The Metis of Saulteaux Village (From the 1840 census

In July of 1832 Father Belcourt selected a site for his mission along the Assini oine !i"er #here a large num er of Indians and $etis gathered in the s%ring& 'he mission #as to e named under the %rotection of (aint )aul* A%ostle of the +entiles& Belcourt then returned in the s%ring of 1833 #ith Bisho% )ro"encher,s a%%ro"al& -e erected a cha%el during the summer* ut in (e%tem er the site* si.ty /ilometers #est of !ed !i"er #as attac/ed y a grou% of +ros01entres Indians from the south& Bisho% )ro"encher* concerned for the safety of the %riest and the continued success of his #or/* had the mission re0located closer to (t& Boniface&1 Father Belcourt is listed as 218 on this census& 2. François Desjarlais. Born on 14 3ct 1458 in !i"iere0du06ou%* )&7& Fran8ois died in (t& Fran8ois09a"ier )arish* !ed !i"er& Francois :es;arlais* #as a French <anadian married to a $etis #oman* he #or/ed on the !&<& $ission land as a hired hand& Fran8ois married Francoise !oy& 'hey had the follo#ing children= • Francois 9a"ier :es;arlais* & 14>?* married $arie 3tshi//an 3utehi@ue Bottineau& Francois then married $adeleine !oy& 'hey had the follo#ing children= • $arie* & 180?* married Jose%h $orisseau& • <harles* & c& 180>& • (uAanne* & 1810* married 6ouis +ladu& • Jean Ba%tiste* & 1811* married $arie $artin& • Antoine* & 1818* married 6ouise !ichard& • Andre* & 1822* married Jose%hte Fagnant& 'hey had nine children& -e #as acti"e in the 188? $etis !esistance at Batoche along #ith his son0in0 la#* 6ouis :a"is #ho had married their daughter 'herese& -is son )aul :es;arlais ( & 18?3) fought in the !esistance in <a%tain Bdouard :umont,s com%any& • Jose%hte* & 1823* married Antoine +ladu& 3. François Desjarlais Jr. #as orn January 2* 1820* at !ed 6a/e $innesota* the son of Francois :es;arlais and $arie <atherine 6eclair dit Allery& -e married 6ouise Bonneau* daughter of Francois Bonneau and $arie Fa"el in 1845 at (t& Francois 9a"ier* he then married -elene +arie%y on June 5* 18?3* daughter of 6ouis +arie%y and Jose%hte :ucharme in 18?3 at (t& Francois 9a"ier& -e died in 1854 in (t Francois 9a"ier district&


'he e.act location of the first mission* /no#n as (t& )aul des (aulteau.* is difficult to %in%oint& '#o relia le sources locate it on the left an/ of the Assini oine* some eighty to ninety0fi"e /ilometres from (t& Boniface& If measured in ri"er distance* the site #ould ha"e een situated some#here near (t& Bustache* ut if measured as0the0cro#0flies* it #ould ha"e een located in the "icinity of )ortage la )rairie&


