“A Thousand Flowers” in Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

A Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Design by Rosalie Wakefield

Thalictrum (Meadow Rue)
Glory 121 (Moss Green), 219 (Light Periwinkle Blue)

Glory 121 ■ ■ Holding floss below your line of stitching, use Brazilian outline stitch to finish the stems. For leaves, make sets of 3 lazy daisy stitches.

Glory 007 ■ Complete the flowers by working across circle and around, make 8-10 straight stitches per circle, extending the stitch just past the dotted design line. Fill the circle with colonial or French knots, allowing bits of straight stitching to show around edges, for the “fuzzy flower” appearance.

Visit us at: This design is for your personal use only; please do not photocopy or sell. ©Millefiori. All rights reserved. --from An Artist’s Garden, by Rosalie Wakefield