Coaching Points: Great formation when deep in own territory. Splits are 1-2 feet apart.

On the snap, everybody steps to their inside gap. The Personal Protector will call to the Overload side and will step in that direction on the snap. Pros and Cons: You do loose your stingers capability of getting down the field quick but in return, you increase your blocking protection to the point that any overload is coming from a greater distance on the outside. You can even reduce the Punter's distance from the center if necessary. Have the punter use 1 1/2 steps to kick the ball. Coverage: Same rules apply, 4 yards outside and 1 yard behind the man to your inside. You can declare the two Tight Ends as your go men. That gives the rest of your interior line aiming points. Use the 2 wings as contain and they run down the numbers. Personal Protector and Punter contain down the hashes.

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