The A-Z Countdown to the End of the Year

Dear Parents, The end of the school year is drawing near. We will be counting down the days of school from A-Z during the months of May and June. Below you will find an explanation of each letter day. If you can donate any items to help make our countdown successful, please let me know. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Mrs. Dryzal

A—Animal Day~Bring in your favorite stuffed animal in a bag and write 3 clues about it, so we can guess what it is! B—Blue Jeans Day- Wear your favorite blue jeans to school! C—Card Day—play Math Card Games D—Dance Day~We’ll be dancing the day away! E—Exercise Day~Exercises in the morning and afternoon! F—Favorite Book Day-Bring your favorite book to school to share and read! G—Game Day~Play games with your classmates. Bring in your favorite game! H—Hat Day~Wear your favorite hat to school. I—Inside Out Day-Wear something inside out! J—Joke Day~Bring in a joke to tell the class! K—Kite Day~We’ll be making a paper kite and writing a story about a kite’s journey through the sky. L—Lollipop Day~How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop? M—Music Day~we’ll be listening to a variety of music while we work and play! N—Nickel Day-Bring a nickel to school. We’ll sort and graph them by year. O—Orange Day~Wear orange, eat orange food and write with an orange crayon! P—Puzzle Day~we’ll do puzzles…crosswords, search and finds and more! Q—Quilt Day~We’ll make a class quilt, read quilt stories and make pattern block Quilt squares! R—Read-a-lot Day~We’ll be taking time to read-a-lot today! Bring a pillow, a snack and 3 of your favorite books to read. S—Silly Socks Day~Wear your silliest socks or create a mixed up pair T—T-shirt day~wear your favorite t-shirt, design a shirt U—Unforgettable Day~we’ll make memory books to remember the unforgettable

Moments in our class! V—Visors Day~We’ll make visors to wear this summer. W—Watch a Movie Day~ We’ll watch a movie in the afternoon. X—X-and O Day-play tic- tac-toe review games in Spelling, Math and Science! Y—Year End Cleaning Day-we’ll clean our tables, chairs and the room! Z—Zip and Zoom out of School—It’s our last day! Have a wonderful summer!

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