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Subject: Let us predict with Lagna alone!!!

(Principles/ Ta lagn) Subject: Arudha/UpaPada( for Akhilji) Subject: Vargas -- Pradeep ji Subject: Ashtakavarga Graha Dasa - Raman & Lahiri: Chart 3(for Sunil) Subject: Rules for D-charts(SESHADRI IYER'S CONCEPTS) ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- ----------Subject: Let us predict with Lagna alone!!! (Principles/ Ta lagn) I am very happy to see this thread.Once this exercise is complete for all 12 signs,we can look for Anshas in similar way and when we reach Nadi-Ansh, we will find that this was the basis for Nadi-granthas. I mean to say that instead of using complete sign,if we use just nadi ansha,decided by 16 vargas of Sage Parashar,we can say some very interesting things just from Lagn-longitude on the basis of same priciples which you are trying to evolve in this exercise! Please continue it without expectation of excessive participation. Karmanyevadhikarast e...... While Mesh is most vital,since there is not much activity, I will try to give some points on Vrishabh(Ta) Lagn. Several qualities of signs are given in classics. We can take any one and apply to each house to get general idea about it. It just show possibility and can be modified on the basis of planets influencing it. I will try to use Karakatwas. Vrishabh(Ta) Lagn is under Prithvi-Tatwa meaning stability.Prithvi has Gandh(smell) as main property so such people will have some body odour but it will be good as sign is lorded by Shukr. Since Prithvi has fixed shape/size,these people will also have fixed or well-defined attributes. These people will have stable body.If moon is in Ta,stable mind, Mars means long-lastingstrength. Budh: stable-voice. Guru: firm(correct) knowledge. Shukr: happiness. Shani: always worried/unhappy. Sun: healthy. Now see friendship. Sun(lagn-karak) is enemy to Shukr(lord of Ta lagn). So health may not be very good.Mars is neutral. So strength will be average. Guru is enemy but both Guru and Shukr are teachers so knowledge is ensured. Moon is in exaltation so mind is good.Budh is friendly so voice/education will be smooth. Shani is friendly so worries will be minimum.Rahu is friend so interaction with other cast people/forigners etc will be useful. Ketu is debilited so mistakes will be offten and cause spiritual inclination. If these planets join/aspect Ta,we can be sure about these results. When Shukr is in Ta Lagn,complete happiness is ensured. While Karak-Marak nature based on Lordship has been given by BPHS, I will try to see things on the basis of bhav-karakatwas. Sun is karak for lagn but enemy of lagnesh. So native may have many health problems if any one is afflicted. Moon is karak for 4th but enemy of Lagnesh. So relation with mother may not be good if in bad placement too. Since 4th lord Sun is friendly to karak,Mother' s health is normally good. Mars is neutral to Shukr. So relation with brothers and maternal relatives are neutral.Any good/bad influence may shift the balence to good/bad. Moon(3rd lord) is friendly so coopration from them is likely but Shukr being 6th lord,maternal uncles may not be useful.

Budh is friend so job will be good.unless very spoiled,there is no problem. 10th Lord shani is friendly to Budh,Job is smooth. Guru is karak for 2,5,9,11 and enemy.So troubles related to these aspects. Budh is lord of 2 and 5 but enemy.So wealth and children are cause of worry. Since both are natural benefics,propitiati on will be very helpful. Shani is neutral to Guru so not much differences with teachers. Guru himself owns 11th. So no problem in income. Shukr himself is karak for 7th.If not weak/afflicted, happy marriage. 7th lord Mangal is neutral so no problem. Shani is friendly so Longivity(8th) is high, expenses(12th) are managable. 6th lord is friendly. No long illness. 8th lord is neutral so Longivity ensured. 12th Lord is neutral so good sleep ensured. Now consider Natural ages: 5th house indicates children. Budh is lord of 5th and child(kumar) too. So if Budh is in friendly sign,children( any child) will like the native. 7th house indicates spouse(Adult) .Lord is Mars. Mars is kid. Spouse will be younger then native. 9th is father(old). Lord is Shani. If Shani is in friendly sign, co-opration from old people is good. 11th is friends. Lord is Guru. So friends will be elder then native. Now consider Lordship. For Ta Lagn,Lord of 5th and Karak of 5th are enemy. So generally there is lack of happiness related to 5th house. But if 5th is with some planet,consider its effect on 5th instead of Lord. This Rule can be used with any house.Check varg sign also similarly. Budh is Lord of 5th. He gets exalted in 5th so good for children. Budh becomes debilited in 11th so birth of children will be bad for gains. If 11th house has friend of Budh,it will be good. Budh is friendly to Shani. So birth of children will increase luck(9th) and occupation(10th) . Budh is enemy to Guru. So bad results for research/occult etc.(8th house). Budh is enemy to Mars. So troubles to spouse(7th), sleep (12th). Budh is Friendly to Shukr. So increses health after child-birth. (this is on the basis of 2 groups of planets Sun,Moon,Mars, Guru in one group and others in second group) Take another example: 7th lord is Mangal. His only enemy is Budh. Budh is lord of 2nd and 5th house.So marriage will prove bad for Matters indicated by 2nd and 5th house.This is inherent possibility for all Ta lagn natives.If Budh becomes neutral to Mars in chart,this will not be activated.See this using PanchdhaMaitri. This is not needed but for the sake of completeness: Possibility will become a reality if 2nd(5th) bhav/bhavesh/ karak are aspected/joined by Mangal.Final result of this is seen from vargas. For Marriage,we take Navmansh(D9) .Find Navmansh of bhav/bhavesh/ karak. If they are aspected/joined by Mangal even in D9,it will be very bad. Timing may be done using Dasha-bhukti of Budh-lord of 2nd/5th house.] 7th house shows first wife so it applies to first marriage. Second marriage is shown by 2nd house.So lord is Budh. Now enemy of Budh is Moon(3rd house). So 2nd marriage may trouble co-born/3rd house matters. Good effects of lordship can be seen using friends in a similar way. Thus we can predict what are the possibilities and if they are activated in the chart.If activated,to what extent they will be experienced and what will be final outcome.We can also time the event to some extent.

Now some deeper thoughts. 2/7 are Marak houses. From Ta,lords are Budh/Mangal. Budh is Karak for 10th while Mangal is karak for 3rd and 6th. Now 6th(sign=Kanya) is debilitation sign for Shukr(Lord of Ta). So when Shukr is in 6th house,it becomes Maran-Karak for Ta. 2nd is also Dhan-Bhav. So Shukr in 10th will be Dhan-Karak for Ta. 7th is also for spouse.Since 6th is debilitation, only choice is 3rd. So Shukr in 3rd becomes Patni-Karak for Ta. Consider 9th house(Bhagy- sthan). Lord is Shani.It is Karak for 8th and 12th. 12th(sign=Meen) is exaltation sign for Shukr. So when Shukr is in 12th house, it is Bhagy-Karak for Ta. 9th is also Badhak for Ta. As explained above,12th is for good so only possibility is 8th house.So if Shukr is in 8th,it will act as Badha-Karak for Ta. Similarly you can find effect of Shukr for other places. Same rules can be extended to Lords of other houses.This will give a reasonable idea of which houses are good/bad for planet and what effects it can give in that house. If you do not find Exaltation/debilita tion, choose next sign as per high/low strength to see good/bad results respectively. Choose Maximum sthan-bal sign out of available ones for good results. You may 'personalise' the results by finding strength as per Panchdha (five-fold-friendsh ip) Maitri in your chart.For general results, just use Naisargik Friendship Rules. [Working rule for above system: note the houses lorded by bhav-karak of bhav where planet under consideration is placed. Now if planet is strong/weak in the bhav then it gives good/bad result of houses.] We can apply similar analysis to each house on above lines to reach non-conflicting results from many angles and then give the conclusion as prediction. If such kind of analysis/exercise is fully attempted, > synthesis of results will become extreamly simple.People will learn > how to sort out different views and which rules are more important. > > Please contribute your ideas/views on this topic for the benefit of > all members. Finally I request Shree Dakshinamoorty ji to guide and > correct the mistakes. > > Thanks > > Anilkumar > Subject: Arudha/UpaPada "Prasns Marg suggests that the degrees of the AL can be obtained as below, THe degree of AL is obtained by adding the degrees of the Lagna (devoid of the sign) to the rashi of the Arudha. Yes, I very much agree with you that various amsas of the AL thus obtained sounds more logical than by grouping indivuduals in various amsas." Anil: This is only for Prashn where Arudha is obtained by placement of gold piece. Birth-chart has different Arudh and this can not be applied.It is not logical to find > vargas from this longitude as it is wrong method. > > "Just find out how many degrees the lord of ascendant > is away from the cusp of the ascendant. Count as many

> degrees away from the planet and this probably > give us the center of the arudha lagan. Plot this > degree to various divisional charts and that can give > us the location of the arudha in various divisional charts." > > Anil: This is the correct way of finding Bhav-Arudh. Method used by > Sanjay etc. are just Rashi-Arudh and not Bhav arudh. If this is not > followed,we can not have Arudhas in even houses from relevent bhav. > you will get arudhas only in 4th/10th by using exceptions but that > is also a matter of dispute. So only correct way is as given by > you. > Same rules apply to Karak-Arudh also. Use varg-longitudes for > aroodhas > in vargas. Same procedure must be used to find Bhoga in case of > Vinshottary/ udu dasha also. > > Here again Arudh-Vargas can not be obtained from longitude. > We need to know how Arudh is obtained in D1.It is not based on > astronomy. We manipulate distance between bhav/bhavesh to get arudh. > Since D-chart do not translate houses in D1 into corresponding > houses > in Vargas,we need to repeat same procedure in each varg to get > Arudh. > Same principle applies to Varnad calculations in varg. I feel that > Aroodh and Saham are based on same principles. > BTW,Has any one tried Saham-vargas? > > Thanks > > Anilkumar > Subject: Vargas -- Pradeep ji > Dear Pradeep ji > > RAM KRISHN HARE > > "Krishna Krishna Mukunda Janardhana Sachidananda Govinda Madhava > Come back as Jesus,Come back as Allah come back as everyone and > save Jyotish." > > Anil: God has not promised to come back for saving Jyotish! > Jyotish is however needed for timing religious activities. > HE just said: > > Yada Yadahi Dharmasy Glanirbhavati Bharat| > Abhyutthanamadharma sy Tadatmanam Srijamyaham| | > Paritranay Sadhunam Vinasaych Dushkritam|

> Dharm Sansthapnarthay Sambhavami Yuge Yuge|| > > Pradeep: "What is the duration of a Bhava Lagna.If it is 120 > minutes - where do you see a Bhava.Hora Lagna on the > other hand is half of a Bhava ie 60 minutes making it > more clear." > > Anil: You are correct Bhav lagn is 5 Ghaties and Hora lagn is > 2.5 ghaties. So we have 1 cycle of 12 for Bhav and 2 cycles for > Hora. In D-charts also we have only 12 houses but many times more > signs according to number of divisions but are not differentiated. > > Pradeep: "Tanu Bhava results are to be guessed through the > ascending '''RASHI''' as per Parashara.Is ascending > Navamsha also a Rashi?If yes ,how many Rashis do you > expect to rise at a point in time?" > > Anil: RAM CHARIT MANAS says: > > Jaki Rahi Bhavna Jaisee| > Hari Moorati dekhi tin taisee|| > > Form of God seen was similar to the intentions. > eg. Sita ji saw ShreeRam as Her husband. > Boys saw Him as friend. Janak ji saw Him as Param-Brahm etc. > > In Jyotish, different people look at different matters. > Depending on their view,different signs can be seen rising > at any point in time. > > Pradeep: "Many Libra navamshas are present in the Zodiac - Can you > differentiate between them without the help of a > Rashi. Pushkara/Vargottama or take any concept in > Jyotisha - can you understand a varga without linking it with Rashi. > > Anil: Why do you want to differentiate? In the market,you see many > apples. Do you ask from which tree they are obtained? As long as > they > are of good quality,you do not mind eating them. Even if you take > help > of Rashi,you can not explain in case of D-n where n12. eg. In D60, > you have 5 libra in mesh. So how will you proceed? All will be libra > shastyansh in mesh. Once we accept D9 as D1 of spouse,we can find Pushkara/Vargottama in D9 too. Vidyamadhaviyam describes Pushkara Navmansh and has 600 verses for > aspects, ownership etc in D9(as per Shree C.S.Patel). Other more common defination

of Pushkaransh is just a particular Bhaga (degree) in different signs. This also applies when we have varg- longitudes. > Pradeep: "There is a clear distinction between Rashis and Amshas.As per Mahamuni Amshas are divisions of individual rashis.Rashi/ Kshethra/ Griha have equal span.A Rashi is Griha(House) for a Planet.An amsha is not." Anil: Rashi is division of Bha-Chakr. Ansh is division of Rashi. Bha-chakr is Father, Rashi is child, Anshas are grand children. It is like ameba(uni-cellular living organisum). Poornat poornamudachyate! Rashi is not house. These are 2 different things.House can exist without sign(non-living items)/planet( living). Sign takes much lower importance in terms of Bhavesh.Sages have said that result of any house be decleared on the basis of planets in it. If empty,from planets aspecting it.If none then comes Bhavesh. At any point in time, at least 8 houses are under the aspect of malefics. So there can be atmost 4 houses which may be without any aspects and can be seen from their lords. It is to cover such few cases,we need signs.Here again, if Bhavesh is in 4 types of Sambandh with another planet,we have to switch to that planet. Pradeep: "If you want to know how amshas are used,please go thorugh classics.If you go with a fresh mind you will find hundred thousands of shlokas.If you want to find bhavas in amshas you have to hunt for years and when not > found,for self consolation - have to say - Shubha Varga > means - ''Houses in Divisional Charts!!!''. " > > Anil: You said that you will give analysis of my chart but so > far you have not done. I wanted to learn how you are using them. > Now can you explain the difference between shubh varg and > shubh ansh? What is your view? I just gave my views to see > difference between varg and Ansh.It is not final. Sometimes it is > more convenient to project D1 sign in D-n as compared to projecting > all planets from D-n to D1. > > > Pradeep: Dashadhyayi says ''Sthoola shareera is Rashi.Planets have chetana and gives life to Rashi. Drekkana is division of body into three as Urdhwa/Madhya/ Adho Bhagas. Hora is Dakshina/Vama Bhagas. Navamsha is nava Pranas(except Dhananjaya,out of 10). Dwadashamsha is Budhi,Manas and Vayu. Trimshamsha is Chakshuradhi Pancha Jnanendriyas' '. Anil: Thanks for this valuable information. Dwadashamsha= 3x4? Pradeep: Thus Rashis are 12,and they constitue 12 organs as well as > 12 bhavas.Sookshma shareera consists of navapranas and 12 indiryas. > > Anil:There are 5 Jnyanendriyas and 5 Karmendriyas so 10 only. > Please give supporting verses. Organs and Indriyas are different. > > Pradeep:We have 108 navamshas ,24 Horas,36 drekkanas and 12 > Rashis. Why do we have just 12 Bhavas defined by > Mahamuni and not 108/24/36. etc. Pls don't say after 12 > it is a repetition and all.Mahamunis do talk of 64th

