1. Name the U.

S businessman,philanthropist,who founded the breakfast food company that is most famous all over the world? A. Will K. Kellog (1860-1951) 2.who was the first writer to be awarded the Sahithya Academi Award in English? A.R.K. Narayan (1961) 3.Name the scientist and science fiction writer who coined the term "Robotics"? A. Isaac asimov 4.Expand "NAV" A. Net Asset Value 5.expand "MIFOR" A.Mumbai Inter-Bank Forward Offer Rate 6.which famous business daily has the tagline " The white paper on business" A. The hindu business line" 7. First woman foreign secretary of India? A. Chokila Iyer (2001) 8.The language used by technology geeks? A. Nerdic 9.The father of LSD A.Albert Hoffman 10.the smallest nation in the world after Vatican city? A.monaco

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