4. Antoine Desjarlais & 1818* the son of Francois :es;arlais (r& and $adeleine !oy& -e married 6ouise !ichard ( & 1821)* the daughter of Francois !ichard and $arguerite (aulteau.& <hildren of Antoine :es;arlais and 6ouise !ichard= • Antoine* orn (e%tem er 1842* married $arie Falcon& • +regoire* orn 1848* married Julie )e%in& • (tanislas* orn 3cto er 184>* married $arie 1irginie $cCay* then married $ary Jane Brosser& • Bernard* orn :ecem er 14* 18?1* married !ose (ayer* then married $arie )erraeult dit $orin& • Jean Ba%tiste* orn August 25* 18?3* married $arie Dhitford& • Bu%hrosine* orn 18?4* married Jean Ba%tiste <ha oyer& • !osalie* orn $arch 3* 18?8* married )ierre $cCay* then married Francois !ichard& • $adeleine* orn $arch 4* 18?8* married Ale.andre Bremner on 3cto er 3* 1848& 'hey li"ed on the #est half of !i"er 6ot 33 and the #est half of !i"er 6ot 34 at (t& 6ouis de 6ange"in& :uring the 188? $etis !esistance Ale.andre signed a %etition %rotesting the 1883 3rder0in0<ouncil transferring the $etis lands at (t& 6ouis to the )rince Al ert <oloniAation <om%any& -e ser"ed under +a riel :umont in <a%tain <or et Flamant,s <om%any& • <harles* orn Fe ruary 3* 1851& • Jose%hte* orn (e%tem er 3* 1854& 5. Joseph !"itsheta Desjarlais. Born in 1805 in 6ac 6a Biche* ED'* Jose%h #as the son of Jean Ba%tiste FEesche0/a%o#G :es;arlais and 6iAette <ardinal& In 1830 #hen Jose%h F3/itshetaG #as 24* he married 6a 6ouise FJose%hteG !ichard* daughter of Jose%h !ichard and Isa elle (aulteau.* in Baie (t& )aul* $anito a& 'heir children #ere= • Francois* married -enriette Dis/u% +ladu Dis/eys& • (tanislas & 1838* • $arie & 1840* married Francois 6es/o/ -oule& • Antoine & 1841& married $arie <hartrand • Ale.andre & 1843* • Julie* & 1845* married )ierre <hartrand& • Jose%h & 184>* married $arie (later& • Bmilie & 18?1* married )ito#e#/iiAhi/ FFrancois HEor ertH 6erat*H (the son of <hi%%e#a <hief $a/adeshi IBlac/ :uc/J) #ho #as orn a out 182? in the !ed !i"er (ettlement $anito a& -e died :ec 28 1884 in :a/ota 'erritory on the 'urtle $ountain <hi%%e#a !eser"ation& (u se@uent to Francois, death in 1884* Bmilie married 6ouis 6afontaine* son of Jean Ba%tiste 6afontaine and Francoise $artin* efore 18>0& (he and 6ouis 6afontaine #ere enumerated in the census in July 18>0 'urtle $ountain* :a/ota 'erritory


• • • •

<aroline & 18?4* married Eor ert Catsi%ela/is/ese/e#& )ierre* & 18?8 married $aria !olette )atrice & 18?8 married -arriet $oore Isidore & 1852 at #ater -en Bay*

#. Jean $aptiste Desjarlais & Eo"em er 1* 1811* the son of Francois :es;arlais and $adeleine !oy& -e married $arie $artin* daughter Francois $artin and $arguerite !acette& <hildren= • !ose* married Jean Ba%tiste Bonneau& • $arie Angeli@ue* & 183>* married $ichel 'rottier& • $adeleine* & 1844* married Al%honse )elletier& • Josde%h* & 184?* married $adeleine (t& :enis& • $athias* & 1844* married $elanie )elletier& • 'homas* & 18?0* married $adeleine Clyne& • Francois* & 18??* married $arie Jose%hte )elletier& %. Mar&el Desjarlais. Born c& 1808 married Brigitte Ea/#esta/ay <ardinal efore 1828& 'heir children #ere= • Angeli@ue* & 1828* married Ba%tiste <hartrand* then +eorge Adam& • )aul* & 1832* married 1eroni@ue 3ta0/i0na0tru0/e#ish& • $arcel* & 1835* married Betsy :esnomme& • $arie* & 1834* married )ierre :ucharme* the son of Eicholas :ucharme and +ene"ie"e (<ree) • Jose%hte* & 1843* married Jerome <ardinal& • Jules* & 18?1* married )hilomene <ardinal& • Antoine F3me0meeG & 18?5* married $arguerite Caayata%iyis Ayatoo0%#eis/& '. (aul )hartrand & 1801 married 6ouise $aAina//ami/a/ 'heir daughter 6ouise <hartrand & June 1820 married 6ouis <ha oilleA (<ha oyer)& :aughter Isa elle <hartrand ( & 1825) married )ierre !ichard son of Francois !ichard (r& and $arguerite (aulteau.& <hildren= • Jean Ba%tiste* & 1810* married 6ouise (te"ens ((aulteau.)& • )aul* & 1812* married Jose%hte <adotte& • $ichel & 181>* married $arguerite )angman& • 6ouise* & 1820* married 6ouis <ha oyer& • Isa elle* & 1825* married )ierre !ichard& • )ierre & 1824* married $arie )angman&