> navamsha ,22nd drekkana etc - signifying the importance > of each and every division.64th and 22nd have meaning > due to the Bhavain Rashi Chakra(8th). > > Anil: No problem here. > > Pradeep:Whole is not equal to the sum of individual > parts.Similarly you cannot arrange parts and analyse as > if they were whole.Part will have a relation with the whole. > > Anil:When you say it about the application, it is true but if > you say about the properties,it is not. Properties of water > remain same whether you take one drop or one spoon. This is why > Maharshi Parashar has given different applications for vargas > but described properties of signs/houses only once. > > Pradeep:For the same reason lord of lagna navamsha is seen again > from Rashi.Without Rashi navamsha has no meaning.This is > what classical examples are demonstrating in an universal fashion. > > Anil: Can you elaborate on this: What is indicated by lord of > Lagn(bhav) Vargansh in Rashi? What about Lagnesh(Bhavesh) -vargansh. > > BPHS says Rajyog can be seen by 4 types of Sambandh.In order of > reducing importance they are: (Sanjay Rath taught incorrect order) > (1)Exchange (2)Mutual Aspect (3)Aspect of Dispositor (4)Yuti. > Out of these He clearly approves Yuti in vargas. So if Lord > of Kendr and Kon join even in some varg,they creat Rajyog > (related to matters of that varg in my understanding) . > However you can explain it in different way by taking lordship > of planets from D1.But it certainly shows sambandh exist between > planets in same varga. > > BPHS: 36-RAJYOGADHYAY( Ranjan publication- Delhi) > Pratham: sthan sambandho Drishtijastu tat: param| > Tritivastveko drishti: tat Ekatr susthiti: |5| > Anyonygau tatha swe swe sanyutavanybhe sthitau| > Poornekshitau mitho vapi chaik-VARG-gatau yada|6| > > Pradeep: "In these divisions, the divisions falling in the > Planets exaltation Rashi, Moolatrikona Rashi, own Rashi > and the Rashis, owned by the Lord of a Kendra from the > Arudha Lagna, are all to be considered (as good > Vargaas). The divisions of a combust Planet, defeated > Planet, weak Planet and a Planet in bad Avasthas, like > Sayan, be all ignored to be auspicious, for these

> destroy the good Yogas." > > Anil: Are you sure that it is correct interpretation? > Swaroodat can have several meanings.Here are some: > Aroodh means seated/mounted on something. > eg. Ashv-aroodh( seating on horse) > Gaj-aroodh(seatng on Elephant) etc. > A planet may be seated on some sign/house also. > A planet may have its own aroodh called Grah-aroodh. > Again there can be two aroodhas for it. > Parasharji said "Grah-aroodh- Pada-twat chintaye grah varnda" > It means from the Pada of grah-aroodh see grah varnada. > here grah-aroodh means sign/house where grah is placed. > This is commonly used interpretation unless it means finding > pada of grah-pada.So Aroodh can also mean sign/house occupied > by planet. This view has been given in Hindi translation of > BPHS by Suresh Chandr Mishra(Ranjan Publication) . Jhora do not > have this option at present. > > Another meaning of this is to find Arudha of Kendresh.If Varga > belongs to those signs,it is good.This meaning is applicable > to all houses/grahas alike. This is in Mumbai edition. > Narasimha,are you reading? > > There is another thing missing.Verse says "Utpanna yog nashka". > Utpanna is 5th star. If house/grah is in 5th star,it is bad.Now > if you take varg-longitude, this also can be sorted else we > have to ignor this. > > Now,how will you find that grah is in Mool-trikon or Swa-Rashi? > Both are in same sign for most planets.You must know their > longitude in division to confirm its placement.So if you want > to apply above verse,you have no choice but to accept > Varg-Longitudes. > > Last line has some variations in different BPHS. > It reads Shaynadi gata dustha..... > here Dustha means placed in 6,8,12 houses. > If some houses are good,some must be bad. > According to you first line applies to vargas but > second line applies only to Rashi.This is not correct. > Both lines apply to all vargas.In fact what Parasharji > said,applies to all D-charts in exactly same way.This > may not be the case for other classics. > > In my view,we first list out vargas having planets in

> own/exaltation sign and then shortlist by applying other > conditions one by one.Then only we can have real yogas > given by Sage. In current method,we find many grahas in > good yogas but they are not effective.We need to improve > our understanding. > -----> Pradeep: Do you keep changing Arudha lagna in every > vargamsha grouping to find good amshas.What frame of > reference are you having then.What kind of jyotish is > this.Arudha lagna has a relationship with, and hence a > quality to influence, our Lagna.This arudha Lagna is > represented by a Rashi.If planets are falling within > amshas of Rashis, owned by the Lord of a Kendra from the > Arudha Lagna(the above said Rashi),it can be considered > as a good varga.No amsha can be found without referring > to rashi chakra.Can you please find one for me!!!. > How many Arudha lagnas are you planning to have then.If > you start finding kendras etc from arudha lagna in every > varga -you will end up with all rashis as good > vargas.Please don't make astrology a laughing > stock.Similarly do you find combustion and avasthas in > every varga to find good amshas.There has to be a fixed > frame of reference and you find amshas from that. > > Anil: AL for D1 is only one but as mentioned above,correct > interpretation may be different.However, it is possible to > project signs from D1 into D9 etc. just like you project > D9 to D1.Once you understand this,everything will be clear > but for this,you must accept the existance of D-charts. > You will agree that what is good for your kid,may not be > good for you. eg. try to drive his tricycle! This is why > for different D-charts,different frame of reference is needed. > > As a practical verification, try to look at dasha-bhukti of > planets in mutual 6-8 position in D-chart.Even if they are > well placed in D1,you will find that native has suffered > some problems.I am unemployed in Rahu-Sun. They are in 6-8 > in D10 while they are in 3-11 in D1.This gives clear picture > in D10. you have to use different logic for it if you use > only D1 chart. Same thing applies to all other parameters like > combustion,avastha, war etc.Once you interchange the role of > D1 and D-n you will understand everything I am saying.Try it > on your own chart and share your findings.I will give another > hint. malefics are good in 3,6,11 and benefics are bad in > 3,6,8,12 houses.Using this general principle,find good bad > planets in each D-chart.Dasha of good/bad planets will give

> good/bad results for that varg. Bhukti results depend more > on Dasha-Pravesh- charts. From basics,you can build on > further by using other fundamentals. > > Pradeep: Now anyone who tries to underdstand the AL usage > (for finding good amshas),will be clear on where an Arudha > has to be seen. Lagna navamsha is derived from Rashichakra, > but arudha of lagna is derived independently! !! > Upon availability of classical shlokas,on interpretation > of amsharudhas, one can find degree of AL,and from there > the amshas.(Same as derivation of any amsha).But finding > AL,UL etc individually (by grouping individual amshas) > is neither classical nor logical. > > Anil: AL in D9 is arrived from D9 lagn and Lord of this Lagn > which may not be same as Lagnesh in D1.This is why we can not > use Anshas of AL as AL in D-charts. However,D9 lagn depends on > D1 lagn. It is like you make Ghee(butter) from milk and use it for > frying.If you think that milk must be used for frying as Ghee > is obtained from it,you may be correct. > > Pradeep: I am having the translation of original(palm leaf) > dashadhyayi from sanskrit to malayalam.Some other > versions are not complete and have discrepencies. > > Anil: I wanted to get this book with Hindi/English translation > but so far I do not know. If you/others know the publisher/e- text > please let me know.I know it is must to understand hidden > meanings in Brihat Jatak. > > Pradeep: In Prashna,the querent and the surroundings are studied > in relation to the moving zodiac.For this purpose,udaya > lagna and the relative positions corresspond to moving > zodiac,while the querent and his surroundings, the fixed > chakra.Arudha is understood as the sign in which the > querent is seated.Also Arudha is found through placement > of gold etc,.From these,i understand arudha as having > more siginificance w.r to a sign/bhava rather than any > specific point.Mathematical computation w.r to lagna, > not playing a role in finding arudha in the case of > swarnarudha, is explaining this.As many learned members > of this group have expressed concerns in the past,i too > feel,mixture of parashari,jaimini, yavana styles are > leading to many confusions > > Anil: I agree about mixing Prashn and natal but if we get

> better understanding of principle by using different classics, > there is no harm in mixing.Aroodh in BPHS is different then Prashn. > Need of finding Longitude of Aroodh even in Prashn shows that > it is a specific point. Exception of 10th house must be based > on this point rather then sign.I think exception is limited to > duel signs only. > > Pradeep: Regarding Bhava madhya,Chandrashekh ar ji had once > expressed his preference for equal houses.Also shri > Chandrahari had advised in similar lines. > Now when i try to understand classics,i get a simialr > feeling.Irrespectiv e of the position of > lagna(degree) ,the entire rashi should become the first > bhava.Now for results (phalaniroopana) on various > bhavas,we have divisions of rashis,avasthas of > planets,nature of rashi,rising direction etc. > Eg.1)Lagna falling in the first,middle or last drekkona - giving > different results. > 2)Lagna falling in Sheershodaya etc .(sheershodaya and > benefic planets giving good results in the beginning). > Thus differences due to lagnas position will be taken > care by consideraions similar to the above,and bhava > madhaya as such may not be needed.Similarly for every > graha - avasthas,various divisions etc are capable of > taking care of the relative positions within a sign > acting as a Bhava. > > Anil: You are correct about equal house in a way but sign=bhav > is not correct.Rashi chart shows Rashi placement and lordship > while Bhav-chalit shows bhav placement and bhavesh results. > As long as you do analysis based on Rashi,you do not need Bhav > chart. > If you want to do bhav analysis you need bhav-kundali. > All your arguments stress predictions based on Rashi(sign). > You never say anything about houses.The fact is,house results > are most important and sign results are just showing the strength. > > Again equal house is valid only for individual points. > When you see houses from Lagn/planet you find houses from them > having same longitude in different signs. For other matters,you > need to use Sreepati house system which is based on time division > rather then longitude division.This is why KP gives good results. > (Sreenad's views are wrong and misguiding about Sreepati house > system). > Verify transit of planets on the cusp of this house system by > choosing

> houses where malefic/benefic planet is close to cusp in birth-chart > sothat cusp is within Deeptansh of planet.Sun's transit on a > particular > day of year will be always good/bad.Note that longitude and verify > that > it is on that cusp! > > Pradeep: If a graha in good kshethra(moolatriko na,ucha,swa) is > having amshaka in shathru,neecha ,then phala will be mishra(mixed) > etc. > based on other strengths of the graha.Similarly if it has good > amshaka > despite of bad kshethra,mishra phala results. > > Anil: If a planet is in good kshethra in both D1 and D9 then will it > give good results if it is placed in bad house? This is why your > views > are highly neglecting houses in arguments. > > eg. consider Guru in Tula(enemy's sign) has 5 Rekhas in Ashtakvarg. > It will give good results to extent 5/8. In Vinshopak, Shatru-sign > gives 7.5/20 good results and 12.5/20 bad results. > So good results are (5/8)*(7.5/20) *100=24% > Bad results are (3/8)*(12.5/ 20)*100=24% > So you get an idea of mixing the two parameters. > > If Tula becomes neutral due to Tatkalik-friendship ,it will give > Good=(5/8)*( 10/20)*100= 31% > Bad=(3/8)*(10/ 20)*100=19% > > If Guru is uchch(exalted) , > Good=(5/8)*( 20/20)*100= 63% > Bad=(3/8)*(00/ 20)*100=0% > > Note that they do not add to 100% > > If Guru is uchch,with 8 Rekhas > Good=(8/8)*( 20/20)*100= 100% > Bad=(0/8)*(00/ 20)*100=0% > > So when house placement and dignity both combine,they give full > results. > Jhora has no option for finding good/bad Bal/drishti though given > in > BPHS. >

