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Revit MEP Tutorials Metric ENG

Revit MEP Tutorials Metric ENG

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Published by Steven Cheung

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Published by: Steven Cheung on Jun 27, 2011
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In this tutorial, you learn how to use Autodesk Revit MEP 2010 to access the tutorial training files. You also learn how to
use the Autodesk Revit MEP 2010 user interface to perform common tasks. Finally, you learn how to create and set up an
MEP project.



Using the Tutorials

This lesson provides information on how to get started with the Revit®

MEP 2010 tutorials, including an overview of the
building information model that you design in the tutorials, and where to find the training files required to complete the

The Contents tab of the Revit MEP Tutorials window displays the available tutorial titles. Expand a title for a list of lessons
in the tutorial. Expand a lesson title for a list of exercises in the lesson.

NOTEYou may find it helpful to print a tutorial to make it easier to reference the instructions as you work in Revit
MEP. The tutorials are also available in PDF format by clicking Help menu ➤ Documents on the Web in Revit MEP.

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