*+. ,ouis )ha-oille. or )ha-o/erK orn circa 1801K married 6ouise <hartrand ( & 1820)* the daughter of )aul <hartrand and 6ouise $aAina//ami/a/ (aulteau.* efore 1838K died 28 $ay 1853 K uried 2 Jun 1853 (t& Francois 9a"ier& <hildren of 6ouis <ha oilleA or <ha oyer and 6ouise <hartrand #ere as follo#s= • • • • • • • • • • • • • • <harles <ha oyer* orn circa 1838K married <harlotte -onore or Allary& 6ouise <ha oilleA dit <ha oyer* orn 1840 6ac $anito aK married James DhitfordK married Francois 6afram oise& )ierre <ha oyer* orn $ar 1840 (t& 6aurentK married )hilomene :emontigny& Antoine <ha oyer* orn circa 1842& Jose%h <ha oyer* orn $ar 1843 (t& 6aurentK married Eancy Bonneau& Eor ert <ha oyer* orn 1? Jul 1843K married Betsy $arie )angman& $arie <ha oyer* orn 1845 (t& 6aurentK married )ierre +oulet& Jean Ba%tiste <ha oyer* orn circa A%r 18?0 (t& 6aurentK married Bu%hrosine :es;arlais& $arguerite <ha oyerK orn efore 10 A%r 18?0K uried 10 A%r 18?0 (t& Francois 9a"ier& Anonyme <ha oyerK orn circa 10 A%r 18?0 K died circa 10 A%r 18?0 K uried 10 A%r 18?0 (6ac $anito a)* (t& Francois 9a"ier& BliAa <ha oyer* orn 24 A%r 18?1 (t& 6aurentK married Andre 6a"allee& Isa elle <ha oyer* orn 24 (e% 18?2 (t& 6aurentK married Antoine 6a"allee& Am roise <ha oyerK orn 28 $ar 18?4 K a%tiAed 3 Jun 18?4 (t& Francois 9a"ier& 6ouis <ha oyerK orn 2> :ec 18?5 (t& Francois 9a"ier K uried 4 Jan 18?4 (t& Francois 9a"ier& $arguerite <ha oyerK orn 5 Eo" 18?> (t& Francois 9a"ierK a%tiAed 4 Eo" 18?> (t& Francois 9a"ierK uried 2? Eo" 18?> (t& Francois 9a"ier& Francois 9a"ier <ha oyerK orn 4 $ay 1850 (t& Francois 9a"ier K a%tiAed 12 $ay 1850 (t& Francois 9a"ier&

**. Antoine Du&har0e* orn 144?* son of <harles :ucharme and $adeleine <our& Antoine married Josette 1ille run efore 180?* then Josette !ichard efore 1815& -e then married Josette $ac/egone efore 1830& -e died :ecem er 31* 18?0 at (t& Francois 9a"ier& <hild of Antoine :ucharme and Josette 1ille run= • Jose%hte* orn 1805* married Jose%h !ochon then 6ouis +arie%y& <hildren of Antoine :ucharme and Josette !ichard= • 6ouise* orn 1815* married Jean Ba%tiste 6a"allee& • Antoine* orn 1815* died :ecem er 31* 18?0 at (t& Francois 9a"ier& -e married Jane 6am ert& • Francois* orn in 1828 at Fairford* he married $arguerite (anderson&


