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©2010 Jamie Smart If The Secret’s So Great, Where's My Ferrari



? Most people who get involved in personal development NEVER get even a FRACTION of the results they desire! Why is this? The majority of people spend their lives running on a “hidden hamster wheel” that keeps them chasing after dreams.If the Secret's So Great.. goals & solutions that NEVER arrive.. Where's My Ferrari http://secretferrari. Where's my Ferrari? 5 keys for getting OFF the hidden hamster wheel so you can start making a great living doing what you love Did you know. purpose & contribution ©2010 Jamie Smart If The Secret’s So Great. the belief that the earth was flat stopped people exploring new lands for fear of falling off the edge. abundance & financial freedom Achieving their most inspiring goals & dreams Living a life that's rich with meaning.wordpress. & a vibrant experience of living Generating wealth. The hidden hamster wheel is a false belief – a belief that gets taught to us as children & gets reinforced throughout our lives.com/ 2 . In the same way the “hidden hamster wheel” stops most people from: • • • • • • • Making a great living doing work they love Creating the lifestyle & experiences they desire Creating fulfilling relationships with people who matter to them Having good feelings. without our even realising it! Hundreds of years ago...

QUESTION: If you're caught in a trap. & you can see how it works...The hidden hamster wheel is a trap – a trap that's probably been sprung on you without you even realising it. Here's how it works: The “self-improvement & success” industry shares some uncomfortable similarities with the diet industry: the promised results are often slow to materialise (if ever) and can be very shortlived (& even make the problem WORSE!) This is due to a trick of the mind. But once you know about the trap. then escape can be pretty straightforward.com/ 3 . it's virtually IMPOSSIBLE to free yourself from it. Especially if other people have escaped from the same trap. what's the one thing you HAVE TO DO before you can escape? ANSWER: You have to REALISE that you've been caught in a trap. which raises a CRUCIAL QUESTION. the “deferred happiness” factor embodied by the belief “I’ll be happy [secure / fulfilled / peaceful / successful etc] when I get X / Y / Z”. & can show you how YOU CAN DO IT TOO! Here are five MASTER KEYS to help you escape from the stress. struggle & frustration of the hidden hamster wheel & start creating a life you really love. Where's My Ferrari http://secretferrari. Until you realise you've been caught in a trap. Here are some common examples: ©2010 Jamie Smart If The Secret’s So Great. MASTER KEY NUMBER 1: Understand the trap you've been caught in Until you understand the trap you've been caught in.wordpress. you're VERY unlikely to get out of it.

It’s an illusion that keeps people chasing after a carrot they never quite reach. When they say “But if I didn’t have that. You weren’t born believing this. We are all born with a natural sense of wonder & curiousity. I wouldn’t be motivated to do anything!”. Olympic gold-medalists & lottery winners will demonstrate that it’s just not true. here’s what they really mean: If I didn’t believe “I’ll be happy when…”. & to play & to explore.com/ . wellbeing & inner security to get it! There's nothing wrong with material success – it's perfectly fine. Where's My Ferrari 4 http://secretferrari.wordpress.just don't mortgage your peace of mind. as long as you build it on your sense of inner wellbeing & security instead of “mortgaging your wellbeing” with deferred happiness. Material success is fine . You were motivated to use your hands. a desire to explore the world around us & to create whatever we feel passionate about. a quick look at the miserable lives of countless celebrities. and you were motivated to learn to walk & to talk. they often say something like “But if I didn’t have that belief. When I first introduce people to the idea of the Hidden Hamster Wheel. You were motivated to love & connect with other people. then I wouldn’t be motivated to do all the crap I don’t want to do but have been HYPNOTISED into thinking I NEED to ©2010 Jamie Smart If The Secret’s So Great. I wouldn’t be motivated to do anything!” That’s just not true.• • • • I’ll feel secure when I save up enough money / pay off my mortgage / get the job I’ll feel good about myself when I lose the weight / quit smoking / get out of debt I’ll be OK when I change my thinking / practice my affirmations / meditate I'll be happy when I'm doing work I love / find a partner / get rich While “I’ll be happy when…” seems like common sense.

wordpress.. it does two. As you're about to discover.. A goal that you pursue because you think you should 2. MASTER KEY NUMBER 2: Replace your toxic goals with authentic desires Most people's goals are TOXIC. Action step: What are some of the more obvious ways you’ve been deferring happiness until now? What are your “I'll be happy when. wellbeing & security that's already RIGHT THERE INSIDE YOU. That's fine! But if you think you NEED them in order to be happy.do in order to be happy / secure / fulfilled / OK.. Here are some examples of toxic goals: 1. It dulls your awareness of what you REALLY want. A goal that you pursue because you're doing an “I'll be happy when. Where's My Ferrari http://secretferrari. your authentic desires. really damaging things: 1. A goal you want to achieve so other people will approve of or validate you ©2010 Jamie Smart If The Secret’s So Great. your authentic desires are essential elements when it comes to doing what you love (& creating an amazing life in the process).” A goal that you settle for because you think it's unrealistic to go for what you really want 3..com/ 5 . 2. It separates you from the natural source of peace.” goals? Please be clear – there's nothing wrong with wanting the things you want.

