:o. waiting for you. Remember: This is your Zine. So, relax, get comfortable, and beginI After all you " what lies around the corner ... Lo live • K xxl






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think ~irst of all, the argument for "Expression i is a weak one: are too ....far ends oI-;-very vnried spe~um. Pornography is-';'methi;i that hashappe~ed-in.a world ....with a f;eedorn~P;ess ourselves ~obviouslynot c~mplelely: and i5-n' t flawle!i~ we ,00 it in ~m,peds <i 6~( lives, ~o why not SIDmany? se~ i;70;ett;i~g·thd was taboo. fo~ny y~rsl i ~ that ;,~-.seen only ~ ·obiJogicol process for reprod~;tio~} and not -emb;oc~ in-theI and spi'rii,;;;r-;;;;; thc;iii:;ist no:;;' ''it T,l;ad-;;n-;;ugh-ih,:;i People a-;:;'- ying 01 AII)S, d no one ;h~uld di;oI iqnorcnce." _ElizabethTqylor. I' ,n" not condoninq ;hild porn;g;;phy, ridi;~lously h-;;rdcore,por.;;g--;ophy, or anything that is used un~oturally ~r us as hu':;;ns: But 1als~ ;efuse_ to condemn pornograPhy. Ii has ~o~ accessible}-yes ,som~irr";s in a bad-~~J ~but abo-has opened up world~ for younge-I" bays: and girls For- the~ to vent ·sexually}~nd·tt'; be ""[l'Iore op:m-a.;d relaxed about mostur~tionJWhid;-"'\iv"Os·portrayed05- disgusting and srnful-n~ 46 years ago "M;ShJrbcttion: the Primary sexual acti~ty J-;;ankind.ln th; nineteenth ~ent~;Y ~ was -~-v disease; in th~~tieth} it' ;a cure'~ .,.... fh~~~ S~ Fr~dom of~:al~expr;s~~s Wh"d I will argue, whichk; q- c;-rtain~nt some'"kinds of pornography-can aid: B~t,_so_m~Tmes What is .so wrong "with fan""y? And-why not depict it sexually? F~Il""i'; affect ~u; ;;"rydair -life, funtasy job, fanros".,'~r, -fanlosy cake (wh~r h,'kleclyour pi'kl~J wh;' is it ;0 wr~~g"itibe 0-;:"";;' of sexual fantasies. A~ouple of veers ago) thr;;;';mes_ were ~onsiq';"ed lewd anq disg~~lfng}and it deemed wrong to shar;c your sexual relati~nshi·pwith ~one· e1;} but now is emb;"aced in some couples relotionshi ps, be;a;;e they don"- t have the fear of ~p;.essing themsel.;sin a s~~al way because sex has beco';e -~ore acc~ib!:. ~o-rn~r'afh! can be u;ed wrongl;; j~ ~ e_oliti(sj , religion and money can he used wrongly, so why not deal with it in the same '-way? ~ ~f·Pornography is suppo~arouse.se;ual d-;ires. if po.;nography is a crime} when Willthey ~




arrest makers of perfume!'} ~ .... Richard Fleischer " h. ~ Instead of condemning it why not improve if to make. it suitoble and more respectful? We have come a long woy with ma~ ~ct; 01 a .,;odern ";;'rTd, so ~ho ch";;ses ;:;hat that i;"apPliC0 I lor one am happy 10 say that I am proud 10 s~;, that-i have Ir....;;]o-;;' ';pres~ ;"ysell want to indulge in a r~or7!;







"sex plays a FunOOmentoJ role in our physical and emotional well ""'ing, we believe that healthy revrording sex life should be everyo~e·"·-s to enj;r" 6~r;;'-2009. Katie Hyatt





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is- sufFocotin9L everywhe~e ~ look somethingfsomeone is bei!1a tweaked to ~ sliQh~y!" more sexual. An advert} biting in to a strawberry] a model 'Nearing one item too little? Porn