> Pradeep: Dashasdhyayi says - Rashi has six synonyms or > paryaya.Thus for natal horoscopy one has to see 6 lagnas > for the same matter.Lagna Rashi,Chandra Lagna Rashi,The > Rashi containing lords of lagna and chandra,Chandra > Lagnamshaka Rashi (the Rashi in which Chndra has amsha) > and Lagnamshaka Rashi.All these are seen from Rashi > Chakra.Thus we have to understand that amshaka and all > amshas are happening within the same Rashi chakra. > Similarly for Prashna matters,one has to see > Udaya Rashi,Arudha Rashi,Udaya navamsha Rashi, > Chathra rashi,Sprishtanga rashi and Chandra Rashi. > Here we do not see any arudha navamsha rashi - why? > No one with sense will talk of navamsha for Arudha. > VarahaMihira does not know about any amshaarudhas > but we have high knowledge!!! !VarahaMihira mentioned amshas for > lagna,chandra, udaya,etc but not for Arudha. > > Anil: Here you must note the difference in Prashn and Natal > analysis. > Dashasdhyayi is just a commentry on Varahmihira' s Brihat Jatak. > Varahji has not used Arudhas any where in his work so how can > commentrator > add it there? Just because Varahmihir has not given Vinshottary > dasha,why > don't you stop its use? Can you prove that Varahmihir had knowledge > of > Rashi and Grah/udu dashas? Can you find mention of Aroodha even for > D1? > If that is the case,then why are you looking for D-n Aroodhas?For > me, > it is enough that BPHS has mentioned them.I will reject something > if > it > is against BPHS even if said by Varahmihir eg. I use only > Parasharji's > Ashtakvarg. > > Pradeepji, You do not illustrate by practical examples like > Narasimha. > I can test his ideas and accept/reject them as per my experience. > You do not allow us to verify if your rules are sufficient or not. > You mentioned that you will be giving practical examples of chart > analysis using Anshas but you have not done so far. > I am waiting eagerly. > > Thanks

> > Anilkumar > > OM TAT SAT > ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- > Subject: Ashtakavarga Graha Dasa - Raman & Lahiri: Chart 3 > > Dear Sunil > > RAM KRISHN HARE > You have good work but failed to see some points. (1) There is no use of ashtakvarg in calculation so it can not be Ashtakavarg Grah Dasa.It just shows possibility of interpretation of dasha using Ashtakavarg. What Shree C.S.Patel ji gave in his book is real Ashtakavarga Dasa.You can refer to Event-dasha0transit.xls for calculations based on it but it is not in the form of dasha. (2)In most cases,Mahadasha is correct but Antardasha is wrong. This is because Mahadasha is calculated strictly as per BPHS. Bhukti is normally calculated from same sign or its lord. Mr. Raman has used from Karak but it must be wrong.If we do > that,all bhukties will be starting from shukr in all dashas. > It is therefore better to stick to standered bhukti calculation. > > (3)It is possible that you use Karak-lagn-kundali and apply > dasha/bhukti in it and then verify using Rekha and Karan based > calculation of Pind,Rashi,Nakshatr (available in excel sheet). > It is said that transit of Guru in Rashi/Nakshatr obtained in > Karan based calculation give good results.Similarly for Dashas. > > (4)He has used UL as lagn. He takes 7 and 2 from UL for timing. > This is justified as first and second sleeping partner because > 12th house shows bed pleasures and hence 7th from it can > show sleeping partners in bed.In some cases,if there is 2nd such > partner,2nd house(8th from 7th) will become important. So first > choice must be 7th house even if weak. Find stronger 7th from UL > out of D1 and D9 on the basis of their placement in D1. > > (5)Above use is incorrect if we use Sanjay's view that UL is > Lagn of spouse. 12th house is 6th from 7th so Sanjay himself calls > UL in D9 as shatru-pad of spouse but in D1,he takes it as Lagn > and calls 2/7 houses from UL as marakas for spouse. Logically, > Raman's view looks better but Sanjay and many others are using > it successfully. I too got good results from Sanjay's approach. > > (6)In my BPHS,UL is defined in different way. > It is still A12 but "Arudha of 12th house from AL". I have not > seen anyone using this defination. You can check it with Patel ji

> as he also has same BPHS so he may have tried this defination. > (I have given you web site of publisher www.khe-shri. com) > > (7)I wrote you in reply to Ju based Vinshottary dasha that dasha > calculations are based on RAMAN ayanamsa. So it may be good but > I use Lahiri. > > (8)In his article on Grah dasha, Mr. Raman has again violeted > clear instructions by sage Parashar to divide Dasha in 12 signs > and then see results based on ashtakvarg of dasha lord. See BPHS. > For further timing,this method can be extended to sub dashas. > I found it giving good results even by using NB/NM transits. > > (9) Use of Prastar-ashtakvarg MUST be avoided. Order and span > of kakshyas are as per patyayni dasha. This Dasha is used in > Sudarshan Chakr Dasha Pravesh Charts(also called Tajik-charts) > to divide one year duration of SCD into 8 parts lorded by Lagn > and 7 planets which constitute Ashtakvarg. > Since BPHS reccomends use of SCD with Ashtakvarg,This is the best > way to divide Dasha period of Rashi in 8 parts. > > [Sarvarth Chintamani says Tithi has 1,Nakshatr has 10 while Lagn has > 100,000(hundred thousand)times effect. Since SCD is based on Lagn, > I consider SCD/Tajik stronger than TP,NP,YP,KP etc.] > > (10) You can learn many things from his article. > (a)Use of Char and other Rashi/Grah dashas for timing varg events. > (b)Use of D1-ashtakvarg in interpretation of vargas. > (c)Use of standered parameters for deciding correct dasha/bhukti > (d)Use of different systems in calculations of results. > > Thanks > s> Anilkumar > > OM TAT SAT > ------------ --------- --> You wrote: > Chart 3 > > Chart: September 18, 1959 > Time:11:30:00 > Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT) > Place: 74 E 38' 00", 26 N 27' 00" > Ajmer, India >

> Marriage Date: Nov 2001 > > Project: Just to determine the correct Main Dasa > > a) Raman Ayanamsa > > Step 1: Nav becomes Li, UL is in Ta, so take 2nd from it and 7th > from > it, > 2nd from it has 2 planets so it becomes COMPUTED SIGN - which is GE > > Step 2: Ge or signs aspecting it will give marriage, so > Vi, Sg& Pi become additional contenders > > Step 3: Those signs of the above 4 having higher bindus can give, > SAV:Ge:33, Vi-33, Sg:25 & Pi:23 > > Final: BUT Marriage happened on Nov 2001 when Leo Dasa > was running from 1991 to 2002 > > > b) Lahiri Ayanamsa > > Step 1: nav Lagna changes to Vi, UL is in Ge, so 2nd house > from it becomes Cn & 7th becomes Sg, both do not have > planets, Jup and Mer aspect each other, so choice becomes tougher > so finally we take Dual signs as strongest ad hence SG > becomes highest contender of COMPUTED Sign > > Step 2: Signs aspected SG , is Ge, Vi & Pi > > Step 3: Ge & Vi have high bindus of 33 each > > Final: Non of the above Signs gave Marriage in main dasa > of theirs , Leo Dasa gave marriage > > Special Thinking Note: 7th lord of Navamsa, who is also > 7th lord of 7th from UL is JUP, which is placed in Leo, > was this the reason that > Leo Dasa gave Marriage > > > Determining Antars > STep 4: Sodya Pinda of Ven: 104 * bindus in 7th from Ven > in PAV of Ven which is 5 > 104*5=520 remainder is 4, so CN or SC or PI can be the antars

> > In Rasi, Ven is in Leo & antars start from Leo and ends > in Cn, Dasa period is of 11yrs, so each antar is of 11 > months equal > > 18-OCT month -2001- from this period onwards Cn antar > was ON, as we can see from STEP 4, CN is capable of > giving marriage as seen above & marriage happened within > 1 month of the antar starting > > NOw if it is RAMAN ayanamsa, sodya pinda and bindus of > Ven PAV remain same and hence it remains Cn n similarly > becomes capable of giving marriage in its antar > > If mistake has happened in calculations pls point it out. > > SJ > ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- >> Subject: Rules for D-charts > > Dear Members > > RAM KRISHN HARE > > Some members are asking for the rules regarding interpretation > of D-charts. Here is a compilation of mails sent by Shree Vinayji > on other list that will be very useful for analysis. You can > use these rules in any D-chart. In my view, just use all rules > for D1 analysis in D-chart. > > Thanks > > Anilkumar > > OM TAT SAT > ----------> SESHADRI IYER'S CONCEPTS OF DIVISONAL CHARTS: > 1.The most important and necessary condition for a > planet to give beneficial effect of the D chart is its relative good position from the lagna of that D-chart irrespective of other factors such as being in inimical or debilitated sign or aspect or conjunction with other planets. Thus under this theory primary factor is its position from D-lagna. If the planet be in places other than 3,6,8, and 12 (Dusthanas) it gives good results, its magnitude depending on other factors. But if they are in Dustnanas they always give bad results whatever their other results be. But there are some exceptions to this:

a)Kuja even in 6th in all D charts does good for he aspects lagna from 6th. b)Budha even in 8th in D-4 only gives good. Note the general theory of Budha being in 8 as being > exceptionally lucky. It is only here and not in other > D charts. c)Shani though in 8 does not kill, is the general say. This holds good only in D-8 chart when Shani is in D-8 lagna and not elsewhere. Thus the above 3 exceptions have to be remembered. 2.Consider both the Rasi chart (D-1) and the > divisional chart to weigh an effect. As stated above, > position in D chart surpasses that in D-1 chart. Even > though a planet is in bad bhava in D-1, he gives good > effects of a D chart if he is there in good position > from D lagna. Likewise however powerfully and > favorably a planet is situated in D-1, if he is in > Dustana in the D chart he gives bad effects of that > D-chart. > > 3.Having concluded the good or bad effects as per > Rules 1 and 2 above the magnitude of the effect has to > be judged from both D-1 and D-charts as follows: > > a.If the planet has any kind of Shadbalas [Temporal > (Kalaja), Motional (chesta), exaltation (uccha), > Directional (Digbala), Declinatory (Ayanabala), or > positional (Sthanabala) ] in D-chart and favourably > situated from its Lagna it gives good effects of a > higher magnitude, the more the quantum the more the > simultaneous varied strengths. If in addition to this > the planet is also powerfully situated in D-1 also > excellent results of a superior degree happen. > > b.Even a mere ordinary good position in D-chart > coupled with strong position in D-1 (though in Dustana > in D-1) gives effects of a higher order. > > c.But, however strongly and favourably situated in D-1 > if the planet be in Dustana in D-chart he does bad to > that chart portfolio even if he is exalted or in his > own house in that D-chart. All these establish the > necessity of a planet being in good positions from the > D-lagna to give the good results. > > 4) A combust or vanquished planet (in planetary fight) > in D-1 is of no avail in D chart even if he is well > placed and powerfully situated in D- Chart. He will

> give worst results to that D-effect if he is also > badly placed in D-chart. It precisely amounts to > dealing with a dead object. > > 5) If a planet situated favorably in D-chart is > debilitated it gives good effect if it attains Neecha > Bhanga. > > 6) Of all the powerful positions the most important > are (a) Exaltation (b) Vargottama (c) Own house (d) > Digbala. All these have to be applied to all the > D-Charts. In this connection remember that a planet > situated in the same sign both in D-1 and any other > D-Chart must be construed as being in Vargottama with > respect to that D chart and the effects of that > D-chart read thereon. Unfortunately this aspect is > being judged only by Navamsha position. (D-9) when you > apply this theory you get convinced. > > 7) For reasons stated above exaltations in 3,6,8 or 12 > in D-Chart are of no avail. > > 8) See if any of the general Yogas exist in the > D-chart. If so gauge the magnitude by their strengths > as stated above. > > 9) The effects of planets in the D chart get modified > by conjunction or aspect of other planets in the D > chart. Here only the natural benefics and natural > malefics are to be taken and not the functional ones. > Among benefics, Guru is the only planet to alleviate > evil indicated by a planet in bad position in the > D-chart. If that Guru is powerfully situated in that D > chart his aspect is certainly of effect, but a > debilitated Guru cannot be banked upon. > > 10) The birth Yogi and Avayogi have to be noted here. > If the birth Yogi is in a good place in D-chart, he > gives yoga to that effect but in a bad position he is > lost. Similarly, birth Avayogi in a favorable position > in D-chart will create hindrances, anxieties and > trouble. > > 11.Lordship of Bhavas are to be considered only in D-1 > and not in D-charts except lord of D-lagna. >

> 12.A debilitated planet in D-Chart though in good > position gives bad, if there be no Neecha Bhanga. > > 13.D-Lagna becoming Vargottama is itself an indication > of the effect of that D-Chart going very high provided > its lord is well placed there. If he is in Dusthana > in such a D-chart, only dreamy effects are felt by the > native. In addition to D-lagna being Vargottama, its > lord be also likewise or otherwise powerfully and > favourably situated in D-chart, he gives excellent > results. > > 14.3rd and 8th places are deathlike places. A planet > in 8th or 3rd in D-chart causes death to that effect. > In D-9 to wife, in D-10 to profession. Death may be > construed as also severance. A planet in 3rd in D-10 > causes retirement from service. Please note the > exception of Shani in 1st house in D-8 and Budha in > 8th in D-4. > > 15.2nd house is said to be a neutral house. A planet > in 2nd house in a D-chart also behaves likewise. > > 16.A planet in 6th house in D-chart in a powerful rasi > gives good first and bad later on. > > 17.It is said in general astrology that the more the > number of planets aspecting Lagna, the more powerful > the native becomes. The same theory applies to > D-chart also. > > 18.Benefics on either side of Lagna is said to confer > Yoga. True even in the case of D-chart. But in such > a situation if any malefic joins the benefic, the Yoga > gets marred. Similarly, malefics on either side > though spoils first, gets better if any benefics joins > them. What is said of Lagna holds good with respect > to the 7th house too. > Here one thing has to be noted. In the case of > malefics if they are Birth Yogi or in their own house > in D-chart they give modified good effects. > > 19.Just as the 2nd and the 12th places from the lagna were > dealt in point 18, if planets are placed equidistantly from > lagna such as 2-12, 3-11, 4-10, 5-9, 6-8, 1-7 they cause > effects as stated above depending on their natural benefic

