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Published by: Kurtis Carsch on Jun 27, 2011
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GENERAL Q&A ABOUT TAMS RESEARCH AND RO: In the following wall-oftext, I am pretty much going to sum up Research Organization (RO) and competitions regarding research since I have been some questions. Yes, it's lengthy. Q: What is research organization? A: Research Organization (RO) is a student-led club strongly backed by the TAMS admins where we assist students to find research (resume workshop/provide professor lists), perform ample community service, and help prepare students for competitions (Siemens/ISEF/TJSHS/etc...). Q: Who are the amazing execs are what are their incredible positions? A: ~Ritish- President; he's the Brahmin from Skype in Harvard on stem cells. Like a boss. ~Lisa- Vice President ~Kurtis- Competition Coordinator ~Treena- Community Service Coordinator ~Favyen- ASPIRE coordinator/Other stuff (he's a two-time Siemens finalist/ISEF placer, so it's OK) Q: Are you guys awesome? A: Yes. :) Q: Will you win me Siemens? A: No, but we'll help. :( Q: What competitions do you guys do? A: Short answer: about everything available. We provide ample help for Siemens and Intel (Senior-only) papers where we can group-editing sessions along with people who won help you. If you win Siemens, TAMS will love you. Deeply. We recommend that you do not try to do an 18 page paper in one night. You will feel bad. We usually sweep FWRSEF (Fort Worth) and bring back awards, money, (girls), and glory. This past year, we had ~20 people at state and ~3 at ISEF. We plan to do TJSHS/TJAS coming up (Google them for more info). Being awesome, we also have our own competition(s) that we host for *other schools* (aspirecompetition.com). More details as the year starts. Q: I want Gold Cord! You guys do anything with the community? A: Yep! We have many opportunities ;) last year, we did LEGO volunteering where

you got about 10 hours in a day. More to come in August. Q: oh hai u hve2hlp me get reserch plzzzz kthxbi hw do i???? A: In English, the first step would be to decide which category you want. Do you like 8+ hours behind a computer? Does dolphin reproduction "fascinate" you? From there, you would need to contact a professor in department. Here's an example using @Stephen Du: Stephen loves to eat fish. In fact, Stephen loves to eat CATfish. Since catfish fall under the biology department and Stephen wants to gain a competitive advantage into college, he looks on the biology section of UNT. http://www.biol.unt.edu/Research/index.html He finds this profile: http://courses.unt.edu/mburleson/ Since Stephen loves catfish and this professor "Burleson" loves catfish, Stephen decides to E-mail him in August (note: right now may be too early if you plan on starting in the fall...) Stephen formally introduces himself and explains that he is a TAMS student/UNT undergraduate (explains what TAMS is...), and that he is very agog in the subject material. Stephen explains his high school experiences and his motivation for research. Stephen attaches a resume. Stephen is short and to the point. Hopefully, Burleson will reply with a yes! If not (most likely...), Stephen will move on to another professor... Q: Do you guys have a list of professors wanting undergraduate students? A: Compiling a list of popular labs with spots open... Q: Where do I find research? A: You are on a college campus. Not that hard to find... Q: What does research get me? A: For one thing, look here: http://tinyurl.com/63rcpae Note that Vicky/Amanda are TAMS students. Co-author in a paper before getting your license = WIN. ~Next, competitions <==> awards <==> fame <==> girls <==> money. ~Um...good experience/potential future? ~You can get a summer scholarship for $3k for 8 weeks of work. ~If you start in the Fall, you can enter Goldwater and make $15k. Q: One of my senior buddies says RO is bad! A: We have a new exec board? Good advice: join as many clubs in the beginning since you will ragequit most and be left with two or so. tl;dr: JOIN RO and TAL, DO RESEARCH. http://i.imgur.com/s5cO8.jpg

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