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‡ Half the world nearly three billion people live on less than two dollars a day. (Shah) ‡ Nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their names. (Shah) ‡ Some 1.8 million child deaths each year as a result of diarrhea. (Shah) ± No basic health care in poor countries.
Shah, Anup. "Poverty Facts and Stats." Causes of Poverty. 24 NOV 2006. Global Issues. 30 Jan 2008 <>.

org/i mages/droughtAfrica.jpg . ‡ Extreme poverty: less than one dollar/day ‡ Moderate poverty: one-two dollars/day http://helpinghandonline.Information ‡ Common definitions of extreme and moderate poverty.

Issue & Problem ‡ Poverty needs to be ended ‡ It is touching many people and it is all over the world. ‡ Problem: ± Half the world without basic needs ± Big gap between rich and poor Picture by Parth Patel .

and in debt.godsplantoday. ‡ Poor countries corrupt. ‡ Millions don t have basic needs.jpg .Effects of Poverty ‡ Millions of people live in extreme poverty. overty1. violent. unstable.

What is Being Done ‡ Many organizations helping in different ways ± UNICEF ± World Food Programme ± Refugees International ± And others ‡ Rich people donate or support the cause ‡ Many people would like to help/support the cause ‡ Limited help without major government contribution .

Sudan gallery/media/poverty2.Hunger of Refugees in .co.

salesianmis sions.gif . s/Darfur-Map.

000 people are dying each month ‡ Caused by people fleeing from homes because of violence to Chad and Darfur: shortage of supplies and food (11 Facts About the Darfur Conflict) ‡ World s biggest relief operation.Background Information ‡ Two million people hungry (11 Facts About the Darfur Conflict) ‡ .htm http://youtube.. (Darfur Conflict) "11 Facts About the Darfur Conflict.." Do Something.000 people have died (11 Facts About the Darfur Conflict) and 10. Do 1 Feb 2008 <http://www.>. /images/ mg2/20050705/160_ap_darfur_g8dem o_050705." Do Something. Antonio Guterres..ctv.Why did we choose this topic? ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡>.jpg . Basic needs The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. 1 Feb 2008 <http://www. (11 Facts About the Darfur Conflict) ‡ Must be a serious issue "11 Facts About the Darfur Conflict. http://www.dosomething.jpg Many people affected Many people don t even know what Darfur is.. Do Something.emmabonino. has called the Darfur Conflict the largest and most complex humanitarian problem on the globe. .

jpg .buergerimstaat.Which Organization Did we choose? (WFP) jpg?v=1&c=ViewImages&k=2&d=17A .What Are they doing? ‡ Food Donations and giving them to hungry refugees in Africa ‡ Spreading the word http://cache.

What do we like about them? ‡ Helping two million people in Darfur. . (World Food Programme) ‡ Stand up for the refugees when governments not doing anything and cause seems hopeless. ‡ "World Food>.wfp. World Food Programme. 13 Feb 2008 <http://www." World Food Programme. 13 Feb 2008. .http://www.g.jpg?size=l http://a123.c om/1fd7df5f-ce32-4170-8bbe95bbc214da27/food0716_210.



Interactive Activity Directions ‡Please get into groups of 3-5. and circle the answer you think is correct. ‡We will discuss the correct answers afterward! . ‡We will hand out a pencil and a quiz about hunger to each group. You have 10 minutes . ‡Talk about the answers with your group members.

Discussion Point 1 ‡ What do you think poverty is? What do you think causes it? .

Mother Teresa (Poverty Quotes) ‡ What do you think Mother Teresa means by poverty of being unwanted. unloved and uncared? ‡ "Poverty Quotes. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty. naked and>. The poverty of being unwanted. unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. .Discussion Point 2 ‡ We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry. 30 Jan 2008 <http://thinkexist." Think Exist.

com/quotations/poverty/>. ‡ What do you think Gandhi means by the worst form of violence? ." Think Exist.Discussion Point 3 ‡ Poverty is the worst form of violence Mahatma Gandhi (Poverty Quotes) ± "Poverty Quotes. 30 Jan 2008 <http://thinkexist.

naked. It s caused by corruption and debt in the government ‡ What Mother Teresa means is that poverty is not just being hungry. and homeless. ‡ What we think Gandhi is saying is that people in poverty experience a force of violence that is not found anywhere else in the world. its where no one cares about you or loves you. .What we thought ‡ We think poverty is when you don t basic necessities for survival.



How is our Action Plan like WFP? ‡ Donating profits to them ‡ Spreading word ‡ Encouraging people .

. er/images/Darfur4.Purpose ‡ To raise awareness http://www.jpg .

Message ‡ Raise awareness because: ± The more people ungry.jpg . the more likely it is that the issue will come to an end http://www.greenblade.

Short-term goal ‡ Sell candy in a fundraiser to raise money to donate to the WFP mages/coltrindorothy/CANDY 1.deanza.jpg .

jpg .org/population-4.Long-term goal ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Raise awareness Articles in ParentTalk Hope everyone supports the cause Continue to support the end of poverty http://www.worldproutassem bly.

wikispaces.Our Wiki Visit our wiki: ± More information about presentation ± Organizations you can join ± m3+Group+1 .

Organizations ‡ World Food Programme ‡ Refugees International ‡ UNICEF ± ± ± ± Child survival Education HIV Child protection ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Help Sudan International International Rescue Committee Help Darfur Now Dolls For Darfur .


com/images/hungercrises-and-food-aid.jpg .http://www.foodforce.

Why is this Important? Why Should You Care? ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Many people affected: they can use your help Affects everyone Maybe you or someone you know is next? Causes corruption and evil .

Why should other people Care? ‡ More people that care the more likely it is that their voice will be heard in the governments. Is it worth it? . ‡ Poverty may even end and bring happiness if enough people help. ‡ So think about it.

For each word you get Help feed hungry people.freerice.thehungersite. ‡ http://www. For each item.php ‡ Be smart. food will be provided to hungry people! .com/ =2812&link=Store_THS_LeftNav_2812&siteId=220 ‡ Here are a variety of items you can buy to raise awareness and support this issue.faces?siteId =1 ‡ When you click on the button on the page.thehungersite. twenty grains of rice are donated. either 25 or 50 cups of food are funded! ‡ ‡ http://www.How YOU can help! ‡ https://shop.


Think About It« .