> or malefic character. This is a special mention of Jaimini > known as Sankhya Yoga. > > 19.In D-12 if moon is with Kethu invariably the > native's mother becomes a widow. > > 20.Planets or bhavas hemmed in between malefics goes > bad. Similarly a planet in a D-chart or a D-chart > lagna hemmed in between malefics becomes bad. > > 21.Malefics in 12th, 1st and 2nd houses in a D-chart > is not good. Benefics in 12th, 1st and 2nd houses in a > D-chart is good. > > 22.An incident such as marriage day, commencement of > profession or fresh undertaking, birth of an issue, > etc happening during the period of a planet situated > badly in the respective D-chart may not end happily. > > 23.Accession, election and other positions of > conferrable nature are to be read from D-11. > > [D11 is Labhamsa (profit & loss) (2 degrees, 8 mins and 11 secs) > He gave this quite a lot of importance. For even if one's status is > not good a happily situated D11 chart will confer on the native > financial felicity > tending his balance sheet towards profit side even without the > least > exertion for the same due to his past good karma. D10 represents > earned > income, while D11 represents unearned income as patrimony, easy > income, side > income, lottery, gambling etc. The formation of this chart is > peculiar. In > all rashis start from Mesha only and go in reverse order. Thus you > see that > the sign Vrishabha goes without any Amsha as the last eleventh > Amsha > closes > with Mithuna.] > > 24.Uccha with Neecha or one with his enemy Not good. > > 25.Of the 2 planets on either side of lagna or > equidistant from D-lagna if one is benefic and the > other malefic, then bad results are felt only during

> the malefic period. > > 26.A planet, though in the 8th house in D-chart, does > not harm if aspected by a powerful Guru. > > 27. Female horoscope is specially treated by classics > confining at least to our Indian womanhood. As > marriage and married life is held sacred in India D-9 > is held very important for females. If this Navamsha > chart is good, all the rest are good. > > 28.A karaka in bad position in D-8 kills the relative > connoted by the karaka. Sun in 8th house in D-8 kills > father, Moon - Mother, Shukra -Wife and so on. > > 29. Any yoga in a D-chart is no doubt operative > through out life but is particularly felt during their > periods. > > 30. Even a debilitated planet in good position in a > D-chart does good if he is a Yoga Planet. > > 31. In D-11 the effect of the Bhava occupied by the > planet counted from D-lagna happens, one in 7th house > causes marriage, in 4th property etc. > > 32. Parivartana Yoga (mutual exchange of grahas) > existing in D-chart has its due effect. > > 33. What are all said of the planets in D-charts will > be felt during their periods. > > 34. If the lord of the D-lagna is Birth Yogi or > Duplicate Yogi he gives Yoga effects even in ordinary > position. > > 35. If the lord of the D-lagna is in Dusthana the > result will be bad on or after its Dasha. > > 36. Karaka in Bhava is bad as per general astrology. > How to apply it to D-charts? Karaka in the > corresponding D-lagna is bad. Example: If Budha is in > lagna in D-24 education gets spoiled. Shukra in D-9 > lagna affects the wife. Sun and moon in D-12 lagna > affects father and mother respectively. Kuja in D-3 > lagna affects the younger co-born and so on.

> > With this ends Sri. Sheshadri Iyer's concepts of > Divisional charts. I urge on esteemed members to > share/contribute their views. > > Best Regards, > Vinay, Dubai

Subject: Sun in Aris in Natal chart(Principles) Dear Members RAM KRISHN HARE Shree Ram's Chart should be seen first at the commencement of Jyotish learning. I will explain with Shree Ram's chart. Ravi in Mesh will give argala on Mithun,Makar and Meen.It will obstruct results of Kumbh, Kark and Vrishabh. It means native will be: brave and with good friends[Mithun( 3rd)-Budh( friends)] , very hard working for masses[Makar( 10th)-Shani( masses)] and will move in good/holy places near water[Meen(12th) -Guru(good) ]. Native will be resistant to: gains/taxes from poor[Kumbh(11th) -Shani(poor) ], emotional disturbances[ Kark(4th) -Moon(emotions) ] and second marriage[Vrishabh( 2nd)-Shukr( marriage) ]. Ravi in 11th from Mithun will form Labh Agala meaning support for matters indicated by Mithun(sign/ house/planet) by Kshatriyas/Kings/ Brave people resulting in gains due to courage.Exaltation will increase gains with minimum efforts.Mithun is natural 3rd house indicates short journey,hands etc. So such matters are promoted. In Shree Ram's chart we can see that HE went with sage Vishvamitr on short journey and using Hand operated weapons killed Rakshasas to protect Yagya.Further using hands HE broke Shiv-Dhanush to get Married with Sita. Marriage promoted Mithun (union) too. See How HE was rewarded when HE used HIS courage/hands.

Ravi in 4th from Makar will form Sukh Argala meaning happiness for matters indicated by Makar.Ravi is friendly to moon(Karak for 4th) so it will give blessings of mother to get matters indicated by Makar. Makar is natural 10th house indicating Karmas.It also indicates Agya(order), power,prestige etc. Sun himself is Karak for power so naturally Argala of Sun on Makar promoted this aspect. HIS orders are compulsory even for deities! Shani is karak for service. Budh is not friend for Ravi. This aspect was not promoted. Ravi in 2nd from Meen will form Dhan Argala meaning resources for matters indicated by Meen.Blessings of family to fulfill Meen related matters. Meen is natural 12th house indicating forign,travelling, legs etc. Ravi is supposed to provide resources for forign travell whose karaka is Rahu(enemy to Sun). So it has not given resources and HE went to forest without money etc. However it has not obstructed indications of travel/forign. Meen is Dwiswabhav and Jal Rashi so it indicates both moving and stationary water. Sea is an example of it [moving water means river = movable water sign Kark,Fixed water means lake/well/tank = fixed water sign Vrishchik, eg. hot water running from tap = kark + mangal etc.] Lord of Meen Guru is friend so Ravi gave HIM good resources for crossing the sea(Meen) by constructing Bridge(stones) with the help of monkeys (Mesh). Both malefic and benefic promote matters of house/planet/ sign on which they form Argala.If in places of obstruction both will obstruct those matters. Benefics will do this in good/easy/smooth manner while malefic will do it in bad/hard manner. eg. If Mars is causing Argala, it gives fight and then sucsses. If Mars is obstructing then it will give fight but failure regarding house/planet/ sign obstructed by it.

Similarly Shani can give Success/failure by delaying the matters related to house occupied by him.Budh can do it by talking/debate. I do not agree with Sanjay's view that Argala of Malefic when obstucted by benefics gives good results or Argala of malefics give bad results. Any planet/sign if causing argala on 11th house will promote gains,on Sun it will promote health, on Mesh, it will promote activeness. Similarly these things will be obstructed if in 3/10/12 houses(Virodh/ Dusht Argala). If combined effect of Yoga is different,consider yoga results instead of individual grah/bhav/rashi effect and then see Argala or obstruction. Argala will always protect the things indicated by yoga or leave it unaffected. If Yoga results are good,it will promote good. If Yoga results are bad,argala will promote bad results.It does not matter that argala is by benefics or malefics.However aspect can change the results to good or bad.Similarly Virodh Argala will always obstruct what ever good/bad results are indicated by house. In other words if some house is giving bad results then Virodh Argala will obstruct its bad results and they will not be felt. In the same way,it can block good results too. Mesh is aspecting Simh,Vrishchik and Kumbh by Rashi Drishty. These signs are also aspecting Mesh by Rashi Drishty. Thus there is a parmanent effect of these signs(and houses/planets joining them) on each other.Sun being friendly to Sc,aspect will boost related matters. Simh is owned by Sun. So there is complete protection to Leo matters. Kumbh is enemy's sign so it will be reduced but based on house signification, selective matters whose karkas are friendly to Sun will not be affected. Ravi will aspect Tula from Mesh. Tula is 7th house in Kal-Purush Kundali.

It is lorded by Shukr(Karak for wife). So Ravi created a desire for marriage in Sita when SHE was going to temple(Shukr is in 9th house). Since Sun becomes debilited in Tula,the desire was for complete surrender to HIM. Debilitation shows devotion,politness too. Since Tula is 4th house, HE always remained polite/dedicated to HIS mother. Tula has Shani (Lord-A6) in 4th house. HE politly requested Ravan to educate about experiences gained by him.This event occured at the end of enemity when Ravan was dying because Shani is lord of 2nd(Marak) for 6th(enemy). 7th house shos desire nd hence 7th aspect also gives desire. Take another example.Shukr aspects Kanya(6th house-enemy) .Lord Budh is in 11th(gain) with Rahu(cheating) .So a forigner(Rahu) enemy(Ravan) desired to gain HIS wife by cheating. I hope application of Argala,Rashi Drishti and Grah Drishti is now clear. Note: We know that Laxman ji was also born during same period. He was incarnation of Sheshnag so nodes can not be debilited. So consider HIS Rahu exalted in Vrishabh. Now some remedial measures: Since Sun is health-Karak, digestive fire is strong and it can give good health. In order to improve digestion,in India,people use Tambool (Pan). So eating Pan(betal leaf) can remove problems caused by Sun. For this reason,it is said that before going out on Sunday, person should eat Pan to ensure good results. Guru(intelligence) in Kark(4th-education) can indicate intelligent student. So now you know why milk(Kark) is important for buddhi(Guru) . Another example can be Shukr in Meen. We know that Meen is Jal-Rashi and indicates feet. 12th house shows bed-pleasures too. So if a person washes his feet before going to bed,he gets good sleep.

These are just small examples of remedial measures. So next time when you will see some remedy from Lal-Kitab,think on these lines. There is excellent use of Rashi-Bhav-Grah karakatwas in those remedies. They indicate Desh -Kal -Patr respectively. While gems can make a planet strong,these remedies can force a planet to give results of some other house which may not be joined/aspected by planet. According to tradition,various Deities are worshiped for various purposes. This is independent of chart. For example, in order to get rid of serious diseases Maha-Mrityunjay- Jap is commonly used. It is prescribed even without any chart etc. just on the basis of problems. This is similar to giving painkiller like paracetamol for headach and it works. Reason is hidden in Deities of planets. Sun is Karak for first house (health) and its Deity is Lord Shiv.So worship of Lord Shiv makes Sun Strong and all houses for which Sun is Karak,will improve.Similarly, houses owned, joined,aspected by Sun will also improve but that needs to be checked in chart. Now we can use chart information to boost results.While GOD needs only a prayer from the bottom of your heart,based on placement of Sun(Bhav-Karak) we can find out the Tatwa eg. in watery sign,pour water on Lord-Shiv.Similarly we can find objects/materials shown by planets/sign/ nakshatr from Brihat-Jatak etc. and use then in worship of Lord Shiv. Sun being karak for 10th house(job),worship of Lord-Shiv is recommended for solving such problems. Since Akash Tatwa(sound- Mantra) is present in all signs,Mantra- Jap is universal remedy independent of placement. Some other examples are: Shukr(dara-karak, Vehicles) Lorded by Goddess Laxmi. So worship of Goddess Laxmi will help in getting wife/vehicle/ money (2nd-Lord). Goddess Parvati is Deity for moon(mother, happiness) .HER worship will ensure happiness.Rahu' s Deity is Goddess Durga and HER worship helps

in problems related to durgam(difficult) forign journey/land/ import etc. Ketu indicates end and obstruction/ mistakes. Lord Ganesh(Deity of Ketu) is worshipped before starting any thing and every thing to rule out all troubles that may occure in that work.Ketu becomes debilited in Mithun. So durva(grass- Budh) is offered to Lord Ganesh.Similarly other matters can be explored for worship.One can choose specific form of Lord Ganesh based on sign/house/nakshatr -charan and also the name/Mantra to be recited. While any remedy to make Bhav-Karak strong will give good result,advantage with remedies involving Deities is that they also give blessings of relevent Deities which has its own impact in solving the problem. Thanks Anilkumar OM TAT SAT ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- Subject: Sun in Aris in Natal chart - Let us predict - An excersise Dear Members RAM KRISHN HARE Shree Ram also has exalted Ravi in Mesh. I will try to examine your points in HIS chart. In my last mail,I gave some principles to derive the results of any sign/planet in any house.I hope that will be useful for your exercise Sun in Lagn. 1) Aries Fire sign Sun Fire planet The native will have qualities such as valor, self confidence, commanding power, leadership quality etc. OK 2) Aries Chara (Moving) sign Sun Chara (Moving) planet. The native would like to travel, would like to settle abroad, and would be restless indulging in one thing or the other all the time. He won't like to waste time, but would instead would try to use it in a meaningful way by engaging in right actions. OK 3) Aries is Yagur sign Sun significator of Yaga The native would like to do fire worships such as Yaga, Homa etc. He may also engage in great/good works such as creation of Pool,

Hospital, School, etc for the sake of society/public (Since such works are equivalent to yaga, i am guessing this). OK 4) Aries first sign, Ma leader with power Su significator of power The native would like to live like a king, attain power, won't like to bow before anybody whom he does not respect, will love politics or would like to do good for the community of which he consider himself as the patron. OK 5) Aries, exalted sign of Sun, significator of Father Sun, significator of father His father will nurture good principles, and the native will try to imitate his father in certain issues and will have a high regard for him. OK 6) Aris, indicates a siva temple, since Su is exalted there Su significator of Siva. The native may have a Siva temple near his house. He is usually not a worshiper of Siva since he himself is sivamsa. He would like to worship Vishnu, since an exalted sun indicates Sivamsa (A fragment with the nature of siva), and all sivamsa people would love to worship Vishnu. It is also possible that he is worshiper of Hanuman/Bajranj bali or any such powerful daity who in himself is a worshiper of Vishnu/Krishna etc. Anil: Shree Ram was devotee of Lord Shiv.Mesh is body indicating monkey. Ravi is Shiv. Shiv in the body of Monkey means Hanumanji! being in 10th, Hanumanji did the work of Shree Ram. Being exalted,Great( impossible) works. Your point about Shivansha is valid if Lagn is Leo. Sun is Lord of 2nd and entire family of Shree Ram worshiped Sun-God! 7) The sign in which Su is placed can be taken as Lagna, since in several things such as job, 10th house from Lagna, Moon and Sun is considered. This means: * He would have many natures of Aries Lagna people. * He would have a job in service sector, since 10th house is owned by Sa. Anil: It is not correct in Shree Ram's case. May be because Makar has exalted mangal so HE worked as a Great Warrior! In Lagn,it can show bright personality which can supress all others around him. 8) Aries, head of Kala purusha Sun significator of head Since both Aries and Sun are fiery, he would have less hair. This is true for the native especially in the middle age, since Su is the significator of middle age.