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~ink its ~~;'~I';;-that por~ogra-phi< ·im~es are thrust upon. th_'- v!_e....;r.wh.!'-;; y~u frIle the most innocent word In. II> pOlnfully roSy flndn9 porn on the '"tern€l seemq 12% 01 all web ~~~s.9!._e~eoi~~s ?nd €VJry ~~;nd 2~58 internet US€(S o;e vie;;ng ~rn: Youn~ children c~m FindJ:!9r?C~!f! p:?lii at.a dick of a finQ.er, showinq9!_qphic imOQ.e.5hat are unrealistic} t crude and derrecninq films oIy.-o"..,n and rren, bein9 slapped about and dominated at every ;;pportu.,!i~.)ai!·eo~_USJ.h if you:;;- y,?ur ~elf in 'that pO:1itio~ but ~r ~~ wo~n,~~o ha~ b~n . trafF!!;.k~!!fr~m_,other ~l_HltriesJ to thos.~ ~h~ have 110 choice, sleeping with hundreds of m.,!!1 a.nd ~~n a ..,month must have a lo.s!~ng.Qffect. / ,/ Anoth~amogin_g~ide to ~orn is ho~ W!'II "hoo.!...9irls sell, is po.!!!..pro""!'~_J)"edo~:;;h",ili",<i?cc' .... _"' Dr,!"sing women ~~ ~ook.Iike girl~.doi.min\L innocent, and underage fu.l~n9 the twisted, lma,~ of ~unJJ glr!s. Po!n IS becoming an. obse~s!?n} 35%.,of all.lnte~~ downloads are ~ rn~r~hic in_natuce/_yo~g boys 9_re 9?in_~ fr9m ~~ing regular porn, wanting mJre A ~i..'!9 ~ to ha~ore ~r_l!,.2nd ~er«:;:_ver th2!...I~~~~ ~~ 'nfiltrati~n_?f il.~egaly'or_n

ki~do~romotionc·S_.h~win_g the unmali'~; side of sex~. b ies nd ~ perfe<:~~J_ i~~,":!,~~~d .where nothin~.~perfec.!:_~orn <;9_n ~ Y£!!! ~st J extreme ronlosios or your dorkest secrets but that doesn ' t alter the ro<t that many 01 the eith;~ h~ th·etemptoti·o~,oF'dr~gs ~r power or finan(ialprob~_ms. I'-"~ n~ soyrlig that som;-~~n -do~e~i'oy t-hee~y ~~ey and maybe the ~quick thrills, '-butid;ri'







di.n~ its way. i!1to. ou.r .h.;an:J~} ~.~!iali1y" pE:'?,ElehOVl_1!..~sex .itha_n.im.~aIS} w aliron_e thin~ ..in.9 of, e animals beinQ raped!_ P~o~O!in~Lun~crfe sex. I don t thin~ I' ve _never' ~n a c~n~n:~ . a porn film, po,,~rs h,!,,~ to have fu~"eenin'Level)t 2 ~ 3,-""nths, in ~o porn actor with HI~read t~e .disease to 3 of his collea~ ues without ~em realis~nJk. th~ fatal disease will now be with them for life. Concerninq health, porn starts o«asionally suffer from ~nal p'rol;~s, ~~wide sri' s_al;~ rectcl prol;;;s;;" not 10 me~tion t~; "a'; and. strai~ they must. end_ure. ~Ich a~~ ~ry __eleasant I be~ The reason porn stars ofte!! ~fFer from these are because of the amount of vigorous sex they hove, these are the things that I kept h'iden.~Personal.!r..l think e._0rn (:'Ortrays a!i un~all~tlc VII'!"! o~man and ~exI gly~g 3__f!!'ridiculous firs.!_impression. These wo~e!!. a!e ~ far_ away ~~m__, .. natural~' how~~es anyone F else have a chance? People don' t look like that} sex isn' t alVlOYSamazlnj} and no} get tha


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a loi.~ .£Clr n.uple, tI lc-VI ;CbGU"II~' '. botb knoll' thtl\. ,,,.:illon, thll'\ .,.~ .. 1,h:l,. h •.q.~, 41n4Ul,)' b."l:Di _ :nll-t:ion.l'.I1p ,.!t,;b •• .,. ,,"01l.1-4 b. 4ue ladt."n-d 1 111&11DI' 6 i,it-U. ulIOo.fortiL'bh. Ji'llU 'btoCfI,iUU: mOlll.... on. ~ ... fI'\ .aU "'bob. , ~.6i-c v('Ird •• dOleli't llililiila.n that nobo41 log,.•• lOU~ DOD't tOl',8'111't 7ou.:r trh':los "nd CaIiloHl 'b.a.~ :IoIill 1,0'101 JO'IA 'iIlHloilld.l ""CIonallr ('-tAl.n. ,.aLl, tu. SOlie lob6d4ez' go,;. ... 1.1'" 'illit. 'I;b.. t,.U!,'') ,u~4 if tbd· ,atUl dolln''au.·t tb,• • QAt&1'4 bo, e;.:.tlt 1:R. tla 'iI:,nl)'ihd,,s. U~~t. I. ;:(g,1; \1't:l.n"~h,.,


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uear Asoll), .luI·h I can't .iI tcp ia"Un •• Kelp?

