October 3rd ut 7:00pm

SchuuffeIe PIuzu, Ardmore
Poin Locofion:
Ardmore Inifiofive, bo. E Loncosfer Ave
Dress up your doq in o HoIIoween Cosfumel

Awords for Mosf OriqinoI, Scoriesf, ond Funniesf

Prizes wiII be provided by Moin Line refoiIers.
Peqisfrofion forms ore ovoiIobIe onIine of www.FirsfFridoyMoinIine.com ond in per-
son of: Posf, Presenf, Fufure, MiIk8oy Coffee (Ardmore ond 8ryn Mowr),
Ahh...Linh Phon SoIon, 8iofonic WeIIness Cenfer, ond fhe Ardmore Inifiofive.
Peqisfrofion Fee: SZ0
More informofion7 EmoiI us of InfoGFirsfFridoymoinIine.com or coII Sherry
TiIImon GoI0-o4Z-4040

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