Anil: Mesh=20 Ravi=50-70(Ave= 60). mean=(20+60= 80)/2=40! [Mesh(20) to Kanaya(40) add 4 years/sign.Similarl y for Meen(20) to Tula(40)] for planets use naisarik dasha years. But Sun should have connection to Lagn. In Shree Ram's chart,Moon(water) in Lagn prevented Baldness. 9) Ma and Su are friends This point has been already well explained by Maniv. 10) Su in Kritha yuga sign His earnings would be without effort. Meaning he won't have to work hard to popularize himself or his job. Due to his abilities money will come to him naturally, it is not that he is not taking physical effort, but it is the fact that money is after him, and he is not after money. It is point I am pointing to. It is a nature of a Kritha yuga sign, with atma karaka placed in it. Anil: Why earnings? Try on the basis of placement/lordship. For Shree Ram,being in 10th,HIS work was accomplished with minimum efforts.All hard work was done by Hanumanji. 1) Aries, first sign, famous + Sun, significator of fame. Prediction: The native would be famous in one field or the other, in one thing or the other. (Here after I am placing P: to notate prediction) Anil: Being in 10th,Karma of Shree Ram became famous and HE got the name Maryada Purushottam. 2) Aries, not interested in worldly luxury being a Dharma sign + Sun, being significator of soul, not interested in wealth. P: The native will not have much wealth Anil: Dharm exalted is OK but why less wealth? Earlier you said easy money due to Satyug sign. In fact being friend of Guru(Dhan-Karak) , there is great possibility of good wealth. Do you mean enemy of 2LShukr? 3) Mars, lord of Aries, significator of weapons & solders + Sun, significator of King, who usually wear weapons. P: The native would have a special love for weapon (especially, knifes, sward like weapons with sharp blade edges) and may have trained himself in one martial art or the other. He loves healthy fights. i.e. He is a person having sportsman spirit. If he indulges

in any such activities he wants to be the first, and is ready to take much effort for the same. This is a unique quality which can make him the master of any subject he is interested in. Anil:very correct.being South direction(10th) ,Shree Ram used HIS weapons mostly in that direction.For Grah/Rashi-phal, use Bhav-directions. For Bhav-phal,use Grah/Rashi directions. 4) If we take sun sign as Asc, then the 5th sign is Leo, which indicates less number of sons. P: He will not have many sons, probably one son only, since Su (5th lord from Sun sign) indicates the number 1. Anil: Shree Ram has twins though only one pragnency.Very good point. May be exaltaion has worked to double the number.Guru kundali is more important for confirmation. Good digestive power and very bright intelligence are other possibilities. 5) Sun is the significator of father, so 12 houses can be calculated from significator and predictions about native's father could be given. P: a) His father would have lived up to 50-60 years of age only b) The native's father would have a hereditary to be proud of, and would have born and brought up in a village. c) The native's father should have special interest in politics and social development. etc etc. Anil: Shree Ram's father left when HE went to forest around 27 years age. What is your logic? How you deduced village/social developemen? 6) Aries, exalted sun, power + Sun, significator of power P: He considers himself as the incarnation of Sun_god/Siva, and wants to make judgment/punishment decisions all by himself, probably even without consulting the judicial authorities, as he doubts its credibility. Due to this reason, he is a person to be feared of, because if he does a crime, he would be well planned, calm, and it would be very very difficult to spot that he is the person behind it. He immediately intentionally forgets the punishment once it is executed, and behaves/continues_ his_life as if no such thing ever even

happened!! Everything would be well thought out and he will not have a sense of guilty, since he feels that the punishment is given to a person who deserved it!! He FINDS logic to justify his decisions, and will force others to believe in it, and will even force himself to do so!! Anil: Well planed,powerful, forceful is OK but being Dharmic as shown before,how can he consider himself above law? Similarly incarnation point is also without logic as Lord Shiv is no where related to King. Lord Shiv generally comes in he form of Rishi/wealth- less person. 7) Ma, significator of land + Sun, significator of divine land. P: He would have the ownership of much land. He may lay foundation to Temple/Mosque/ Church in his own land, or may lay foundation to divine institutions. Anil: Divine land is denoted by Guru. Sun indicates Height(sky), Royal. Shree Ram's residance was a Palace. 8) Aries, 5th lord from Aries exalted in Aries + Sun, significator of sharp intelligence. P: He would be intelligent. Anil: correct.Bhavesh indicate intelligence about Bhav.5th is also intelligence. Lord is again exalted. Very high intelligence. Hanumanji being born at Sunrise on Poornima after Shree Ram's birth, also has Mesh-Ravi. Being in Lagn,He is known Gyaninam-Agraganyam (Counted first in wise). 9) Ma, significator of blood, piles, heat etc (Raktha and Pitha) + Sun, significator of blood, piles, heat etc P: Diseases related to blood, liver etc and diseases like fever, stomach trouble etc can affect him easily. Non-veg food is not suitable for him and his body and he may even gradually quit using such type of food and may become a vegetarian. If he turns to drug and liquor his life is doomed since he would die of such diseases. Anil: While I agree with heat part,I can not see any logic for Nonveg food. It is true that Shree Ram, HIS brothers and Hanumanji are all Veg. Do you mean goat is veg?

10) In Sun dasa he will live abroad, will have good relation with people in power, may turn to medicine, or medical profession, would be away from his wife, may have a detached life from his relatives, and may have many enemies. Anil: Why abroad? Sun is enemy to videsh-karak Rahu. HE became king in Ketu dasha.I consider HIS ketu in exaltation (Vrishchik). So Shree Ram spent Sun dasha in His birth place. Aspect on Libra(7th)- debilited sign shows detachment etc.But why medicine? Do you mean health-karak? 11) If married he would have good family life, love and care from wife and children, will get wealth of father, and a traditional house. He is a person who knows his "Swadharma". Anil:Can't see your logic. Good family life is opposite to above point. Father's ealth is 10th house.Where is inheritance( 8th)? In HIS chart,8th lord Shani aspects 10th.Swadharm is fully acceptable. 12) Aries, a 4 legged sign + Sun, 4 legged planet P: He will have a 4 wheeler/vehicle of his own and would love animals, especially pets like dogs. Anil: Sun has 4 legs!May be as Horse(Ashvini Nakshatr).Leo means Lion and Mesh means goat. So 4 legs are OK. monkeys also acceptable. Shani's aspect in HIS chart shows bear.Shani's deity is Lord Brahma. Jambvant(king of bears) was Brahma's incarnation. In HIS chart,Mesh has 3 aroodhas AL,UL,A7 which are aspected by Shani(Brahma) . HE was born(AL) by Payas sent by Lord Brahma through Agni-dev to Dashrath. Lord Brahma sent muhurt for HIS marriage(UL) . Lord Brahma(Jambvant) helped HIM to get back SEETA(A7). Lord brahma is creator so HIS involvment shows begining.Monkeys and bears are connected to A7(partners) . Aquarius(8th house-war) aspects A7. So they were partners in war. This information is useful for knowing the deity whose help will give success in desired matters.

13) His mother may suffer of many diseases. Anil: Mother=moon= friendly to Sun.Mother's disease=9th( 6th from 4th). so lord is Guru(Dhanu)= friendly to sun. What is your logic?Karak for 9th? 14) His brother may meet with an unexpected vehicle accident. Anil:Shree Ram's brother Laxman was hurt in war. 3rd karak Mangal is also lord of 8th So you may be correct. 4th is Marak for 3rd. HE has Shani(Deity is Brahma)in 4th. Laxman was hurt by Brahmastr during war. 4th indicates vehicle but presence of Shani changed it. 15) Will have good physique. Anil:OK. like a warrior, well built and energetic. 16) Would like to control and extract benefits even from the bad people, "while keeping his status clean". Anil: "While upholding his Dharma" can be more suitable.6th lord Budh is neutral so he will not keep enemity even with his enemies and will be kind to every one. 17) He or his family may have relation with an army training center/ gymnasium /training_center or the like, as being the patron of it. Anil: 5th(training) lord in 9th(patron) from its house in the sign of Mangal(arms) can show this. 18) Apply this logical predictions on well known personalities with Sun in Aries, so as to verify them. This list is extensible further. But I think, it is enough to show the possibilities. Also know and understand the usefulness of this technique in Presna as well, since Aries and Sun signify many objects. For eg. Aris represents East. Sun, the significator of soul, also represent the East direction. So, what about the person with Sun in Aries having some psycological attachment towards east, i.e. Eastern culture? Anil: East shows rising of Sun/new beginning that will grow very fast. Ram-Rajya and Lanka's new begining after death of Ravan are still

remembered. Note that Sun is in 10th indicating south(Lanka in south from HIS birth place Ayodhya). 19) Now regarding the issue of not associating with people of lower rank, this is assumimg Libra is vacant. But if an individual has Saturn exalted there, the person would overcome the nature of not associating with lower ranks but befriend them. Anil: This is very good observation and it applies in Shree Ram's chart. -------"Use the elemental qualities... ..Aries is a fire sign.....Sun is a fiery planet....what does this combination indicate?" Anil: It can show a person suffering from headach due to heat/anger. "Aries is a sign that comes under the Dharma classification of signs (signs are classified as Dharma, artha, kaama, and Moksha in regular order starting from Aries). What do we deduce from this?" Anil: Both sign and planet indicate Dharma. The person will have strong faith in whatever rules/ethics accepted by him/her. "Aries is the sign of Mars.....Sun is a yogakaraka for Mars.....What do we deduce from this?" Anil: Sun is giver of power/high reputation to mars.He is 5th lord for Mesh indicating strong/blind followers. For Vrishchik,He is 10th Lord indicating Royal-Post/govt. job. ------Sreeram Srinivas wrote: 1) Sun represents quality of soul. Exalted indicates, good soul or trustworthy soul. It also indicates Ego. The exalted Sun indicates - a type of style in behavior that befits a Emperor or a King. One may infer it as a ego or understanding person would say it - Royal Behavior ! or in narrow mind - Egoistic behavior !!! One may also infer that the native's father has a strong temper. Sun a fiery planet in fiery Sign !! "Fiery" ness getting multiplied !!! It depends upon the Position, Aspects , Conjunction( PAC ) to see or infer what is that

the person is angry about !!! If aspected by a 6HL then it could be that the native is upset over small things or irrational temper !!. If aspected by 4HL angry due to wrong logics applied. If aspected by 9HL - due to religious or Dharmic reasons. Anil:Good points. What about aspect of Karkas for relevent houses? 2) A debilitated Sun indicates - not so worthy type of father !! in terms of morals / karmic acts. Anil:It only shows poor begining. Neech-bhang- Yog etc. are to be seen. Father/native may be having bad health as Sun is karak for health too. We need D-charts to see exactly which area will suffer. If well placed in D-chart,matters of that varg will improve. 3) Incase of a Aries Woman or for reason any lagna the 5H, 6H, 7H should be free from affliction. In Aries Lagna - 5H is ruled by Sun. The 5H is for stomach, 6H & 7H is are the private parts. For a woman to bear children this should be free from affliction. Any affliction to these houses, would indicate either abortions, mis-carriages or difficulty in conceiving. There could be cases where nothing of this sort has happened inspite of having Debilitated Sun it indicates - birth to daughters or not so worthy children. Anil: Stomach problems etc. can occure to male also. 4) 5HL exalted or well placed or debilitated indicates - 5H is past karma. The native has negative or zero balance karma while coming into this life !! See the strength of 9H then. This will give indication as whether the native will be able to do something in this life. Exalted 9HL good karma in this lifetime. Debilitated 9HL indicates- further going into Negative or bankruptcy of Karma !! Now see the placement of LL. If strong or well placed or debilitated -will indicate - how far the native would be able go in this life !! Anil: You mean to say Punya/merits/ good karma. Debilited sun also indicates Bhakti marg or surrender to God.