joyful & full of wonder as you learned to use your arms & legs. You were happy. you’re in danger of deferring happiness. When you were first born. One day you realised you had arms & legs. And why did you want to? I’m guessing it was because you liked the idea! It was an authentic desire. but it can sometimes be temporarily obscured by the list of things we think we “should” be doing. You did it because you WANTED to. • • • • You didn't learn to walk & talk because you thought you should. just because you liked the idea… We all have natural desire & motivation placed within our hearts. & you started on a learning curve. But here’s the thing: if you’re doing something because you think you should (usually obeying someone else’s rules) or because you think you need to in order to be happy / fulfilled / secure / OK. joyful & full of wonder (except when you weren’t). & think of all the things you’ve done. You didn't learn to walk & talk in order to get someone's approval. As far as I can tell. you were still just as happy. You didn’t need to defer your happiness to motivate yourself to walk & talk. or need to force ourselves to do.com/ 6 . Stop for a moment. Where's My Ferrari http://secretferrari. you didn’t know you had arms & legs.And what's the opposite of a toxic goal? An AUTHENTIC DESIRE.wordpress. You didn't settle for crawling & gurgling. ©2010 Jamie Smart If The Secret’s So Great.

• If there were a miracle tonight. what would you hear.wordpress. how would you know a miracle had occurred? What would you see.Action step: Here's the GOOD news: Your desires are your guide to what’s possible for you. So here are some questions to help you get clear on what that is: • • • • • What do you want? What would you love to create? How will you know you’ve got it? What will you see. what would you experience that would let you know a miracle had taken place? Take some time to dream. You really CAN have what you want. It's great if you've been telling yourself that you don't know what you want. hear & feel? What would you want if you knew you couldn’t fail? What would you want if you knew it was OK to fail? What would you want if you were guaranteed to get it? Here's one of my favourites.. & with whom? Here's one more question to help you create your happy. & when you woke up tomorrow. everything was exactly as you want it to be.com/ 7 . no matter whether you got it or not? ©2010 Jamie Smart If The Secret’s So Great.. secure. How would you love to spend your time? Where would you like to spend it. to imagine how you'd love things to be. successful life: • What would you do if you knew you were going to be happy. what would you believe. the miracle question. Where's My Ferrari http://secretferrari. successful & loved. what would you feel.

lonely. and you'll wind up sad. fun. Period.com/ 8 . 2. Unconscious Modelling – Human beings have the amazing ability to unconsciously adopt the attitudes.MASTER KEY NUMBER 3: Evolve your peer group You become like who you hang around with. the people we spent our time with represented our safety & security – being cut off from the tribe meant certain death. fat and broke! Surround yourself with happy. Peer group is one of the most powerful factors affecting everything. fit and wealthy!” There are three reasons why it's like this: 1. This is a big part of how you learned to walk & talk.wordpress. including: • • • • • • • Your lifestyle Your mood & attitude Your health & fitness Your financial situation Your relationships Your goals & achievements Your developing skills & competencies As my friend Dan Bradbury says. fat. Where's My Ferrari http://secretferrari. beliefs & behaviours of the people around them. Approval & Acceptance – In days gone by. ©2010 Jamie Smart If The Secret’s So Great. All of us have a desire to be approved & accepted by those around us – to conform & fit in (no matter how non-conformist we might think of ourselves as). fun. and you'll be happy. fit and wealthy people. & it still plays a big part in your life. “Surround yourself with sad. lonely. broke people.

. ©2010 Jamie Smart If The Secret’s So Great. acceptable & normal in our neighbourhood. As Joseph Campbell famously said: “Follow your bliss.com/ . you can imagine what you THINK the results will be. That response from reality gives you valuable information about the action you've taken . & the universe will open doors where there were only walls” . successful life. Action step: Even if you do nothing else. Where's My Ferrari 9 http://secretferrari. we often allow others to set OUR standards for us. Here are a few reasons why.3.information you can use to decide what to do next.Joseph Campbell Your authentic desire gives you clues to your life's purpose. MASTER KEY NUMBER 4: Take inspired action People who create BIG results are masters of taking action.wordpress. Social Proof – We look at the people around us to find out what's considered appropriate. & is an excellent compass for living a happy. People who make a great living doing what they love are inevitably people who take inspired action. When you take action. & don't be afraid.. take action to spend time with people who are either ON THE PATH to living the kind of life you want. or already living it. but it's only when you actually do something that you get a response from reality.what you truly want to create. Without even thinking about it. but what do I mean by INSPIRED action? Inspired action is action that's aligned with your authentic desire . you affect your world If you are thinking about something but not taking action.

