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Interview Questions

Interview Questions

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Published by: britlover on Jun 28, 2011
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Mai True Xiong and Ny Thao English 12 Doolittle January 9, 2009 Interview Questions 1.

What causes domestic violence? 2. What is the estimated number of victims who’ve come to your safe haven last year? 3. Who is most likely to be a victim of domestic violence? 4. Which ethnicity has the highest rate of domestic violence? Why? 5. How many cases of domestic violence were reported in Sacramento last year? 6. Does your organization accept people from other counties or cities? 7. How is your organization helping to reduce cases of domestic violence? 8. What happens to victims of domestic violence after they escape the abuser? 9. Why do you think it’s so hard to get out from an abusive relationship? 10. Can you describe the process the victims have to go through to get out of the abusive relationship? 11. What is the maximum jail time for an abuser? 12. What usually trigger someone to physically assault another person? 13. Are there any misconceptions about domestic violence? If so, why? 14. How long does the abused stay in your safe haven before being let go? 15. How long have you been with WEAVE inc.? 16. What caused or made you choose to join this organization? 17. What role do you play in this organization? 18. What would you like the public to know about domestic violence? 19. Is it mandatory for the workers of your organization to contact the law enforcement when they suspect a person of being a victim of domestic violence? 20. Do you believe in the saying “once an abuser always an abuser”? 21. Do you think that once a person is a victim of domestic violence, the experience will determine who they will become?

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