It may also indicate female deity. 9L shows Luck not Karma. An unlucky person may still be doing good karma. 5) If this exalted Sun is aspected by Saturn or Rahu, then the native would be dark complexioned ( keep the community, place and class - in back ground while making this statements. If you say this to an European it is a meaningless. If you say this to a African - that your father is fair complexioned - he would laugh !! - Apply Desh, Kaal, Patra) Anil: You can still say that. Complexion will be relativly black/fair in their own community.There is a big contrast between Shree Ram and Laxman even though they are brothers.Both were born with more or less same placement of planets. How will you apply Desh-Kal-Patr here? 6) Then one has to see the placement of Lagna Lord ( LL ). Father is in govt service or not - is not an issue. It is about position of authority. An exalted Sun also indicates continuation of family lineage through Son. (the Gothra of a daughter is supposed to be changed to that of her husband as per Hindu customs ). For Aries, exalted Sun also indicates accomplished Children !!! These are all very very broad inferences. Anil: Fifth lord in Lagn means native will protect his children/followers as 5L is in 9th from it. Any thought on Leo-Lord in Badhak sign from Leo? Very good points overall. Thanks Anilkumar OM TAT SAT ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- Subject: Bhrigu-Bindu Dear Members RAM KRISHN HARE Methods for calculation of Bhrigu-Bindu gives two different answers. eg. In my chart Moon is at 27Sg= 267 deg. Rahu is at 29Pi= 359 deg. (1)BB=(Rahu+ Moon)/2= (359+267)/2 =626/2 =313 (2)BB=(Moon- Rahu)/2 + Rahu =(267-359)/2 + 359 = 268/2+359 =134+359=133

(3)BB=(Rahu- Moon)/2 + Moon =(359-267)/2 + 267 = 92/2 +267 = 46+267=313 It can be seen that both the longitudes are exactly at middle point of two planets. Has any one tried to see the importance of both? Bha-Chakr has been divided into 27 equal parts known as Nakshatr. This is based on space.Now these 27 parts are alloted to planets. Again this is based on equal distribution in case of Vinshottary dasha. Now planets are like persons.If you ask 9 persons to complete same distance,each will take his own time depending on his age,alertness, mood,activity etc. On this basis sufficient time-period is alloted to various planets to cover the distance of one Nakshatr. Once time is fixed,then further division like Sub etc. are done on the basis of equitable division of time.This is the principle on which Vinshottary dasha/KP is based. So KP has not done any blunder.Unless you divide Bha-Chakr on the basis of time,it is not possible to have uniformity sought by PVR. Calculation of BL,HL,GL etc. are based on division of Bha-Chakr as per time. Several progressions like one sign/year one varga/year etc. are also based on similar division. If we can understand the fundamental rules determining application of such divisions,it will be possible to use any division or a combination too. When Desh(place-indicate d by longitude in chart), is joined by Kal(time-indicated by Transit/Dasha/ Progression) in the chart of Patr(person- indicated by relevent varg),events occure in the life of that person. Mid-Point astrology explores many points similar to BB. Thanks Anilkumar OM TAT SAT ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- Subject: Bhakti and Gyan Dear Bharat RAM KRISHN HARE

Since Puranas clearly state that Bhakti is mother of Gyan and Vairagy, there is no doubt that Bhakti and Gyan are different. In Ram-CharitManas also clear distinction is made between them and Bhakti is shown superior. Maya is responsible for separation of Jeevatma from God and plays many tricks to prevent Moksh. This is because God created Maya to do HIS entertainment by creating the universe and as Atma HE witness the events without any participation. It is similar to humans watching TV for their entertainment. They know that it is all acting and not real.They are not affected by TV nor they interfere in it.They just watch/witness TV programs. Role of Atma and illusion of world can be understood on similar lines. If somebody is not participating in entertainment of God,Maya tries to correct the situation using all possible ways so that the God remains happy.This is why Maya is seen as biggest obstruction to Moksh.Now the logic given by Ram-Charit-Manas is very interesting. Gyan is Male and Maya is Female.So they have natural tendency to get attracted towards each other and hence Gyan will not be able to achieve its goals easily. Bhakti on the other hand is Female. A female has no attraction for other female and at best they have tendency to avoid each other. "Nari Na Moh Nari Ke Roopa" For this reason,If somebody is doing Bhakti,Maya will hate him and hence he will easily achieve his goal of Moksh. Apart from above interesting logic,Gyani feels that there is no one different from him so he has to take all efforts himself and any mistake in his path results in fall. Bhakt on the other hand fully depends on God for everything so HE is responsible for his protection amd hence mistakes by Bhakt are corrected by God and he never falls. God says that Gyani is my grown up child who can take his care but Bhakt is like kid who depends fully on his mother.Just like mother do not bother about grown-up children but takes all care of kids, God also emulates mother in this regard. In Gita,Lord Shree Krishn explained all sorts of Gyan and even demonstrated by Vishv-Roop-Darshan but Arjun remained confused.Finally HE said: "Sarv-Dharman Pari-tyajy Mam-ekam Sharnam Vraj"

After this Arjun accepted HIS orders to fight the war. Here there was no anubhuti just complete surrender/Bhakti. Shabri was a lower cast woman but she obediently followed instructions of Matang-Rishi and gave beris tasted by her to Shree Ram.No gyan here. It was just full dedication to words of Rishi. Shree Ram gladly acceted and ate beris but Laxman saw that she is first eating to see if it is sweet and then offering so he did not ate. When Shree Ram forced,he took one but threw it behind (hinding from them). Laxman indicates Gyan but he forgot that nothing remains hidden from Shree Ram. It is said that the beri thrown by Laxman became Sanjeevani-Booty which gave him new life when he was hurt by Brahmastr during war. Shabri is Bhakti.Shree Ram Himself certified this! Son(Gyan) always bows in front of Mother (Bhakti). Thanks Anilkumar OM TAT SAT ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- Subject: Bhav analysis Dear Jeedee RAM KRISHN HARE Always give first priority to planets in house then planets aspecting the house and then lord of house.Different matters indicated by same house are seen from different karkas/vargas. For example 4th house shows mother,education, land,vehicle. Their Karakas are Chandr,Budh, Mangal,Shukr respectively. Similarly vargas are D12,D24,D4 and D16. If you can find proper karak for the matter,use it. Else use Bhav-Karak.In specific example of 2H,Guru is karak for Dhan while Shani is karak for Kul. Consider a chart with Ta lagn and Mangal-Budh in 10th,Ravi in 9th. So result of 9th house is given by Ravi,Result of 10th house is given by Mangal-Budh. Both 9th and 10th are lorded by Shani. If Shani is strong,these houses will give good results through above planets (not Shani!).If Shani is weak/badly placed,above planets will not be able to give results. Now since both houses ruled by Shani are occupied by planets,Shani will give its results by Karakatwa only. Since Shani is Dukh karak,if it is weak,then good.

If suppose 9th house is empty,then see which planets have aspect on it. If there is no aspect then Shani being 9th lord will give results. If both 9H and 10H are empty and without aspect,Shani will give Raj-Yog. If such a Shani is weak,Raj-Yog will be negligible. In your example,you have 2L in 12th from Lagn.It is a bad placement. Budh is not aspecting his house(2H) nor is in own/exaltation. So Bhav/Bhavesh results are not useful. So take Bhav-Karak as Lagn and find indications from there on similar lines. If 2L is badly placed from here too,results from karak are also bad and there will be absence of such matters in life. All these things are to be seen in respective vargas for giving related predictions. Guru is Karak for money. 2H from Guru is Kark.Your 2L-Moon being in 8th from Guru is actually bad but it aspects Kark from Makar so that is good for Kark. Since Kark has Mars, it is important and Mars will give results related to money. I recommend use of Yavan-Hora also mentioned by Varahmihir. For family,Parivritty Dway or cyclic Hora is good. Mars is in Ta in Yavan hora and in Sc as per PD Hora. Hint: If you know basics of KP,then just replace Nakshatr by Rashi and Sub by Varg.You have a very systametic and ordered list of preferences and how to use them for predictions. eg. Nakshatr and Sub of Cusp of 7H can be replaced by Rashi and Navmansh occupied by Cusp of 7H to see marriage. Please read my post 71315 to get more insight. Thanks Anilkumar OM TAT SAT -----------You wrote: I am learning vedic astrology and trying to find out nice tutorial on internet. I am confused about the rules of prediction. my birthdate 27th may 1978 , 6:15 am longitude 77.53 E and latitude 22.42 N , dholpur, rajasthan(India) lagna ,tauras if i take just example of 2nd house , Ju and Ve are placed there but lord of 2nd house is in 12th house( mercury) then what can i conclude

of this and why? what should i give more weightage? i.e. where lord of house is placed, which planets are placed in the house, which planets aspect the house. for me it seems 2nd house is DHANASTHAN so related with wealth but i have seen many places 2nd house means family members when we predict the things we think of wealth or family members and why so? jeedee ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- Subject: Vashy-Koot Dear Sreenadh RAM KRISHN HARE Vashy means one that can be controlled.Humans can control humans (3/6/7/9/11) but have only 25% control on quadripeds(1/ 2). Similarly quadripeds can have control only 50% on aquatics(4/10/ 12) and 100% on insects(8). Aquatics have full control on Vanchar-Leo( 5) and insects(8). Parts of 9/10 are to be adjusted properly. Signs having similar classification contol each other. If A is vashy to B then B is also vashy to A. formulation of this koot is based on nature of moon-sign. If male/female are able to control each other,it is considered good. If this control is strong,then they will prevent each other from wrong things. I hope it is now clear. Thanks Anilkumar OM TAT SAT ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- Subject: Ego-AK-Moksh- Ketu Dear Members RAM KRSHN HARE AK indicates self rather then Atma. It is like DK indicates spouse, PK indicates children etc. Navmansh indicates internal attributes. AK in D9 shows internal self i.e. ego. 12th house shows loss. so

12th from AK shows loss of ego. If you see creation sequence,you see that ego dissolves in Prakriti. So it shows union with nature and Moksh. Planets joining/aspecting/ lording any house give results for that house. So we find Planets joining/aspecting/ lording 12th from AK to help in Moksh. Ketu indicates end of every thing. In 12th, it shows end of self/birth indicating moksh. If planets related to 12th from AK are made strong,result of 12th from AK will be stronger and will help in moksh. Consider AK in 5th house from Lagn so that 4th house is 12th from AK. 4th house shows education so education will help in loosing ego. Now if Budh is in 3H from Lagn,it is 2nd from Budh indicating speech.So use of speech in education like reading loudly etc. can prove useful. If it is in 6th from Mangal,it shows enemy. So verbal fight with enemy during education can give loss of ego. Please note that loss of ego is good from spiritual view only. It can mean defeat from enemy in material terms because if you win,your ego is boosted. So be careful. Consider children playing togather. At that time they forget everything including themselves. This is loss of ego. However this is temporary. So any activity that makes you forget yourself takes you near moksh. Based on planets connected with 12th from AK,you can find out the activities,persons etc that will help you in loosing ego. In India, there are many systems and some do not even accept God. Still they are respected at par with others. So apart from Devta concept, you can choose the path based on above things to get moksh. Moksh just means freedom. If you are doing something and it gets completed, you feel free from that work. This is moksh from it. If you reject something or give it to someone,then also you get moksh from that work. So there are many ways to get freedom/moksh. This concept can be extended to other matters also. eg. Shani is DukhKarak (significator for sorrow). If Ketu is in 12th from Shani,you get Moksh from sorrow. To boost your chances,you can similarly try to strengthen/worship relevent deity which can be seen in ways similar to Devta-method. Use suitable Karak/varg for desired matter while using the principle. If some body has no confidence and you want him to improve,you need to

boost his ego. To gain ego,you can use 11th from AK. Similarly,to keep your ego happy/satisfied, you can use 4th from AK. Thus you can use any house,planet, varg and use same procedure depending on desired matter. Hope now concept of ego-moksh is clear. Thanks Anilkumar OM TAT SAT ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- Subject: True nodes Dear Members RAM KRSHN HARE According to classics, Nodes are shadow planets causing eclipse. Mean nodes can not cast true shadow at the time of real eclipse. BPHS only says that Rahu being retro,its longitude is taken from the end of sign. No where it is said that Rahu is **ALWAYS** retro. True nodes cast true shadow to cause true eclipse. I hope this will explain why True nodes must be used. There is unnecessary dispute about exaltation etc. of nodes. Sage Parashar has clearly said that Exalatation of Rahu is Vrishabh. Mooltrikon is Kanya and own sign is Kumbh. For Ketu,Vrishchik, Meen and Vrishchik are respectve signs. Is there any astrologer who is more expert then sage Parashar? Then why should any one bother about their suggestions? BTW,The eclipse on 29th March 2006 started just after vedic new year (Chaitr-Shukl- Pratipada) .It is an eclipsed year. Places where Meen was rising at that time(Longitude 55W-85W),will have a bad year. Sun aspected by Rahu indicates fire at places near water(Meen). For India,New year started in Simh-Lagn whose lord Ravi was eclipsed immediatly. Eclipse was not visible in South India so North India will see heavy casualties as Lagnesh is eclipsed in 8th.It also joins lord of 12th moon indicating losses. However 12th lord in 8th is good. Lord of Foreign(Moon) and karak of Foreign(Rahu) in 8th indicates that India will gain due to Foreign countries in northen direction like China/USSR etc.

Thanks Anilkumar OM TAT SAT ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- Subject: Bhav-Kundali Dear Members RAM KRSHN HARE Rashi-Kundali shows placement of planets/Lagnas in different Rashis (signs). Bhav-Kundali shows placement of planets/Lagnas in different Bhavas (houses). So Bhav-Kundali shows result in houses(Bhav- Phal) and Rashi-Kundali shows result in Rashi(Rashi- Phal). North Indian chart is called Lagn-Kundali. South Indian chart is called Rashi-Kundali. Now the question is why most people use only Rashi-Kundali and still they are able to give correct prediction. The answer lies in the way predictions are given.Let us examine the process. A planet gives result of 1. Bhav Phal: It depends on placement in house and needs Bhav-Kundali. 2. Lordship: It is based on house cusp obtained using Lagn.So placement of planet can not decide its lordship. 3. Grah-Drishti: It is based on longitude and house placement makes no change in its calculation. 4. Rashi-Drishti: It is based on Rashi and hence seen in RashiKundali. 5. Rashi/Nakshatr Phal: It depends on placement of planet in Rashi/Nakshatr. 6. Karakatwa: It is not based on house placement of planet. Char-Karakas are obtained by longitude in Rashi while sthir and Naisargik are independent of Rashi and Bhav placement. 7. Argala by Rashi: Argala is always based on bhav but for equal house, Rashi-chart is enough and Bhav-Kundali is not needed. 8. Argala by Planet: It surely depends on house placement of planet and

Bhav-Kundali is required.If you want to see exactness of obstruction, divide Argala and obstruction house in 4 equal parts and then see if 1/4 or 2/3 pair of parts have planets. From the above,you can see that except points 1 and 8,Bhav-Kundali is not needed.But they are the most important ones.Even calculation of Tatkalik friendship needs Bhav-Kundali. Point 1 is actually more important then all remaining points. Why? Things that are closer have more effect. Houses are based on earth's rotation so with one rotation of earth,one cycle of 12 house is completed. So houses are most important. Next is planets so effect of planets in houses are very important. Rashis are even more distant as compared to planets.So their effect takes 3rd rank in order of importance. Same rule applies to dashas. Now you can see that Bhav-results will dominate over other indications but still Rashi-chart gives satisfactory results. Now take any chart and using equal house system find the span of each house in the sign that is indicated by Rashi chart.Try it with any longitude of Lagn/Grah. You will find that invariably, the cusp of house is in the sign and at least 50% of the house is also in the sign. It means that in at least 50% charts, predictions using Rashi-chart will be correct! A careful astrologer can decide Bhav-placement in Rashi-chart using longitudes without BhavKundali. For this reason people gradually stopped using Bhav-Kundali. I have mentioned equal house system above. It does not mean that Shreepati system is invalid. The above explaination was just for easy understanding and also because most people use it. When Shreepati system is used,use of Bhav-Kundali becomes even more necessary.As a hint,if you are counting houses from some reference,use equal house in Rashi-chart 7th from Shukr is seen at 180 degree from Shukr. If we are using some house (independent of native) as Lagn,we have to consider house cusp obtained by Sreepati system. eg. If you want to see children,take 5th house cusp as Lagn and then find houses using equal house system from that cusp.Here you can see things from Child's reference rather then Native's relative.

