DATE SHEET - B. Tech 6th Sem. (MDU Scheme)
Date / Day Time Branch CSE, IT ECE 21.2.2011 (Monday) 09:30-11:00 EI ME AUTO CIVIL CSE, IT ECE 22.2.2011 (Tuesday) 09:30-11:00 EI ME AUTO CIVIL CSE, IT ECE 22.2.2011 (Tuesday) 12:00-01:30 EI Intelligent Systems Control Systems Engineering Communication Systems Machine Design - II DAC - II Geotechnology Wireless Communication Microwave & Radar Engineering Computer based instrumentation & control Dynamics of Machines Auto Pollution & Control Project Planning & Management Principles of Software Engineering MOSIC's & Technology Telemetry Data Processing & Recording Course Code CSE-304E EE-304E EE-206E ME-304E AE-302E CE-306E EE-402E EE-302E IC-405E ME-302E AE-304E CE-312E CSE-302E EE-306E IC-304E ME-310E CE-304E IT-305E CSE-307E IC-306E ME-306E CE-308E EE-310E IT-302E ME-308E AE-306E CE-302E IT-303E EE-407E EE-308E EE-317E ME-312E CE-310E

ME, AUTO Measurement & Instrumentation CIVIL Irrigation Engineering - I

CSE, ECE Computer Networks IT 24.2.2011 09:30-11:00 (Thursday) EI Web Development Biomedical Instrumentation

ME, AUTO Heat Transfer CIVIL CSE, ECE, EI 24.2.2011 12:00-01:30 (Thursday) IT ME AUTO CIVIL CSE IT 25.2.2011 (Friday) 02:30-04:00 ECE EI Sewerage & Sewage Treatment Digital System Design Network Programming Automatic Controls Finite Element Methods Design of Concrete Structures - II Systems Programming & System Admin. Digital Signal Processing T.V. Engineering Power Electronics

ME, AUTO Industrial Engineering CIVIL Transportation Engineering - II

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