ue '1:0 ,Un I '0 :doP,'t t~y to 'Btap1



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II lot. to peapU.300mt ,peo,;lt g,n ~nI;;Qt. ..c. b:r strus, Itllotional or ,et't!El2::wbtJ SO~(l 0.;( -oha.nS,1I1II in 'their i tre &D.d q,w.ito (I 10\ of pla,tiLt JUi;lt. roy the 'lft"th",:r {It it" oColo.u .a lot, 01 :pa-O'llle ea,t lII.ou)l£r: kur-lng Q; :food d,j.'au \1,) tl'1' to &&,elt ... hat >,Otl! :no.rllal tnt"' U t t~r. if )'91l sib-x'\. o''1n·'at~n£.ycni _1iI1sbt be .e.ble to UO,d ~he :Ua:!oOflCl w1l1.4:DlU do,al ",itb iaDae 18sI,LQB illl-O •. ~ 1":61:i .• :;u'H'cn,t,IiSC o.f the 't1-111,e~ ,buDlai:' if! conr~:ud v.t,tb tll.1.ra,t eo t:-:t :u-bld:c ..U,r)( ~our bod)' i- bit :bO;re t.oo. . I!i.vine; til. 00.4 bUlCU.U if roll.'ve boo CI, ~c.L1 d .... J-".Ht a, y ba4 tb1Rg, bu,\ rVlIl.ebol't u'al'::t'hiill\5 .1.0 lIoderat.1on.

you ~ul rOLl u. OV8.rfl'lItiDf (IIlQi'e 'tt::,at. :taUI!' roor;(]&l I1.~QP.;pt) "alit), 1lI..)I"bt }'-OU have e, b11. or a PIOUltlii. O..-U" .. ",UnEi e&i1 bt Q.B.,"ud :by ~&nt 'tb1t.ia aad. bap,til1lc,;;



.l.... -.Q,t, 1'" un ....Ili'Y ab""t d.."ga at

IIh..t do 1 do it evento?

Beail .. :r:t ~Qll Som~-oDa_ W~ are. cDllectiv •• ~nd h&v~ to work to~e\hB~ to' 8'11re ever,1o.n. 11$ ha.vi'ng Q. 11 04 tl .... DI:u e;.... I:. 111eg .. l, and $loe .law 1811' t .. .o•• tb1~, tQ b. 19noEedtand doeonWt a&ke e~oep&1D~a f .. ...... dc.I:aft •• ".ntB.'l!b.1tI 18 ;yo.... move.ent I: too,1t 1"= .I:.lghtaa .. llJi' ·to .. aka" "". 10"· ,">ving .. ilood time on even\e .'T,alt to ,O'lir .yep, Co o;r'Q.J.natoI'B,Dr c .... ,.ltot •• ,01: ""'yon. r",oaY.I>STOP t." help ;yo ...


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-BQa.u,t.y' .l..u. t~lltb ..t.rutb biHLU"tl'--that iii a:ll yQ knov :arliarth" au":' all 7-erulea to k.nOW"I,. "'" (John . ICD tlJ) ..


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It" y.:;.u have allY pr"blems

:und 'tbe,m ~o !tr~zYll:oOkYka.t.ieGbot1D&il. the .. will be p':cinted anonymously.llllle

you need solving

com Sk:lea.

They're quite dangerous, reasonably inconspicuous ~ and ext;emely' passiona-te.·· '',. -~... DFs o~n. answer to lonely-hea~s ...
". I


There was a young name of Kyle, who always made everyone smile, About him we have


fashion, Cos friendship with him well worthwhile!

I f rst met the men 0 nd the legend thot is Josh Dodd ot Venturer Comp '08 in his home, the MediCI Centre. Though at !.irsl I saw an arragant tosser I was eventually won over by his inherent sexiness ond dashing good looks. Eventuelly rescued from his self-imposed prison by Becky 'Bubblegum' Horris, I did not yet know he wos my true love, It was not until Winter Wonderland thot my feelings become fully opporent. It was one fatelul night thot I showed him how I truly felt with a move known os the 'Josh Dodd Lunge'. I sot opposite his beautiful fece and, knowing that it was the time, I pounced. Placing my lips upon his, I knew he was the only one for me. One witness said 'I've never seen a boy look so surprised yet delighted'. Other men mey come and go but m love for Josh Dodd lest forever. 5.5.






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12th - 14th March Eastern Thing 6th - 1Oth Apr!~

Spring A.. ~ke"",g
~ Bao~ Nowl

9th- 11th JuLy WelBhTmng
23,d - 30thlJO~ DFCsmP' Anlve",arylt

7th· 15th Augu.t

3rd -


5th septembe, 2010 Althln&
Btb • lOth Ont



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