Adult Enrichment Project

Badge Supplement


(Harry Potter-Themed BINGO)

This is set up to use as a standard United States BINGO game. You can use any existing BINGO pieces you have for this. The letters were simply adjusted to make it fit our Harry Potter theme. Ask your kids to write numbers into the boxes under each letter. There are numbers above the letters so they know which numbers to choose from.

Harry Potter: Games

The second page has a full-sized version of the blank card so you can demonstrate to the kids what you want them to do. The third page is for printing. It has four cards up on a standard sheet of paper to keep the cost of printing down. Make sure to point out that Harry has left them a special spot so they already have one box filled. Select any way or group of ways to make a “Potter” including: • Up and down • Diagonal • Four corners • Letter “X” • Entire card Have fun!

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