SOFTWARE AGENTS PART A – (10 X 2 = 20 MARKS) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Bring out the major differences between Agents and Objects.

List out the Agent’s Taxonomies. Define Socket. What do you mean by proactive messages? Differentiate reactive agents and cognitive agents. What are the ways for overcoming limitation of passive artifact interface? 7. What are the key characteristics of interface agents? 8. Mention the requirement guides for designing active documents. 9. What is the security issues involving mobile agents? 10. How will you identify un trusted agents? PART B – ( 16 X 5 = 80 MARKS) ANSWER ANY FIVE 11. (a). (i). Explain in detail about CIA Agent Framework. (8) (ii). Explain in detail about AGLETS (Or) (b). (i). Discuss about programming paradigms of agents. (ii). Explain detail about forward and backward chaining implementation 12. (a)

(8) (8) (8)

(i). Explain with a program to read from and write into socket (8) (ii). Explain in brief about Jini architecture. (8) (Or) (i). Explain in detail about Activex controls. (8) (ii) Bring out the advantages of usage of Thread in Java. (8) (i). List out the standards involved in multi agents. (8) (ii). Compare Cooperating Agents and Competing Agents. (8) (Or) (i).List the Software Engineering Issues of an Agent.

13. (a)



17.Explain in detail about interaction protocols in multi agent systems (8) (ii). Draw and explain the Intelligent Agent Architecture. Briefly explain about RPCs with examples (8) (i).List and explain in detail components of java (8) (ii).Explain in detail applications of mobile agent. How will you represent agent’s knowledge. (8) Or (i). (KQML) (8) 14. (8) (Or) (i)Discuss in detail about Agent communication languages. (8) (ii). (i). Explain in detail about Black Box Security with example. (8) Or (i) Explain in detail about usage of java for intelligent agents. How will you authenticate an Agent. (8) Or. (8) (ii) Explain in detail about Agent’s interaction with another agent. (a). (8) (ii). Briefly discuss about protecting agents from Malicious host (8). (8) (ii). Write in detail about Java Beans. (a). (8) (i). Explain with example.(8) (ii).Bring out the details about belief desire Intension. . Briefly explain about knowledge Query and Manipulation language. (8) 15. 16. (a).(ii). (a) (i). (i)Explain in detail about interface agents. Discuss Briefly about Agent organization. (8) (ii).

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