<hild of Antoine :ucharme and Josette $ac/egone= • Jose%hte* orn 1830 at 6a/e $anito a* married James 6am ert& *2. Antoine 1la2u* & 1808014 the son of <harles +ladu and $arguerite !oss& -e married Jose%hte :es;arlais ( & 1823)* the daughter of Francois :es;arlais and $adeleine !oy on January 1834& -e then married $arie Anne Bourassa ( & 1831)* the daughter of Jean Ba%tiste Bourassa efore 18?2& Antoine #as a mem er of the <y%ress -ills $etis hunting and that signed a %etition for a reser"e on (e%tem er 30* 1848& <hildren of Antoine +ladu and Jose%hte :es;arlais= • Jose%hte* orn Fe ruary 25* 183>* married <harles AAure& • $odeste* orn circa 1844* married $arie 6eclerc dit Allard* then married $elanie AAure& <hildren of Antoine +ladu and $arie Anne Bourassa= • 6ouis Josue* orn June 20* 18?2& • Ale.andre* orn 18?3* died 1841& • BliAa* orn 3cto er 10* 18?8 at )em ina* married Bd#ard )ierre Blondin* at :uc/ 6a/e on July 22* 1882& (he died at age 25* on 3cto er 2>* 1883& • Isa elle* orn circa 1852* married )ierre (inclair& *3. ,ouis 1la2u & $ay 1?* 1815 the son of <harles +ladu and $arguerite !oss& -e married (uAanne :es;arlais & 1810* the daughter of Francois :es;arlais and $adeleine !oy& <hildren of 6ouis +ladu and (uAanne :es;arlais= • 6ouis* orn 1842* married )hilomene $orissette& • Francois* orn $arch 1845* married $arguerite Dells& • )ascal* orn 1844* married Julie 'horn* then married (arah -ogue& • Felicite* orn 184>* married 6ouison +ladu& • <uth ert* orn August 14* 18?0* married !achel <a"alier& • Justine* orn January 11* 18?2* married )eter Cirton& • Jose%h* orn Eo"em er 1?* 18?3* married 1ictoire Adam& • Andre +ladu* orn $ay 24* 18??& • $adeleine* orn Fe ruary ?* 18?4* married Ale.andre Fa"el& • )atrice* orn June 8* 1850* died Fe ruary 25* 1853& *#. Jean $aptiste ,a3allee K Jean Ba%tiste 6a"allee* $etis* 014>? 6acrosse* the son of Ignace 6a"allee (145001835) and Jose%hte <reeK married a out 1828* 6ouise :ucharme* $etis* 0180? most li/ely the daughter of Antoine :ucharme 01480 and Jose%hte !ichard& <hildren of Jean Ba%tiste 6a"allee and 6ouise :ucharme #ere as follo#s= • Jose%h 6a"allee* orn $ar 182>K married Angeli@ue <am% ell&


• • • • • •

Jean Ba%tiste 6a"allee* orn $ay 1832 (t& 6aurentK married Jose%hte :ucharme& Antoine 6a"allee* orn Aug 183? (t& 6aurentK married Isa elle <ha oyer& Andre 6a"allee* orn circa (e% 1844 (t& 6aurentK married BliAa <ha oyer& $ichel 6a"alleeK orn 11 3ct 18?0 (t& 6aurent K a%tiAed 14 Eo" 18?0 (t& Francois 9a"ierK married Blise $arcellais* daughter of )ierre $arcellais and (o%hie Faille* efore 1880& $arie 6a"alleeK orn Eo" 18?3 (t& 6aurent * a%tiAed 1? $ar 18?4 (t& Francois 9a"ier&

*%. Antoine M&,eo2 #as married to a (aulteau. #oman& 'hey had a son* A raham orn 182? at :uc/ !i"er& *4. Mr. $el&ourt. 22. Fran&ois 5i&har2 Jr& orn 1805 married $arguerite (aulteau.& -e died on Fe ruary 5* 1842 at (t& 6aurent& <hildren of Francois !ichard and $arguerite (aulteau.= • BlAear !esillior#e* married $arie <anada* the daughter of <harles :ucharme and Angeli@ue )angman& • Jose%hte& • 6ouise* orn circa 1825* married Antoine :es;arlais ( & 1818)& • Francois* orn 1838* married $arguerite 6edou.& • Francois 9a"ier* orn* January 28* 1843* married Anne Braconnier& • (t& )ierre* orn August 1845* married $arie <hartrand* the daughter of 6ouis <hartrand and $oni@ue :elorme& • Isaie* orn July 18?0* married Julie Boucher& • Isa elle* orn $arch 18?4* died July 1>* 1845 at (t& 6aurent& • )ierre* orn (e%tem er 5* 18?5* married Adele !oche la"e& • $arie (uAanne* orn (e%tem er 28* 18?>* married )ierre Ea es& • Antoine* orn June 1853& 24. Fran&ois 5i&har2 Sr. Francois !ichard (r& orn 1483 married $arguerite (aulteau. efore 1802* he died 1841 at (t& 6aurent& <hildren of Francois !ichard and $arguerite ((aulteau.) • <harlotte& • Francois Jr&* orn 1805* married $arguerite ((aulteau.)& • 6ouise* orn 1810* married Ale.andre <am% ell in 1830& • )ierre* orn $ay 30* 1814* married Isa elle <hartrand the daughter of )aul <hartrand and 6ouise $aAina//ami/a/& • $arguerite* orn 181>* married James $on/man& • $ary Jose%hte* orn 1820* married John $on/man&


<om%iled y 6a#rence Bar/#ell <oordinator of $etis -eritage and -istory !esearch 6ouis !iel Institute


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