Can I File a Provisional Patent Application in A Foreign Language?

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Dear Rich: Last month I my idea of a business mewas wondering if th protected by a provision od could be application. Your answeral patent to apply for it. I ordere encouraged me that says that foreign d a Nolo book er for a provisional patent s can apply their application in their and even write language. I am a foreign native er it would be easier for me so for sure French. But aren’t ther to write in disadvantages to doinge any comes to filing the reguso when it lar patent application?

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We spoke to pate David Pressman, nt attorney co Patent Pending in -author of directed us to th 24 hours, who e manual of Patent Examining Pr (d). That provisio ocedure §1.52 n states that it's okay to file in language and a tr a foreign required when yo anslation isn't u there is some inco file. (Note nsistent language in §1.52( b) According to Pres (II).) provisional pate sman, if the (PPA) is filed in ant application language and it non-English relied on for itsever needs to be filed regular pa date in a later then a translattent application, io will have to be fi n of the PPA led at that time.

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iness Regarding Bus s. At the nt Method Pate d our previous time we provide s hadn't s answer, Congre nt reform te passed the pa becomes bill. assuming it thods could e Law, business m pecial posts be subject to grant reviews.

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