If you are using Rashi Dasha,Naturally you see results based on Rashi. If you use Bhav based Dashas like Sudarshan-chakr- Dasha,use BhavKundali. Ashtakvarg can be made as per Rashi because equal house method will place one house in each sign.So you will get same Rekhas for the sign.But when you do interpretation, based on longitude,find the exact house. eg. Take Lagn at 25 degree Tula. Moon at 5 degree Meen.On the basis of Rashi,it is 6th house so from Lagn,Rekha is contributed. but if you see house,it is still 5th house as 6th house will start from 10 degree Meen. So Lagn will not contribute any Rekha.However in Meen,from 10 degree onwards being 6th house,Rekha is justified. So when we look at moon, we have to judge it in 5th house(kanya) untill it crosses 10 degree. Similarly placement from other planets/points are to be seen on the basis of longitudes using equal house method applied to that point.Remember that Ashtakvarg is based on houses and use of sign in calculation is to make things easier.Interpretati on must be as per house.Sage Parashar told very clearly that Ashtakvarg and Sudarshan-chakr override everything and both are based on houses.Use this for definate results. For general results, use Vinshottary Dasha. Construct 3 bhav-kundalis for Lagn,Chandr and Ravi.Now draw Sudarshan- chakr as given in BPHS using these charts instead of Rashi based charts. Now apply rules given in that chapter EXACTLY AS GIVEN BY SAGE PARASHAR. Thanks Anilkumar OM TAT SAT ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- ---Subject: Re: 5 mails (The Valuable mail from Anil ji) (Reply to Sreenadh,Sreeram srinivas,Tej, Bharat,RK Dash,Satish, Arjun, Pradeep and Dakshinamoorti ji) Dear Members RAM KRISHN HARE I am very happy to see that many active members liked my mails. I thank you all for your kind encouragement. Please see some replies below: ------------ ------Sreenadh: "I agree on many points put forward by you and disagree on many others. But it may take at least 10 or 20 messages for me to cover all the issues pointed to by you. while responding please break up such long mails into 2 or 3 And give a gap of 1 or 2 days in between,

so that we could respond.It would be greatly enjoyable if we explore each of those issues in detail." Anil: I would like to read your 20 or even 200 mails that you may write at your convenience. Regarding my mails, I download mails once a week from cyber-cafe then read at home and reply when I visit next. So 15-20 days is minimum response time. This is why I write long mails and to save time in posting,I combine them in one. If you will post your views, we can start discussion. You write at your pace and I will reply at mine. I could not post my reply in last 40 days as my file saved on floppy, refused to open at cyber-cafe. ------------ --------Sreenadh:"Mihira says: "Rasi Kshetra Griha (R)ksha Bhani Bhavanam chaikardha Samprethyaye" Meaning Rasi, Kshethra, Riksha, Bham, Bhavanam all these are Synonyms. Here Griham and Riksham Means House. we generally use the word Bava to refer to the House. The word Riksham is also used in the same meaning as 'House' here. But the general meaning known for the word "Riksham" is Sign (Rasi). [The words Riksham and Bham also have the meaning stellar division, though that is not relevant here] Earlier it is said clearly by Mihira that "Rasi, Kshethra, Riksha, Bham,Bhavanam all these are Synonyms". If he uses the words Griham and Riksha to mean House, is it not clear that the words Rasi, Kshethra, Riksha,Bham, Bhavana all indicate House?? Also is it not clear that the words Rasi, Kshethra, Riksha, Bham, Bhavana all indicate Sign?? And that both of them are the same??!!! That is why I said, "The word Griha means House [as well as Sign (Rasi)]. Similarly the words Rasi, Kshethra, Griha, Riksha, Bhava, Bhavana all of them also means Sign [as well as House]". YES!! There is no distinction! ! RASI AND HOUSE ARE THE SAME. It is a clear cut statement. Mihira knew of no other system, like Sripathi (10th century) division of House system, or some other system originated in 18th and 20th century. Why limit it to Mihira alone - No astrologer scholar lived before Sripathi may not have even heared about this absurdity!!! There is no indication of any type of House division in Rishi Horas, Parasara Hora, Yavana Hora, Varaha Hora, Saravali, Krishneeyam or the hundreds of texts written before Sripathi of 10th century. They all use the words Rasi (Riksham - Sign) and Bhava (Griham - Hosue) as synonyms. Hope that it is clear to you. "

Anil: You are contradicting your own views given in first para. You said "Riksham is Sign.Riksham and Bham also have the meaning stellar division". So you agree that they have different meanings.I hold the same view. If you are following Jaimini,you will agree that He has used words very-very economically. He has said "SARVATR SAVARNA BHAVA RASHYASCH" It means Rashi and Bhav are always Savarn. If both were same he would not have written them separately. BPHS also gives this method of house calculation and it is used in calculating Bhav-Bal and residual strength of planets.I think Keshav-Jatak from 8th century also gave detailed calculations based on this system.It is a mystry to me why it is called Sreepati Bhav system. We need to understand the basis of house calculation. Equal house system simply divides 360 degree space into 12 equal parts. Sreepati system divides on the basis of time.We have 4 clear positions in sky dividing time into 4 parts i.e. Sunrise(Lagn) ,Sunset(7th) ,Midnight (4th),Mid-day( 10th).Same principle is used in finding remaing houses but since there is no visible natural way to locate,trisection of adjecent positions like Lagn and 10th etc. are used.Just like duration of day/night may not be same,houses in this system may have different lengths. If you insist that all houses must be of same length,you are forcing your views like day and night durations are always equal. Hope it is a bit clear now. Sreenadh: "It is true that: 1) I can not find a single reference supporting the separate/independen t use of Vargas in astrological classics. 2) Any use of Bhava as a separate entity from Rasi, before the period of Sripathi (i.e. 10th Century AD) 3) If anyone could provide authentic slokas to disprove these statements, I am ready to change my views." Anil: Please try to answer these points. (1)Do you agree that brothers can be seen from Dreshkan,Children from Saptmansh and Occupation from Dashmansh (with or without D-chart)? Can you provide any reference from BPHS/Brihat- Jatak/Prashn- Marg which

uses these vargas for the above purposes(even if it is Rashidependent)? (2)Several classics including BPHS provides Sreepati house calculation without naming it to Sreepati. There is also elaborate method for calculation of Bhav-Bal.Do yo think that they are same as Rashi-Bal? Do you feel that they are added after 10th century? Why no book mentions name of Sreepati? (3) I have provided a list of relevent verses to Pradeep a few months back. If you wish,I will try to send it. Are you member of Jyotish Group? It is in the archieves(8K- 10K) of that group. I consider everthing in BPHS as authentic. If someone says something that is not in contradiction to BPHS,I have an open mind for all such teachings even if it comes from non-vedic-systems. ------------ --------- ----Sreeram srinivas wrote:" Previous Background/Communic ation : I will give another hint. malefics are good in 3,6,11 and benefics Are bad in 3,6,8,12 houses.Using this general principle,find good bad planets in each D-chart.Dasha of good/bad planets will give good/bad results for that varg. Bhukti results depend more on Dasha-Pravesh- charts. From basics,you can build on further by using other fundamentals. Query: Could any one explain me taking any example why the malefics in 3,6, 8,12 are good ???(you mixed words from my mail to create a false statement!) Let us consider a strong malefic say an exalted Mars in 6H. At the age of 20's, it may give him a good competetive spirit to score in exams or interviews. While the same planet for a person in 60's would see him through medical hell when coupled with appropriate dasha periods. If the exalted Mars is in 12H, then his sex life suffers. Similarly for a debilitated malefics in 3,6,8,12. Now think of an exalted 8HL, at appropriate time, he would ensure that the person leave this world in split seconds. Now apply the same logics for the benefics in 3,6,8,12. Astrology is not a set of rigid rules. It is an art. One needs to be judicious in its interpretation. Do not forget about Desh, Kaal, Patra while delineating any charts. In this particular case, the same malefics, which were good initially become worst planets( going by the members borrowed vocabulary )"

Anil: Please read above quoted part of mail. It has all the answers.You mixed different things.Please give any example chart you wish and try to apply above rule correctly/as you understand and prove your views given above.I am sure all your doubts will be cleared.I have read your excellent mails and I am sure that you definatly understand/ know those principles. Astrology is called Jyotish-Shastr which means science of light.We have lost rigid conditions under which a particular rule is applicable/not applicable and hence people mix them without differentiation and then say that no rule works in all case. If you use same balance to weigh ant and elephant, can you get accurate readings? If you read Astrological Magazine, Shree VP shukla provides lots of data and says 'X' rule is valid in so many charts, 'Y' rule in so many charts and 'Z' rule in others but some charts do not follow any standered rule. He never bothered to find what combination is common in charts that obey rule 'X'. If such attempts are done,then only we can find the conditions regarding applicability of principles. Sadly Jhora do not have the capability to search for common patterns in charts. Otherwise such hard work by people like Shuklaji is good only for statistical purpose but has no value in improving predictability. If you have studied hydraulics,you know that there are hundred's of equations for calculating pressure drop.All are valid when applied in specific condition.If the conditions are lost,all such equations will become useless. However in most cases,people remember the conditions mentally and write only equations for revision/reference. In Jyotish also, we have similar situation. We have many rules for timing say marriage but the conditions under which a rule is applicable are missing. These conditions were definatly present but with time,they were lost.If you have BPHS(www.khe- ,you can see exhaustive list of conditions for choosing longivity calculations. List depends on strength of planets/yogas and many things that are enough to confuse but it certainly shows they existed! Astrology is science. If combined efforts are made,it is not difficult

to create a software that will predict events with time based on chart and also suggest remedies for problems. When it is called an Art,it only shows that our understanding is not yet complete. I gave lots of principles in Let's predict... mail too. If you can apply these at least in your own chart,you will see that your chart unfolds many new things.Other readers can also post analysis of their own lagnas using those principles. This will help in understanding the principles of chart analysis and any confusion in their application can be removed by discussion. Sreeram: "Try with the concept of universal gravitational force equation F=Gx(m1xm1xm2xm2) /lxl where G is universal gravitational constant,m1 is (earth),m2 is (planet) and l is the distance between the earth and a planet at the given instant of time.Use these as proxy for determining the graha shadbala and deduce the effects." Anil: I respect your scientific attitude. Actually I am searching for a more visible parameter which takes this into account. In calculation of brightness,we need to find distance from Sun as well as earth. This automatically accounts for rare things like 'Mars nearest to earth in 30000 years' etc. But I could not find any calculations/ examples so that it can be programmed and used. According to classics,if a planet is bright/dull, it will give good/bad results. Resonance in brightness between natal and transit planets can also indicate timing. This is similar to Longitude resonance commonly used in astrology. Most astronomy softwares provide this data but astrology programms do not have this vital information. If you/others have any idea about brightness calculations, please share. Regarding Shad-Bal,each constituent has its own use irrespective of overall value. So Shad-Bal is still needed but I agree that a brighter planet can be taken as stronger without any hesitation. ------------ --------- -TEJ: "GREAT MANTRESHWAR HAS WRITTEN THAT MALEFIC PLAENT WHEN POSITED IN 3,6,11 HOUSES INCREASES THE MALEFICENCE OF THAT PARTICULAR HOUSE AND BENEFICS WHEN POSITED IN SUCH HOUSES DECREASE THE MALEFICENCE OF THESE HOUSES AND ENHANCE THE GOOD EFFECTS OF THESE HOUSES. CONTRARY TO THIS IN MEDICAL ASTROLOGY AND IN GENERAL WE SAY THAT MALEFIC PLANETS ARE

