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about the kantara project

kantara project is a comprehensive and multidisciplinary

educational program that provides students with a greater understanding of the world as they explore topics inspired by the traditional art of weaving in Morocco.

As part of its

summer series,

Kantara offers a special one-day event

designed for 6-14 year-olds at local branches of the New York Public Library system. Within each event, participants are introduced to Morocco through photos, videos, and music and offered an opportunity to roll their up sleeves and dive into hands-on activities related to color, design, and weaving.

Some of these

activities include:

• introduction to Morocco’s history & geography • language, alphabets, & basic calligraphy • wool, weaving & tribal weaving styles • design & motifs as language & identity

The Kantara Project may be booked daytimes throughout the summer. For or check out the website at:
more information, contact Alia Kate:

about the founder
Alia Kate holds a B.A. from Oberlin College in International Relations with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa. Alia has been involved in Morocco since 2005 and is committed to supporting the work of rural women artisans.

The Kantara Project bridges traditional Moroccan life with modern day activities for students in the United States. Through programs dedicated to arts and education, these students play an active role in sustaining a cultural patrimony through their own knowledge, understanding, and participation in global activities.

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