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School Holiday Flyer July2011

School Holiday Flyer July2011

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Published by: Powerhouse Museum on Jun 27, 2011
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There’s plenty of space for your kids at Sydney Observatory these school holidays – we have galaxies and galaxies to explore. Bookings and information: sydneyobservatory.com or phone 02 9921 3485

Day programs
Daily screenings in the 3-D Space Theatre See the Universe come to life through amazing 3-D technology. Discover the enormity of our Solar System, Earth’s place in the Milky Way and much more. All films include a short Square Kilometre Array promotion and, except the 4.15pm session, a tour of the telescope dome. 11.00am Elysium 7: A Voyage to Mars 12noon Detective. Race to solve a case from outer space! 2.30pm After Stars. Black holes and pulsars. 3.00pm Elysium 7 and After Stars show in Korean. 3.30pm The Little Things. Comets, asteroids robot explorers. 4.15pm Einstein’s Universe and Our Sun: what a star! f (30mins). Suits adults. Cost: $7 adult, $5 children/concession, $20 family, Powerhouse members free (limit 1 session per day). Bookings not required. The biggest tour in the Universe with the smallest planetarium Discover the enormous scale of the Universe in high definition 3-D, enjoy dark country skies in the bean bag planetarium and see the surface of the Sun with a solar telescope (weather permitting). Cost: $10 adult, $7 child, $27 family, $5 Powerhouse members. Bookings not required. Free Saturn puzzles every day! Visit the historic Russell Room to enjoy the view of Sydney and try your skill at solving puzzles on an astronomical theme. Cost: Free. Bookings not required. Experience Fort Phillip Signal Station Be the first to tour the renovated and reopened Fort Phillip Signal Station with our Powerhouse Volunteers. The Signal Station has the best view of the 1pm time ball drop. Cost: Gold coin donation; includes a cup of tea. Bookings not required. Vacation care: Dig-it A fun hands-on archaeology dig for inquisitive 7 to 12 year olds. Participants dress up and take part in a simulated dig with our resident archaeologist and record their findings. They will also discover the history of Fort Phillip, our 1804 convictbuilt structure, and see some of the finds from the 2008 excavations – including gunflints, grapeshot, ceramics, glass, bones and buttons! Suitable for groups only (up to 40 children). Please note accessibility is limited. Cost: $7 per child, carers free. Bookings essential: sydneyobservatory.com, 02 9921 3485 or email observatory@phm.gov.au Visit any time between 12.30pm and 2.30pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 4–8 and 11–15 July, 11am – 12.30pm Daily 4–8 and 11–15 July, 1.30pm – 2.30pm Daily

Day programs (continued)
Sydney’s historic time ball Sydney Observatory’s original function was to calculate the correct time from the movement of the stars. The time ball is still raised to the top of its post and dropped at exactly 1pm every day. Arrive a few minutes before 1pm to see the time ball raised in preparation for the drop. No bookings required. Special Relativity and Pythagoras workshop For over a century now, Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity has not had any of its predictions proven wrong making it a pillar of knowledge. During this workshop strange ideas including the slowing of time and the distortion of space will be explained. Powerful animations and graphics using nothing more complicated than Pythagoras’ theorem of right angled triangles will be used. Twilight telescope viewing will complete the evening (weather permitting). This workshop is ideally suited to HSC students or just the very keen! Coffee, tea and biscuits provided. Cost: $17 per person, $14 Powerhouse members and concessions. Bookings and prepayment essential: sydneyobservatory.com or 02 9921 3485. 14 July, 3pm – 6pm Daily, 1pm

Night programs
Cool Saturn winter nights Telescope viewings and 3-D Space Theatre experience A night telescope viewing session is the quintessential Sydney Observatory experience. On a clear winter night, you can see Saturn, Alpha Centauri, our nearest stellar neighbour, identify the constellations Scorpius, Sagittarius and Centaurus and many other celestial features through our telescopes. Viewings are guided by our knowledgeable astronomers. In the case of unclear viewing conditions, the telescope viewing is replaced with a fun session in our beanbag planetarium. Cost: $17 adult, $10 child, $47 family. Members: $15 adult, $8 child, $37 family. Bookings essential: sydneyobservatory.com or 02 9921 3485. Rings of Saturn pizza nights – great for young families Explore the night sky with a visit to the telescope dome, see a screening in the 3-D Space Theatre and enjoy pizza, drinks and a Milky Way bar for dessert! In the case of unclear viewing conditions, the telescope viewing is replaced with a fun session in our beanbag planetarium. Cost: $30 adult, $27 concession, $25 child (4 years and over). $85 family. Powerhouse members $25 adult, $22 concession, $20 child, $72 family. Bookings and prepayment essential: sydneyobservatory.com or 02 9921 3485. No refunds or transfers. Nightly during the July school holidays except for 5, 7 and 14*, 6.15pm and 8.15pm

*Special pizza nights will be held on 5, 7 and 14 July instead of the usual 6.15pm session – please see the item below for details.

6pm – 7.45pm 5, 7 and 14 July

Watson Road, Observatory Hill, The Rocks Bookings & Information: (02) 9921 3485

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