Bullous Impetigo

Bullous Impetigo ‡ Occurs characteristcally in infants ‡ Neonatal type is highly contagious ‡ Begins between the 4th 10th day of life ‡ Common sites are the face and hands .

Pneumonia. fever or subnormal temperature may be present later ± Diarrhea with green stools ± Bacteremia.Bullous Impetigo ‡ Constitutional symptoms are first absent ± Weakness. with fatal termination ‡ History of insect bites . or Meningitis may develop rapidly.

axillae. . hands ‡ No scalp lesions are present.Bullous Impetigo ‡ Adults may have bullous impetigo (if residing in areas with warm climate) ‡ Groin.

fragile bullae circinate. weepy. or crusted lesions (Impetigo Circimate) .Strikingly large.

positive Staphylococcus aureus ‡ Or a related group 2 phage ‡ Can be an early manifestation of HIV infection .Bullous Impetigo ‡ Majority are caused by phage types 71 or 55 coagulase.

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