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Published by Alex Detrick
A piece written at the time of the Oscar Grant shooting
A piece written at the time of the Oscar Grant shooting

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Published by: Alex Detrick on Jun 28, 2011
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Believe in God Question Everything else News reports News reporters Court verdicts Prison sentences Death sentences

Police testimonies Hiring procedures Firing procedures Teachers Districts Special administrative boards Votes Counts Recounts And even lovers from time to time

Fully trust in God Question everything else fully Asking not only why? but When, how and why? Who could?

And how? How could? And why? When will? And how soon? Why again? And why him? What will? What should? Why me? And what can I? And who will? If I don’t? And how can? And how soon? And how soon before? And why again? And will it again? And when will it again?

I need answers to my prayers Like I need answers to these questions Like this question Why do some people die? Why do some people die… Before their time

In unjust ways In the name of justice Unprotected And disserved Handcuffed Face down Shot in the back Delivered death sentences for deeds deemed misdemeanors

I ask God questions, And I’m asking you these questions: Did you see what happened to Oscar Grant? Do you know what happened to Oscar Grant? What do you call what happened to him? Did you know him? Do you know that you already knew him? Did you know he sat next to you in class? Did you know he is your cousin? Did you know he is your little brother? Do you feel loved? Did you know he was loved? Do you know why this loved one had to die? See, I believe in questioning, and I believe I need an answer to this question.

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