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Scope and Limitation

Scope and Limitation

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Published by: Sarah Sheen Aguilar Llena on Jun 26, 2011
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Scope and Limitation A political family establishes power in a local and national government.

This study of political dynasty will focus on who can merely run in the government. In our country, the fundamental cultural importance of kinship affiliation explains the power and resilience of political dynasties in the present time and how known the political dynasty in the Philippine that does the term include only the immediate and extended families. It will classify what will be the true meaning of political dynasty and how the people react on a family in a public office to their ability to withhold and concentrate power amongst themselves though generations. To enlighten and educate the people in the simplest possible manner the legal underpinnings and political implications of political dynasties. Nowadays, are not to be confined or limited by territorial/geographical limits or familial lines. In fact, members of political dynasties may have its members elected in different provinces.

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