you send yourself messages Here are just a few of the messages you send yourself when you take inspired action: • • • • • • "You're willing to try new things" "You're developing greater confidence” "You're OK with taking managed risks" "Developing new skills is more important than playing it safe" "You deserve good things" “You can have what you want. When you take action. you continue extending your comfort zone. This opens up your domain of possible experiences more & more every time you do it. we're designed to value familiarity. then take action. you'll be amazed at the amazing results that start showing up (in my experience. you activate your unconscious resources The more committed you are in taking action. this can include bizarre & incredibly valuable coincidences. you extend your comfort zone This is another important one. When you take action & move with awareness into a new situation.wordpress. you learn When you take action. your authentic desires” When you take inspired action. Experience is a great teacher.) When you take action. the more your unconscious resources get activated. ©2010 Jamie Smart If The Secret’s So Great. take inspired action. at least to some degree. Where's My Ferrari http://secretferrari. For instance. your unconscious mind learns automatically from the experiences you're engaged in. If you want to learn REALLY fast.our survival depends on our ability to respond appropriately to situations that are new to our experience. As human beings. This is truly valuable . People who get out there & try things out develop a high level of skill far more quickly than the people who try & do everything as a theoretical exercise.When you take action.com/ 10 . Action gives birth to experience. when you decide you're going to do whatever it takes to accomplish something.

As you develop your understanding of the nature of thought. but that's OK. Use courage. the next step is simple. Action step: Make a list of some of the things you know are the right thing to do. 2. you'll begin to experience more PEACE OF MIND.. The sooner you become free of it.Of course. & discovered how it works. Freedom comes in a number of flavours: 1. Use COURAGE & take inspired action. times will come when you know what the right thing to do is.. Make FREEDOM your number 1 priority. with a HUGE reduction in worry & stress. Emotional freedom Worry. the more quickly you'll start creating the results you really want. frustration & disappointment.wordpress. but you've been hesitating about.. but you feel anxious or afraid.. take action & watch with amazement as your confidence grows by leaps & bounds! MASTER KEY NUMBER 5: Make freedom your number 1 priority Once you realise you've been caught in the “hidden hamster wheel” trap. Where's My Ferrari http://secretferrari. wellbeing & an inner sense of security that can't be knocked by external events. which leads to. ©2010 Jamie Smart If The Secret’s So Great. which brings us to.com/ 11 . anxiety & unhealthy stress are ALL the result of thinking patterns. All the courage you use will be instantly transformed into confidence. Freedom from the “hidden hamster wheel” trap This trap is the cause of all kinds of struggle. & a lack of understanding of your psychological immune system.

Financial freedom Many people say they can't do what they love because they need to do an uninspiring job to pay the bills.. you're able to let go of unhelpful beliefs & get more deeply in tune with your innate wisdom. they typically say one of two things: 1) I'd starve 2) I'd end up on the streets This is just plain untrue! While there are sadly many homeless people living on the streets. ©2010 Jamie Smart If The Secret’s So Great. This gives you more & more space to enjoy. Of course.wordpress.. running away from horrendous family lives or trapped in the cycle of addiction. you have time freedom. They are RARELY people who left a job to do work they love. Step two is developing passive income streams which gives you. Mental freedom As you get more in tune with your psychological immune system.. took a wrong turn & ended up living in a cardboard box. the process may require a greater degree of.. Where's My Ferrari http://secretferrari. This allows you to take inspired action to a whole new level as you discover that who you really are (unlimited & powerful beyond measure) is capable of a lot more than who you thought you were. When I ask what would happen if they didn't. Time freedom When you can make money without selling your time. they're typically suffering from mental illness.3.. The first step towards financial freedom is working for yourself. 5.com/ 12 .. & can spend your time as you please. 4.

then take inspired action. It's about owning your power & showing up fully in the world. visit the blog at: http://secretferrari. Social freedom Social freedom is about embracing your authenticity. Commit to it. & where you'd like to be. & it's the source of the kind of genuine charisma that can't be faked. the answer is simple: Make FREEDOM your number 1 priority. Where's My Ferrari http://secretferrari. being true to yourself. where one is “No freedom” & 10 is “Total freedom”. & feeling comfortable in your own skin. Type of Freedom Free from the HHW trap Emotional freedom Financial freedom Time freedom Mental freedom Social freedom Current Level Desired Level If your want to increase your level of freedom in any of these areas.wordpress. rate where you are currently in relation to these six freedoms.com/ 13 .6. For lots of useful information about HOW to do it.wordpress.com/ To your enlightened success! Jamie ©2010 Jamie Smart If The Secret’s So Great. Action step: On a scale of 1-10.

About Your Author Jamie Smart is one of the world's finest Neuro-Linguistic Programming trainers. fulfilling lives.saladltd. You can find the full range of Salad products at www. Salad is a leading source of products for developing your NLP skills & creating an amazing life you love. because they ARE more than they think they are. ©2010 Jamie Smart If The Secret’s So Great. organically successful people living authentic.wordpress. and CEO of Salad.co. His mission in life is to create a tribe of happy. making a great living doing what they love.uk Visit the blog at http://secretferrari.wordpress. Where's My Ferrari http://secretferrari. Jamie is passionate about helping people discover that they're capable of more than they think they are.com/ 14 .com/ to get more powerful tools & insights for helping you make a great living doing what you love.

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