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Channel Estimation and Optimal Training sequence design in MIMO Bi-Directional Relay Networks


In this project, we consider a bi-directional relay network in which two users, U1 and U2, exchange their information via a relay station (RS). Multiple antennas are deployed at both users and at RS. Single carrier cyclic prefix (SCCP) is used to combat inter-symbol interference (ISI) in frequency-selective fading channels. The transmission process is divided into two time slots. At the first time slot, both users send their information to RS concurrently. RS then amplifies and broadcasts its received signals at the second time slot. We propose an algorithm to estimate the channel information at end users based on the least square (LS) principle. To further minimize the mean square error (MSE) of the estimate, a method to design the optimal training sequences is also proposed. Simulation is performed using Matlab.