GOOD IN 3,6,11 HOUSES . I HAVE SEEN KETU IN 6TH HOUSE OF MY FREIND AND HE HAS MANY ENEMIES AND IS ATTENDING FIVE COURT CASES EVERY 15 DAYS (DATES). ANOTHER CASE OF MY ONE OF MY GURUJI IN ASTROLOGY ( TULA LAGNA) HAS KETU AND EXALTED VENUS IN 6TH AND ONE OF HIS KIDNEY HAS BEEN REMOVED SURGICALLY,BUT OTHERWISE HEALTH IS GOOD . I THINK MALEFIC PLANETS IN 3,6,11 GIVE GOOD FOR RECUPERATION POWER ( POWER OF RECOVERY FROM DISEASE) BUT FOR HEALTH THEY ARE BAD. AND HOW WILL DEBILITATED PLANETS MALEFICS OR BENEFICS WILL BEHAVE IN THESE HOUSES ? " Anil: This is most common mistake/confusion. Dictum is malefics give good results in 3,6,11 houses. Nothing is said about house results! For house, we know that its lord and benefics improve house. Same apply to 3,6,11 too. TEJ: "AS FAR AS WE TALK ABOUT COURAGE ( PHYSICAL ) NOT MENTAL ,IF MALEFICS ARE IN 3,6,11 . EVEN THEY ARE GOOD FOR MATERIAL GROWTH , BUT FROM HEALTH POINT OF VIEW THEY WILL DEFINITELY INCREASE THE MALEFICENCE OF THAT HOUSE . AND AS YOU SAID TO CHECK ABOUT MARS , WITHOUT INVOLVEMENT OF KETU NO SURGERY CAN TAKE PLACE (MARS WILL ALSO BE INVOLVED ). PLEASE ALSO SAY ABOUT DEBILITATED PLANETS IN 3, 6, 8 AND 12 (MALEFICS AND BENEFICS)." Anil: Debilited planets loose strength to give good results in any house. Benefics are bad in 3,6,8 and 12. So when they are weak,it is even worse. Malefics are good only in 3 and 6 but again weaker ones fail to give good results.8 and 12 are bad as in case of benefics. Your view about health are correct. If you think that weak malefics in bad houses destroy them to give good results, you are correct but only to that extent. Houses owned by those planets are still spoiled. When benefics are in 3,6,8,12 houses, they still promote good results of 3,6,8,12. ------------ -----Bharat: "If we see the same, then, what I had suggested to you and the forum, earlier could be true. D1-D12 - Anamaya kosha D13-D24 Pranamaya Kosha, D25-D36 (where in D30 lies) Manomaya Kosha. (This was followed by chat with Sri Hari and Sri Parthasarathy too). Could then, divisional charts (D25-D36) relate to the different functions of the mind? Anil: It is just the speculation floated by Partha and Later supported by Sanjay. If you accept it, D24 should be in Vigyanmay

Kosh. Can you see any link for vehicles(D16) in Pranmay-Kosh? It has no support from classics or parampara and I consider it wrong speculation. I could not locate Partha's group and this group is very difficult to search.So may be such quries are already replied by him but I do not know. ------------ ---RK Dash: " A small input. Does the Tanmatra find a place in the 'divisional' scheme? The (inference below from the) odour of earth (Taurus) reminds me to interrogate the simile. Can we be serious about the identification of the scheme with what have you? Or leave the simile at Sanskritic figuration? " Anil: You got it correct.Shabd( sound-Akash) ,Sparsh(touch- Air), Roop(appearance- Agni),Ras( taste-Water) ,Gandh(smell- Earth) can be used for relevent sign/planet. Can you give your analysis in detail for the benefit of all members? ------------ ----Satish: "Your compilation of invaluable info on various important astrological aspects,needs to be applauded.This info should be in the "Files"section for posterity.That you put up for group reading is more commendable. It took me quite sometime to read,leave understanding apart.So the best thing I could do was to save the 27 pages of documentation. A leisurely,subjectwi se reading would be required." Anil: Whatever I write is a part of on going discussion and every reader can participate in it irrespective of knowledge level. Experts can share their knowledge while juniors can apply principles at least in their own chart and ask their doubts. I look forward to your critical views on 27 pages of documentation. I hope by now,you have fully digested the concepts. How about uploading a file with links for important mails? ------------ --------Arjun: "your post also conveyed a message to all fraternity not to waste their energies in mundane threads and instead focus more on sharing or knowing more about astrology and its various dimensions. from now onwards i shall try myself to work on this path in this group." Anil: It is your bonus contribution. Thanks for This. If we remain focused,we can certainly explore hidden meanings in classics.

I follow the famous saying : VYAYE-KRITE VARDHATE EVA SA VIDYA YA VIMUKTAYE It means knowledge increase by spending(sharing/ using).Vidya (knowledge) is that which makes you free. [If something comes with strings like you can not give it to others etc. making you more stressed due to such binding,then it is not Vidya. It is Avidya.] Arjun: " > 7th house shows first wife so it applies to first marriage. Second > marriage is shown by 2nd house. there are various thoughts/schools which say second marriage is read from the nineth house or from the strongest planet in the 7th house or with venus. akin to 1st child from 5th house and second child from 7th house, first wife is seen from 7th house and second wife seen from 9th house. second house per se denotes family which is general in nature. also the rules applied for timing of marriage by you are different that what other books prescribe." Anil: Bharat gave you the reply. You can check UttarKalamrit for this. It says 2nd wife is seen in 8th from 7th/upapada. When anything is obtained as replacement/ loss of earlier one be it a job or wife or house, 8th house from earlier one is to be used. When we add some thing similar to earlier one so that both co-exist,it is growth of that house and seen from Upchay. Since 3rd house is upchay and stands for brother(similar to native),we take 3rd from respective house.Sixth house indicates growth by upgradation, 10th shows growth by karmas/hard working and 11th shows growth by gains. Arjun:"since i cannot reply in a detailed comprehensive way at once to all your 5mails and dozens of important points raised by you, am writing in piecemeal and hope this shall not be a problem." Anil: I will be glad to be part of discussion.

Arjun:"please share on reading of these indriyas (sensory and nonsensory) from a sign/house/planet. " Anil: The Jnanaindriyas are ear,skin,eye, toung,nose. The five karma indriyas are mouth, hands, legs, organ of procreation, and organ of excretion. I hope you can now co-relate sign/house/planet. See Dreshkan-Ang- Vibhag. Arjun: "the thumb rule is if benefics are strong it is good, if malefics are strong it is bad. malefics need not necessarily be saturn, rahu and ketu. i have seen hundreds of natives with ashubh ashtam mangal and in all cases, mars gave only negative results. even in cases where mars is exalted or in his own signs and mangal bhang yoga happened, the native witnessed negative results which are definitely bad but not worse. so there is no rule that malefics in a dushthana (3,6,8,12 some omit 3 and refer only 6,8,12 as dushthana)." Anil: I never said 3,6,8,12 are Dusthan. I clearly spelt houses to avoid any d oubt. You are correct that Trik houses or Dusthan are 6,8 and 12th as per BPHS. Strong ashtam Mangal will give results for 8th house and 8th is marak for 7th.You can not expect good for 7th. However I would like to add that if Mangal in 8th is vargottam in own/exaltation sign then it may not give bad results. Similarly benefic aspect on Mangal will reduce bad results to a great extent. Actually I am not comfertable with the principle that weak malefics give good results.Can you share classical reference for it? Arjun: "as per classics, if a lord of dushthana (6,8,12) is in another dushthana, it forms harsha, vimala and sarala yogas but here too there are so many overriding principles. these days positive painting astrologers have started publicising that lords of dushthana in a dushthana gives positive results en masse which is not true." Anil: we need to do a careful differentiation between results of house placement and house lordship. harsha, vimala and sarala yogas can give good results related to 6,8,12th. However these yogas are formed when lords are in own house. If they are in others

house,it is vipreet raj-yog. Arjun: "on the other hand if malefics are weak, it is good. while supporting the anukul thought, i never believed nor believe in wearing of stones for malefics." Anil: Again a weak malefic may not be able to give good results for houses owned by it. It will destroy results of house where it is placed. This is sometimes good but not for all matters.If one needs to strengthen the houses owned by these malefics,people do advice gems for them. Still others think that weak is bad so throw it away! ------------ --------- ----Pradeep: "1)Kshethra is Temple,Kshethra is Field(eg KuruKshethra) and as per Gita Kshethra is also body. 2)Bhava -Lagna is the factor that decides various Bhavas.One has to see the Bhavanadha,grahas in a bhava,Drishti on a Bhava,Karaka Grahas and Vargasambandhas on a bhava to understand any Bhava in totality.I had given classical examples where 7th Bhava plus navamshas where used in a complementary fashion.HOLISTIC approach.There are just 12 signs and 9 planets.Rest is interplay within the same rashis through different sambandhas." Anil: When BPHS provides 16 vargas why only Navmansh and Rashi? Can it be called Holistic if you neglect other 14 vargas?I am not saying that you are wrong but definately incomplete.Holistic way is to consider all possible parameters togather.In your approach, you find it difficult to do the analysis of twins. Why? If your method is correct,it should explain any case at least in principle. Pradeep: "If two planets are drawn as conjunct in a navamsha,it shows the navamsha sambandha,those planets are having on the said sign which in turn is a bhava.They are not together,but they are individually having infleunce on the said bhava.A planet is situated at one place and having influence on many places.(Think of sambandhas like argala,drishti etc). Energies of different levels acting in different ways - For example guru having navamsha in the lagna or trinal bhavas is lending a subtle energy to those bhavas.It is not placed there,rather infleuencing. Anil: I think you now accept Yuti in vargas. I gave verse from BPHS in my last mail. Regarding your point that planets in vargas are not togather,I can say that 2 planets are never togather in any chart in reality. If they come togather,gravitatio nal force of bigger will not allow smaller to separate. So we are only talking about illusion when we say they are togather. Glasses of different curvature make objects look different from original but still they have their uses.

Pradeep: "Thus sookshma shareera acts in sync with corresponding sthoola shareera organs.Trying to study them in isolation or considering Bhava there is beyond my understanding. Others who have understood may explain for better comprehension. We should think why we do not have shlokas to support bhavas in vargamsha groupings.Why is Vargottama important?Any planet is a Bhavanatha or karaka.When he is having similar subtle and gross infleuences, shubha results. " Anil: Do you mean a physically handicap person is also mentally challenged? Do you think that dreams/imaginations are connected to physical body? Is it not possible for a sick person to imagine that he is free from disease? Aren't these isolated from physical body? Do you have shlokas to see vargamsha groupings in Rashi chart? Do you think that a neech but vargottam planet will give good results? 'Ek to Karela Uper se Neem chadha!' Will it taste sweet? It only increases intensity and possibility. Pradeep: " There are no multiple charts.As the brain cannot hold all the relationships a planet is having with 12 Rashis,we seperate each kind of relationship( sthoola sookshma sambandha) as a seperate entity(chart) .Rashi the structure(chariot) is Sthoolashareera and one rashi is same as one bhava, though with a small conceptual difference.Rashi needs prana(got through planets,which in turn is from soorya) and other sookshama shareera entities for functioning. Think of Rashi as the chariot along with Krishna,Arjuna, Horses,reins etc,while thinking of Bhavas." Anil: You said Rashi is just a chariot. Chariot can be of many types. Krishna can sit in any of them. Arjun/horses etc. may or may not be same in new chariot.This will help you to see bhavas in D-chart(chariot) . Pradeep: "One planet has many roles(It is like a variable).When we see it from a 30 degree span it relates to Kshethra.When we see it from a 3.2 degree span,it is relating to navamshas or pranas.Think like this - When we see from a sthoola position Krishna is just a charioteer.But when we see from a sookshma perspective, Krishna is intelligence. But it is the same Krishna sitting in the same Chariot.So are planets.Instead of seeing Krishna as an ''Intelligent Charioteer'' in the same Chariot ,we are trying to bring in another chariot(another chart). In reality there

are only 12 Bhavas (aadheya tattwam) and 12 Rashis(Aadhara tattwa) and 9 planetary entities." Anil: What about Vishv-Roop of Krishn? on which chariot HE is? When HE is running to kill Bhishm,where is Chariot? Is Krishn so weak that HE can not change chariot? Pradeep: "You can never take a group of trimshamshas and analyze them as bhavas.They are just indriyas,alone. Indriyas cannot act in isolation,but only in relation with manas - which is in turn is part of mind(manas,chitta, budhi,ahamkara) .You have to study them in relation to other entities.Same is the case with navamshas.Prana supplies vital energies.If a planet has joined debilitation, rashi through navamsha sambandha -it is showing lack of a particular prana support.See the bhava for which this planet is a lord and also its karakattwa to study results." Anil: What Dashadhyayi says is just one kind of mapping for trinshansh. There are more. Varahmihir used it in stri-jatak. Is their any relation between the qualities of female with Indriyas? I gave you verse from BPHS that clearly says that trinshansh should be seen like Rashi. You can remain alive without eyes/ears/nose etc. etc. but not without Atma.If other things are present,good but not necessary. they can be obtained from other sources too!Search your favorite books and locate the chart for Atma.You will not find any solution. Every-chart is dead without Atma. Atma is present everywhere. So all D-charts work. PS: In your Hilery's analysis,you have not used Bhav/Bhavesh/ Karak and their Navmansh? Do you think use of just Lagn/Lagnesh varg is sufficient? Does the only application of varg/Ansh is in timing?How will you see good/bad periods related to marriage in your example? eg. how to see Monika-effect? ------------ Pandit. R.Dakshinamoorti ji wrote: "You have initiated a meaningful exercise by selecting threads of seminal importance for astrological research. Your post as such was excellent in its content and approach. Infact,

this is the method I employ in my classes with my disciples. When the mind is trained in such exercises, we will find that the horoscopes start "speaking" so to say! PS: Just a small correction in your quote of Bhagavat Gita ...The correct version should be "Karmaneva adhikaareshu Maa Phaleshu Gadachanaa". Ofcourse, you seem to be aware of the meaning of it. I took liberty in correcting it because you had requested me explicitly to correct any errors. Many thanks for the high regard in which you seem to hold me. May God grant me the wisdom and knowledge to prove worthy of it! Your mail, I hope will rekindle some interesting and fruitful discussions in this forum. May Lord Dakshinamoorthi Guide Us. Blessed be." Anil: I consider this mail as your blessings. BTW,your correction is just a difference in our native languages. eg. In devnagri,we write 'Sreenadh' as 'Sreenath'.This variation is common in many languages. Sanjay Rath gave a variation of Narayan Dasha called 'Padnadhamsa dasha'. It makes no sense but when I write it 'Pad-Nath-Amsa Dasha' it clearly explains its calculation. While he used Aroodh Lagn Lord only,Pad-Nath can be used for any Aroodh-Lord. Similarly Amsa can mean any of 16 vargas though he uses only for Navmansh. Interested members can extend it on these lines. Kindly give your views on my post above related to aspect/argala.